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  1. I love this place. I cannot wait to go back or hit the lottery so that I can go forever
  2. Damn Shady I'm sorry for your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. RIP Riley
  3. Cruz back at practice and reports say he looked good The next test is can he put together back to back good practices
  4. What is his injury? I can't seem to find any place that has said specifically what it is.
  5. Is he back at practice yet? If not when should we expect to see him back?
  6. When comparing Dodd’s projections on the classic vs. new MY FBG I notice a difference in player projections. 1st on the new view I am guessing that I am reviewing Dodd’s projections because after closing the filter screen there is nothing letting me know whose projections I am viewing nor when the projections were updated. On the classic the Dodd’s projections were last updated on 8/17. Will there be updates made to the classic going forward? Will I be able to link leagues to the classic?
  7. Who is the handcuff for AP Asiata or McKinnon?
  8. RG3 throws a very nice deep pass. He had a nice slide after a scramble
  10. 1st drives against Dolphins G. Davis with a catch to convert a 3rd down and about 3 Vereen nice run nice spin move to make unblocked guy miss for 19 yards Nassib missed Sheppard for what would have been a TD Flowers penalty Poor snap by Richburg led to a big loss but it was nullified by a Dolphin penalty Sheppard with a nice sliding catch for 24 yards Jennings with a short GL TD run Giants run defense stop Ajayi for no gain Oliver Vernon with a hurry and hit on Tannihill on 2nd down forced to complete the ball short for about 2 yards Owa with nice push from the DT spot on 3rd and long putting pressure on Tannehill again a short competition, Miami goes 3 and out.
  11. So which of those guys do think are going to repeat last year’s numbers?
  12. Look I’m not telling you who to draft or when to draft them I’m just letting you know that most of those guys had career years. While Gronk didn’t put up career highs in anything. Barnidge – last season was 79-1043-9, his previous SIX seasons combined was 44-603-3 Jordan Reed – last season was 87-952-11, previously never over 50-500-4. Now he is a young guy and I understand that TE’s typically take a while to mature Eifert – 52-615-13 – Another young guy so I will assume he is ascending but I am not going to assume that he is going to have another 13 TD season and he is already hurt Walker – last season 94-1088-6, previous high 65-890. He has a young QB and he seems to be the security blanket so I can see him coming close to last year again Olsen is the only one that didn’t have a career year
  13. Almost all of the field had career best years last season (or very close to it) Gronk was just being Gronk
  14. You must have some good connects I because I haven't seen this anyplace yet I wonder how much he has left in the tank. I guess this means that Hart isn't really ready to challenge Newhouse