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  1. I rarely shake hands out of a professional setting. My profession (banking) is old and somewhat formal. Traditional only.
  2. I talk about this all the time at work with people that don't understand the situation. They are always shocked when I mention this aspect.
  3. Until it is officially official, I am still not believing it.
  4. Holy Internet drama Batman. Did anyone see the Deadspin piece and the controversy around it yesterday? I'm going to paste the reddit post about the article here but I'm removing the link to Deadspin. The article was a click-bait piece of crap, if you want to visit the article then follow it from the Reddit link. Reddit Link
  5. I was about 15' delayed. It was the handball and missed PK.
  6. Oh joy! Another VAR review and controversial handball call. We've discussed handballs ad nauseum in the other soccer threads. I just wish the rule book reflected the way handballs are currently being called.
  7. I love leftovers, but I am pretty much just a week (or less). I seem to cook in larger quantities on the weekend. The next weekend on Sunday before grocery shopping I toss leftovers from the prior weekend. However, often we end up eating it all. Wife and I have been trying to eat better and one way we do that is cooking more at home and eating leftovers on lazy nights instead of eating out or driving thru.
  8. As a huge soccer (football, ya noobs) this is about a 6 to me. I just don't really enjoy women's soccer, other than the fact that the ladies are usually hot.
  9. Not sure it has everything you want, but I use the FotMob app.
  10. I mean, I've been known to give the wife 5 good minutes on Friday or Saturday... but yeah.
  11. Has anyone checked on @Sinn Fein since Harry Kane got married recently? Most eligible bachelor in the UK finally put a ring on his (twice) baby mama and childhood sweetheart.
  12. I also watch this on DVR. Have watched live a few times. The amount and length of commercials near the end of the 3-hr show is crazy. The last 30 minutes must be 3 commercial breaks of 5 mins each.