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  1. Just saw a live denial from my window seat. Lady asked an aisle guy to switch so her husband can sit by her. Move was to a middle seat 4 rows back-denied.
  2. A FYI about the Priority Pass (if you have the Select Tier). You can get free food/drinks at select restaurants and bars as well as a free hour in those minute suites for a free nap!
  3. I’ve been to the Atlanta one. Had decent food and drinks, but man was it out of the way!
  4. Priority Pass is free for the Sapphire card, I’ve found them ok in my limited experience. United’s seem like they are easier to access/more plentiful, but I’d have to get the card for $450 annual fee. I’m based out of OKC so it’s mainly for when I’m out and about and want to get away from the masses. Denver, Houston, and Dallas, which I connect through often, have the Centurian Amex Clubs that seem nice online and appear more selective (less people) 🤷🏻‍♂️?
  5. Just started traveling for work (new job). Went with United and Marriott as my standard reward choices. I have a Chase Sapphire Reserve Card that gets me Priority Pass Lounge Access. Was wondering if it’s worth it to go to a United Card to get United lounge access or Amex Platinum which will add Centurion Club access to the Priority Pass access. So, I guess this question is on which lounge is best and how to get access??
  6. You can tell as soon as they board and sit in front of you if they are going to recline or not.
  7. I would, thumbs up tailgating has a tailgate for $50 and appears to be geared to LSU, but have heard horror stories about their fans from the last OU/LSU game.
  8. Going to make the trip out to the Peach Bowl. Anyone know of a good catered tailgate for the game? Only one I can find through the Peach Bowl website appears to be LSU focused. I have a feeling I’m going to need a few drinks before watching the game. #boomer
  9. Thanks! Ugh is right, not sure what to do. He had Fuller and OJ who did minimal damage. Almost feel like playing it safer with Jimmy now 😩.
  10. Dak* or Garapolo? Need 5 from this list (PPR) M. Sanders* Mixon* Drake A. Cooper* D. Adams* Galloway A. Robinson* * are currently in
  11. I’m worried about the viewing angles. Second one or Sony supposed to have better viewing angles (along with a few other picture enhancements). Which Sony?
  12. Thoughts on the difference between these two?
  13. This is what was in the packet: Grade 4 only: The Executive Supplemental Savings Plan (ESSP) is a non-qualified deferred compensation plan for eligible GSK executives in Grade 4 or above. It gives participants the opportunity to defer a significantly higher portion of pre-tax compensation compared to what can be contributed to the GSK 401(k) Plan, which is subject to certain IRS compensation limits, thus reducing taxable income for the current year. • Executive Deferrals: Participants can elect to defer up to 50% of their base salary and/or up to 85% of their eligible bonus (limited to 50% during first year of eligibility). • GSK Contributions after one year of service: 4% GSK Match dollar-for-dollar and a 2% GSK Core Contribution. If participants choose not to defer into the ESSP, but their pay exceeds the annual IRS compensation limit, they will still receive the 2% GSK Core Contribution. The ESSP provides a broad range of diversified investment options.
  14. What do people know about executive supplemental savings plans (essp). Looks like it is non-qualified compensation plan. Considering a job that offer this, not sure if it is useful tool?