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  1. TheDirtyWord

    What Song Title Best Describes Your Last Fart?

    Don’t Come Around Here No More
  2. This actually makes a ton of sense...
  3. This is a pretty significant black-eye for the NFL related to player safety if they go on with this game. And granted, the NFL doesn't control the stadium the Mexico City game would be played in...but how do you not have as part of the conditions for hosting a game there, the playability of the field surface? I know the London series has had some issues here since the 'pitch' is generally used for soccer. But are the surfaces ever unsafe? You look at this upcoming game and most high schools will have better fields.
  4. TheDirtyWord

    Eli Manning HoF?

    Particularly at the QB position, I think it will be interesting to see how guys like Rivers/Ryan/Eli are evaluated. In large part because when they retire, they will undoubtedly be able to say 'we're in the Top 5-6 in these passing categories of all-time'. But all-time doesn't really mean much because rules changes have essentially made statistical comparisons between eras of football irrelevant. When Namath retired, he was 6th on the all-time passing yards leaders. Case in point: 4 QB's have 5000 yard passing seasons in NFL history (Peyton, Brady, Brees, Marino). As of now, 4 QB's are on pace to have 5000 yard passing seasons in 2018. Quite frankly...QB stats are almost funny money now when comparing QB credentials.
  5. TheDirtyWord

    Eli Manning HoF?

    I think that's one thing that gets lost a bit when discussing Namath...obviously his on-field performance and stats have aged...poorly. But his contribution not only to football, but sports in general remains enormous. I can't think of another athlete who was as instrumental as attracting women to the sport as Namath and his brazen off-field image pretty much was the seed for the modern day athlete. He was the right guy, at the right time, in the right place who was absolutely central to the expansion of NFL football as the nations past time. From a cultural perspective, I'd argue he belongs in the Top 10 most important and significant figures in NFL history.
  6. TheDirtyWord

    Eli Manning HoF?

    Manning will be an interesting test case. Most QB's generally are first-ballot guys. Even the ones you mention 'all yes' on will take about 2 minutes (combined) to decide. Eli could be this generations Ken Anderson. Question: Why is Rivers an interesting debate, but not Ryan?
  7. TheDirtyWord

    Wife’s Friends Just Saw me Naked

    So we’ll need to find out who your wife’s friend is to reveal your gender?
  8. Bodyguard on Netflix - big time 👍
  9. TheDirtyWord

    What is Bill Murray's signature role?

    But Gurley still goes 1.01! 😁
  10. TheDirtyWord

    What is Bill Murray's signature role?

    But didn’t everybody? I love Caddyshack as much as the next guy, but I don’t think any one talent stood above the others. Everyone rocked.
  11. TheDirtyWord

    What is Bill Murray's signature role?

    As I go thru these...this was the one where the outcome surprised me most. I thought Groundhog Day would run away with this...
  12. TheDirtyWord

    What is Meryl Streep's Signature Role

    Disappointed this generated this low level of replies...I believe her to be greatest actor/actress ever. ...and OP is right, lot of missing roles (but She-Devil?), Francesca and Bridges if Madison County the most notable omission. But I’ll watch Devil Wears Prada whenever I come across it solely because of her.
  13. TheDirtyWord

    WHat is Alec Baldwin's signature role?

    Alec Baldwin’s 8 minutes in GGR is required viewing for an entire profession...