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  1. Down in the middle of a draft
  2. I agree with this. As far as I know he didn’t hold a press conference before training camp and announce that he was going to sit during the anthem and why. He has quietly done it all preseason and didn’t say anything about until he was asked why he was sitting.
  3. He has done it all preseason This last game was the 1st time he was in uniform doing it
  4. Do you only watch the games when the Giants have the ball? The defense looks pretty good. I'm worried about the Casillas injury because he was playing well at LB this preseason. Vernon has been getting good pressure on QB's all preseason including tonight Eli Apple played very well tonight he looked good against Decker. Snacks had a nice sack strip that kept the Jets from scoring after the punt block. Yes the OL looks horrible and it doesn't look like they will be able to run the ball at all
  5. He has been doing it all preseason Everyone just noticed this week. I'm not sure if he did it any last season
  6. Since when are RB's allowed to wear single numbers? Henry looks good by the way
  7. I love this place. I cannot wait to go back or hit the lottery so that I can go forever
  8. Damn Shady I'm sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. RIP Riley
  9. Cruz back at practice and reports say he looked good The next test is can he put together back to back good practices
  10. What is his injury? I can't seem to find any place that has said specifically what it is.
  11. Is he back at practice yet? If not when should we expect to see him back?
  12. When comparing Dodd’s projections on the classic vs. new MY FBG I notice a difference in player projections. 1st on the new view I am guessing that I am reviewing Dodd’s projections because after closing the filter screen there is nothing letting me know whose projections I am viewing nor when the projections were updated. On the classic the Dodd’s projections were last updated on 8/17. Will there be updates made to the classic going forward? Will I be able to link leagues to the classic?
  13. Who is the handcuff for AP Asiata or McKinnon?
  14. RG3 throws a very nice deep pass. He had a nice slide after a scramble