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  1. Question for those that have double header weeks. Are guys allowed to enter two different lineups or must they enter the same lineup for both games of the double header?
  2. #1 there always seems to be some sort of trash talking going on during football games in general #2 when 2 guys get into a “fight’ on the field they typically jaw back and forth with one another It also looks like Rudolph has his mouth open while going after Garrett (just before he gets hit with the helmet) and I recall seeing a still shot when they are on the ground together where it looks like Rudolph’s mouth is open. Of course he could be just breathing through his mouth and not talking.
  3. I’m not so sure what’s so odd about my statement. Anyway, has Rudolph clarified what he did say during the altercation? I know he has clarified that he didn’t call Garrett the N-word but I haven’t seen where Rudolph let anyone know what he did say.
  4. If Rudolph does file a lawsuit, would he be required to clarify what he said during the altercation or can he simply keep saying "I didn't say what Garrett said I said"?
  5. I find it hard to believe that Rudolph was completely silent during the altercation so I’m sure Rudolph said SOMETHING to Garrett. Of course, what Rudolph said and what Garrett thought he heard appear to be two different things.
  6. Williams could seek 15m per year I have no problem with players trying to get as much as they can. That said this report reiterates how bad the trade for Williams was.
  7. Free agents the Giants should pursue by Ralph Vacchianno
  8. Officer shoots handcuffed man. The officer is being charged with he should be
  9. I’m sure Mike would have had a few catches, but he definitely wouldn’t be in the HOF
  10. Just one good year? Good grief with the hyperbole
  11. Seems like Broadway Joe is gets compared against today’s passing numbers which seems unfair to me. I believe when he retired he was 9th or 10th all time in passing yards. The more INT that TD isn't a good look though
  12. Why do you think that playing in NY helps a players’ HOF chances? There aren’t a lot of Jets in the HOF. Joe Klecko can’t get a sniff. No one talks about Phil Simms getting in even though he has 2 Super Bowl rings Harry Carson had to wait forever before he got in. Doesn’t look like Carl Banks is going to get in.
  13. Does it? Jimmy threw a mere 8 passes in their butt kick of the Packers in the NFC title game.