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  1. How does a team that is 4 games below .500 in their own conference get an at large bid?
  2. In front of her kids too. Stay classy lady
  3. Yes I believe that about Beckham My eyes tell me he is a hard working guy that always shows his emotions obviously sometimes to a fault. They tell me that he is a weird cat, flamboyant but not malicious. Management didn’t know how to deal with him but I don’t think many of his teammates had issues with him
  4. How can you use PFF to praise Solder’s second half but not recognize when PFF had Vernon as the #13 edge defender? So far I have only heard good things about Beckham from his teammates. The negative things about him all seem to come from outside the locker room. Do you have some examples from his teammates? Do you think that the Giants should draft a QB this year? If yes, who and with which pick?
  5. @rockaction Per someone on twitter (so take for what that’s worth) Francesa’s favorite WR available in free agency was Golden Tate
  6. I would have liked to see them throw some of that Tate money at Daryl Williams who resigned in Carolina for something small, I think it 7m
  7. I like the Markus Golden signing I wouldn't be surprised (with Golden Tate getting a four year deal) if Getty traded away Sheperd
  8. Nothing says rebuild like trading away a 26 year old WR, then signing a 31 year old WR to a 4 year deal
  9. Just one more thing, in a vacuum the 15m in additional cap space seems great. I saw someplace that the Giants are now projected to have 100m in cap space in 2020 If they didn’t make this move, they would have 85m (plus OBJ) in cap space in 2020 As of now they don’t have any WR under contract for 2020. Shepard’s rookie deal ends this season.
  10. Well I’m not looking at this in a vacuum, I guess you can say this trade is the straw that broke the camel’s back! But all of these moves together don’t seem to be making a whole lot of sense. Now there are reports that Gettleman wants to turn the offense into the power running game he had in Carolina. Really? It’s a damn passing league now, oh and the best runner the Panthers had during their Super Bowl run was Cam Newton. Boy is the league going to be really surprised when they see Eli tearing up the rushing yards.
  11. My point is that the draft is a crap shoot and OBJ isn’t old or washed up It’s like winning 100 million dollar lottery spending 40 million of it on crap you want, then using the remaining 60 million to buy another lottery ticket.
  12. Picks 17 & 95 for the last 10 drafts. How many of these guys played their position to the level OBJ plays WR?? 2018 - Derwin James – DB -LAC & Travarius Moore – DB – SF 2017 – Jonathan Allen – DL – WAS & Delano Hill – DB - SEA 2016 – Keanu Neal – DB- ATL & Graham Glasgow – C- DET 2015 – Arik Armstead – DL -SF & Matt Jones – RB - WAS 2014 – CJ Mosley – LB - BAL & Michael Schofield – OL - DEN 2013 – Jarvis Jones – LB – PIT & Sam Montgomery – DE- HOU 2012 – Dre Kirkpatrick -DB -CIN & Tony Bergstrom – T -OAK 2011 – Nate Solder – T -NE & Curtis Brown – DB - PIT 2010 – Mike Iupati – G-SF & Jimmy Graham – TE – NO 2009 – Josh Freeman – QB-TAM & Rashad Johnson -DB-AZ
  13. They got some of the OL help they needed by trading for Zeitler. Don’t get me wrong they still need to get a RT but they can get that in FA (Williams from Carolina maybe) This trade didn’t help them in the cash department at all, the dead cap hit on OBJ is huge. Eli should be coming off the books next year, so their QB wouldn’t have a huge cap number which makes it much easier to deal with OBJ’s big cap number.