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  1. Well, going to the movies may be dying, but I’d never pay $25 to watch a movie at home 🤷🏻‍♂️. If “blockbuster” movies will be going right to streaming platforms I will wait to they become “free” with whatever subscription tier I am at. Using Mulan as the example it will be free with my Disney+ subscription I’m December and I’ll watch then.
  2. What’s everyone think the bottom of FSLY is?
  3. Sold mine this am at a 40% profit. Didn’t want the swings anymore.
  4. Bike coming tomorrow! Joined the #FBGS group. My username is RU_Sooner. Any ideas for classes on the longer side? Anyone try a boot camp class yet? How do I find #FBGS taking classes to join?
  5. In for DPHC @ 19.16 🤷🏻‍♂️
  6. Up to 25.004 shares of Amazon at a cost basis of $2983/share. Going on cruise control for a bit.
  7. Big news today, $350 price drop on old version and new version released to order today. I ordered the new version. Also, secondary market prices dropping, its funny to see people trying to see 2 years old bikes for more than a new one. Panic is setting in.
  8. Down 5.43% today in the account I started when I opened my fun account and started reading this thread. Not sure on my retirement 401, won’t look 👀.
  9. Bought some SE @147. Now have: AMZN APPLE FSLY SE Was not a good day.
  10. Patience in FSLY paying off today (in @ 79.33), what’s the reason for the sudden jump?
  11. I don’t know about Rem. I just can tell you from a scientific standpoint (I worked in clinical trials at a NCI cancer center and now for a Pharma company), we would consider LL a negative trial. Now we may take the secondary endpoint that was positive and continue to study, but that is another issue.
  12. You weren’t asking me, but the phase II results were negative. Failure to meet the primary endpoint, while meeting select secondary endpoints is largely a negative trial. Any positive secondary endpoints are nothing but hypothesis generating.