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  1. I had to re-read this post. Initially it read to me as splitting a cabana boy.
  2. I haven’t looked at prices lately, but I ordered a 20 pack of N95 masks from Menards about a month ago and I think it was $16 or so.
  3. We have been on several cruises over the years, and Royal Caribbean tied with Norwegian as far as cleanliness/food/value for us. Disney was equally as nice, but pretty much double the cost just for being Disney themed, and their ships are small. Carnival is just not great. It's like the Wal-Mart of cruises, where I was probably the only guy there not walking around in a yellowed wife beater. Royal Carribean & Norweigian > Disney >>>>>>>> Carnival The RC ship we were on was a 7 day (Oasis of the Seas) and hit several Carribean ports including Bahamas. Interestingly we did not stop at CocoCay, I'm not sure why. Looking at the pics, I think we got screwed! Looks fun. The Miami cruise port is nice, with huge parking ramps so you can leave your rental there for a nominal fee and not worry about rental return, taking a bus from the hotel and all that stressful noise. We're going on a Norwegian cruise the last week of March from Los Angeles down along Mexico. As far as Corona goes, I'm not concerned, but will bring my work laptop along with the kids school iPads. If on the off chance we get stuck on ship or whatever, we can still work and attend school just fine.
  4. Negan banging Alpha is going to fast track his conflict with Beta. I imagine he defeats Beta in a 1:1 knife fight or what not, and ultimately is the one who then takes down Alpha to become the new Whisperers leader at the end of the season or beginning of next.
  5. I can't wait for Negan to blow up the Whisperers and redeem himself. I do like how he threw the one Whisperer girl under the bus, that's par for the course for his character.
  6. For me, I don't even have the want or to watch most NFL games let alone XFL.
  7. This is what we did when my son was in Scouts for a few years. At least selling Christmas wreaths in the fall, you don't feel like you're screwing the person whose door you're knocking on. $20 for a wreath delivered to your door > $25 for a tiny bag of stale popcorn.
  8. You have no 3rd party load balancer out in front (F5 or whatever) right? Not that you didn't think of that, I thought I'd ask. Otherwise, I got nothing. ETA: I only ask this because I've this config where the F5 terminated the certificate, and is set up to target the pool member server on 443 where the server also holds a cert. Not the optimal setup, but it's possible (you don't want this config as it adds some overhead since the F5 is encrypting, decrypting, re-encrypting to the destination). So if you ping the URL see if it's returning the server IP or a VIP IP.
  9. It's a great time to be a right wing criminal.
  10. Maybe a meet and greet at the White House is in order.
  11. I'm going to un-like all of your posts I hit up recently. You bastard.
  12. Brilliant! I mean, really it's not much different than setting up outside of a grocery store in a state that allows booze sales.
  13. I saw North Korea announced they are increasing quarantine to 30 days. That was the first bit I heard about NK through this whole thing. I wonder what their numbers look like.
  14. I think Trump gave Rush’s cancer the Medal of Freedom.