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  1. You did good...but anyone could beat us if we do that. Carr attacked safeties more effectively deep with less time in the pocket than Mahomes. Take the loss.
  2. You were condescending and did not respond to any facts presented in response. Take this loss and hope it's not a game plan for other teams to follow.
  3. Sorry bruh. You just have to take this loss. I was breaking it down to the plays that mattered most; Carr was under more intense pressure to do more with less deep threats and he did.
  4. That reaction, to a certain degree, has been conditioned a bit over the years. Hearing DHB being called out on draft day will do that to you...
  5. Beat them up... and beat them deep.
  6. He did, around 4:37 left in the 2nd quarter. Mahomes went for a 67 yard TD to Hill and Abram shut it down. Mahomes had 5.02 (timed it) seconds in the pocket to get set for that throw. I'm guessing someone playing defense against Hill is on your list of complaints, but if the ball is coming in and a player leads with his arm at that ball as it arrives...that is what the refs mean by playing the ball. This was an important stretch that really defined the game, because Carr responded less than 2 minutes after with a 72 yard touchdown pass that he had 2.22 (timed it) seconds to throw. That's how you win.
  7. Josh Allen is obviously playing with a lot of confidence right now, but Maxx Crosby is the kind of rangy/high motor DE that will make him pay for that if he is overconfident in or around the pocket. I’m not sure why many seem to think the Raiders can’t compete with Buffalo?
  8. With all the injury report analysis...I'm really happy to see Abram as a full go this week. I know his play style has been a concern for some in the context of him playing a full season, but I can't fault him for a TV cart being in his path.
  9. So far so good. Belichick will not let Waller beat them, and that worries me as it is going to put a ton of pressure on Ruggs and Edwards to make some plays against guys like Gilmore. As good as the offense has looked in terms of creative playing calling and execution, the Patriots are great at forcing offenses to do what they prefer not to do. Carr is going to need some great protection and deep ball accuracy with the rookie WRs continuing to shine. I'm really hoping for some good news about Jonathan Abram. That was a really scary moment with him just laid out on the ground. I heard today his X-rays were negative so I guess that is great news, but I believe that same shoulder from last year is getting a MRI today so hopefully they are just being cautious. Overall, a huge win; I can't think of better way to show off a new stadium on MNF. I loved the decision at the end to kick the FG and just win the game.
  10. I agree Ruggs has changed the offense. Nobody was scared of Zay Jones running wild last year...Ruggs has opened up the defense every time he is out there.
  11. Derek Carr deserves some serious credit. If Rich Gannon was out there, he would not have pushed the Saints deep. He would have just kept killing them for 5-13 yards...