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  1. Kanye Decides Against Running Wait, I have to work for this? Nah.
  2. And most of the country would be open and in business, like the rest of the first world countries are today. But instead, we are wallowing in our own ####. We lost the goodwill of our peers, and have severely hamstrung our economic future.
  3. I think it’s 50/50 one of his ####ty kids runs in 2024. I hope the GOP is able to show them an early exit during the primaries.
  4. 46 Page Houston Chronicle Obituary Sounds like it’s normally 4-6 pages.
  5. I think the person who put it together wanted to show how dark the guy was through and through.
  6. We camped this weekend with a longtime friend and his family. He’s a massive Republican, and old school Reagan style Republican (fiscal conservative). He’s waffling between Biden and Jorgensen in November. I’m trying to push him toward Biden, but he’s not quite ready for that. He’s at the point where he acknowledges the upcoming bloodbath and the fact that the GOP will be in ruin for years to come.
  7. You lost me at the ‘they don’t care about the looting and riots’ comment. That is simply not true. So you are basing your whole argument on a false premise.
  8. He was purposely shouting “are you threatening me?!” several times, and was carrying a pistol (you can see his shirt printing it on his waistline). This is the Florida/George Zimmerman way of claiming self defense in a shooting if one of the customers came at him. He deserved to be fired.
  9. Agreed. However we shouldn’t (not saying you are!) equate race, sex, orientation with someone calling someone else a n-word and threatening them on video.
  10. Yeah the Democrats are soooo nasty to not let a guy who isn’t even on the ballot into late stage presidential debates. Some of you guys have lost your damn mind.
  11. Not the same, but you already know that.
  12. The only people writing in Kanye West are 20 year old white kids who would likely have voted Trump otherwise just for the LOLs.