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  1. Understood, but I'm done giving anyone the benefit of the doubt on this. I expect more out of the 65+ crowd (assuming they're not senile) than I do of idiot college kids. I've always been pessimistic about people by nature, but this whole situation has just pushed me over the edge. Between China covering this up, our idiot government (both sides) response and the morons of all ages that are facilitating the spread, I'm just going to assume everyone is a piece of crap going forward. When i meet new people in the future, I'm going to assume they're an idiot that attend a Corona-virus party until they prove otherwise.
  2. The police had to break up a 50 person house party in Ewing, NJ last a 550 square foot apartment. They hired a DJ. I'm pretty much ready to mail in the summer at this point. Too many #######s out there.
  3. Of course they dont. They've lived their lives and they dont care whether the rest of us are stuck inside for 3 months (which we're mostly doing for the benefit of them and the healthcare workers that would work to keep them from dying if they get it).
  4. I get that....but again....priorities. Priority # 1, 2 and 3 should be "stay away from everyone and stop the spread of this". I'm making that sacrifice and I just expect everyone else to do the same. If that means your fish tacos go bad, I'm ok with that (and everyone else should be too)
  5. Again.....people suck and are stupid. And because of that, those of us that follow the basic guidelines get screwed. None of this surprises me at all. People are the worst. One of my neighbors (I live on a cul-de-sac with 10 units) sent an email yesterday to let everyone know that they'd gotten someone else's delivery from Whole Foods. For some reason, they felt it necessary to open the package (we know this because the email included a list of every item in it) So now they've brought the package into their house, opened it...... and touched everything in it.....Someone's food delivery.....and they thought this was a good idea.....
  6. BR games have a lot of moving parts. In some ways, they've INCREASED the skill gap by removing some of the randomness (since everyone can get good gear pretty easily) from the looting phase. But yeah, allowing the re-spawns takes away the survival portion of BR. That's not always a bad thing (As a lot of BR games drag in the mid-game as those that have good gear often camp or otherwise play VERY conservatively. In PUBG there's a lot "find a good building near the center of the circle and hope you get lucky with the next one" ) but it's certainly going to lead to this crowded late game problem. So that adds more randomness/luck to the end game and lowers the skill ceiling for that portion.
  7. I mean...the last time I went to work in NYC (2 weeks ago this upcoming monday) the building had a cleaning employee (wearing a mask and gloves) walking around with a box of wipes wiping down the elevator buttons continuously every single time a person touched them to go upstairs. And even with that level of care, NYC is a disaster right now. The fact that people are still having freaking 20 person cookouts 12 days later even with what we know is going on is just absurd. We're just a country full of incredibly stupid, selfish people. And because of our "freedoms", the government simply wont enforce anything official. Combine this with the messages we're getting from the government, we're all going to be stuck in our house eating stockpiled canned soup through the Fall. (and tens of thousands will die anyway)
  8. Yeah I'm pretty sure we're all ruining our lives for nothing. Even if 95 percent of us are doing the right things, the remaining 5 percent are ####in it up.
  9. Speaking of the Pats.....if Bill O'Brien's entire football coaching career has been a long con designed to get the Patriots a superstar QB in the post-Brady era, I'm pretty sure I'm just going to walk into traffic.
  10. Yeah, I remember they had these big barriers made of these twisted wooden brambles covering up the shelters. Then at some point, the tribes starting burning them for firewood.
  11. Oh, for sure, the loot drop cost should be much higher. But I'm not sure balance is their main goal here. I think their goal is just to get as many playing as possible. And I certainly understand why they want to reward people who actually bought the base game. It is what it is. I haven't been playing all that long and I can drop myself a decent loadout. Dont love the gulag either, but again, its at least interesting and different.
  12. The game really does introduce/improve on some really interesting concepts to the BR genre. Personally, I think they went a LITTLE overboard in terms of making it easy to get people back into the game, (I think I'd cut out the re-spawns at a certain point or maybe make them more expensive as the round goes on) but I certainly understand why they did it. Nothing worse than getting killed early in a PUBG game firefight only to have the rest of your team survive and make it to the end. Leaves you sitting on your hands for half an hour. Obviously not fun. Of course, these same changes also take away a lot of the tension and intensity of a game like PUBG. I've never had a more intense and rewarding gaming experience than the last couple of circles of a PUBG game. Warzone doesn't have that, plus I dont like the gunplay as much. (never been a COD guy) But there's no doubt that its fun and makes the game much more accessible for more casual players. My brother, who is not a gamer is able to get into it and we had some pretty fun matches on monday even though we didn't do super well. It would take him about 2 times dying right off the jump in PUBG before he'd quit for good.
  13. Oh, complete and total weenie. That's the perfect description. He's the kinda guy who offered to bring the popular kids' lunch trays over to the garbage after they were done so that he could sit at their table in the cafeteria. So incredibly fitting that he won "MILLENNIALS vs Gen-X".
  14. I really think it all boils down to just HOW good the top players are at each position. I mean.....if there's a 10 year pro-bowl LT available, I think you take him regardless of what is there at WR. But lets say they really think that Lamb (or jeudy, or whoever) is a top 3-5 WR type and the best OT available only grades out to a league average LT. At that point, I think you might take the WR. Its like a 3 dimension sliding scale and at the end of the day, it kinda just comes down to gut feeling. I think we'd all be thrilled to have another 10 year run of DBrickshaw Ferguson level stability on the left side. But if that means passing on the next Hopkins or Michael Thomas, do you still do it? I dont think I would.
  15. Williams wants a long term deal. Too risky for a guy past 30 who hasn't played and has cancer in his past. I wouldn't mind a mid-round pick or even spending cap space on him this. But he's going to want a multi-year deal with guaranteed money. That just doesn't make sense to me.
  16. fairly stupid. Although the constant laughs i've been getting this week watching for the first time has helped deal with the current situation
  17. Despite being a MASSIVE Seinfeld fan, I just never watched Curb. No particular reason why but I just never did. With the quarantine and no sports on, I've been plowing through it over the last week and a half. Its incredible. I'm about mid-way through season 9. Just watched the "accidental text on purpose" episode. I almost spit out my breakfast when Larry shoved the cologne spritzer. Larry is my spirit animal. He's everything I want to be when I'm 70.
  18. You guys that are rowing, what machine do you use? I really need to start doing something (not in BAD shape, just not in great shape) and rowing seems like it would be up my alley. Seems like the consensus is that the Concept2 is the best machine (and pretty reasonably priced) but I just want to make sure I'm not missing anything.
  19. Another example of how nobody is taking these lockdowns seriously..... My fish store is open. Not fish that you eat.....aquarium supplies. Somehow aquarium supplies meet the standard for "necessary services". So I can buy fish food from a store but I can't play golf by myself.....Got it. We're all doomed.
  20. It's a gamble on his potential and a bet that he's turned the corner. We'll see.
  21. Yeah, pretty clear he wasn't really valued there. And again, I can't say I blame them. He just seems like a guy who could mail it in at any moment now that his future is secure (which you'd like to think it is, with $12 Mil coming in year one) I'm much more upset about losing a target Sam is familiar with than the actual player. The salary was reasonable, but I think resources could be better distributed. Lets see what they do at 11.
  22. Not shocking. Lots of employers (including mine) didn't really shut things down until last Monday. And NJ has a lot of NYC commuters.