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  1. What’s pretty clear to me is that both of these years are much better than anything we’ve seen in the last 5 (at least)... Am surprised at the Goodfellas backlash though...
  2. It’ll be interesting to see the conniption AB has when Derek Carr has one of his patented 2 target games for his WR1.
  3. Tough watch...and I don’t know why, but the thing that creeped me out the most was the voicemail they played of him that he left for one of the kids wanting to go see a movie. Skin crawled...
  4. Ravens soured on him overnight it felt like early in the season. He had some fumble issues, but at the same got the sense they only used him out of necessity. And when Edwards emerged, they were more than happy to move on.
  5. I don’t think this takes Lock off the table. Flacco feels like 2019’s version of Sam Bradford, less the brittle. At the same time, it probably allows the Broncos to have some degree of patience while not having to endure another season of Keenum.
  6. The Esquire American Boy Article... So - article in the February edition. February is Black History Month. Seems like this has quite a few folk up in arms. This comes on the heels of a colleague showing me a t-shirt ‘White, Male, Straight, Republican - How else can I piss you off today?’. I chuckled. For me, I liked it, the article. I’m a father of a 15 year old boy so I was able to gain some insight as to what he might be feeling as well. At the same time, the (whatever) uproar I’ve read about the blowback Esquire is receiving for this cover story seemed to correlate with the idiom presented above. But is the timing of the article so egregious as to cause any type of controversy. To some, it even feels like the subject matter was off-limits and I’m kind of like WTF. How did we get here?
  7. Wherever Matt Ryan is - their careers are indistinguishable mostly.
  8. That 1984 season, Marino exceeded the league average by these percentages. Passing Yards: 54.34% Completions: 25.69% Attempts: 10.16% TD’s: 118.18% INT’s: -19.05% if a QB exceeded average league production levels in 2018 to the extent Marino did in 1984, that season would look as follows: 450 Completions 608 Attempts 6283 Passing Yards 59 TD’s 11 INT’s
  9. That’s what I found interesting...was the reaction to him. Not the man himself.
  10. I had only heard of Bundy and was generally aware of his serial killer status along with the good looks description. I didn’t think the tapes themselves were that interesting because quite frankly, he was an uninteresting man with not a lot to say. But getting the details of the story along with his escapes and how it seemed the country reacted to him once he became a ‘sensation’ was compelling.
  11. When we talk QB’s, particularly ones who started their careers in the 21st century, the notion of comparing them to their 20th century counterparts from a production standpoint is almost fruitless. The game has changes so much in the last 20-25 years, that the idea of saying ‘Ben Roethlisberger is 6th all-time in career passing yards’ doesn’t really acknowledge the changing nature of the NFL. But there is one QB who despite how the NFL has morphed into a ‘bombs away/throw it 60% of the time’ type league who maintains his place amongst the statistical greats of today: Dan Marino. It feels like the blemish on his resume (not winning a SB) somewhat overshadows the unreal career he had. If you consider that his signature 1984 season where he put this statline up: 362 Completions 564 Attempts 5084 Yards 48 TD’s 17 INT’s …compares favorably with the amazing season Pat Mahomes just exploded onto the scene with: 383 Completions 580 Attempts 5097 Yards 50 TD’s 12 INT’s …it’s tough to comprehend just how ahead of the game Marino was. So I sought to undertake an exercise. What would Marino’s career look like statistically had he played in this era? I wanted to compare him to Matt Ryan. While Ryan doesn’t get a lot of buzz, through his first 11 seasons in the NFL, Ryan has thrown for more yards than any other QB through their first 11 seasons. But again, on that sliding scale of 'yards accumulation' becoming easier by the season, how impressive this is, is debatable. So, here was my step-by-step process. Step 1: What was the average passing season for each NFL team since 2008, when Ryan entered the NFL; Completions, Attempts, Yards, TD, INT's Step 2: Break those totals down to an average season and then average game over the course of 11 seasons. Step 3: Calculate Matt Ryan’s per game averages over that same period Here is how Ryan has performed over the average ‘passing game’ during his career to date: 8.28% more completions than average 3.38% more attempts than average 9.54% more yards than average 13.03% more TD’s than average 19.24% lower INT rate than average All in all, we’ve watched Ryan play. He’s consistently been an upper echelon QB below the elite tier of QB’s widely acknowledged as all-timers. Step 4: Calculate Dan Marino’s per game average during his first 12 seasons in the NFL. I did this because a) Marino only started 9 games his rookie season b) in his 11th season, he tore his Achilles and missed 11 c) after 1994, he was really a shell of the QB he’d been. So taking those conditions into account, here is how Marino performed over the average ‘passing game’ during that similar career stretch. 22.68% more completions than average 15.59% more attempts than average 35.36% more yards than average 53.49% more TD’s than average 17.73 lower INT% than average So the ultimate question is this on Marino. If you took his per game averages over the first 11 years of his career, extrapolated the degree by which he exceeded league averages during his career…what would his 16 game averages look like if he played from 2008-2018. This…for 11 seasons… 🤩 413 Completions 624 Attempts 66.2% Completion Rate 8.33 YPA 5199 Yards 36 TD’s 12 INT’s ...this includes his rookie year!! So if you consider that there are guys like Mahomes, Rodgers, Rivers who sat at least one year, Marino didn't even get that benefit. The only QB who really comes close to that is Brees...and his best 11 year stretch is his most recent, so really, byt the time we start counting, Brees is a 7 year veteran: 432 Completions 626 Attempts 7.87 YPA 4925 Yards 35 TD's 14 INT's Know we had a Top 10 QB's thread last week. But Marino gets glossed over a lot. He was boss.