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  1. Wow, OKC made no moves. Presti vs Pat Riley today on the phones would have been fun to hear. As a fan, happy to keep the team together.
  2. Wife and I are enjoying this show. We're either caught up or one episode behind.
  3. I am not a big fan either. But the Spurs started using them not long ago, which I preferred to Eriksen hitting the first man on the corner every damn time.
  4. There was a follow up tweet to say this was overblown. The colors and name will remain, but the pattern on the kit may change. Twitter link
  5. Has anyone seen my fellow Yid @Sinn Fein? Did he get a permaban? I know he can play dirty in the politics thread from time to time... he was last on in 2019...
  6. Spurs really should have gotten Bruno in the summer or even this window. I'm going to be really pissed when he turns out to be good.
  7. He signed a deal through 2025 today. (I can't remember if he was a loan with option to buy or how we got him, but the news today was him signing a long-term contract.)
  8. Speaking of strikers, Bobby Wood is probably out at HSV. Twitter Given the current situation, a change of scenery would do him some good. Or at the least, couldn't hurt.
  9. Spurs have signed Bergwijn, a RW from Eredevisie. Also still trying to get another stricker, Piatek. I think they see a chance to get a top 4 'trophy'. Plus need some Kane cover and more depth.
  10. Would that be an official cap tying game?
  11. Seems like they want to try it before they buy it.
  12. Look into getting him a home health aide that can come a few hours a week/day, whatever. A lot of them will help with laundry, cleaning, and cooking as well as set up meds and general welfare checks. If he's having trouble with the food, then he'll need help with laundry, cleaning and other stuff also. The aides don't have to be RN's so they are relatively inexpensive. Setting up meds does require a nurse or something like that, but a lot of the companies can do 10hrs of aide per week and 1 hour of a nurse to check vitals and set up medications.
  13. The other key is they are the size of a WalMart. And they have about 100 gas/diesel pumps. My first Buc-cees visit was actually a little overwhelming.