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  1. Flipping channels I just came across Hannity, according to him Trump gave the alt-left a much deserved beat down today during his press conference
  2. Gott to finish the season
  3. A few OT have been added to the free agent market which is good news for the Giants as they look to sure up the OL Dolphins cut Brandon Albert, Jets cut Ryan Clady and Jags cut Beachum
  4. No one this unqualified or one that lacked so much class or one who has yet to put together a cogent statement or speech
  5. Had to be done Gott misses having Bobby Lutz on the bench
  6. He sure as hell wouldn't be the POTUS
  7. Giants release Cruz & Jennings
  8. Thanks for the link. I didn't know about that incident. I agree on it's own the ticket incident isn't terrible (it's not good) but coupled with punching the girl it is terrible
  9. Both parties were wrong that night I don’t think that Mixon has had any issues since then and we can all see that he is very talented. I think someone will take a chance on him and probably be rewarded handsomely if they can withstand the initial bad PR
  10. What can you guys tell me about Rieff? Is he a guy the Giants should be looking at for help at LT? Is he going to cost them a ton of money?
  11. Up by 8 points, 1st and 10 on the NE 22 with under 5 minutes to go. Devonta Freeman averaging over 6 yards per carry for the game The only question the HC and OC should have had was “Hey Matt Bryant which hash mark are you more comfortable from?” They should have been in a 1 WR 2 TE 1 FB 1 RB power set and run the ball 3 times and kicked the sub 40 yard FG. I answered yes to the poll
  12. Right but you are the one that brought up rapper not ‘Reg Lllama of Brixton’ Since Russell produced the song called Sucker MC’s the reference seems appropriate
  13. Russell produced the song Sucker MC's by RUN-DMC I think it was their 1st song played on radio
  14. Correct me if I am wrong but I’m pretty sure President Obama had a government job (US Senator) prior to becoming President. Did he not have a US passport when he visited Iraq, Jordan, Israel,Germany, France and the UK when he was running for President the 1st time?
  15. I don't know about the chasing tail stuff but he seems like a good recruiter but not so good with game stuff