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  1. This number seems to have a certain amount of Trump supporters as part of it. I think that means that even though these particular people support Trump/GOP, they see past their nose to when there is a Dem president and the abuse that could take place with him/her if we allow the White House to behave like this.
  2. Basically, never call the cops to "assist" if that person is black.
  3. I was an early Trump supporter in 2015/early 2016. Frequently posting in Loan Shark's thread back then; anyone can certainly verify this. The good conversations on this board, from the opposition (I considered you, Tim, Henry, etc the opposition at that time) helped me see what I was really supporting. So I agree that it's very important to discuss this stuff with everyone on this board.
  4. Exactly. If you want to be stroked by other blind Trump supporters, go over to Reddit or something.
  5. 750 ISIS Prisoners Escape During Turkish Shelling Awesome. How long until we see videos of these guys beheading American soldiers, journalists or volunteers? MAGA
  6. Though I agree, the clothing of the 1980s really did not do the female figure any favors.
  7. True. Actually Trump invited McAleenan to the Oval Office where he promptly dropped him through the trap door that was installed in January 2017 for “cabinet jettison purposes”.
  8. Trump sending his thoughts and prayers. He may even read some scripture in your honor, because he’s super Christian. He told us so.
  9. Haha to be honest, I had no idea he was gay until just a few posts ago.
  10. One of the only straight shooters on the whole network.
  11. You sound like Kim Jong. Did Trump also shoot 40 under par last week?
  12. To be fair, I don't think your kid would potentially be at risk of prison working for Sanders or Beto. ETA: That said, being a logistical/security/support person of a government entity that happens to interact with the Prez is cool. Being an adviser, runner, etc for this particular one? Not so much.