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  1. Yenrub

    Chargers vs Patriots game thread

    Nice response by the Chargers
  2. Yenrub

    Chargers vs Patriots game thread

    Great opening drive by the Pats
  3. Haskins isn't falling to the 2nd round I have a hard time buying Gettelman, the "hog mollie" lover, taking a 5'9 QB
  4. Yenrub

    QB Kyler Murray Oklahoma

    Wouldn't trading Rosen create a fairly big cap hit?
  5. Well getting out recruited has a lot to do with what @General Malaise posted, they are paying more.
  6. Last year my daughter wanted to see two local rivals play in a regular season conference game (neither were her school). I picked her up from school drove over to the school were the game was going to be played, got there about 4:00 to buy tickets. There were adults in the parking lot tailgating at 4 for a game that didn’t start until 7:30. When we came back to watch the game I had to park about 2 miles away from the school.
  7. High school football is huge and for many of the SEC and ACC schools the nearby NFL teams are secondary, they (NFL teams) don’t have a long history of success. If there is a NFL team nearby
  8. I thought Nagy should have called timeout a play earlier
  9. It would have been nice if NBC would have given us another look at that spot
  10. Yenrub

    AFC Wild Card - Chargers @ Ravens

    It's a joke
  11. Yenrub

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Thread

    Was he a private citizen when he was talking about to beating the #### out of ISIS or calling NFL players Sons of #####es?
  12. The new safety measures aren’t being added specifically for any one subset of drivers, they are being made for ALL drivers. Drunk drivers happen to be a subset of drivers who benefit from the changes
  13. When you are watching a game at home do you stand at attention during the anthem? I’m typically going to the bathroom or getting snacks or a beverage. I understand that everyone is different so I’m curious