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  1. I like ripping ### in first and coach also, it seems to waft away quickly, must be airflow that moves it back to the peasants.
  2. Stranger Things, Netflix, 3 seasons (4th coming), 5 stars 80's style and based, SciFi series
  3. @Premier can we get a thread title update for the VERY important friendly tomorrow???
  4. Website list is crap... but if I'm a combination of Blake Shelton and Paul McCartney shouldn't I be able to sing just a little bit? I mean the Blake half wouldn't totally negate the Sir Paul half, right?
  5. Eric Cantona's speech at the #UCLdraw "Soon science will not only be able to slow down ageing of cells, it will fix cells and so we will become eternal. Only accidents, crimes, wars will kill us but unfortunately crimes and wars will multiply. I love football. Thank you." Ok..
  6. huge financial impact... although teams like Wolves always struggle with depth. They may have a good 14ish players, but rotating much beyond that gets tough. This could explain the struggle to get a point v Burnley and could have a bigger impact today as this will be their 3rd game in 8 days. (Soccer teams/players do best with one game/week.) Although with the away win the Wolves should be favored to move on. In theory the Wolves could take the air out of the ball and take a nil/nil into UEFA.
  7. I believe I was making my Irish coffee when the change happened. Or taking my morning constitutional. Just sucks because sometimes I will set an alarm to check the posted lineups then go back to sleep. But I was actually up and watching kickoff of this one. Oh, and the 2 points cost me the week.
  8. @Sinn Fein Is there a reason rosters lock 5 minutes before kickoff? Is that a league limit? Pedro pulled his labia in warmup and then I lost this week by less than 2 points. I tried to sub him out before kickoff when I learned he was benched, but it was in the 5 minute window and I was stuck with 0 points from him.
  9. The last time they did something like this Dave from the South America show admitted he still has issues from his starving. He was the one that got pulled while still having tons of fish he hadn't eaten.
  10. When watching Stranger Things, my wife and I are constantly talking about the clothes, games, pop references, etc. and remembering them from our childhood. That entire show is a trip down memory lane. (Except for the Sci-Fi alien stuff.)
  11. Stop the damn presses. Twitter: USSoccer now has the ability to get 'in touch' with a player's 'camp'... this is game changing...
  12. I'm not as worried about this as some of you are... Callum Hudson-Odoi was in first team training today for Chelski. I think CP still gets his minutes. He's looked good in a lot of the early games, not as good Sunday but I still think he will get a ton of minutes this season.
  13. Zackary Steffen was the outstanding man in the 3-1 victory of @ f95 in Bremen. "He has kept terrific," praised coach Friedhelm Funkel the loaner from @ ManCity . (€)
  14. I will be truly shocked if Jordan doesn't win this. Killed a moose. Killed a wolverine. Made a gill net from para cord and caught trout in a frozen lake. Dude is crushing it. He may be my favorite all time contestant, edging out Allen in season 1.
  15. He seems to be doing well for Atlanta. He may be worth of a full camp invite again soon, I assume he will be part of the next domestic only camp.