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  1. Anyone else incredibly surprised that our GB arizona Ron is an aquarium guy?
  2. You could probably do a simple planted tank with a few shrimp. (just some moss or maybe some anubias or java fern) There are some pretty cool ones. Beta would also work, but I still dont like the idea of keeping anything in a tank that small Plus you basically get no margin for error with so little water.
  3. I use black diamond blasting sand in my tank. I really like the look and the bottom feeders (a few corys and 3 chain loaches) don't seem to mind it. It's easy to plant in, but it's innert, so I need to fertilize. My plants are doing ok, but not thriving. I'm using the fluval 3.0 fixture so I should be able to grow basic stuff. My crypts just sort of maintain and swords send out new leaves but no runners. My vals really aren't doing well at all. I still have some minor algae problems. I may have to bite the bullet and go to pressurized co2 at some point. My plants never did better than when I used basic play sand and a t5ho fixture.
  4. 30 seconds of footage surrounded by 9 minutes of commercials. They're now at the point where they're just trying to see how much nonsense they can get away with.
  5. Incredible game. FSU will be incredibly tough after this. They're huge and super deep and no bolden for duke. Should be a war.
  6. I was wrong. UNC is better than Duke. Duke isn't playing their A game, but with their lack of shooting and Reddish being horrible, UNC is better. Roy is coaching circles around K. Duke has the top 2 picks in the draft and they're getting run off the court.
  7. His whole channel used to be DIY projects. Then, a couple of years ago, he decided to turn his garage into the aquarium gallery. But once he realized how much it all cost (somewhere near 6 figures I believe) he made a video crying on his channel and basically begging his followers to fund it....and they like 2 days. Other than the big 2,000 gallon tank and the 375 that he built a few years ago, everything in the gallery is donated high end equipment from sponsors. He's pretty knowledgeable about fish but all his tanks are pretty hideous (IMO) because he has absolutely no aquascaping ability. And he gets bored of his fish really quickly and is constantly bringing stuff back to his local store. I think the reason some people HATE him is that he apparently stole some content from someone else a while back (maybe more than once) and then proceeded to block everyone who called him out on it. He's just a really weird dude. He comes across as this happy-go-lucky Canadian but a few months back he posted this long rambling video detailing how he'd spend much of his childhood/early adult hood in jail because he was constantly getting in street fights because of what was apparently a pretty bad childhood. It was really odd.
  8. Remember when we all hated Carl? I'll pay that kid's salary to get him back if it means they get rid of Henry
  9. The teams that "win" free agency only have to do so because they did a #### job drafting. Happy to improve the team but let's not lose perspective here.
  10. UNC Greensboro was a good team. They should be in, but obviously wont be. Wofford's seeding will be really interesting. They're pretty damn good on offense. Even their big guy is pretty legit.
  11. Obviously his late season suspension kinda dulls the pain of this, but the fact that they have to spend $85 Million to replace a LB they drafted in the top 20 3 years ago is NOT a good look. McCags obviously getting things done the last 2 days, but they should probably just go ahead and let the guys in this thread run the draft as a collective. We'd probably do better.