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  1. TheDirtyWord

    Top 10 QB's of All Time

    With regard to Ryan...all but two years of his career are in the 2010's (this decade)...I could post the numbers comparing just their performances this decade and there is really not much variance other than the fact that Rivers winning percentage drops to .500. Is Ridley that much more of a potential stud than Mike Williams? The idea that Ryan would get deductions because of the weapons he's had to throw don't hear those arguments for any of the other top tier QB's...who have undoubtedly had them. Was Ryan lucky that he got drafted by a team obliterated by the Vick/Petrino situation? Manning had Harrison/Wayne Brady had Moss/Gronk Big Ben had Ward/AB Montana & Young had Rice when I see that there seems to be this caveat for Ryan, I think people are mistaking 'eye test' for bias. What about Rivers' career has been so special - where Ryan can't compere, that the last 9 years of Rivers' career, he's compiled a .500 record? Fact is, if Ryan maintains the same level of production for the next 6 years of his career that he's had for the previous 8, he'll exit his Age 39 season ahead of where Drew Brees exited his Age 39 season in terms of passing yards.
  2. I know there is a lot of negative perception around him with regard to his persona and how he left/retired from the Giants to pursue a media career. Obviously his criticism of Eli Manning to start of his media career blew up in his face when Eli and the Giants went on to win the SB the year after Tiki's retirement. But once again, Tiki didn't make it into even the finalists conversation. And considering he's been eligible for HOF consideration since 2012, it seems like he might be on the outside looking in, particularly when you see Edgerrin James in the finalists discussion. But if we consider their respective just seems like there is a lot of personal bias against Tiki. Career length: Tiki 10 years, James 11 YFS: Tiki 15,632, James 15,610 TD's: James 91, Tiki 67 YPC: Tiki 4.7, James 4.0 ...and if you took their 5 best seasons, their seasonal averages were: YFS: Tiki 2055, James 1973 TD's: James 59, Tiki 45 Yet James is a HOF finalist for the 3rd time while I don't believe Tiki has ever made it to this stage of the process. So what gives?
  3. TheDirtyWord

    Top 10 QB's of All Time

    So please take my continued questioning as trying to understand why my perception of Ryan is quite a bit different than what I would say is a majority. But when I look at Ryan and Rivers respective resumes...aren't they close to identical? if not tipped in Ryan's favor just a bit? MVP/First-Team All-Pro: Ryan 1, Rivers 0 SB appearances: Ryan 1, Rivers 0 Conference Championship Games: Ryan 2, Rivers 1 Winning Percentage: Ryan 58.6%, Rivers 56.7% YPG: Ryan 268.5, Rivers 262.8 TD/G: Rivers 1.8, Ryan 1.7 INT/G: Rivers .86, Ryan .76 Comp %: Ryan 65.3, Rivers 64.5 YPA: Rivers 7.8, Ryan 7.5 It's odd to me that you would put Ryan in Stafford's category of career legacy and not even debate his similarity to Rivers...
  4. TheDirtyWord

    Top 10 QB's of All Time

    Explain to me how Rivers/Cam/Luck have been better?
  5. TheDirtyWord

    Top 10 QB's of All Time

    First off...Moon's journey to being an NFL QB is one of the most significant and unfortunate of any player. The glass ceiling he broke thru via Canada is sports history wise, very relevant and is obviously a part of his HOF legacy. However, QB-to-QB, if I'm being honest, I'm not sure this is all that persuasive in Moon's favor. I may be reading this wrong so if I am, LMK...but is the above stating that (for example) in Moon's 3rd best yardage finish in his career, he finished 3rd in the league, while Ryan in his 3rd best yardage finish in his career, he finished 4th? if is that not comparable based on the pattern above? It certainly also discounts or glosses over that Ryan's '2' came during an MVP All-Pro campaign. As far as ProBowl's...Ryan didn't make the ProBowl this year despite throwing for 4900+ yards, a 35/7 TD:INT rate. Aaron Rodgers made it over him. I'd be hard-pressed to think Rodgers had a better season than Ryan, but there is a certain 'popularity' contest aspect to PB's (there always has been) and Ryan's Q-rating pales in comparison to King State Farm. I'd hesitate to use that as criteria especially considering that in 3 of Moon's PB seasons, he finished with a combined 62/61 TD:INT ratio. Now turnovers/INT's weren't seen then as they are seen today. The average amount of INT's each team threw in 2018 was 13. Back in 1994, it was 20. However, Moon finishing his career with a 291/233 TD:INT ratio shows a pretty significant delta between Ryan's 295/133 ratio. Career record wise...Moon finished with a 102-101 record. Ryan's right now stands at 102-72. Remember that Ryan walked into as bad of a franchise situation as I think I can ever recall what with the Michael Vick/Bobby Petrino double whammy. BTW - Ryan all this for Ryan done prior to his 34th birthday (11 seasons). Now...what I will say is that if Ryan's career were to end today, I think his career falls short of the HOF. But someone mentioned the 'statistical accumulation' aspect of QB's careers now. If Ryan threw for 4000 yards/season for the next 5 seasons, he finishes his Age 38 season as a Top 5 (#5) passer in yards. If he throws for 5000 yards/season, he actually finishes in the same place...5th. but we'd look at these last 5 seasons very differently from a production and legacy standpoint. So that's why I asked my original question...what constitutes a HOF caliber QB now from a production standpoint.
  6. TheDirtyWord

