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  1. Yeah. Thunder gave up 0-11 run to end regulation. Thunder. Must. Learn. To. Close.
  2. This win for the Thunder is frustrating. They can play well when they care. It's the clunkers against ####ty teams that hurt.
  3. I really like Olidipo. Happy he's playing so well in Indiana. How does that trade for George look now?
  4. I was hoping the three in a row prior to last night was the turn of the corner for OKC. They need to figure it out soon.
  5. So @Mjolnirs, I don't want to turn this political... how does insurance work in your situation? Will your insurance company have to pay the hospital in Germany? I assume Germany has a national health care system, so are they even equipped to deal with an American insurance company? Will you have to pay $$$ up front and then file claims with your provider? Its weird, but I'm about the insurance portion.
  6. 10mil+ in the current landscape isn't that much... I mean you remember the amounts the big 5 leagues through around in the summer right?
  7. I wanted to like the story, but that seemed mean. T&Ps @Mjolnirs
  8. I would think this last part will help the chances he sticks to his USMNT commitment, just by getting out of Mexico.
  9. hmm i feel like you would be cutting it close. Freeze until Friday maybe? I'd freeze till Friday as well. I agree. Although my fridge has one drawer that when set to meat 'lightly' freezes meat. I'd be comfortable with putting it in that drawer for 5 days.
  10. Fired up FO4 for the first time in a while this weekend. Didn't get to play much (sucks being old and having responsibilities), but man I love this game.
  11. Lame.
  12. App is legit as well. Even has an option with alerts to mute them. Only impacts the current game but great for watching later without spoilers.
  13. I got Mexico. No ####### way. El Tree puede trupalo mi pita.
  14. Like going on a quest and then getting a notification that a settlement is under attack so you go there to help and then end up spending the next hour building more stuff there. Well I was going w/ happy memories, but that definitely happens a lot.