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  1. did Jurgen really FAIL? I mean, his message got stale and his tactics in Columbus were a disaster and he was eventually correctly fired. But he did last 5+ years and had a fair amount of success. So I wouldn't really call him a failure. Bad ending, obviously.
  2. I can't imagine why he would. Too risky with the team in its current state.
  3. I mean, there's obvious talent upgrades out there that solve a lot of problems pretty quickly. Just based on tonight's lineup..... Jozy for Sargent Adams for Bradley Brooks for Ream Maybe slide Long over to LB and plug in Miazga (although it wouldn't be ideal, but still better than Lovitz) Or try Lima there Holmes for Roldan But even if we did that and the guys that were there play better (and they all played like crap tonight) the coach is still going to ruin it. He has to go. They've given up.
  4. This is like the first game in Hoosiers where Hackman makes them pass 5 times before shooting. Except in this case it's 10 passes and we never shoot and we're losing to Canada
  5. Still alive but I have a feeling I'll be one of the dying Chubb owners this week..... Wentz/Winston Chubb/Kamara/Duke Johnson/Malcolm Brown/Singletary Michael Thomas/Robbie Anderson/Will Fuller/Valdez-Scandling/Josh Gordon Kelce/Andrews McManus/Hauschka Seahawks/Cowboys/Jets Obviously no wiggle room at QB this week either. Plus a tough matchup for my 2 stud Saints. Not looking good. Probably should have realized that Chubb's bye and that Saints/Bears matchup was a likely deadly combo. Oh well.
  6. Exceptionally bad. I'm just watching for the lolz at this point.
  7. they desperately needs Mosley back (although his replacements have played pretty well and aren't the problem)
  8. Glad to get a win (or at the very least, look respectable). I still dont see how they get in the playoff hunt, so wins are kinda meaningless, but you just couldn't root for a loss today. Sam had to go out and make a statement that this team is not going to be a joke when he's out there. Adams is just a straight up Dawg. Gonna suck when he leaves for greener pastures (which i think will happen)