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  1. He is lining up but getting no looks
  2. Here is the tweet. They said since week 1 he is the 13th rated tackle in pass protection
  3. I saw something on twitter from Collingsworth stating that Flowers has been pretty good this season per the PFF grading system, something like a top 13 LT (don't really remember the number)
  4. Makes you wonder why they weren't giving him the ball earlier in the season
  5. He should have been the guy from day one. He isn't fancy he just runs hard without hesitation, very rarely does he take false steps or studder steps
  6. Down by contact
  7. I don't understand the decision to go for the TD on 4th down trailing by 9
  8. Because Obama agreed to the deal?
  9. Full participant in Thursday practice
  10. Those with the power heard a message that they didn’t agree with so they pretend that the message is something that it isn’t, then demonize the ‘new’ message
  11. Did she give her opinion on air or via her twitter account or both?
  12. To be fair he seemed pretty accurate with those rolls of paper towels
  13. Fumbles lost Collins 2 West 1 Allen 0
  14. Since when can they call a penalty after watching a replay in college football?