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  1. What's the most recent status on Howard?
  2. I'd really like to hear the story on Sean Smith's debut. I really hope he has the flu or something, if not WTF was that.
  4. If anybody has a link to that live call during the last 90 seconds post it....
  5. That was really cool to see Richard with the long TD run back home; not only a major play in the game, but really cool moment for that kid and his family.
  6. Money talks...I just want to see the stadium plans.
  7. Very good point.
  8. Are they still stuck at 750 and no profit sharing; or no deal? My biggest concern about Vegas is how easy it is for opposing fans to travel/vacation/attend.
  9. Allen starting over Joseph, at least on the depth chart, was a little surprising; but I think on the road against Drew Brees is probably not the best scenario for a rookie safety to get his first NFL start.
  10. I setup my service disconnect; it was disconnected last night. Thanks! I did exactly what need2know said (disconnect, call that number as soon as it's disconnected). I just called and it only took about 10 minutes on the phone. Everything is already reactivated. $50 off a month, free SundayTicketMax, free movie channels.
  11. The absolute best thing you can get out of a preseason schedule is no major injuries; especially with some of the starters playing more than I would like to see in meaningless games. I'll take it; time for the real bullets now.
  12. Deeper team than I have seen since, ever. Main take away is Mario Edwards status though...
  13. Thanks for the content
  14. Two former Michigan State QBs about to duel it out.....