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  1. Ummm can we quit accusing everyone wearing cheeseheads and Rogers jersey’s of being Packer fans? TIA
  2. Giants fan here, unless Hart improved A LOT the right side can't be that strong
  3. Darrell Green - Redskins George Martin - Giants Troy Polamalu Tony Gonzales Grant Hill Shaq D-Wade
  4. Do I understand this correctly? Clowney hasn’t signed his franchise tender which means that he cannot be fined for not showing up to training camp or regular season games. He can refuse to sign it until he is ready to show up and as long as he is available for 6 games he will receive credit for season accrued toward free agency?
  5. Hope this guy goes away for a very long time and I hope his victims that are still alive are able to get their lives back together
  6. This is the officer who shot the guy who was on his knees in the hallway of a hotel. I remember that video, I'm just a little surprised the officer was acquitted
  7. I agree I'm expecting a big year out him as long as he can stay healthy. I saw an article from PFF that said he was their #1 TE in the NFL from weeks 10 thru 17
  8. Umm they won 5 games last year, I don’t see winning 6 games as a vast improvement. Anyway PFF has their offensive line rated #18 to start the season. I believe they were ranked 21st at the end of last season
  9. And a pair of Giants cast offs blocking for him John Jerry and Bobby Hart...yuck
  10. No worries. I understand that my thoughts aren't always clear when I post (something gets lost between my brain and fingers)
  11. A couple of the examples I used (and you quoted) were not mass shootings, so it should be clear that I am not using all mass shootings as an example of terrorism. As far as I know, neither Craddock nor Martin are Muslim. Meaning that their acts also don’t jive with narrative that almost all terrorist acts in this country in the last 30 years were performed by Muslims
  12. Sadly there have been so many acts of terrorism over the last 30 years that I can’t say they I remember all of them but here are some of the more recent events that come to mind. (I'm not sure which of these fall under the FBI definition) Committed by Muslims - Orlando Night Club Shooting, San Bernardino, Military Base in either Tennessee or Kentucky and Military base in Texas Committed by Non-Muslim – Charlottesville, Pittsburgh synagogue (plus other synagogue) attacks, Charleston Church (Dylan Roof), church burnings in Louisiana and Vegas shooting at the country concert
  13. My bad I forgot the “last 30 years” part of the BS statement. That being said, I certainly hope that you don’t believe that including the “last 30 years” to the statement somehow makes the statement true. Because if you do, then you too are being willfully ignorant.
  14. Here ya go
  15. Certainly doesn't jive with the "almost all terrorist acts in this country are performed by Muslim's" BS claim made by someone in this thread. I saw a report that no one else was hurt. I glad to see that.