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  1. There will be, and it will be equally pointless. Simply put, neither one of them can pull out of it. Biden wont do it because the spin will be that he's weak. Trump wont do it because he LOVES having a forum to shout directly at his opponent. I still have no idea why anyone cares about "winning the debates". The skills required to debate are in no way related to the skills required to effectively govern.
  2. Biden constantly mixing up numbers. Whether it's a sign of dementia or now, it looks bad.
  3. Not calling YOU stupid. (apologies if it came off that way) Just saying I dont believe for a second that teams are making contract decisions based on whether an opposing coach "fears" a player. Belichek is the greatest coach of all time. He's spend 30+ years developing gameplans to neutralize or mitigate the impact of players far better (and more important) than Adams. No doubt he respects Adams' abilities and knows he's a player you need to account for on gameday. And he should....because Adams IS a GREAT talent that makes a massive impact...relative to most at his position. But it all goes back to what we said the day the drafted him...Adams could be the lovechild of Ed Reed and Ronnie Lott....but at the end of the day, he's still just a safety at a time when safety play (especially PHYSICAL safety play) just isn't of paramount importance. (As the rules don't allow them to be middle of the field enforcers like they could 15 years ago and totally disrupt the passing game) And in a league with a hard cap (especially in the current climate, where the impact of COVID adds a fair bit of uncertainty to league finances going forward) you simply can't afford to spend money in the wrong places. IMO (and apparently the opinion of Joe Douglas) dropping 17Mil+ on a box safety (as opposed to someone like Reed, who was an all-time great ball-hawk) was a bad idea. The end result was they had to give up an incredible player at a bad time (right before the start of the season). Hopefully they find a way to build a decent defense next year now that they have an entire off-season (and hopefully the return of a healthy and motivated CJ Mosley) to make it happen. In terms of wondering how in the world the Jets manage to be such a perennial cluster #### (in a league thats designed to promote parity and quick turnarounds from bad teams)'re preaching to the choir brother. We've been wondering the same thing for 10 years. (and beyond). Some of it is management incompetence. On other occasions, its just #### luck.
  4. First off, Adams didn't just start complaining about his contract "going into his 4th year". It started WAY before that. And unlike Cook, he basically went scorched earth trashing various members of the organization (even though Gase obviously deserves it). He didn't "state his displeasure". He threw a tantrum. Nobody painted him as anything. His actions/words were all over social media for anyone to see. Nobody is disputing how good Adams was or whether he deserved more money(looking at things in a vacuum) based on his play. But he wasn't "in the last year of his deal". The Jets held a 5th year option for ~$10 Million. (and could obviously franchise after that) Could/Should they have given an extension earlier? I guess. But if you think it makes sense for a losing team to go around giving early, top of the market (actually, re-setting the market if you believe the rumors of what Adams wanted) extensions to players at non-premium positions, it seems like maybe you're the one who doesn't understand the business side of things. High drafted rookies are made instant multi-millionaires before proving ANYTHING and in exchange, they potentially (if their team elects not to extend them early) give up some deserved earnings at the end of the rookie deal (if they prove to be an elite player). That's how the CBA works. The idea that Jets fans "don't deserve pro-bowl talent" if they dont feel that Adams was a victim here is so silly I can't even argue against it. The idea that the Pats "feared" Adams (who they beat 6 out of 6 times in 3 years, 5 blowouts) or that it would have any impact on whether the jets gave him an extension is equally stupid. Nobody is arguing that management (ownership or coaching) has done anything less than a disastrous job the last 2 years. So not sure where that came from.
  5. completely disagree Re: Adams. Yes, they obviously look terrible without him now. They traded him after the draft and most of Free Agency and when you compound that with Mosley opting out (and the general lack of talent at other key spots) and the offense keeping them constantly on the field....the D looks terrible. But Adams was an all-time level diva who plays a non-premium position. Dude started crying for an extension like 2 years into his rookie deal. Thought he was above the rest of the team with his "I'm a winner.....these guys are losers" mentality. (maybe he was from a talent perspective, but still) The only thing the Jets MAYBE did wrong with Adams is not trading him a few months earlier. But who knows what kind of haul they would have gotten. I'm guessing Seattle wouldn't have given up as much if they had to give up THIS year's first rounder (since they're trying to win a superbowl) Bottom line....the guy wanted out and Douglas pretty much extracted maximum value. (given the situation). They will be late first rounders and are obviously no sure thing. But its pretty clear Adams didn't want to be here no matter what. How did they mistreat him? By not giving him an extension before Patrick Mahomes or Deshaun Watson? Oh, the humanity!!!!
