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  1. PS Vue has been good/reliable so far. I just started testing it recently, but it does mention an NFL Redzone option as well.
  2. His current buyout is $4,000,000; that reduces down to $1,000,000 on July 1st.
  3. Bryant seems to have regressed a bit from his Freshman season. His play has been very erratic this year to say the least, and at times it's hard to believe he is the same player that Kentucky had no answer for during the tournament last year.
  4. I travel a really long path for any Raider games; so I don't feel qualified to weigh in on the relocation discussion. I hope it works out in the best interest of the team and the fanbase at large. I can only say that the entire Eastern half of the country is still going to travel and show up wherever the new stadium is built.
  5. He isn't getting enough credit.
  6. That might have been the worst defensive performance I've ever seen for Indiana last night? They look completely lost.
  7. Look at the roster and tell me who should have taken his spot today? They literally do not have another QB (I don't count that guy off the couch they added Tuesday). This is bad breaks all around; but it's a promising roster and saying the coach is suspect based on this is nuts.
  8. Disagree 100%. You are assuming you know Matt can even throw a ball right now. This team has made an insane amount of progress in the the last 24 months; anyone discounting that due to injuries and bad luck is just piling on.
  9. Whatever happens today, still proud as hell of how far we have come...
  10. Crean's teams have always been characterized as being wildly inconsistent in terms of both surprising bad and good play, but this year seems to be taking that concept to an entirely new level. I don't know if Indiana will turn the ball over 20 times against Louisville today or beat them by 20 points; the idea that either could occur is maddening.
  11. It's disappointing for certain, but this is all far from over. Both in the context of this season, but also the next 4-6 years; Reggie has put this team/roster in a very good position to succeed.
  12. Osemele out is huge, crap.
  13. One benefit of this nasty cold front is it is going to put their fans on ice. I don't care how liquored up you are; this is pretty brutal conditions in the Midwest.
  14. I'm unreasonably nervous about this coming down to Jano needing to hit a big or game winning FG. This feels like waiting for a playoff game, which honestly I think is great for the team/fanbase/organization because it's a real trial by fire for that sort of game later this year.