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  1.! Here is a nice summary of Trump criticism from the Weekly Standard, no less. Personally, as a D, I am happy that he's too intellectually lazy and undisciplined to actually get his legislative agenda through, since I don't agree with any of it. And just like he backed down on the currency manipulation issue as soon as he met the President of China, and on negotiating drug prices as soon as he met the big pharma CEOs, and on no cuts to Medicaid as soon as he met House Republicans, he will back down on doing anything about NK. (Except whatever sanctions Tillerson and Haley can negotiate without his help.)
  2. Hillary Clinton was heavily involved in starting the civil war in Syria? Do you really believe that?
  3. I believe he is an unrestricted free agent so he could return if he wanted.
  4. His reaction to the virgin disclosure was bizarre. It was like someone hit him in the head with a hammer. loved thatAnd I believe 100% of the reason is that he couldn't wait to pull off the trifecta. No schtick, I think it took him a minute to process that he wasn't going to get to nail her. I thought his reaction to Becca's virgin announcement was about the same as his reaction to Jade's computer pics -- caught completely flatfooted. And he does not seem to have picked up on the fact that the Producers know all this stuff in advance and are setting him up for these little surprise bombshells.
  5. So I am reading on the innernets today that Jade went to the Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts in addition to starting her own cosmetics company and hanging around with Hollywood starlet girlfriends. Lots of nice pics on her facebook page. Sounds like she would have had a lot of interesting things to talk about if the producers ever let the people talk about their outside lives.
  6. Here's a good background article. BTW "drummer" your ad hominem attacks are unnecessary and really add nothing to the conversation.
  7. From SF Chronicle today: ** Since Harbaughs departure, plenty have asked why the 49ers couldnt make things work with such a successful coach. He had a pain-in-the-rear personality? Sure, but that hardly makes him unique among the NFL head coaches. The 49ers won, but didnt do so with class? OK, but the responsibility for that ultimately falls on York. However, if York demanded Harbaugh make changes to his staff and Harbaugh refused, well, that would qualify as a philosophical difference that wouldnt be resolved (among others, no doubt). In the end, Harbaughs exit might have become official because he wouldnt do what the 49ers and many of their fans wanted him to do: Fire Greg Roman.
  8. I came in for an argument, but apparently went to the room for abuse.
  9. No doubt York did a poor job in the interview, and should have thought up some better responses in advance, but some part of the piling on is uncalled for. His poor PR skills are beyond dispute, but they should be separated from why the decision was made and whether it was the right decision. He had reasons for the termination but did not want to debate them in public or reveal private conversations. I think he was right not to debate the reasons in public. His much better move would have been to issue a statement and let the reporters and talk show callers debate themselves blue and let the matter cool off over time, and maybe let Baalke field some (limited) questions, because Baalke is quite a bit better and more practiced at it. My guess (and there are only guesses at this point) is that there are several reasons that led to this: (1) Harbaugh's constant griping for a new contract, sometimes publicly, starting after the first year of a 5 year contract ticked off an owner that is very much against what he sees as overreaching. Witness the stalemate with Crabtree when he wanted over-slot money. Witness the nasty holdouts with Vernon Davis and Alex Boone, the team caving on the latter (reluctantly) only when it was clear that Iupati was not going to be healthy. (2) My guess is that in internal discussions Harbaugh lobbied for his players (whether out of loyalty or the reasonable desire to win) and was viewed as not a team player with management. (3) My further guess is that there were internal disputes about what to do re (particularly) Ray MacDonald and Aldon Smith. York made a point of addressing the team after the last game and warning them not to put themselves in a position to get cut for non-football reasons. (4) My guess is that he is pretty overbearing in private meetings, if he does not receive sufficient praise and does not get his way, and neither York nor Baalke like him (nor does he like them) and they put up with each other as long as the team was winning divisions. (5) My final guess is that his act was wearing thin with some of the players, though for reasons of self preservation they will always say publicly the coach is a great guy. How great a coach is Harbaugh? He did a fine job at Stanford but exited before we could find out if he could sustain it over the long term and how much was having a once-in-a-generation QB. Some of the 49ers' play calling left me baffled (4 straight passes to Crabtree at the end to lose the SB? Really?) He went 8-8 this year with what seemed to be a playoff caliber team; but you could also make a legit argument that with their starting RT and 2 inside LBs out, it was not his fault. It is clear that the team regressed in performance this year dramatically on offense. Was his usefulness as a turnaround artist nearing an end? If York and Baalke thought so, it's not the kind of thing just announced to the public. If they were convinced he'd be leaving in another year, and did not feel like committing to another 5 year contract, plus he had the opening now at Michigan that he really wanted, it was just time to make the move.
  10. My take (keeping in mind I have never met any of these people, and am basing my opinion on watching games, reading internet reporting of varying credibility, and a little on listening to press conferences and interviews over the years): Sounds like Harbaugh is very difficult to work with, got the highest contract for a first year head coach ever handed out (after being told no, you can't have a contract richer than Belichek's, and having Miami refuse to top SF's offer) then continually #####ed and whined for a renegotiation, almost constantly from day one. At the outset he was told no, we are not going to repeat the mistake we made under Nolan and combine the coach and GM function, Baalke controls roster decisions, and he agreed to that arrangement but then chafed under it the whole time. He stepped into a team that was on an upswing after a salary cap purge and some reasonably good drafts, and rode the wave upward. He probably coaches a little like Billy Martin coached baseball teams, riding young players hard and getting good initial results, but wearing out his welcome over time. The irony is the same thing that makes him hyper-competitive as a coach made him a constant irritant to team management, always trying to come out on top, and he didn't know when to turn it off. If a team gets to the playoffs every year, they'll put up with the coach being a jerk, reluctantly. If the team goes 8-8, well, don't let the door hit you on the way out. He made a big point earlier in the year of showing up management at the opening press ceremony for the new stadium, holding a practice so late as to interfere with the schedule and showing up late for the event in a track suit instead of a business suit and standing at the back, pouting, saying this is not my party -- maybe he felt slighted by management over some injustice, but the way he chose to show it with a deliberate snub to ownership gave me the impression that his days were numbered. I do not look at it as such a major loss to the 49ers. I look at it as, we just lost the last contract year of someone who was going to be a free agent after next year, and was certainly going to be gone anyway. My biggest regret is that we didn't squeeze a draft pick out of Cleveland for him a year ago.
  11. I know you only asked for one, but here's the Dum Dum Girls with "Bedroom Eyes" Chrissie Hynde meets the GoGos.
  12. New alt-country band Honey Honey -- heard them first on an episode of Vegas. "Angel of Death" in which the devil passes out pictures of people to send to the great party beyond, then passes out pictures of the band members to each other. Same song performed live on an LA rooftop.
  13. Oh, my. Interesting, but then there's the Who's version: And their version of Young Man Blues from the same show is my all time fave.
  14. Jameson and Ginger Ale Good lord. Polluting a fine Irish whiskey? Animals!
  15. Kind of like married sex, only in that case there would have been no beej.I wonder if somewhere out there on the innernets, the gal has posted her version of what went down. It's probably unflattering to our boy.