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  1. Totally fine with this in PPR.
  2. I'm loading up on that +1. Jalen Ramsey will get beat deep to blow it open.
  3. Taller/larger corners do not age well and they drop off very quickly. Someone can fact check me, but I think Sean Smith is very close to the same age as Nnamdi Asomugha was when he went over to the Eagles and really started to struggle. I wouldn't be shocked to see a similar transformation from Richard Sherman in a year or two.
  4. Early stages of his rookie year. The defense in itself is having some scheme issues. I think he has made some goods plays and adjustments; given the scenario, I'd give it time for the more spectacular plays to come about.
  5. 2016-17 PRESEASON BIG TEN PLAYER OF THE YEAR Nigel Hayes, Wisconsin 2016-17 PRESEASON ALL-BIG TEN TEAM Malcolm Hill, G, Illinois James Blackmon Jr., G, Indiana Thomas Bryant, C, Indiana Peter Jok, G, Iowa Melo Trimble, G, Maryland Derrick Walton Jr., G, Michigan Caleb Swanigan, F, Purdue Ethan Happ, F, Wisconsin NIGEL HAYES, F, Wisconsin Bronson Koenig, F, Wisconsin
  6. The Raiders certainly have the opportunity this weekend to make a huge statement in the division and in the early stages of the AFC playoff picture. That in itself it pretty exciting given the last decade or so. Any team coming off a bye week is particularly dangerous, but especially in this instance with the unknown of how a (maybe?) fully healthy Jamaal Charles might be utilized. This will be a very tough game. Although, the Chiefs defense has been pretty lackluster in terms of their pass rush; if Carr can get rolling early and this becomes a shoot out it will make things much easier for the Raiders defense.
  7. Quite a few have been around since Gannon broke his neck, or even when Jackson landed awkwardly in Cincinnati, or long before that. The Raiders are 4-1 with one of the youngest rosters in the NFL and arguably the best young QB in the NFL. It's OK to have a really big party right now and exhale.
  8. Enjoy this.
  9. Any update on his late week ankle injury?
  10. This is over.
  11. What's the most recent status on Howard?
  12. I'd really like to hear the story on Sean Smith's debut. I really hope he has the flu or something, if not WTF was that.
  14. If anybody has a link to that live call during the last 90 seconds post it....