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  1. I entitle yesterdays selection, the quadruple threat. Golf, Xfinity, MLB, UFC, I do it all. Additionally, your PGA picks were awesome, keep up the great work!
  2. This keeps happening. I'm seriously considering going pro and doing this for a living. Only downside is losing health insurance from work, but how much is a decent insurance plan on the marketplace for a single guy? Don't we have an insurance salesman in this thread? If so, please chime in. Has anybody made the jump and tried to do this full time?
  3. Betonline, not very important. I've spent most of the day telling myself I'm going to alert them, but the scumbag nature of these books makes me think scumbag thoughts. Just don't want to get shutdown if they somehow catch it prior to the 16k withdrawal and they confiscate everything during an "investigation".
  4. no rollover, no free play, no deposit, not even any wagers graded yesterday.
  5. Had approximately 16k in a reputable online book last night. Logged in this morning with an approximate balance of 66k. Looked at the transaction history, didn't hit a big futures bet, and there is also no deposit history. What's the play?
  6. I prefer Harvick, but these are all so obvious, what could go wrong? 😂
  7. Wowwwww. Had over 3 dimes on Chi Wsox F5, game goes 4 1/2 with Chicago leading going into their AB in bottom of 5, game called for rain and bets get no-actioned. Full game Chi bets graded a winner, F5 no-actioned.
  8. Chris Buescher +275 in group 6 (over Hemric, Preece, Wallace) 2 unit selection
  9. You're confusing the doubleheader lines, Berrios was around -200, Perez was -130.