  6. In terms of actual candidates..... I HAVE to think this is the off-season that Bieniemy finally gets a gig. And I think there will be several teams gunning for him. Obviously he's not the main play-caller (That's Reid's job) but I'm sure he's intimately involved in the scheming and has obviously helped develop Mahomes. Lincoln Riley- Similar profile to Kingsbury (who appears to be a good hire at this point) but with actual winning experience. Brings a high octane passing game to the table. (although it would obviously have to be tweaked to work in the NFL) I'm sure Greg Roman will be thrown around (he's a NJ guy and he briefly worked with Douglas in Baltimore) but I'm not sure he's a great fit. He's obviously built a great scheme around Jackson but Jackson is SO unique. There are going to be hurdles. If you want to get a premium candidate, you better be able to show stability and long-term promise. Obviously having the inside track on Lawrence would help that. But the ownership is so dysfunctional. And if Trump loses the election....good chance that Woody loses his post in London and is back running things next year. (not that Chris has proven to be any better)
  7. It really is scary. I get that Reid is a HOF coach and has a potentially all time great QB (plus several INCREDIBLE weapons). But it doesn't take these things to think up.....i dont know......ONE play where your team gets an easy chunk of yardage or a walk-in TD. That little middle screen that they ran to Kelce last night....incredible design. And its not like Sam isn't mobile enough to roll out and make the throw. Again, I totally get that everything the Chiefs have (Hill's speed taking the top off the D, CEH as a threat on the outside, Mahomes' excellent movement and ball skills, etc) are what make it look so easy. But it just doesn't look like Gase is even trying to draw up something beyond a high school level scheme. EVERYTHING is contested, which is even less effective when you're playing scrubs fresh off the practice squad. There's no easy completions. Everything is a grind. Its just BRUTAL to watch.
  8. Pretty sure Andy Reid's dumps are more creative than Gase's entire playbook.
  9. So our club championship started this weekend. (finals are next week). I decided to enter for the first time this year (obviously not playing in the championship flight) and I won both my matches pretty easily (4&2 and 5&4) so I'm the finals next week. While it was cool to win, I'm not as happy about it as I maybe should be (when you consider that 18 months ago I was a 22 handicap and had a grand total of 1 round under 90) When they made the flights, I was a 12.9 index (lowest I've ever been). I've had a few other good rounds in the last week and got down to a 12.3. Our club has a lot of good young (<40) golfers who are legit single digits, so I certainly wasn't under the illusion I'd be in the 2nd flight or anything, but I was surprised to see that I ended up in the 2nd to last flight (the last one playing entirely from the blue tees). Taking a look at the flight or 2 above me, (theoretically guys in the 10-12 range) I see several names of guys who I KNOW are not better than me. These are guys I've played with multiple times who I know struggle to consistently make pars. And then you go even higher up the table (into guys claiming to be 7 or 8's) and I see some BS there as well. There's a younger guy I've probably played with 5 or 6 times. Hits the #### out of the ball but he's generally all over the place. Mediocre putter and best and poor chipper. Yet he's claiming to be a 7.8 index. I'm starting to think that guys shaving strokes just for pride of having a "lower index" is WAY more prominent than I suspected. It just seems so silly to me. I figured I'd do pretty well in this format for a couple of reasons... A) I count every stroke and post every round, so I know my index is legit. I assumed there'd be some guys in my bracket CLAIMING to be 12's because they're embarrassed to post scores that would make them 16's or 17's. B) I tend to have 1 or 2 blowup holes per round, the impact of which are greatly limited in match play (but still drive up my handicap, as I can still take a +3 net double bogey on most holes on our course) The 2 matches I played, the only holes I lost (I think I lost a total of 5 over 2 matches) were holes where I hit a shot OB or missed a sub 6 foot putt. (once each day). The only exception on Saturday when I made Par on the toughest hole on the course but my opponent dropped a 50 foot bomb for birdie after getting a lucky bounce onto the green on his 2nd. Obviously I could #### the bed and lose next week, but the guy I'm playing is an older guy (probably 60. I'm 36) with a 15 index who only has 1 round less than my average in his last 20. Just sort of disappointing that I kinda got driven down into a much easier bracket solely because I'm keeping a real handicap.
  10. 50 years from now, our great grand-kids will study the "Trump Phenomenon" with an incredible amount of fascination. The mental gymnastics it will take to figure out how such an obviously awful person got nearly half the country to think he was a good guy(or at the very least, good for the country) who the media just liked picking on will be insane.
  11. Yeah, I kinda feel like the goal line is always going to be a limiting factor here. But if they give him the between the 20's touches he deserves (most of them) and he catches a few balls here and there, he's going to be a solid flex play (maybe a RB2 if he can least get a few TD's) Now, if they take this back to a 50/50 split when Moss comes back, his weekly floor obviously gets much lower. If he has a big game this week, I may see if I can sell high.
  12. None of this surprises me at all. (nor do the cries of "fake news"). I mean....we're talking about a man who keeps a "herd" of 8 goats on a major championship level golf course just to save ~$79,000 in taxes by claiming the property as "farmland"