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  1. My pop-up camper that turned into a Peloton is becoming a Schwinn. Pretty soon I’ll be taking the bus! #CYDY
  2. Thought the onion was going to bounce back this morning I’ve got 2600 shares I need to break 11 so I can move it into something more stable.
  3. I added a 1000 more shares today, but I’m out if it drops below 5. I at least want to get a Peloton out of it 😂!
  4. Didn’t put the 5K into anything. Had a limit order for the onion at 9.29 that did not fill. Will look to add something Monday am, thanks all and have a great and safe weekend!
  5. Down 0.25% for the day in my FBG account. Not bad considering the red numbers.
  6. 454.44 dollars to make my CYDY million 😳
  7. I’ve got 5K ready to pump in at close. Couldn’t possibly buy more onion could I 😂?
  8. What the heck is going on with CYDY???
  9. CYDY only thing I have that’s green
  10. I’ve got just over 1700 shares of the onion, everyone go eat a steak at Outback you deserve it 😂!
  11. Just got some @ 103.28 👍.
  12. And some more at $11.42 😉.