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  1. The ‘You Can Call Me Al’ video really helped. MTV was on fire and to have him mucking it up with Chevy Chase who wasn’t too far removed from his Fletch/Griswald prime...I think he was able to find a medium that brought a mass audience back listening to a more genuine effort.
  2. Well, I’ll never forgive him for cuckolding Alvie Singer...
  3. Norsemen - Season 2; September 26
  4. Graceland was peak Paul Simon...while it happened 4-5 years after the album release, he did a free concert in Central Park in August 1991. 750k people...when Chevy Chase came out and re-enacted ‘You Can Call Me Al’ time!
  5. For a guy who essentially walked back into the NFL after being away for 2 seasons without the benefit of any football or team related activity and generated a 26% target share in the final 5 games...the idea that he got three targets out of 40 while playing 70 snaps...which sample was with Hue calling the offensive shots and which one was with ‘is he in shape?’ Haley?
  6. ...and 3 targets.
  7. If Gordon needs to ‘take a break’...focus on his recovery...what do you think Belichick does?
  8. Couple of things: 1) One of the best insights of this seasons Hard Knocks was when Hue got news that Gordon was back in town and ready to continue his career. He was giddy...Haley simply barked ‘is he in shape’. Tony Grossi pointed this out, but Haley never bought in to Gordon as someone he could rely on/trust. 2) Haley is a guy that has to worry about job security. Hoodie/Brady don’t. Haley’s success in some ways was contingent on Gordon. Belichick is kicking tires. However, Belichick talks about the sacrifice he expects his team and players to make, they have to be all-in. Gordon isn’t that.
  9. But there were 56,423 points scored this week. It’s all good...
  10. This is now a 3 WR offense. If we were drafting today, I wouldn’t value KG differently than Jones/Tate (at least negatively). In Week 1, 4 TE’s combined for 66 offensive snaps. I like Jones, but I also think he’s not really a true WR1. Opportunity seems squarely there for KG to ascend to that role in DET.
  11. Ahhh...The Ballad of the
  12. Amazing to think though that Gordon was able to make himself relevant enough that FF owners needed to sound a 4th round pick on him, only to find themselves back where you always do with Gordon...salivating at his ‘what if’ and hopin* against hope tha5 somehow he pays off. He’s like a drug himself
  13. Gordon definitely feels like a Coughlin type of guy. Marronne too...
  14. A team trading for Gordon should go over well with the Kaepernick crowd...but, yes...agree, Gordon being a non-factor in 2018 is in him.