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  1. Because there will be outcry either way...whichever path leads to the most revenue.
  2. Apollo 11 CNN doc was unreal...I swear there was some footage as clean as the best HD we see today.
  3. @Bayhawks Check out what Albert Breer said on that matter...
  4. I was thinking the same exact thing...particularly in 2 QB leagues.
  5. The larger, more societal issue at play here is no matter what the NFL decided in this matter it was going to provoke backlash. The question was simply from whom. ...and if an entity like the NFL (among others) makes the realization that all roads leads to backlash...then they’ll simply go about acting in their best interest. Meaning - if everything is an issue, then nothing is.
  6. I wrote this on the Falcons MB earlier this off-season...the key points were 1) Ridley was feast-or-famine his rookie year...more famine; 6 great games, 10 very subpar games. 2) When he feasted, the Falcons offense was ridiculously productive and efficient (especially Ryan)...and not at the expense of other components. So from my POV...and I'm a Falcons fan so I dig into this stuff, I'd really try and get Ridley going in 2019. If he makes the Year 1/Year 2 leap like we see players do, it helps unlock the diversity of their offense in a way few teams can match (or limit). Hooper & Sanu are nice safety vales and Ryan is adept and knowing when to go them, but they don't profile and field tilters. Ridley does. I'm hoping we see more consistency from him. If the Falcons do...could be big.
  7. Couple of things on the Kamara comps. 1) The #2 WR on the Saints in 2017 was Ted Ginn Jr.. in 2018 it was Tre’Quan Smith. The Rams stable of pass catchers alone will cut into such a roles volume not to mention Gurley’s prowess in this area. Kamara catches 80 balls/season. 2) In order to come close to Top 10 value, he’ll need TD’s. Does Henderson start splitting inside the 5 carries? I mean, Gurley’s the best in the business in this part of the field. When Gurley’s workload reduction is discussed/projected/limits, I just think a lot of folks are overreacting. The first half of 2018, Gurley averaged 25 touches/game. You could reduce that number by 20% (not an insignificant reduction) and he would project out to a 320 touch 16 game pace. Right now, I think 1600 (YFS)/12-14 is realistic if he plays 16 games. I get the ‘if’ part.
  8. He’s commented that he feels like he is playing faster/smoother in Year 2 which for a guy who had precision route running as a key attribute coming into the NFL, is a good sign. I kind of feel he supplanted Sanu as the #2 WR last year already. I know their numbers were very similar, but he felt like the bigger threat. Yes, there are a lot of mouths to feed...but if there is anyone who is hurt by that, I think it’s Julio believe it or not. And not in a bad way...could still see Julio putting up a 90/1450/9 type year, but that would represent a pull back.
  9. Appreciate it. My original point pertained to the notion of Henderson being undervalued...and right now he’s going ahead of both Tarik Cohen and James White; RB’s that have established and defined roles not to mention a track record of very good performance. Henderson could be one of those guys, but in order to be better than them, Gurley has to be gone. As for Gurley...I’m not going to pay more than I have to, but for the reasons already laid out, I feel pretty good about him - Round 2 would be my target. Vegas may not not have definitive info on his knee being healthy, but they are not hearing that it’s not healthy. In this case, no news is good news.
  10. We'll have to agree to disagree on the inside knowledge access the Vegas oddsmakers have..., but: Sean McVay is on record as saying Gurley is still a focal point of the offense. Gurley has stated publicly that his knee issue is small, the exact quote being 'I had bigger problems coming out of college'. At the time of his ACL injury, it was confirmed that he did not suffer any other damage which rules out meniscus damage/tear...which is what generally leads to arthritis Even as it related to the comment the trainer made that was really the impetus for Gurley's FF stock to really plummet, the quote was 'Everybody knew there would be some kind of arthritic component to his knee which is part of every surgery. He's now at the Year 5 mark, all we're doing is managing that'. Alot of people took that to mean that - ohno, he's dealing with arthritis. But it could also be interpreted as 'clock is ticking, this is the first off-season the Rams have had Gurley under that massive we're being smart'. ...there is actually alot more evidence to suggest its business as usual at least as the Rams head into 2019. Yes, they drafted Henderson and McVay will figure out creative ways to use him and get him on the field. I'd point out though that in every scouting report you read on the guy what's universally observed about him is the project he is in pass-protection. Like I said, we'll have to A2D, but I kind of feel the undervalued Ram RB is Gurley.