    Top 10 QB's of All Time

    So what is an elite level for the 21st century QB? I think that's really the underlying question regarding how we measure QB's 'status'...other than the obligatory and fairly simplistic 'rings'. I mean you mentioned Warren Moon. Their careers didn't overlap, but if Moon was #11 or #12 on this list...what about his performance during his career is so much better than Ryan when you try and account for different eras?
  7. TheDirtyWord

    Top 10 QB's of All Time know I think the bar needs to change for sure. And to your point, if the Falcons are mediocre during that time, it's going to count against him. That said, it's one thing to average 4000/season...but his average over the last 8 has been 4582. That is actually a pretty significant number and production over that time.. Right now, his career IMO is actually defined by his near misses. The Falcons blew the 2012 NFCCG (they were up at home 17-0 against SF) and obviously SBLI. He played superbly in each game. How different would his legacy be if the deals were closed in those situations? It's a 'what if'...but that's how close he is to being pretty darn clear cut assuming he kept up his level of production the next 4-5 years.
  8. TheDirtyWord

    Top 10 QB's of All Time

    Moon is in that 11-15 category for sure...along with Aikman, Warner & Kelly. And I know I'm a Falcon fan...but the next 4 years could see Ryan dramatically improve his standing on this list.
  9. TheDirtyWord

    Top 10 QB's of All Time

    For Elway...I almost think the 3 SB's he lost were a more impressive feat than the 2 he won. Those roster had no business sniffing glory. As for would be tough to make All-Pro when Peyton/Brady/Favre/Rodgers are your contemporaries...Matt Ryan has made All-Pro, would I put him above BB? I think he's kind of a #####...but I think as a QB...he may be underappreciated.
  10. TheDirtyWord

    Top 10 QB's of All Time

    I'll have to keep my list to those I saw starting in the mid 80's... 1. Brady - he's really put a lot of distance between himself and the field 2. Montana - so clutch...the pre-cursor to Brady in so many ways 3. Peyton - at his best, noone was more dominant 4. Brees - just so relentless. Always coming at you. 5. Rodgers - makes plays no one else has ever been able to 6. Elway - unreal physical talent that put teams on his back like no other. 7. Young - deft touch and mobility...his combo hasn't come close to being replicated in the 20 years since he's been gone 8. Marino - Crazy to think he put up 5000/48 in 1984. 9. Favre - Great QB, but legacy feels inflated 10. Roethlisberger - Even here, might be underrated...
  11. TheDirtyWord

    2021 Work Stoppage? Ruh oh...

    This. With that said, the owners were resolute in improving the CBA in their favor in 2011. Pendulum swung significantly in the other direction.
  12. TheDirtyWord

    It Was 50 Years Ago Today

    I saw Page/Plant at The Omni in Atlanta in ‘95. Best concert I was ever at...was quite stoned but one thing I clearly remember thinking while watching Jimmy Page just jam out was - here was this 50 year old guy just rocking out on stage like age didn’t matter. That was half my life ago and I identified with him more then than I do
  13. TheDirtyWord

    WHat is Dennis Hopper's signature role?

    Easy Rider hasn’t aged well but it was a first of its kind movie and from a ‘phenomenon’ standpoint...extremely relevant in terms of movie history. I picked that because when I think of Hopper, I think of drugs...not basketball. Plus, he also directed it. Blue Velvet was great too though...
  14. TheDirtyWord

    Parenting teen boy problem. Please advise.

    Parenting is roadmap for it. No right/wrong way to do it...just do it the best you can and then cross your fingers. I think at times, you can vet out discipline 1:1. But for smaller transgressions. Not sure this is a pattern, but protecting his image likely should have been deprioritized for what could be constituted as a misdemeanor. In some ways, your son subtlety negotiated the consequences of his actions. And when both parents are involved in a situation like that, I find it has a 1+1=3 effect. Listen - kids f up. And when they do, we feel like it’s a reflection on us because we wonder what we did wrong for our son/daughter to think their action(s) were acceptable. But part of parenting particularly at this stage of their lives (and with 3 olders, you know this already) is letting take responsibility for their own journey...and providing guidance/structure as best you can. So long as they live under your roof, eat your food and sleep in the bed you make the rules and it’s OK to do so on the fly. And sometimes big moves have an impact...a few years ago I took a hammer to my daughters phone in front of her. She was without it for close to 3 months as she had to earn money doing chores around the house to earn enough money to get a new one (and actually, she got my wife’s used one...wifey got the new one). Years later, I know for a fact that incident and shock is remembered.
  15. TheDirtyWord

    Parenting teen boy problem. Please advise.

    Curiously, why was your husband/his Dad being kept in the dark here at first?