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  1. This is going to cause soooooooo many cases. Awful
  2. Good idea in theory, but I can't imagine "not arresting a presumed to be innocent person within 2 days of their crime" would ever be enough to get anything in court. In reality, the insurer would likely spend much more on legal fees than they would just paying the claim. So not gonna happen. Most carriers aren't especially aggressive in subrogation for this very reason. Unless they have a SLAM DUNK subro case, they'll generally just chalk it up as a loss and move on. Paying to rebuild one fire damaged bar is a relative drop in the bucket.
  3. Obviously every contract is different (all peril vs named peril, tons of AVAILABLE exclusions that COULD be utilized) , but my company (a VERY large one) doesn't have such an exclusion for direct physical loss. There are often limitations on a policy holder claiming business income without a physical loss (example: riot down the street, police close area, nobody can shop at your business, you lose money. Typically known as "Civil Authority". Often times that coverage will be sub-limited, rather than the insured having access to their full Business Income limit) but someone setting fire to your building? I dont see how that isn't covered.
  4. Its not going to cover arson by the insured themselves (or someone on their behalf) but arson by a 3rd party would almost certainly be covered. (I imagine this event would qualify as an "act of vandalism") Most have an exclusion for "Dishonesty" which would apply to arson by the insured (or in collusion with the insured) In an ideal world, the insurance company would then pursue subrogation against the person who set the fire, (lets say, for example, it was a rival business owner or someone that actually had assets to go after) but obviously that's not realistic here.
  5. Its so freaking weird. I'll never understand it. Its basically a race to see who can spend more dumb money to get "players" with better digital stats so that they can beat other idiots who just spent slightly less money for their "players"'' digital stats. It doesn't mean you're a better player, it just means you're more ok with spending money. Its absurd. And yeah, once the year is over, all that "accomplishment" is wiped clean. I mean, kudos to the gaming companies for figuring out new ways to screw idiots. Its EXCELLENT business. And I don't TOTALLY blame them when you consider that the retail cost of a video game has stayed flat for like 30 years while production, marketing and maintenance costs (25 years ago, there were no patches, no expectation of DLC. A game had a bug? Tough ####) have probably gone up 1,000 fold.
  6. That's really the scary part. The behavior bar is SOOOOOO low right now that nothing really shocks us. Regardless of whether you agree with his political beliefs, he straight up behaves like a 6 year old at times. He's a 73 year old man with an Ivy League degree who was elected president of the freaking united states and his biggest concern today is whether everyone can read his online zingers.
  7. Trump getting banned from Twitter might be the funniest thing ever.
  8. Just 1 infection (my step sister, a nurse in NYC. She recovered fine). Considering I live in NJ, that's pretty surprising. My 95 year old grandmother is in a memory care facility where they had several cases, but so far, she has dodged the bullet.
  9. Congrats Ham. I sort of know what its like to be in your situation. Like 5 years ago, I accepted a job (pending a background check) at a different company and resigned my current position (sort of had to, as I had used the other offer to try and get a raise and they basically gave me 1 day to decide). Never thought I'd fail a background check, so no big deal. I had a vacation scheduled for the following week, so I headed off to the beach just waiting for them to give me my start date. (I offered my boss 2 weeks but because I was leaving for a competitor, they politely declined) Turned out that HR had determined that I'd "lied" on my application by inflating my current salary by 7K. At 5K, they let it slide...7 was grounds to pull the offer, which they did. I was livid, as the 7K number was actually lower than what I'd been offered to stay at the old company (I didn't want a ton of back and forth, so I inflated my number by what I thought they'd offer so I didn't have to keep renegotiating. I knew what I needed to leave). Because I couldn't produce that in writing, they told me to go pound sand. I just assumed (and was told) that EVERYONE inflates their salary a little bit and didn't even give it a second thought. I also had no idea that they had the ability to call my current employer and get my exact salary to the dollar. Thankfully, I knew someone VERY high up in the company and he basically called HR and fixed the situation. But there was 2 days where I had no job. Freaking sucked. And after all that, it took me about 2 weeks at the new job (Really good company. The department was just a bad fit for my skill set and the way I like to work) to realize I'd made a HUGE mistake and I ended up going back to the other company a year and a half later anyway
  10. I always like this show when I watch it (although I'm guilty of letting 4 or 5 eps pile up on the DVR) but it just never generated any buzz or momentum. Good production value, good characters, pretty interesting writing but the long hiatuses just always seemed to kill off any potential interest. edit: Also pretty surprising that Chloe Bennett gets literally no other work other than some voice stuff. I mean, her only on-screen credit in the past 5 years is some move called "Valley Girl". She's the 5th person listed on IMDB (and I haven't heard of the 4 in front of her) and the one directly below her is youtuber Logan Paul. Someone clearly has a TERRIBLE agent.
  11. Exactly. And at the tone of her voice towards the end of the call. Nice acting job Karen. And that poor dog. Clearly choking, but Karen don't care. Hopefully it finds a better home.
  12. Uh, pretty sure he didn't consider her a physical threat. He considered the potential for the situation to escalate and become a "he said- she said" as a threat. And he was dead on. If not for the video, good chance Super-Karen would have cried crocodile tears and claimed he did something more than he did (which was nothing)
  13. The "you're not going to like what I'm going to do" line throws a LITTLE bit of a wrench into this, as I certainly see how that could make someone very nervous in that situation. But this woman went DIRECTLY to "an African American man" without any hesitation. Didn't even give it a 2nd thought. She knew exactly what she was doing. If she said "A man is threatening me" and then described him to the dispatcher when asked....ok. But that's not what happened. She went immediately to "its a scary black guy. Send the cops" No issue with what has happened to her. Be a decent person next time.