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  1. This Allegiant Flight Attendant working out of Tampa busted up her husbands guitar and left him with a black eye. How did he not know when she was getting back home.
  2. This took place at a Navy Seals Museum but not affiliated with the actual Navy Seals. They dress the test dummy up in a Kapernick Jersey. Unleashed the Hounds on Kapernick
  3. Raw seeing it go anywhere from 300 to 400. Graded 1k to 2k. Card store in Tampa will be offering PSA Grading soon will go there to handle grading.
  4. Bought 4 packs of Topps 2018 series 2 at Big Lots and pulled a Bat Down Acuna...not bad for $20
  5. Kofi took a hard bump to end that match.
  6. It was unrealistic for FSLY to continue its march wonder if this is a temporary pattern and it will continue on its way to $100.....I have both FSLY and NKLA and will be interesting who gets to 100 first.
  7. I would like in if Possible....Lot of breweries here in the Tampa area.
  8. Think NASCAR needs to provide some evidence. If it comes to be found that it was a garage pull down NASCAR will have a lot of explaining to do.
  9. This pandemic is not helping Sleepy Joe at all. Battleground states with Democratic Gov are facing opposition by the citizens due to the crumbling of businesses they may have started and financial hardship they are facing as they watch Florida, Texas, Georgia and other Republican states open and gaining momentum to 100% occupancy of businesses in the coming weeks. Trust me Republican production staff are capturing footage and it will be used in Political campaigns as we get closer to Election Day. No Way Biden wins Electoral College vote.
  10. I am trying to accumulate 2000 Warrants because SPCE in March did a cashless exercise of the warrants to not dilute the stock and they collected .42 share for every share you own so that would leave me with 1000 shares if the casheless exercise occurs.
  11. VTIQ is a SPAC for Nikola Motors it is on a tear today up over 25% today. DEAC was a SPAC for Draft Kings and they are doing well also. VTIQ is supposed to take Nikola Motors first week of June. XERS is doing nicely and they have the diabetes market pretty well cornered. They were beaten down this first part of the year but they are making a nice run today also.
  12. Anybody investing in VTIQ or buying warrants in VTIQW. I have been collecting shares and warrants since March when Ubben appeard on CNBC. VTIQ is a SPAC which will undergo a symbol change to NKLA for Nikola Motors. Today it closed 20.46. Just was looking if others are familiar with this ticker and there thoughts.