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  1. Such a great post. And really, this philanthropy is not as common as it really should be. It is the reason I say “raise taxes on the rich”. To move wealth back into use for the greater good.
  2. Internationally, our brand has taken a very big hit in the past two years. The world is learning to function without the United States’ leadership and input. Others are filling the void we left, and they do not have our interests at heart.
  3. Or perhaps law enforcement doesn’t order kids to stand for the pledge in the first place.
  4. Jobber

    2020: The Race For the White House

    Hey man, I believe he would have won in 2016 and would in 2020. I like him a lot. But if for whatever reason he doesn’t win the nom, we must all support and vote for the nominee. Even if they are not our perfect candidate.