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  1. I did as well, in 1985. Their music does not hold up. At all.
  2. There are three bands who warrant an immediate channel switch. Styx Van Halen Foreigner
  3. Britney needed loads of makeup to not look like a down on her luck girl hanging out at a townie bar. Anna was hot even when she was all sweaty, no makeup and with flyaways mid tennis match.
  4. I feel the same. A 7 day Royal Caribbean cost the same or maybe a little less than our 3 day Disney cruise.
  5. Good luck winning Minnesota. 2018 saw a GOP slaughter, even in my traditionally Republican district.
  6. So true. It’s why I left the GOP after decades of voting for them.
  7. This is exactly the same line of thinking the Clinton campaign had in 2016.
  8. Should I jump on Ring or spend more on Ring 2?
  9. I’ll give them a pass on this one. If it was just a straight stolen car with no kids inside, throw the book at them.
  10. Jobber


    I used to agree with you on most stuff until I turned all pinko commie. Regardless, you’ve always been a great dude. Don’t leave.
  11. What Apple Jack said. I do know that Delta has Zero 737 Max jets in their fleet.
  12. My 16 year old drives he and his little brother to the Mall of America twice this week. That place must have a dozen gyms and 30 pokestops. And a crapload of people (many skilled Japanese tourists) who just go around slaughtering in the raids.