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  1. There is definitely a distinction unfortunately many news outlets and people watching from a far choose to ignore the distinction
  2. I guess this would help explain why we almost never hear any of the “good cops” speak out in public when the “bad cops” do something like this.
  3. Defense always matters!! 2019: Offense tied for 18th in scoring (21.3 points per game) Defense was 30th in points allowed (28.2 points per game allowed)
  4. Agreed! Here is a picture from the other side of the street
  5. Nate Burleson predicts Giants will win the NFC East in 2020. I hope Nate is right but I wouldn't bet a dime on it
  6. What do these videos from 2017 have to do with the day Arbrey was killed in 2020?
  7. I don’t understand the Caldwell hate. I understand he wasn’t a GREAT coach in Detroit, but he wasn’t so bad that he should never get another shot, was he? He was above .500 in his 4 seasons there. Went to the playoffs twice and only had one losing season. I get that he never won a playoff game but good grief Detroit only went to the playoffs ONCE in the FOURTEEN season before he Caldwell got there.
  8. Baker was in another room playing Madden when the robbery took place The story also says that the police weren't called until two hours after Baker left
  9. The Giants aren’t going to cut Baker before due process plays out. They have a ton invested in him, they foolishly traded up to get him, so my guess is he has a longer leash. I say foolishly not because of this incident but because there were 4 similarly rated CB on the board at the time when the Giants moved up 7 spots to get him.
  10. The Obama left it bare excuse is so damn dumb. The administration acts like they didn’t have three years to restock the supply
  11. He was also asked to stay away from the team virtual meetings (some places reported that he was't joining those anyway) to focus on his legal issues.
  12. They might be forced to go that route or they can go get Logan Ryan let him play the slot and have Beal and Ballentine play outside
  13. The officers are saying that they did identify themselves before entering, even though they had a no knock warrant. I think it’s reasonable for the boyfriend to have not heard the police outside the door announcing themselves (if they did) but hearing them while they were entering. The officers were also not in uniform.