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  1. I've got Gurley and Davis going. I didn't like how either one of those drives ended
  2. We have recently seen similar incidents handled without deadly force, so we know it CAN be done.
  3. McCaffrey back at practice but a long shot to play week 8
  4. Can't believe I didn't start Gibson against this Cowboys defense
  5. I’m watching this year’s team and comparing them to last season’s teams. I get that they are losing and that’s all that counts in the end, but I see them being competitive in most of their games this season when they weren’t last season. After 7 games last season the team had 5 losses by a combined 77 points. After 7 games this season the team has 6 losses by a combined 54 points (half of which came in one game)
  6. No doubt that last night’s loss was tough, they let another one get away. That being said I kind of like what I am seeing from this team in terms of being competitive. They need to learn how to finish games but at least they are in all the games (49ers game being the exception). There is a lot to clean up for sure but they SEEM to be headed in the right direction.