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  1. This is where Biden missed an opportunity last week after Trump called him weak. He should have had a press conference at the White House and point out that weak is banging a pornstar and breaking your vows to a woman who just had your child. That it is the definition of weak character. He could have turned the whole debate away from the busing crap and shown that he can attack and he wouldn't be Mr. Nice Guy Joe.
  2. I'm sorry Tim - Super Tuesday is 3 days after SC not 7. There isn't enough time to use a win in SC(which is a Saturday) as a stepping stone in 3 days. Ad buys and appearances will already be done and there are other larger states like North Carolina, Texas, Mass to fight over. As to point 2 - the media will declare a "winner" and at that point no one will remember what happened in a little state like SC. What SC might predict is how a voter in Alabama, Arkansas or Tennessee might fair - and to some degree NC. But this time around we won't have that dead space being dominated by what happened in non-Democratic southern states like those above. It will be California, California, California dominating the entire news cycle for that period.
  3. Actually it was the Obama inner city voters(Detroit and Milwaukee) that stayed home. Get that turnout up to the Obama numbers and they win those states - certainly Michigan and Wisconsin
  4. In years past it might go through SC. But now it goes through California who's primary is 7 days after. The talk will all center around who has momentum and polling going on in Cali. SC won't register a blip inside that noise.
  5. Get there early for Markus King Band and be prepared to get blown away.
  6. Went to New Orleans to see the Stones - on Monday instead of Sunday due to "Hurricane" Barry. Drove down on Sunday where it was only raining for the final part of the drive into New Orleans. City was dead on Sunday as I've never seen it - we went to dinner at Nina Compton's place - American Bywater Bistro (James Beard winner) and about 30 minutes in were joined by Ronnie Wood and an entourage. Great Dinner - went to Frenchmen St and saw a really good supergroup at d.b.a. with no one there. It was Sunday but it was still empty of Frenchmen. Called it a night around 2:30AM. Monday rested and caught the Stones at Superdome. Great opener with Ivan Neville's Dumpstaphunk joined by the Soul Rebels. Did a great Dr. John Right Place Wrong Time and Earl King's Street Parade. Stones were very good- although that Dome gives off an echo that you have to get past. Highlights were a starting JJF with the "crossfire hurricane" an Under My Thumb , acoustic stage had an Angie (which I haven't heard live in I don't know how long) - Midnight Rambler was the usual bright star of the show. They got the boogie going on that. Finished strong with the usual warhorses Gimmie Shelter and Satisfaction. Go see it if you can. After the show in the outside mayhem found our Uber and headed over to the Maple Leaf to catch the one and only - the greatest in my book - Mr. George Porter Jr. Wow what a night, since his show was rained out on Friday at the Leaf with his Runnin Pardners he did 2 sets. Rocked a Cissy Strut, Fire on the Bayou and a bunch of other Meter and George classics. A crowd pleasing Grateful Dead's "They Love Each Other". Left there at around 4AM after talking to George and Corey Henry - exhausted. Ain't No City like New Orleans -- Earl King
  7. Jimmy Connors was not a fan - they pretty much hated each other butting heads over Davis Cup and ATP union. Connors was banned from French Open due in part to the fight.
  8. While I have seen a few Bama fans ask for his autograph and seemingly admire him - I know there are some Bama fans that hate him passionately. If they are willing to kill trees they can hate Bo.
  9. Reading about your trip @GroveDieselmakes me jealous - so glad you and the family are having a great time. Yellowstone gets in your soul.
  10. It's a 3 day losing streak - time for a China trade negotiations are getting close tweet.
  11. Lost a pair of Nike glasses - I decided to try online - bought these for $25 lenses included Not a bad deal -