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  1. Well said...
  2. I can't imagine Pitino will have a job by the end of the day, and surely never again in college athletics.
  3. I'm totally fine letting this FBI probe run its entire course... 5 star recruits in the last 5 years SEC—38 (Kentucky, 24) ACC—30 (Duke, 16) Pac 12—19 Big 12—13 (Kansas, 9) Big Ten—9
  4. Is Watkins in the game?
  5. This will be a very tough test on the road to open up the season, but I do think the Raiders will be ready for it. Joseph is the kind of player that will make Marriota pay if he tries to get too creative with his running ability in space. Very excited to see Lynch get some real action, and what that will lead to for the other backs coming in fresh.
  6. 2017 Class 2018 Class (so far...) Indiana has a good base for 2018; time to take a few home run swings.
  7. Google brown patch and dollar spot in lawns and see if either look like what is going on. If so, yeah a fungicide is the way to go and should knock it out pretty quickly. It would also help to bag instead of mulch until it's cleared up if you aren't already. Also try to only water earlier in the day if possible so it's not damp overnight.
  8. Archie Miller lands 3 top 100 recruits in a 24 hour period; 4 months on the job.
  9. Break it up into small pieces. Pick the worst part of the yard and just fix that first. Get some wins.
  10. Everyone is pretty excited about fixing their lawn up in the Spring, but the absolute best time of year to get it turned around is coming up soon in the early Fall once this heat dies down.
  11. That's true. I guess it's hard for folks in Indiana who saw Butler play in the Horizon league for decades think of them any other way.
  12. Really strong hire.
  13. A very heavy scent of Milorganite today...2nd spring app...