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  1. If you haven’t seen this, there is a decent chance you’re not familiar with the channels TBS or TNT. For me, most of the Marvel and DC Comics movies. I missed the Frozen bandwagon.
  2. I would write the same thing down to the pronouns and punctuation.
  3. The issue Anderson is simply the unpredictability of the QB situation. He turned into a great asset with McCown at QB. But no one thought much of him heading into last year (CBS Sports didn’t even have a sticker for him with their draft board) so whatever you got with him was gravy. While I like him as a talent, Darnold will be in sooner than later and I don’t think Anderson’s skill set is a good match for a young QB to take consistent advantage of.
  4. Don’t know why, but TE’s feel extremely undifferentiated this year. We know about Gronk/Kelce/Ertz. Then after that, I don’t even feel like there are many lottery tickets out there. When you have a lot of 750/6 guys at the position (if that) you kind of treat what you get from the position as gravy. So when you look at a Kittle, Njoku or an OJ Howard, if they do their own version of ‘blowing up’ is that much more than 750/6? And let’s say the ticket you buy busts, you can generally find a 600-650/4 TE on the WW. A lot of people are excited about SF, but I’m hedging on that offense and team having some growing pains. People don’t recognize that 8-8 would still represent progress. Kittle had a nice rookie year, but even when Shanny had the 2016 Falcons, TE wasn’t featured. So unless he Gronk’s out, I suspect his value will be much more football related than FF related. If he’s there late, he makes sense as an option, but by no means reach.
  5. Good points. To be fair, Allen’s 2014 season (his 2nd season) was bad all-around. 4 TD’s in 15 games. When you include that season in his TD numbers, they look quite a bit worse. But without Hunter Henry, that should impact Allen’s RZ looks just a bit. You talk about his 9.6 targets/game which would put him at 154 over 16 games. Predicting targets is tough, but I feel better about that number for Allen than I would for ODB. As for Thomas, his two year average is 1191/7. Sure he’s only entering his 3rd year, but Allen is only 26 too. As for Julio, ATL shares TD’s across the board. And no guarantee Ryan throws for a lot of them. Aside from 2016, he’s not been a prolific thrower of them.
  6. He talked about how he was on the floor when he (Kobe) tore his Achilles.
  7. I think part of the problem the Lions have with their personnel is how Blount/Riddick are so one-dimensional that their mere presence on the field gives away pass/run look. Riddick has carried the ball on just a shade lower than 20% of his offensive snaps the last two years. And yet still managed just a 3 point something YPC. Blount carried the ball on 53% of his offensive snaps the last two seasons (obviously with two different teams) but offers absolutely nothing in the passing game. So the degree the Lions can truly alternate between Blount/Riddick without a healthy dose of Kerryon, seems limited. And quite frankly, I see Riddick taking a backseat. He’s part of the problem there.
  8. Jodie Meeks...I’d put him at about 12 handicap.
  9. In 2015, Allen in 8 games prior to suffering a season-ending injury put up 67/725/4. Then he missed all but one half of action in 2016 (but caught 6 passes for 60 yards). In 2017, while LAC meandered offensively through the first stretch of the season, Allen was mediocre, but in the last 8 games of the season - put up 62/845/5. His situation is static - he has a great QB who loves him. He's in an offense where Henry/Gates who combined for TD's are no longer on the team...I'm surprised his ADP is behind Michael Thomas, ODB and Julio.
  10. I'm high on CMC this year...perhaps overly so. He put up 591/5 line on 99 touches during the last half of the season. I think with CMC, the Panthers ultimately want to wind up having him carry the ball 10x/game and catch 5 passes/game. 240 touches (particularly with a third of them coming via reception) seems palatable for his size/build. 2nd half of the season saw him at 5.97 YPT. If he maintains, that's 1400+ YFS. With Anderson, I think CMC's GL opps tail off, but 3 of his 5 TD's in the second half were by reception. Could see a 4/4 or 5/5 type TD split emerging. CAR invested a top 10 pick in the guy. His versatility and ability to line-up almost anywhere on the field means his snap counts are high. You get this type of production from late 2nd/early 3rd round area, you're ahead of the game.
  11. I don’t know this for sure, but I would think limiting Riddick’s time on the field might be a goal for DET moving forward. He’s got a 3.4 career YPC.
  12. Couple this with the fact that in 7 losses last year, Lions gave up 31.3 PPG, and I suspect controlling game flow via a sustained ground attack will be a priority for Patricia. Lions finished 31st in rushing attempts last year. Would be stunned to see that repeated. Will he wind up the guy? I think his path to playing time is there for the taking no doubt. But Patricia knows exactly what Blount is...not so much with Kerryon, so he does have a low floor. But he’ll be a Round 5 ADP in 5-6 weeks.
  13. Had one. June 25, 2009. Driving home, news came out Michael Jackson died. Chance encounter last week, buddy of mine and I got paired with a current NBA player and his Dad. Cool guys. Any way on one of the par 3’s, he asked, ‘you ever get an ace? So I’m like ‘yep, June 25, 2009’. And his eyes perk up ‘That’s the day I got drafted!!’ So I come back...’No way! So what else happened that day?’ Without hesitating he answers, ‘Michael Jackson died!’ Anyway, played like shyte today
  14. 1. Golf with son and grandson (Son is currently like in 2038). 2. Year-long RV excursion across North America - hit as many NFL/college venues as possible 3. Travel to wine country in South America to at least Argentina and Chile.
  15. I think there is an opportunity here with Cam at his current ADP to realize some real value. FFC has Newton (QB7) being drafted only 9 slots ahead of Kirk Cousins (QB8). Consider that Newton outrushed Derrick Henry (yards &TD’s) - 754/6 to 744/5 while really holding back during the first 5 games of the season coming off shoulder surgery (29/90/2). His 2015 MVP season does feel like the exception in his career stat line. But his floor week-to-week is so consistently high still. This year, he gets a healthy Olsen, a 1st round toy in Moore and a more experienced CMC. A lot to like here.