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  1. try now or in a couple of minutes (I told them to change the setting)
  2. what do i need to do? the link was sent to me,
  3. Got a great box from Lehigh98! A six pack sampler from the Colony Meadery, and two shirts, one from the Meadery (an homage to the Sex Pistols) and the other from Funk Brewing. Last, a mug from Bethlehem Music Fest. Pics to follow. Thanks, bro! O
  4. FTR, I have gotten stiffed, in a bad way, on this at least once, maybe twice.
  5. Corey Booker on Today: "I have played in basketball games where the referee was biased. We all still competed."
  6. Yes, it would, but it would also be an opportunity cut into the control that the other groups have. They are vertically integrated, and can create a stable of talent that they can promote and put on their own fight cards, just like they do for MMA; but on different weekends from other UFC cards.
  7. I understand, but they have the money and infrastructure to create a separate boxing division that could go after that fan base. The complaint about boxing is the alphabet title situation and how fights never happen that should. Sign a bunch of young fighters who are hungry and create a competitition that would lead to the creation of a champion. If these fighters are of significant skill, they would be ranked by the other major sanctioning bodies.
  8. How likely is it that UFC create a boxing only competition/division within UFC to create their own stable of fighters?