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  2. Maybe he was one of the illegible names on the board
  3. Say bye bye to the 2017 NBA All Star game in Charlotte This McCrory guy sucks in addition to HB2 – last week he signed a bill that restricts the release of police body and dashboard cams
  4. They are just laying the ground work for a twist on the typical “I feared for my life” defense This one will be “I feared for the other citizen’s life” defense
  5. It looks like they are still at the intersection to. The video up on the Washington post seems like the after shooting video is being taken from a different angle a little bit farther to the left and higher up than the 1st part. However if you look just to the right of the big black SUV in the 2nd video you can see a piece of the intersection. The camera moves a bit back and forth but its around the 1:50 mark of the video
  6. By accidental do you mean he drew his weapon and pointed it in the direction of the victim deliberately but his trigger finger slipped and cause the weapon to fire? What do you think would happen to a non-police officer if a shooting went down that way?
  7. absentee ballots - isn't that how the majority of the voter fraud is committed?
  8. Cruz running route
  9. Alfred Morris could steal some carries
  10. I ran into an issue when setting up scoring per yard The system will not accept .02 as a per yard scoring option it changes it to .2
  11. Well whites commit far more crimes than blacks do so I'm sure those killings are mostly justified
  12. Special athlete? I know he is ranked pretty high as a RB but are people really putting him the special athlete category?
  13. Why is the AL the home team when the game is being played in a NL park? SD is still in the NL right? They didn't change over like Houston did, did they?
  14. I have a hard time believing that if a white guy had done things exactly as I did that the officer pulls the gun. Hell I’d bet a year’s salary that a white guy would not have been asked if the car was stolen if they showed the officer a license and registration with his name on it matching the license plate
  15. Sure but I told him the sticker he was looking for was in the passenger seat. I also told him that I was on my way to a softball practice. Not sure how much damage I could do to a person standing outside of the car (car door closed window down all the down though) with a bat from a seated position inside a car