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  1. Elway will see it as losing 3 games on personal foul penalties at the end of games - or else we are 5-3 and in the hunt. I think we need to see Drew Lock - have to find out if he can handle this or if we need to move on ala Josh Rosen. Defense didn't help themselves Purcell with a stupid roughing the passer call helped set up the Mack TD and the horsecollar on the last drive moved them into field goal range. Bottom line - they play just good enough to lose - because they are in a loser's mentality.
  2. Broncos choke again. This team is full of chokers
  3. Colts finally get a complete drive - well nearly complete. After a Mack TD, Vinitari misses the xtra point - so Broncos lead by 1.
  4. Broncos open the half with a nice drive for TD. Colts respond by moving the ball a little better than before but still stall out and settle for 45 FG. This drive was kept alive by Brisett running out of the pocket.
  5. No - terrible play calling - uninterested players. Broncos stuffing the run and keeping Brisett in pocket on passing downs. Broncos are also manhandling the Colts DLine and running long drives - Colts Offense has barely been on the field.
  6. Bronco drive stops at the Colt 30 with a Flacco sack. Had some good runs in there and passes to Fant. But it looks like a FG try when 2Q starts Wow - Colts screwed on a roughness call - Broncos take 3 off the board and have a new set of downs Sack of Flacco is overturned by a holding in endzone ETA - Broncos get 2 free first downs in Red Zone - still have to settle for FG - pathetic
  7. Deante Spencer picks up a first down pass from Flacco - he was in the Sanders slot. They are trying several players there - he has first catch ETA - he now gets an end around carry much like Sanders
  8. Wow - a Bronco sack on 3rd and 5. Colts go from the ten - to near the 50 and take a sack of 8. Now it's the Broncos turn to start a drive from the 10
  9. Both teams moving the ball a little and then stalling out near mid-field Colts ball on second possession starting at 10. First drive with some generic stuff - running game getting stopped and they are falling behind schedule.
  10. Just a note about lounges at Hilton - most Hiltons are getting rid of the lounges. I'm a Diamond and I recall the last several Hiltons not having them. They just give you the breakfast. Had free buffet at Hilton Riverside last stay in New Orleans - real good one. The surpass card is the way to go - if you spend 40K you get free diamond. And with that you get a ton of bonus points for each stay. As a Diamond I got the most beautiful enormous suite at the Waldorf Roosevelt for a week during Jazzfest in New Orleans. Also have had some sweet rooms in Hawaii and Chicago. And I've had plenty of times without an upgrade. Getting a card that gets you a lot of free rooms is better than a card for air travel. At a nice resort the points are paying for a $300+ room most of the time with little to no blackout times. I always find using miles as a PITA to go when I want to go and if you know you are heading somewhere you can buy that ticket for a decent price.
  11. Amazon will sue. They can get the President to testify. He'll perjure himself. Someone will have a blue dress. Then we GOT HIM!
  12. Adios Paul Barrere of Little Feat
  13. No they don't. I'm betting as a whole they don't have much of an idea - it's not their expertise - it's barely an expertise in the Fortune 500. They have hired a bunch of consultants to come up with a contract of what they want and they are relying on the vendor to architect, design and build it.