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  1. I think its pretty clear ATB has Johnson on his Fantasy team and is trying to come up with reasons why the Lions should run him out there.. Lol I am in a similar position in one league
  2. In my 14 teamer , I had both these guys. To add insult to injury that WR Corp also number Eric Decker . Within that same 24 hours doubt for his season came to light. Bad , bad day for this team
  3. Jennings never saw the field in the red zone . Vereen was in for every snap and very involved. I drafted Jennings late in a couple of leagues and I was very excited and thought he would easily outperform his draft position. After watching his usage in this game , I am pretty sure I was very wrong
  4. I have Decker in 3 out of 4 leagues. In one of them I almost substituted with Watkins to keep from too much exposure if Decker laid an egg. I didnt like the idea of starting behind the eight ball in 3 leagues if that happened. Thankfully I stuck with Decker and am now looking good in all 3 .
  5. This is my favorite thread title of all time !! This is also the last year I ever draft Roddy White !!
  6. He was in on the first play of that drive, but was not seen again after that .
  7. Good luck Smoo I'm going to need something to deal with the oral fixation and fidgeting. I'm thinking carrot sticks for home use, and either chewing gum or potato chips or something for the office. I quit on June 1 of this year. Smoked 2 packs a day for over 20 years. I have plenty of unsuccessful quits in the past. I am pretty certain that this time I am gonna make it. I just refuse to have one. You cannot have one damn Ciggarette. Every other quit I ever had ended because I thought I was strong enough to have just one. Within no time I was back smoking regular. One thing that has really worked for me this time is exercise. I run on the treadmill almost every night and I bought a Heavy Bag to take out some of my aggresion ( this really helps during the first week)I suggest wooden tooth picks for the oral fixation. You really cant chew them which is good. You do not want to chew all day. Your jaws will ache at the end of the day. I can tell you that I am about 2 and a half months quit and it has gotten much easier.I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now.