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  1. Hit another one of my personal goals today: breaking 40 for a side. Been close a couple of times this year (and shot a 38 a couple of weeks ago, but with a breakfast ball, so I couldn't really count it). I was actually even par after 7 holes (on the harder side of the course) but gagged my approach shots on 17 and 18 (17 a straight chunk, 18 pulled the string and left it in the bunker). And then my par put on 18 lipped out for an 84 (tying my best ever round but setting my best score at my home course) Been going back and forth between the blue and whites tees. (today was whites). Blues help my handicap a lot more when I play well, but it just takes away all my margin for error off the tee. (my course has 3 forced carries that can be REALLY tough for me if the tees are back) My index is trending to a 16.8 after today. I was like a 21 at the start of the spring. Would LOVE to get it below 15 by the end of the year, but I'm not sure that's realistic. I'd probably need 4 or 5 more rounds like today counting in my best 10 to get there. That seems unlikely given my inconsistency off the tee. Days like today really make me wish I'd been more mature and played through my struggles in my 20's (I basically quit for like 8 years). This game really is fun when you can actually consistently make pars.
  2. well, at least I can sleep in tomorrow. Tiger aint making the weekend. Wouldn't be shocked to see a withdrawal We'll always have Augusta
  3. The MLS hate is unfortunate (as the league is obviously getting better) but I sort of get it from people that mostly watch and root for the National Team. We're simply not far enough removed from the days of guys like Wondo dominating in MLS despite being unable to knock in a sitter against any sort of decent international opponent. No doubt that MLS has advanced to a point where certain players can play there and still be successful Nats.(especially young studs like Pomykal that are <18 months away from making a trans-Atlantic jump) But I just really hate it when guys like Roldan make their way into the lineup as first off the bench (or even spot starter) types. I feel like we've seen that movie many times over the past 5 or 6 years with a number of guys and it always ends the same way. IMO, if you're in MLS between the ages of like 23-30 (other than maybe a goal keeper or central defender at the lower end of that range who still needs to mature) its just hard to argue that you should be anything more than an end of the roster guy for the Nats. (with the exception being a guy like Altidore who came home for just stupid money that he would never get elsewhere). Or at least I HOPE we're at that point relatively soon. We just dont have much upside as long as we have to rely on guys like Arriola to consistently produce.
  4. BINGO. This is a response to the criticism that Joe wasn't really "part of the community" (since he almost never posted for years) back when he took us from PG13 to PG. The response has been topics like this, which draw a lot of posts because A) Joe started the topic and B) they're usually very polarizing (but IMO, aren't really indicative of the kind of fun discussion that we had here for nearly 20 years) As for the actual issue of the term "owner" it definitely seems like a white guilt sort of thing. Nobody reasonable actually thinks they "own" their fantasy football players in some sort of racist way. I'm the captain of my Sunday morning basketball team. Doesn't mean everyone else has to salute me when I enter the gym.
  5. It's only going to get worse for him now. At least before, he could maybe pretend to be a nice guy on the dating site and maybe fool a woman into going out with him once. But now he's got the added variable of the woman or a friend of hers recognizing him from the videos before they show up on the date. Basically, hiring cheap prostitutes is pretty much the only chance he has to ever have sex again.
  6. Yeah that guy is going to murder a woman if he hasn't already done so. Clearly has incredibly serious problems
  7. Where is Epic Beard Man when you need him? Fight would have ended in 2 seconds and the guy in the pink would have been on the ground requesting the Amber lamps
  8. It would depend on the fight. But THAT fight? I'm immediately making a 180 and briskly walking away. A) That's a pretty big guy B) If you're willing to get in a knockdown drag-out brawl with a woman at freaking Disney world with multiple children and your rascal-bound elderly mother in the vicinity, you're a guy with absolutely nothing to lose. You're also probably a guy that wouldn't hesitate to throw a lawsuit my way if I was caught on tape choking you out. (not that you'd win, but who needs the aggravation) I'm not a small guy and I dont think I'm a coward. But I have absolutely no fighting skills and the risk of getting cold cocked (or worse, if he's got a weapon) is way too high for me to step into something like that. Too volatile a situation and that's what security is for.
  9. Eric, Hank and Beatlejuice are the no-doubt top 3 wack packers. The 4th spot on Mt. Rushmore is open for debate. Not sure who i'd give it to. I LOVE Sour Shoes but I kinda think he doesn't quite qualify. He knows what he's doing and he's a legit talent.
  10. So Mexico is basically missing Chicarito, Herrera, Layun and Vela (all over 30) along with Corona and Lozano. US missing Adams, Brooks, Yedlin and Holmes. Probably could have brought a couple of younger guys (Sargent, Weah,) who might have been upgrades over the bench attacking guys that went in there instead. But yeah, they're still better than us. Lets see where we are 2 years from now during the meat of qualifying. Hopefully at that point, our big 3 has had some time to develop and play together.
  11. Bradley was basically out on his feet for the last half hour. And its not like he was fast before that. He's a bald Beckerman at this point. Not entirely his fault, but Mexico dominated the center of the park in the 2nd half.
  12. Our last sub....
  13. Yeah we're seeing why Bradley needs to be phased out.
  14. Aaaaand jozy pulls a zardes. Fantastic