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  1. Yep. And now Reddit is full of people that wanted special editions and won't get them because GameStop sucks. (The All Rise edition has to be disc because it has some Yankees swag.)
  2. I was not all that excited about it at first... but its cheap ($30 for echo dot, $80 for echo) and we get use out of it regularly. More than I thought we would for sure.
  3. Sirius is totally unrelated. My wife drives a ton for work, so we have a subscription. She listens to Sirius at home on Echo all the time, she works at home 50% of the time. Me I listen to Amazon or Pandora or iHeart Radio or Sirius on the Echo. I work at home 5 days/month.
  4. I totally forgot one thing we use our Echos for... shopping lists. Since we have one in the kitchen we keep a grocery list going of things we run out of... 'Alexa add black pepper to the grocery list' Then when we are at the store we can see the list on the app on our phones. Of course, the teenager likes to add random 'funny' crap to the list... but I've been known to do that as well.
  5. You can also call echo to echo, I've been known to call my wife on the echo from another room in the house, she love/hates that. I have also used the calling feature for work conference calls so I didn't run down my phone battery.
  6. Oh, if you have a SiriusXM subscription you can play all those stations as well. 'Alexa Play AltNation on SiriusXM'...
  7. Epic choke by the Thunder from the FT line, clutch by Bos to make BIG shots at the end.
  8. Music, weather, timers in the kitchen, news, control lights, hands free calling/texting... the list goes on and on. If a person has disabilities then Alexa can help with a lot of day to day activities as well. We have two dots and one echo. We're going to get another dot when they go on sale again. PSA: most of us probably have 'older' parents. Set up the hands free calling for your parents so they can call for help if they have a medical event.
  9. Holy hell. That's a game changer for vacations and travel in general. I often travel to big cities and many times w/ the family, being able to order water, milk, snacks, lunch stuff, etc. to be delivered to the hotel is awesome.
  10. I assume you're over at Operation Sports? I've dabbled in the sliders for The Show and Madden, meaning I've used sliders from OS for franchise modes.
  11. Thanks. I was able to piece it together, but this clenched it.
  12. (insert witty comment about video games and how if I played more I could also make a living off of it...)
  13. We have a "Frigidaire Gallery 22-cu ft Counter-Depth Side-by-Side Refrigerator" because its the shallowest counter depth. We have a weird area where the fridge is, and the Samsung/LG/etc. counter dept fridges are all 1"+ deeper, which wouldn't work. Its noisy and I hate it. No issues with it in 2ish years, but it's staying with the house because we hate how noisy it is. All the reviews online say the same thing. Just stay away from this fridge. Our old fridge was 10+ years old and was quieter (but the ice maker kept breaking).