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  1. Good guy with gun gets shot and killed
  2. That game winning drive was a nice example of “what could be” with all the weapons – if the offensive line was providing protection. Engram with a 31-yard reception Odell drew a big PI (16 yards) Barkley with a 23-yard reception Shepard with the TD
  3. So who took away Shurmur’s play calling duties in the 2nd half? I didn’t recognize the creativity and deep shots
  4. Giants need to dial up blitzes on 3rd down. The kid is way too comfortable back there
  5. Terrible play by Collins, all he has to do is try to make the tackle
  6. Have the Giants tried to throw a pass longer than 10 yards yet? Everything seems short
  7. How likely is Mullens to keep the job for the rest of the season?
  8. Yenrub

    Cordarrelle Patterson

    He won a dynasty game for me last night, he scored 14 points. I won by 11. I was holding out hope that Michel would play last night. Patterson is fun to watch
  9. Yenrub

    Packers Pats semi-official game thread

    Patterson appears to be a better RB than WR
  10. Yenrub

    Rams vs Saints - Week 9

    Joe Horn cell phone celebration
  11. Yenrub

    Rams vs Saints - Week 9

    Mike Thomas went Joe Horn for the TD celebration
  12. Yenrub

    Rams vs Saints - Week 9

    Sweet block by Ingram
  13. Yenrub

    Rams vs Saints - Week 9

    Big hit on Ingram
  14. Why is the announcer on CBS talking about the "11th man" for LSU? Shouldn't it be the 12th man?