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  1. Weak sauce, blue.
  2. In the aftermath, the flyers. Going to New York for work, all you would see downtown were paper flyers everywhere looking for the missing.
  3. Driving to a work conference in D.C. Listening to Stern as he described what was happening. Conference was right near the Washington Post building. People came in from all over the country to go to this conference. They decided not to cancel it and let everyone go home. Watching the events unfold on tv while sitting in a conference so close to the Pentagon and White House was a surreal feeling I will never forget.
  4. If the episodes for next season are going to be longer, think how much bank they would make if they put them out in theaters a month at a time.
  5. Glad you like them. If you wear the freds tavern shirt I guarantee someone will approach you. It's an iconic bar and basic t-shirt that everyone down the shore has or has seen.
  6. Take a lot of pics.
  7. https://postimg.org/gallery/2lavcshk6/ pics of two shirts and two beers received from Righetti. Thanks man. Beers did not last and the shirts will be worn with pleasure. Thanks again.
  8. Only a couple of lamb shanks left...
  9. Eggs Benedict. Coffee and OJ.
  10. Of course we have a Bloody Mary bar
  11. So who's at the six top drinking coffee for the last hour?
  12. Cream of wheat and a black coffee.
  13. Glad we got the liquor license
  14. Absolutely. What type of bread