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  1. Nips is a good soldier. Always shows up and gives his all. Clearly loves playing with the nats and clearly cares. He's like the anti Timmy Chandler, who has significantly more talent but wilts under anything less than perfect conditions and doesn't seem to give a #### whether they win or lose (basically, he's the embodiment of the argument against the US pursuing "not quite good enough for their real home country" dual Nationals) I don't think anyone dislikes nips directly. It's more what he represents when forced to be an every game starter that they actually rely on to create offense. At that point, he basically becomes representative of our failings as a soccer nation. On most nights, he just makes me think "is this REALLY the best we can produce?"
  2. "I state my regret" - Dwight schrute and the Houston Astros
  3. I feel like the top 1-5 percent of people are significantly smarter than me. I have a couple of friends/relatives with huge jobs/educations that make me feel like a complete idiot when I talk to them. My brother in law heads the cancer research lab at one of the top 5 hospitals in the world. He might as well be speaking Martian when he tries to explain what he does to someone like me. But when I consider the other people that I deal with on a daily basis, I'm pretty confident that I'm smarter than at least 95 percent of them. Even in an industry that youd think would be filled with capable people, I am stunned every day at the level of stupidity I encounter.
  4. You could just see the wheels turning in his head when Madison started on the faith kick. He was like "oh #### I better tell this girl I love her or she's gonna leave" And yes, Kelly was awful. And she somehow gained like 15 lbs during filming. Add in the fact that he already closed the deal with her pre filming and that was an easy cut. Zero chance he was sending Victoria home before getting her into bed. We're past the point where the producers would be forcing him to keep Kelsea around for drama purposes so i guess he actually likes her for some reason. I can't imagine how annoying it would be to have to call someone "Hannah Ann" every day.
  5. Worst case scenario for duke was that hurt was called for a travel and fsu gets the ball. As video showed, the kid didn't make any contact when he turned. (Or as some would say "threw an elbow") I'm just beyond shocked he actually got that rebound. Hurt is probably the softest player in duke history. Not sure he'd get 10 boards a game in my Sunday morning league
  6. Women can make documentaries? Who knew?
  7. This. Pretty much the ultimate "LOOK AT ME!!!!" moment. Pretty sure we're less than 3 years away from destination gender reveal parties.
  8. 40 percent of kids are born to single moms? That can't possibly be true.
  9. Completely disagree. Rubio has never done anything but politics. At least Pete has some real life experience.
  10. Yang, bless his heart is trying so damn hard. And Steyer calls for reparations.
  11. Yeah, first time he did not have a good answer. Really bad moment
  12. Warren just always sounds like she's fighting back tears