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  1. I’ll go back and rewind and sometimes they’ll show up on the second go round.
  2. Forgive me for saying...but I suspect that when your kids recall this time, they’ll remember you at your strongest. Keep fighting!
  3. I can tell you a story about the most famous person I didn’t meet that to this day still bugs me... In 2000, the SuperBowl was held in Atlanta. You may remember it was plagued by an ice storm and as such, the crowds around SB Week festivities were a bit muted. By an old friend was in town as he had gotten married to a woman who worked for NFL Security. As such, he was able to get certain access passes to SB Week events, in fact he had two. So my wife and I make it down to meet up with him, but since he has two, he can only take us one at a time to this one particular area which was being held at the Marriott Marquis. Long story short, I go with the walkabout, nothing memorable. He takes my wife down - she meets Muhammad Ali. Grrrr! Two years later, my daughter had been born. My in-laws have her. They’re picking their son up at Hartsfield...I don’t remember what special dispensation they were able to get to meet him/his family at the gate since this was after 9/11 (both my father and brother in-law are ex-military...that might have had something to do with it). Well, while they’re waiting...who should come walking past them, but Muhammad Ali. He sees my in-laws with my infant daughter and walks to them. He’s long been diagnosed with Parkinson’s and so doesn’t even ask my in-laws, simply reaches out his arms to hold my daughter, which they oblige. The encounter doesn’t last more than 10 seconds...and given its before the era of smartphones and omnipresent camera/video, they didn’t get a pic... But my wife met him, and my daughter was held by Muhammad Ali...and I got bupkus.
  4. As a previous dog owner, why did you think it was a bad idea?
  5. Dimes. Do it as a tribute to my Mother who passed 11 years ago. She always thought finding a dime meant she was being looked after by her loved ones who had passed.
  6. Part of the problem with the Oscars is... 1) the saturation of awards shows the late and early part of the year means if you’re into that glitz/glamour aspect of watching them, you’ve already seen a few. And the Golden Globes does a better job of it... 2) there’s now a predictability to many of the awards. I feel like all of the acting categories are moot points...and by the time you get to best picture, you’ve already been bored stiff from the other categories.
  7. Started watching Broadchurch with the Mrs...were about halfway thru Season 2. It’s phenomenal. Would also say that while the entire show is not as Breaking Bad’s level, the finale of Season 1 was as good as the best BB has to offer.
  8. Just started watching a Norwegian drama - Occupied. 3 episodes in. Very interesting concept... In a post ‘US leaves NATO’ world, Norway PM announces they are getting out of the fossil fuel business upsetting nations of the EU and Russia. Believe the PM is the head Viking in Norsemen...
  9. I’ve watched Irishman 5-6 times since it came out...
  10. I think I was wrong to have high expectations going in... This wasn’t bad...but even with just 3 episodes, felt bloated.
  11. I thought the same exact thing speech wise when you heard his prison conversations. But then when you heard him interviewed when he was either at UF or with the Patriots, I did not think so.
  12. Saw this last night... The production scope/scale had to have been enormous and the level of collaboration, precision to produce such long and extended takes with lots of moving parts is alone enough to admire. At the same time...I found the story to be not all that compelling despite the heroic nature of its principals.
  13. Agreed - one of the crazier movies I’ve seen in awhile. Both actors (Pattinson & Dafoe) were tremendous.