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  1. Trump standing up to Putin is just like Smokey standing up to Debo
  2. I'm working from home today and flipping through channels in between conference calls. I saw Shepard Smith open with Shameful, disgraceful and treasonous in reference to Trumps performance today.
  3. Listening to rap you also hear the “B-word” (female dog) a lot. I willing to bet that most people know not to use that word when addressing their wife or girlfriend or on conference calls with co-workers or clients or potential clients etc.
  4. Giants select Sam Beal CB Western Michigan in the 3rd round of the supplemental draft
  5. So you’re saying there’s a chance for me to recoup some of this soccer expense Thanks for posting this.
  6. Last summer we let our daughter go to overnight camp at UNC-Wilmington, about 2 hours from home. The camp was $550. Silly me though we were going to drop the kid off for 3 days come back when camp was over. My wife had other ideas. “I can’t leave my baby so far away we need to be close in case she needs us”. She didn’t need us but it cost me an additional $150 per night.
  7. Dude I’m a “footballguy” I don’t need no stinking scholarship money In all seriousness though a scholarship would be nice but I started her playing sports so that she would have something to keep her busy after school and out of trouble. Chris Rock said daddy’s job is to keep his daughter off the poll. I view this as an expense to keep her off the poll. She is an only child so the cost is easier to handle. I can’t imagine how some of my ‘soccer’ friends pay for it with multiple kids playing. She could play rec soccer and it would be much cheaper but she wouldn’t get anything out of it. IMO she doesn’t work hard enough at the game to be a top level college prospect. She has the one thing that all coaches drool over and that is speed, I don’t know soccer well enough to know if she is just getting by on speed alone. She typically plays attack/striker sometimes midfield but mostly center striker. She has great vision and always seems to make the right passes. Her footwork is good but not great she needs to work on “catching” balls out of the air with her feet.
  8. In my opinion they don’t. They do pay coaches at that level. There are 3 practices per week. There is a huge soccer complex with over 20 fields, some are turf fields. I was a bit off on price for my daughters age group. Her age group fee is “just” $1400 plus $400 uniform plus travel. It’s the age group below hers that is $1900 plus the $400 uniform
  9. I’m late to the conversation so sorry if this has been covered before but I disagree with soccer being “low cost” My daughter has been playing since she was 4 or 5 (she is almost 15 now) . It started off being low cost, about $100 for a season. A “season” at the “rec” level was 6 to 8 games with one day of practice per week. As she got better in the sport and wanted to play on a more competitive level that cost jumps to about 2K for a season – 8 to 10 games. Plus another $400 for uniforms. Plus travel cost to out of town tournaments.
  10. I think of this commercial every time I see AT&T now
  11. How much of what you wrote did the officer know when he shot Rose?
  12. Good thing the officer who shot him had his x-ray glasses on him so that he could see the clip in Rose’s pocket
  13. Dead body found at the home of Janoris Jenkins
  14. I think in 2 WR sets Shepard will be on the outside opposite OBJ. In 3 WR sets Shepard will move to the slot, Latimer will come off the bench and go outside. Again just my guess
  15. I read somewhere that 2 guns were found in the car. None on the person who was running away and was shot