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  1. Joyner has a unique role and I really don't expect to see him used as a traditional safety at all in this defense. Riley will get the first crack at it but don't be surprised to see a lot of Harris as well.
  2. 1-4 going into their bye week is a real possibility.
  3. If you are trying to win your league; I can't fathom how you see Ekeler getting that done in comparison to Gordon's current prospects.
  4. Mayock has shown this job isn’t too big for him. He has moved up or down almost routinely with confidence in who they want and when they can take them, adding a lot of value/picks along the way.
  6. i would not have bought the current home we are in if the pool wasn't already there. I get your point is about market research overall, but a lot of folks are well aware of what a pool will cost to install new and they want one either way. You certainly do not get every dollar back in a resale after a new install, but families looking for a home with a pool are not blind to what that cost was to install it vs them paying 100% of that install cost on a home with a lot that has space for a new install.
  7. This draft is loaded with defensive talent.
  8. And they did...and they earned what feels like 25 offensive rebounds...and Devonte Green derailed Indiana’s offense... Road games are tough.
  9. If Maryland doesn’t start playing some defense they are going to be in serious trouble tonight.
  10. Mayock wasting no time...
  11. There is a good chance of that; right now they are without 5 scholarship players. Having to run everything through Morgan or Langford on offense is difficult for entire games at a time. The overall defensive improvements from Miller are really starting to take hold in year two though, and that is certainly helping weather the storm with all these injuries.
  12. Are the recruiting classes (and the hope that goes along with that every year) what is saving Turgeon's job at this point? I was a bit surprised he was back this year.
  13. A general manager is not a scout or even a director of scouting. They are a person who must remain well connected and know which research or input on players is trustworthy; then filter through all that input from scouts and weigh it all accordingly to make decisions. I think Mayock is pretty well equipped to at least take a shot at that role. Every NFL team has cap experts and that is 100% of their job. As far as we know, those folks are still in the building for the Raiders despite Reggie's absence. All of Mayock's opinions have, by the nature of his role, been very public; so it's pretty easy to go back and cherry pick the very good calls and very bad ones that would stand out since it's all out there for years to come. I suspect you would see much of the same from any successful NFL GM if their private draft notes were public record. What I do like about this hire, is that I don't see Mayock as just another Gruden underling. We all know Greg Olsen is not a true NFL OC, at least in the traditional sense of the role.
  14. That was a proper send-off. Ready for the next evolution.
  15. Northwestern gave Indiana all they could handle, but Romeo’s natural talent ultimately won out in the end. Indiana is still trying to get healthy and figure out their rotations.
  16. That really just underscores my point. The easy wins in the conference schedule are going to be far and few between. (fellow boosters unite)
  17. Any guesses as to which conference has the most teams in the KenPom top 40? It's not really close... 8 Michigan 12 Purdue 14 Michigan State 17 Indiana 19 Wisconsin 29 Nebraska 30 Ohio State 33 Iowa 35 Maryland 36 Penn State