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  1. I think 4 days is my absolute max. And with certain foods, I start feeling weird after like day 2.
  2. "other things of value"...."things I USE" So basically, they stole his weed.
  3. Run it up on these bumpy field maintaining bastards
  4. Might as well pencil zardes in for Qatar after this.
  5. Every once in a while I feel like a POS when I do something wrong. Then I see videos like this and I feel REALLY good about myself. I did some umpiring when I was like 13-16 years old. Mostly a good experience other than 2 or 3 stupid coaches. Had a coach absolutely lay into me on a bang-bang play at first base in the first inning of a fall-ball game. I'm pretty sure it was the first batter. Some dudes just have problems.
  6. If there's ANY chance of you sliding, you probably A) shouldn't attend the green room and/ or B) should wear a normal looking suit. Pretty obvious that ESPN invited certain guys (like Bol) just for the distinct possibility of the slide and the accompanying shots of devastation during the doldrums of the late first/early 2nd round. Then he has to trudge up to the stage with that goofy body in those ridiculous clothes. How do you not fire your agent after he doesn't save you from that embarrassment?
  7. This season has been weird for me. Started at like a 21 handicap and after a couple of warmup rounds, I proceeded to fire 6 or 7 rounds in a row in the 89-91 range (after just breaking 90 for the first time last year, and only once). I play mostly from our white tees (about 5800 yards, 125 slope) but even had a couple rounds where one blowup hole cost me a sub 90 round from the blue tees. (about 6400 yards, 135 slope) So after my hot start to year, i got down to a 17.7 handicap. Then the rough (which is notoriously tough at our course) grew in starting in mid-may and my scores started trickling up again. I started losing control of my driver, forgetting my chipping fundamentals, etc. Started shooting in the mid 90's more frequently again (even shooting a disastrous 100+ at my dad's course). But then on Friday, i shot my best round ever (86) despite 4 lipouts and a terrible start to the back 9. Currently down to a 17.2 (although trending back up with some good rounds from April starting to fall off the calculation) I definitely need to take a lesson to figure out my driver swing path. On good days, I leak to the right like 1/2 a fairway width and can adjust. On bad days, i start left and then basically slice across the entire fairway. (with the occasional dead pull OB trying to adjust) I can get away with that from the whites, (where even a bad drive leaves with with a 7 or 8 in) but when I move back, a bad driving day just makes it impossible to score well. I'm hitting 5 and 6 irons out of the rough all day, which isn't getting it done with my poor chipping. (I left myself short sided and/or downhill chips all weekend. It sucked) On the bright side, my putting (at least on my course. I was terrible at my dad's, which has MUCH faster greens) has been consistently decent. My lag putting is much better and I'm doing a better job reading the short ones. Made 2 real nice downhill breakers for birdies on Friday to get me to the 86. New putter has helped.
  8. It's like our guys don't even look when they cross it. It's like it's considered a victory just to get it into the box.
  9. Clear zardes mistouch goes in the net
  10. Really wish we had like 4 pulisics. Doesn't look like he belongs out there
  11. I put the odds at a lineup without either Trapp or Zardes at less than 2%
  12. Some people make horrendous financial decisions. Not much you can do to stop them. My parents got divorced 20+ years ago. My dad was the primary breadwinner and a majority of their divorce settlement was him giving my mom stock in the company in which he was a partner. A little over 10 years later, that company sold to a VC firm for about twice what they were counting on when they agreed to the divorce settlement. And then a couple of years later, it was flipped again, (to a global company) and everyone in senior management cleaned up. My mom sold her stock right before all that happened (to support poor spending habits, unnecessary house upgrades, etc) and it has basically forced her into probably 10 extra years of working, constant worry about finances (her spending habits really are abysmal. She makes too much money to not be comfortable with only herself to support), etc. My dad feels bad, (they've almost always been on good terms, and he advised her to hold the stock back before the sale) but what can ya do? She's an adult and she made adult choices. My dad grew up in a 2 parent working class household with a father that was VERY disciplined financially. My mom's dad died before she was 2 and her mom (obviously my grandma) basically became a lunatic spender (she had a MAJOR QVC/home shopping network problem that came to a head during the '08 financial crisis when everyone's credit card interest rates jumped) as soon as her kids were out of the house and she no longer had to take care of them. My mom has followed the same pattern since all of us left for college. We're all a product of our environment. At this point, I'm just hoping that we aren't forced to support her 15 years down the road. But I'm not optimistic. The only good news is that there's 3 of us to split the bill.
  13. I'm mostly a late afternoon guy, so I play by myself a fair amount (when my brother, who is also a member, isn't available) The starter at our place knows me so when I do play with randoms, he knows not to put me with anyone bad. (not that I'm good, but I'm decent and play at a good pace) Having slow people in the group in front of me is more of a problem. When I play in the afternoon on the weekends, i tend to get stuck behind older couples, which SUCKS (especially since we've been cart path only so often this year). For some reason, the husbands would rather ignore me (I try not to hit right up their ###, but I'm close enough that they know I'm there) and force their wife to rush than just let me go by. Its brutal.
  14. Tiger just cant get a putt to go. Just one of those days.
  15. If Jordan is somehow in this thing on Sunday, it would be a miracle He just hit a freaking rake that he didnt see (behind some long grass) in front of a fairway bunker and the ball just stopped dead. I honestly wouldn't blame him if blamed the caddy for that one
  16. Yeah the fox golf coverage is just total amateur hour.
  17. Haha. 30 footer for par. Just how he drew it up