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  1. Giants defense …. Not terrible
  2. Seems like the Giants only chance to score is to go max protect, run 2 man routes and hope Odell can beat a triple team
  3. Man if Eli could through an accurate pass to Barkley he might break one
  4. Hey back to back pressures by Carter ....I'll take that positive sign
  5. 8 pass attempts in the 1st quarter none to Engram or Shepard
  6. Gonna be another long season for the G-Men
  7. Not too thrilled with the choice but I can understand it
  8. Not a good start for the Giants defense
  9. please be cramps
  10. Ebron or Jimmy Graham?
  11. Aaron Rodgers or Jimmy Garroppalo?
  12. Protesting against police brutality not police
  13. 4 seasons under Caldwell – 3 winning seasons – 2 playoff appearances
  14. The sentence in red doesn’t mean what you think it means
  15. Luke K. down for the Panthers