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  1. If you figure Kareem Hunt lost about a year of his career for video emerging of him kicking a woman...I’d suspect Garrett could be looking at something similar. People are bringing up Haynesworth. That happened 13 years ago when the NFL barely acknowledged concussions.
  2. Couple of things... 1) In his rookie year, RoJo played 90 snaps. 19 after week 9. So his average of 25/game in year 2 is a huge leap. And this is inclusive of a gradual ramp up strategy it looks like Arians has employed with RoJo. The last two games since Arians made him the starter? 82. 2) In those two games; 39 touches, 188 YFS, 2 TD’s. That doesn’t seem like he isn’t seizing the opportunity. Yes, he did fumble. Yes, Barber was in on the final drive. It was also his first fumble. And from Arians comments this week, seems like he’s still excited about RoJo. We know what Barber is...or more so, what he isn’t - an ascendant talent. To what degree is RoJo one, TBD...but Arians seems committed now to finding out. Isn’t that the type of situation we look for?
  3. While his performances to date can be best described as solid...he hasn’t had ‘the Week’...the 150/2 type performance where because you started him, that’s why you won. Before the Arians proclamation, that opportunity was not there. You bet on the fact that it could be. That opportunity is here’s up to RoJo to seize it.
  4. These are the guys that I always pay close attention to. RoJo has very much improved in 2019. Is he an RB1? No...but he’s now a startable asset every week. Yet, most are cool to his development/improvement. I think what happens is that certain players have their expectations on them ‘raised’ at certain points in their careers and when they drastically fall short of them like RoJo did in 2018...they do get a ‘stink’ that attaches to them (this happened to Fournette to coming into this year as well). Ultimately, the numbers will speak for themselves but as we look forward to 2020, I can see a good amount of folks still not bought into RoJo which will create some value opportunities.
  5. Interesting in him being ruled out so early this week versus last. Obviously the magnitude of the MNF game probably had to do with that, but Wednesday?
  6. Fair enough...loved Summerall’s voice. Felt his presence alone gave the game an extra measure of gravitas, not to mention playing off Madden, giving him room to roam. Also no Cosell...
  7. I appreciated the outside the box thinking regarding Miller, but two reasons I don’t think he worked (and in general an entertainer) were... 1) Miller’s schtick has always been long-winded. I think it fit poorly in a game where your observations and commentary need to be succinct. So in addition to sometimes having to ‘wait for it’ threw the rhythm of the entire booth off. 2). I also think the PBP & color guys feel compelled to find the entertainer ‘funny’ the laughter feels reheasred/canned...which makes the entertainer seem even less funny.
  8. My main issue with MNF is that the booth seems so ordinary, like Tessitore/Booger just wound up there via process of elimination. I know they’ve made a run at Peyton...I wonder if perhaps they make another run at him this off-season with the thought of pairing him with Eli? They’d obviously need to replace Tessitore, but that’d be a booth that at least would produce some buzz and the banter/insight from the brothers could be real compelling.
  9. I think the ‘ghosts’...thing...was unfair to Darnold which has in turn led to a pretty significant perception issue. But let’s take out the NE game. BB is notorious for gutting young QB’s. In 4 games since his return from mono. 90/131 1046 6/5; NYJ is 2-2. ...and two of those games were against pretty solid DST’s (JAX, DAL). This having been accomplished with NY in fine form questioning Gase’s future. Count me as someone not ready to throw the towel in on the kid.
  10. Higher. The fumble obviously is a negative. But he had 19 touches, 100+ YFS, a TD. Barber I think only played 22 for the most part, I think you have to like RoJo’s arrow.
  11. So long as Ryan is healthy, he’ll play. It’d be tough to lead a franchise if every time a lost season occurred, you placed your franchise QB in bubble wrap. Plus, the GM is as likely to get fired as the HC. Schaub is an experienced veteran whose been the Falcons back-up for 3-4 years, not a rookie. Not saying he’ll throw for 400 yards again, but he won’t be Luke Falk. He can execute the offense.
  12. I’m old enough to remember when a lot of people preferred AJ over Julio because of his...wait for it... Durability! I’d say that with this being week 10 of the NFL season, he’s one of the 5-10 healthiest players on the roster, a roster where he’s the wealthiest player on it...the ‘I got to put me first’ attitude feels a bit rich.
  13. Couple of things... 1) The existing ankle issue Ryan has is not enough at this point to shut him down. Way to early for that anyway. 2) In the game Ryan missed, Schaub threw for 400+ yards, so even in the event that Ryan misses more games, while he may be Pick 6 prone, he’s a backup that won’t kill his WR’s production. Now, as a Falcons fan...and hindsight being 20/20, while I thought WR was a dark horse position the Falcons could address in the 2018 draft, with defense in shambles, the selection of Ridley seems dubious. If you couple that with the fact that 1.5 years into his career and given where he was drafted, he’s yet to establish himself as a legit second option in this offense (I’d say it’s Hooper right now)...that’s a problem (amongst many). In fact, you could make an argument he was a 4th option before the Sanu trade. So you’d think the Falcons would be motivated to see, if by providing more available targets with the Sanu trade, that would increase Ridleys production which right now stands as flat YoY. However, he seems to disappear too easily for my liking. Ultimately, I think these next 8 games are pretty important for him and there is a great opportunity for him to establish himself further with Ryan. At the same time, I’ve been a bit disappointed that his chemistry with Ryan is as sketchy still as it is.