  11. If I remember correctly, it was the KC game where he first tweaked ‘something’ and it popped up as an issue publicly. So that’s where I started from. And you’re right in that the next game, Gurley was his same old self (after the bye week). But with the benefit of hindsight and Gurley’s comments that his knee was an issue beginning Week felt like that instance was when Gurley’s health became a talking point. I certainly get why people are concerned about Gurley. But the idea that he’s just an RB...I’d disagree. He’s a top line player and difference maker in peak form and I suspect his presence accounts in part for the high O/U figure; only one other team has a higher figure (guess who...?). Going back to Henderson, the only way he returns value IMO is if Gurley is done. I don’t think we’re there.
  12. Yeah, a lot of people are saying they easily replaced him...but the final two regular season games where Anderson went off were against ARI & SF. You may have noticed they picked 1/2 this past draft and bad teams are notorious for mailing in weeks 16 & 17. Anderson’s DAL effort was impressive to be sure, but after that...not so much. And he offered absolutely nothing in the passing game. The first 11 weeks of the season, the Rams had 751 offensive snaps. Gurley was in on 85% of them (635). In the 8 games after that including playoffs without or with a compromised Gurley...Goff put up the following. 164 Completions, 286 attempts, 1853 Passing Yards, 7 TD’s, 7 INT’s...not exactly 10.5 O/U worthy. Now, they won’t lean on him to that degree mentioned above moving forward, but from my POV, Gurley is still the engine of that offense. Henderson is an exciting prospect to be sure, but 12 months ago, so was Ronald Jones. Other Values Leonard Fournette (2.11 - RB14): If you allow for the fact that he left two games by halftime in 2018, then his extrapolated numbers in a 16-game season in that dumpster fire of a season JAX had would have been 1426 (YFS)/14. That’s still Round 1 production even if it’s volume based. James White (7.03 - RB33): The guy accounted for 1176/12 last year and he’s going this low? I know TD’s are tough to bank on and I’d expect regression year, but the ‘After Gronk Era’ In NE is going to lean more on White IMO, not less. Robby Anderson (6.11 - WR29): If you believe in the Year 2 jump for Sam Darnold, then he’s got to develop that QB/WR1 connection. With Chris Herndon suspended the first 4 games of 2019, there is an opportunity here for Anderson to seize that role. And his per game production with theoretically lesser QB play has been solid.
  13. FYI, Arians and Warner never crossed paths professionally as Coach/QB. A lot of people are jumping on that Arians/Winston train...I’m a brake pumper on that one. IMO, what’s going to matter here is wins/losses and I could easily see a scenario where by the second half of the season, the Bucs turn thoughts to 2020 and start seeing if Gabbert/Griffin are long term backup solutions while they position themselves for a QB rich draft. Guy simply should have never licked his fingers... Darrell Henderson...I know I’m in the minority here, but I think this whole Todd Gurley knee thing is being blown out of proportion. There is no way Vegas puts the Rams at a 10.5 wins O/U figure without having re-assuring info on him. I’m not a doctor...but I would suspect that if it were something the Rams/Gurley were concerned about, he’d have had ‘a procedure’ (queue Billy Crystal in City Slickers). Will Gurley be on a 400 touch pace like he was for the first half of 2018? No...but Gurley will not be an RBBC guy. i like the Moncrief, Lockett picks though.
  14. Certainly we are starting to see that innovation cycle accelerate from college to pro, but I’d slant the actual innovation toward strategy not personnel. Either way, I feel like Kingsbury is getting the benefit of that perception by association versus actual record/accomplishment. What Coach recently has successfully transitioned from college to the pros; either as an HC or an OC? Back to Kingsbury, is it fair to say his coaching career to date has been less than stellar? In the two years he had Patrick Mahomes, TT went 12-13. In the three years under Tuberville, TT went 20-17 and during that time, only two guys got drafted (1 6th rounder and 1 7th rounder). At the same time, he likely can’t be any worse than Wilks/McCoy. But, his HC experience came in a college conference that’s often times ridiculed for its lack of defense. Now he gets to face the Rams/Seahawks 25% of the time? And I know he Cards schedule is actually favorable this year...but to simply assume KK’s transition to the pro game will be turbulent free because his personnel matches perfectly? Lastly, the Top 5 RB’s (including Gurley with the 4 aforementioned) last year, their respective teams had a 56/44 Pass/Run ratio. All I hear about Kingsbury is how he’s pass/pass/pass. And while you need to be able to contribute in the passing game as an RB to get into that top tier, you can’t see you rushing focus decrease too much. I’m simply pointing out risk, but there are about 3-5 other guys I’d feel better about than DJ at 1.05.