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  1. was offered DJ for Damien Williams straight up .... with his situation, schedule, and performance there is no way I could accept that ..crazy as that sounds 10 weeks ago.
  2. Thanks for the clarification !! I could I forget about Put Your Mouth On Me's success :eyeroll:
  3. @Anarchy99 are we nominating songs or is this your personal list? I need some Eddie Murphy Party All The Time
  4. If he's playing, it's to play and be a factor .
  5. Dissly has easily eclipsed that in his last 3 games...thought number would be around 5.5 or 6
  6. this game is a clear indication the pass interference challenge rule is a farce at best.... 2 calls the booth refused to correct and the last play should of at least been reviewed.
  7. my thoughts as well, although I do not like how ESPN dictates roster moves from unofficial designations of players.
  8. I think most leagues use them for hurt players.... and they are a needed addition to your roster. Under what criteria do you allow players to be placed on IR ? I firmly disagree how ESPN handles this spot , while other sites like CBS and MFL allow more freedom but needs Commissioner interaction / discretion in a lot of cases.(I have seen guys like Luck, Gronk , Melvin Gordon) in IR spots this year. How does your league handle and what do you prefer ?
  9. Had a similar setup .... loved floating in the pool watching baseball games and relaxing. ... plus could always mute it , I did it a lot with the radio playing music.
  10. I've had a lot of success with big favs in Week 1s in the past - Army / Bama / Texas / Georgia / LSU
  11. Verlander K props at 8.5 (-103) ..........been hammering it to easy wins and not stopping now. Double digit Ks in 7 straight and last time he faced Tampa Bay a few months ago he had 9.
  12. Did the same thing, and had possible late RD Keeper rights ... decided to roll the dice on other young WRs in better situations.
  13. I went with Karan Higdon over Crockett.... see how it pans out until Week 1.