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  1. I'm thinking John Ross is a sell high. I think he's finally waking up and realizing his talent, but Dalton has always been a 1 WR kind of guy and AJ will be back before too much longer. Having said that, what are people getting for him (or perceive his value as)?
  2. With all due respect (and not to just be contrary), but I’m not sure that is sound logic. Switzerland is never going to move past the slot, as that’s where his talents lie. Montcrief did look absolutely HORRIBLE in all phases last night. Not sure if it will be Washington or Diontae, but somebody’s going to be starting opposite JJSS really soon.
  3. Here in Dallas, word is Zeke is headed back to town this weekend from Cabo. Wouldn't be surprised if he's signed over the weekend or on Monday. Honestly I would love to see him sit the first three games, watch the Cowboys smoke the Giants, Skins, and Fins, and then watch him sign for pennies on the dollar!.. because he's been such a model citizen.
  4. I'll make two comments here. First, I think this is very telling of what the Saints think about every WR NOT name Thomas. Though it seemed Smith had great opportunity with Ginn going down for the year, I would say his and Meredith's stock are at an all time low. Second, as a massive Cowboys fan and Dallas native who has watched every game for as long as I can remember, be careful giving up on Bryant before he gets started. It bears noting that his "ability" took a nose dive when he transitioned from a QB who could make every through to one who is quite obviously limited. I am no Dez-apologist, and I recognize he has his fair share of limitations (mental, route running, etc). But his athletic ability is definitely not one of them. I don't think he'll set the world on fire, but I think he has a great opportunity to be a very serviceable WR that will at least offer bye week coverage and at most finish as a WR2-3 in this pass happy offense. Not bad for a mid-season waiver wire acquisition. I'm sure I'll get lit up for this opinion, but it is my opinion.
  5. There is no one that will replace the connection between Kupp and Goff. Kupp has been his guy since the pre-season of last year. I think the really play ends up being Woods, Woods, and more Woods.
  6. Kupp down on a horse collar and looks bad.
  7. Next series and Kupp still nowhere to be seen.
  8. He was out that entire series. Doesn't bode well for a return.
  9. I think today is just the beginning. The combination of having absolutely no threats in the passing game and losing Travis Frederick (I know it's been said but can't be overstated), I think the team is in for real trouble. I hope I'm wrong as a lifetime Dallas homer, but Frederick brought the attitude that the whole line fed off of. If you can use this "decent day against a great D" tactic, I would try and unload him if possible. Nothing but 8-9 man fronts all year long.
  10. I hate to be a downer, but I think this is going to be an awful week for Douggie, though I hope I'm wrong as an owner. Nonetheless, the Jets will have no one to key on in the offense besides Martin with both Winston and Evans out this game. I think the offense is going to struggle the entire game and it's going to be a little ugly.
  11. For those employing a defensive streaming strategy, I strongly second the NO Def/ST pick up. Might be outdoors, but after another pretty strong showing again a good offensive team mixed with no Rodgers... I am totally drinking the Kool-Aid.
  12. The Carolina passing game/offense is in complete disarray, but someone has to catch passes. Though McCaffrey very well may hoover up most of that volume, Funchess should be an add in long bench leagues. There's really no one else with talent left to catch the ball.
  13. Bortles threw for a whopping 125 yds on 11 completions. That's a good stat line if they all go to one WR, but I think the offensive blueprint doesn't paint a rosy picture for anyone not named Fournette.
  14. You do realize that the link even speaks to the fact that Washington was more successful in preseason, right? There are a number of posts about this, but Washington certainly seems to be the more talented back behind Lynch.
  15. For those in need after losing CJA this week, Rob Kelley presents a nice 1 week bandaid with Matt Jones officially sitting.