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  1. I’m a bit surprised there’s not more buzz on Beckham after his monster game. In all reality, this Is the first time the ‘old’ OBJ has surfaced in CLE. It wasn’t just a good game. It was flamboyant and it was on the biggest stage the NFL has to offer, JerryWorld. When it looked like things were going to crumble by blowing a big lead, it was OBJ who turned what initially looked like it could be a disastrous play into the biggest play CLE has experienced in a long time. For me, that’s the type of game that propels seasons and also gives CLE a first hand understanding of what they in fact have in him. I’d be a buyer cause I think there’ll be a lot of owners looking to sell high for 80 cents on the dollar.
  2. Surprised a bit at the skepticism regarding Deebo...he was a WR1 second half of last year, a year they went to the SB with him as a major cog. Aiyuk has had one good game. I’m sure they can co-exist.
  3. I think Jackson will be fine...but NFL DC’s were able to spend months dissecting the Ravens offense which they unveiled in 2019. Much different than having to do it on the fly in-season. There’s probably been adjustments made to defending it’s on Lamar to do the same.
  4. One of the hardest things in FF after the draft is to go net +1 in startable RB’s. Generally you’ve got to give one to get one. Gaskin is startable; RB2 upside - FLEX floor unless you’re very deep at RB. I’d rather have him than Singletary.
  5. Will be interesting to see how he performs on TNF...first national exposure, JAX not exactly a world beater. There's an opportunity here for exponential value growth if the chips fall right.
  6. Opportunity in Week 3 looks better...can the same be said for Week 7? I think if you need a guy right now, Davis offers more certainty in the near term, but also recognize that he could give you very pedestrian #’s. Ultimately, there’ll be a Week 4 Mike Davis, and a Week 5 Mike Davis. Henderson has pedigree and looked very good. He plays at the level he showed last week, he has a role moving forward. Davis could be guarding clipboards again shortly.
  7. I’d rank Henderson before either of those two in terms of priority. We know who those guys are...
  8. True...but both QB’s could benefit from a change of scenery me thinks. And Ryan’s from the area.
  9. A trade two teams should consider in the off-season would be Matt Ryan-for-Carson Wentz...and some combination of draft assets
  10. As someone who claimed him for $0 last week, I thought last night was a pretty nice effort, the type that will build trust in Newton going to him. That shot he took across the middle while still hanging on was a big boy catch.
  11. I’m placing bets on N’Keal Harry. Seems like a narrative has developed that NEP will not throw much. But they’re not going to throw 304 times, just like Kirk Cousins wasn’t going to throw it 160 times after Game 1 last year. MIA not on the docket every week. Cam seems to have taken a vested interest in the kid...a worthwhile flier.
  12. Caveat - I own him in my man in league, but I mostly agree with this. What I will say is that I don’t think Mayfield will be as good as unlocking Beckham’s talents as even a declining Eli was. But healthy, Beckham still looks capable of having two 8/160/2 type games in a season still, which are the type that drive top-tier WR desirability.
  13. He hired Rosenhaus...fired previous representation. In fact, previous previous representation may have fired him.