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  1. Well I'm still not doing as well with MFP tracking, but I'm still moving my ### just not as much as I was earlier this month. Work and life are getting in the way. Was at or just over my calorie goals for Tuesday - Thursday. Tuesday 45 mins exercise. Wednesday 39 mins exercise. Thursday 27 mins exercise. Today 47 mins exercise. 1,094 mins for the month of May.
  2. Well RBL tied Hertha Berlin 2-2. Adams went the full 90' and RBL used all 5 subs. I believe Tyler is still getting back to match fitness so he'll probably be limited at the next game.
  3. Adams is playing a RM in a 3421. Interesting position for him. Just turned on the game but hard to tell much as RBL is down to 10 men.
  4. Anyone watching Tyler Adams today? He was a late swap into the starting lineup for RBL. Kampl tweeked a muscle in warmup.
  5. I'm not sure of too many countries that wouldn't drool over Haaland. Even Brazil doesn't have a striker like him. If we're dreaming I wouldn't mind a world class CB and GK as well. Not ready to give up on the current crop, but it would be nice to have one of each playing in the Big 5 that's not hurt all the time.
  6. As was mentioned, Davies looks so good as an attacking LB. One thing I was just pondering... how did Bayern see to convert him to an attacking LB? Did they see something in him that converted to that position? Did they tell him there was more PT available if he tried it out? He always played up top in MLS (I think), so the transition seems so odd and yet it has worked so well.
  7. Google of my "First Middle Last" yields primarily my public records. Google of my "First Last" is more of a mixed bag. I'd give myself the nod, but it's debatable. I have a pretty successful career but keep a relatively low social profile. I don't even show on the first few pages of Google because of the guy below me. I'd say I'm of higher rank than him. There's a guy w/ my name that's a Cyber professor at the Citadel and has a PhD in Cyber/InfoSec. (Oddly that's roughly the same field I'm in. We have also exchanged emails before because my GMail is First.Last @ gmail.) Using LinkedIn on 'First Last' seems to yield myself and the professor as the two most successful out of 7 results.
  8. Took a long weekend and while I tracked calories I was over most days. Too much . Will do better this week. I did work my ### off Friday/Saturday/Sunday cleaning out the garage and attic. Alas, those didn't count as exercise minutes. We rented one of those dumpsters and cleaned out stuff from past remodels and just junk that had accumulated. Felt good to get it done, but it took a toll on the body. I was at 807 mins exercise for May. Thursday was 37, Friday 36, Saturday 28, Sunday 28, Monday none . 936 mins exercise for the month. (Should surpass 1k today, unless I get busy with work this afternoon.)
  9. It's like Ultimate Team in EA games. Build up your own team of cards/players from live cards, legends, etc. There's offline game modes and online game modes with your team. I play primarily offline. I've also played March to October twice. It's like a quick season of dynasty.
  10. My dog does this eating thing as well, unless he's really hungry. If he's really hungry he just stands there and chows down. Oh, and we free feed, so there's always food for the dog. Lately, once he's done eating he lets us know his bowl is empty and will pester us until we give him food. He won't eat it at that time but will stop pestering us. It's like he's worried if there's not actually food in his bowl at all times.
  11. 1,900 - 2,413 + 555 = 42 calories remaining yesterday (Boulevardier made it a little close) 82 mins of exercise, 807 for the month.
  12. Our terrier mix is now 14, still acts like a puppy most of the time but sleeps more. We walk him about 1.5 miles/day. He annoys the crap out of my wife and I everyday until he gets his walk. This WFH stuff is making him very spoiled. He gets scared and shakes at loud noises and thunderstorms and iPhone 'dings'. The 'dings' can even be on TV and he'll shake for 30 mins. Ugh. He doesn't do a lot of stupid things, but he got a bath last weekend and as of yesterday he had grass stains and mulberry stains on him from the backyard.
  13. I'm thinking I'll see if there's some cocktails that use the berries. I have eaten a decent number. They are pretty tasty.