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  1. The Giants were in 3 WR sets over 90% of the time last season. There is plenty of room for them to decrease that in favor of say a 2 TE set while still giving the 3 WR set efficient snaps.
  2. OBJ misses the 1st 2 days of OTA's - Signs big deal with Nike Evan Engram one of the standout players during the opening of OTA
  3. This won't be popular but I think OJ belongs on that list with the 3 guys you listed
  4. The officer has been charged with murder
  5. The only pick that I hate is Webb. Not that I hate the player I haven’t seen enough of him to have an opinion on him. The reason I don’t like the pick is because I think they are a contender but need their top 3 picks in the draft to contribute now AND in the future. I think it’s going to be fun to see how Engram is used. He looks like he is going to be a nightmare for teams that try to run the cover 2 against us. Tomlinson looks like a big Hank clone and should help make sure it’s tough to run against us Gallman was a bit of a surprise with Mack still on the board but he was a productive RB at Clemson so no real complaints Moss needs to get stronger but he has potential, hope he can come in and get enough snaps so that JPP and OV don’t have to play all game Bisnowaty seems like a tough kid, obviously he isn’t going to start this year but he will be given a chance to develop
  6. It was their trademark when they ran a 3-4 defense. They are a 4-3 team now
  7. No worries Snacks and the new ugly dude won't let him get to the LBers
  8. Giants take TE Evan Engram Ole Miss with pick 1.23 Eli sure does have some weapons
  9. Are there other examples of a reporter riding the coattails of athlete like Windhorst is riding LeBron?
  10. I was under the impression that a good deal of the voter fraud that was happening was done via absentee/mail in ballots. How is an ID supposed to prevent the absentee ballot fraud?
  11. How is Ingram at pass protection?
  12. For what a ham sandwich & bag of chips?
  13. Giants pick up 5th year option on OBJ - I think we all knew this was going to happen
  14. Remember early in the draft process (before the combine) there was a rumor that the Giants like the TE from South Alabama Gerald Everett