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  1. This. I have already started some injured players this year for this very reason.
  2. I recommend it. Really enjoyed it. Early on there's some parts that get hard/lengthy. It gets easier later on. Get through the grind and enjoy the story.
  3. Already got one. Used to not get them. Had the flu about ten years ago. It was horrible, there were 3 days I don't even remember. Now I get the shot.
  4. Cyberpunk, Spiderman (new and old), FIFA21 . I've had a 4k TV for almost two years, I'm just looking forward to a game truly being able to use it. Sure, several of them display in HDR now. But most of them make my PS4 (not pro) sound like a B1 flying overhead, so I don't usually use HDR now. My living room setup also requires I use Wi-Fi, so I'm also looking forward to a better Wi-Fi connection. (I do run a physical CAT6 cable when downloading a new game.)
  5. So gout guy in hospital is dead, right? Another notch in the nurse's belt. Not much progress w/ the funeral home folks this week. Still enjoying it. Bloodshed is coming.
  6. Weighed today after a little bit of a bad weekend. Still at 199.8. Hit it hard yesterday and already walked over an hour on the treadmill today. (Weather is BAD here.) Keep it up!
  7. I read from a 'red bullseye' employee that they will be getting some on launch day (not preorders) and will put them up online available for curbside beginning at midnight on release day. They are doing this because they don't want people lining up during COVID. My tentative plan is to try that approach at midnight and also check w/ one of the nearby Sam's folks closer to launch day. I tend to go in there a lot, so they may remember/recognize me and let me know. Not a huge deal if I don't get one on 11/12, but it would be nice.
  8. Has @Kumerica already given up? I played him last weekend and half his team didn't play. Also, if you feel so inclined... pour one out for @Sinn Fein. He may be back at some point, but I'm assuming it will be after the election given his lack of restraint in the PSF.
  9. So... got the go ahead from the wife to get a PS5. I already knew this, but now she says I can get one for my Christmas any day now. (I was planning to wait until Christmas or later.) All preorders are gone. Do I have any hope of getting a PS5 on release day? What should my strategy be? There's a Sam's a few miles from my house, show up there on release day when the store opens? (WalMart is also an option, as is Target.) Strange twist of fate, release date is the Day after Veteran's Day, which I have off. Because of COVID I still have a ton of vacation, so had already scheduled a 5-day weekend with the release day on day 2 of 5.
  10. I do little cheats like this from time to time. Like I made nachos the other day. Measured out one serving of chips and one serving of cheese. Ate with salsa. Under 300 calories and felt luxurious.
  11. Had too many calories Saturday and Sunday. (By just a few hundred, not like Otis with a bunch of cookies.) Going to hit it hard this week to finish up the month. It's going to be cold/wet early this week and I hate the treadmill. This is going to take extra willpower.
  12. I am still the primary grocery person. I go myself 1-2 times/week. We eat a lot of meat and produce and I do the cooking and like to pick out the meat and produce so we haven't given into the curbside/delivery grocery option. I sanitize during the grocery run and then wash my hands when groceries are put away. I go early in the morning on the weekend and can usually get in and out in under 30 minutes because I know the layout of the store and make a detailed list (in store order) before I go. Never wiped down groceries. Like others, my primary grocery store has given up on the one way aisles. We are doing more Amazon shopping for stuff that we don't want at a grocery store. Toothpaste, lotions, etc. We used to leave packages in the garage for a few days. Now we generally open them right away and wash hands after. We still have yet to eat at a restaurant, even during a week-long vacation. We do take out/curbside/delivery once a week or less. Is this the new normal? I can live with it, but I am ready for this to be over also. I miss live events.
  13. Wife and I mailed our ballots last Friday. Our instructions didn't note to write down the tracking number to ensure it gets counted properly. We found that later online.