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  1. I've loved his development at stretches for the Knicks.... then he disappears. weird, but you explain the organizations' ineptness well
  2. anyone have any idea why so many NFL player props are slow to release this week ?
  3. Eagles and Seahawks have limped to the finish line .... both with injuries and play. Philly with less than impressive wins over bad teams (NYG twice , Wash , uninspired Dallas) and Seattle dropping 3 of their last 4 with their only win over a pathetic Panthers team. Lean is Seattle though , with a couple more healthy play makers and proven QB in the playoffs.
  4. He was blown off the ball numerous times in this past weeks games vs Philly.
  5. got in the OK State Over at 53.5 .... already up to 55.5 .... miracle juicy middle ?
  6. He really stunted Jarwin growth without adding much on the field. Jarwin RAC and explosiveness was clear when given the opportunity.
  7. NFL does not consider weed a "substance of abuse" - that's saved for harder drugs that Gordon has a long history of....
  8. was offered DJ for Damien Williams straight up .... with his situation, schedule, and performance there is no way I could accept that ..crazy as that sounds 10 weeks ago.
  9. Thanks for the clarification !! I could I forget about Put Your Mouth On Me's success :eyeroll:
  10. @Anarchy99 are we nominating songs or is this your personal list? I need some Eddie Murphy Party All The Time
  11. If he's playing, it's to play and be a factor .
  12. Dissly has easily eclipsed that in his last 3 games...thought number would be around 5.5 or 6
  13. this game is a clear indication the pass interference challenge rule is a farce at best.... 2 calls the booth refused to correct and the last play should of at least been reviewed.