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  1. You’re right we have turned a blind eye to China’s crimes, so why single out LeBron and the NBA?
  2. TD heavy league Mike Williams or JuJu 6pts TD .10 per catch .03 per yard
  3. So three guys with no known previous connection to Brown, drove 300 miles to rob him?
  4. Jones looked like what he is, a rookie. While the Patriots defense is putting up historical type numbers, I’m not really sure how good they really are. You mentioned that they have made everyone look bad, which is true but here is the list of QB’s they have played so far this season Big Ben Ryan Fitzpatrick Luke Falk Josh Allen & Matt Barkley Colt McCoy DJ Outside of Ben and on occasion Fitzpatrick when have these guys ever looked good for a meaningful amount of time?
  5. I don't understand punting there. Its 4th and 2 and you are down 14 points with under 7 minutes left
  6. I was forced to start Tate because of D. Adams injury, wasn't expecting anything but pleasantly surprised by that TD Go Giants!!
  7. Whachu talkin' bout Willis? This is a classic....can't (Giants) vs. won't (Patriots)