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  1. Part of ‘getting back’ will be testing limits. Wouldn’t be what I would do as I’ll be more cautious in my approach to re-entry, but it’s clear the ship has sailed in the US regarding SIP and social distancing directives. So we’ll see what happens...
  2. Don’t know if this qualifies, but the concept of the movie Yesterday (where something happens and the main character is the only one who knows The Beatles songs) had so much potential. go the rom-com route and on-stage confession felt cheap.
  3. São Paulo makes NYC look like a suburb...only been once, but the density never stops.
  4. Smash a bottle over someone’s head, the bottle practically disintegrates...
  5. Your comment on Blockbuster said it theaters are really an outdated business model. Classic tail trying to wag the dog scenario here.
  6. While C-E-H is the clear #1, I think Swift is a sneaky #2...Kerryon Johnson simply can’t stay healthy dating back to his Auburn days...he’s only played 18 of a possible 32 NFL games. Based on opportunity, I think Akers is #3, but he’s not as talented as Taylor who I’d put #4. But I was not sold on Henderson’s rookie year and see him as a COP at best. Feel like Taylor will have a Mikes Sanders rookie year type impact in 2020. Dobbins is a clear #5 in 2020...I don’t know how he fits in a stacked backfield. Even Gus Edwards averaged 5.3 YPC and the top two options are Lamar/Ingram...feel like this is a move for 2021.
  7. This is absolutely the someone who lives in a Georgia suburb with friends who own businesses that will have the ability to re-open, for the most part they’ve taken a ‘thanks for the guidance approach’ but are doing their own thing. Some re-opening...some waiting. As for me as a resident consumer, I doubt my modus operandi will be changing much over the next week or two.
  8. I loved the effort...fact is no matter what they did, from a format perspective it was going to feel awkward/flat, yet they still put themselves out there.
  9. Bottomline for me...we’re not going to be lifting much of anything until testing increases by a factor of 10 (at least)...and not the idea that we have a test that can be administered quickly and provide results. Having the actual execution and supply chain airtight too.
  10. This is where I’m at. Maybe not to the degree personally regarding large gatherings...but I certainly understand there’s going to be a significant part of the population who’ll be very cautious if not more so about ‘getting back out there like before’. If that’s the case, the economic wet blanket is going to be pretty damp just due to the lasting effects of what we’re all going thru. This hasn’t just happened to us (USA)...this is a global pandemic. We’re going thru perhaps the greatest social sciences shift in history. Expecting anything to snap right back to preCOVID levels feels short-sighted.
  11. Throughout this whole unconscionable time...I’ve thought that this was 9/11 in slow motion and on a much larger scale. For all intents and purposes, humanity has been poisoned and watching the daily progression of this godforsaken virus and its path of destruction can simply be overwhelming. At the same time, I watch these health workers rush to the front lines...they’re not soldiers, just professionals in a different field who have placed everything else in their lives on hold, putting their own well being at great risk. It’s inspiring - overwhelmingly so as well. I don’t have a professional skill set that can help in these times...probably most of us don’t. And to be frank, there’ll be a lot of ‘clean-up’ for us all to undertake on many different fronts when the last of the actual virus has finally been eradicated. It’ll be at that time when we can look within ourselves to bring the best of our human skill sets to our recovery. For me...I know I’ll be asking ‘what can I do, that I didn’t do before’.