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  1. Yes I do I have had Vue since the beginning of the football season and its been working great. So I was telling my former college roommate about it, sent him links to youtube videos about and everything. He calls me after watching the videos and still is confused about whether or not he has to have a playstation and a bunch of other questions. Finally I ask him if he has Netflix and if he understands how that works, he says yes and tells me all the devices he has Netflix on (Wii, Xbox etc). I told that Playstation Vue is just like Netflix except its live for TV instead of movies
  2. Ware over Forte move or dumb move?
  3. Has he been practicing this week?
  4. Thanks for sharing this stuff is awesome
  5. They sacked Cam 8 times and didn't give him time to throw to KB on the deeper routes that Carolina likes to run with KB
  6. Happy to see the pick 6 there. It's not against the law to hand the ball off to Ingram inside the 10 Mr. Payton!
  7. This is my 1st time owning Ingram. I now understand why previous owners were often frustrated owning him. The 1st time the Saints got down close, end around to Cooks followed by a TD pass to Fleener The 2nd time 3 yard pass to Thomas No carries for Ingram in goal to go situations
  8. Tough loss over the weekend. I hope the injuries in the secondary aren’t too serious or long lasting. The offense has to do a much better job protecting the ball. Vereen puts the ball on the ground way too much. Eli has to clean up the interceptions and if he is going to force the ball why not force it t to the better receivers?
  9. Crowder with a great punt return Hope the Giants can hold them to another FG
  10. Thanks for the link MOP I'm leaving Ware on the bench this week in favor of Ingram (who has yet to do anything) & Forte
  11. Aren't the Jets pretty good against the run? Seems like a tough matchup for him this week.
  12. Big game tomorrow. Washington has their back against the wall and in the recent past this is the type of game that the Giants don't play well in. Newhouse is out so it looks like Hart will start at RT. The rookie S D. Thompson and the worries me a bit as well. Hopefully they call a few early screens to help slow Kerrigan down a bit going against Hart Go Gmen!
  13. I noticed that the gun in the photo that was released by the police isn't visible in the wife's video
  14. Is this the pic?