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  1. fyp So I see it called an own goal... but the link I saw on my phone it looked like Kane hit it into Varane... I haven't seen a good replay yet.
  2. So I'm at work and actually having to work... But Jan at LB and Llorente at CAM? Interesting lineup Spurs...
  3. So CCV has started the last 5 games for Sheffield United. Team is 4-1 during that stretch. CCV is playing the middle of a back 3.
  4. Channel? I'm 'working' at home today.
  5. I think of that more as rooting for the little guy... I do see your point. But I think of Iceland similar to Leeds. Its a feel good story but they will never win it all.
  6. I follow Tottenham so I'm a bandwagon fan? Maybe in the sense that I try to be more like you, Sinn Fein.
  7. I'll probably just pick an African team. Belgium is intriguing but they have , so that's a NO. France, Germany, and Spain would feel too much like being a bandwagon fan (hi Chelski and ####-nal fans.) Maybe Argie, I do love Messi and to a lesser extent Dybala. Oh, and I'll cheer for Iceland for sure.
  8. Here's a question that came up on the Men In Blazers podcast. Are US journalists too nice to the USMNT players? Most of the talking heads for soccer in the US are former players, and other than pathetic rants like Lalas' I can't remember a lot of times when US players get called out for bad performances for the USMNT. (Even Lalas' rant didn't name players specifically.) In other countries, players like Bradley, Nagbe, and Howard would be getting roasted today by the mainstream media. I don't know if in the US it will ever be the mainstream media doing the roasting, but I haven't seen too many articles calling out players or even Bruce specifically today. That needs to change.
  9. I actually like this. Called for Sunil to step down and Bruce to be gone. Also said they stand behind the players but be better and try harder next time.
  10. You've got to be ####ting me!?!?! That wasn't T&T's best team? Son of a #####... time to blow it up! Can we get some women in the January camp to show the guys how to play w/ balls?
  11. Welcome back, hope your health is better. You've been missed.
  12. Ugh... So I'm taking nominations for my WC 2018 fan support. I'm happy England has so many Spurs in key roles, but after making fun of the 3 Lions for so long I can't seriously root for them. I won't root for anyone in CONCACAF.
  13. What is an "emergency podcast"? Is that like the old Emergency Broadcast test? They didn't have one scheduled to be released today, but based on yesterday's result made a 90 minute pod #####ing about the games and how the #### the US lost the ####### game.
  14. Men In Blazers released an emergency podcast today. Anyone bother listening to it yet?