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  1. yes it did @saintfool that makes me cooler than anything with the kids. Getting through airport security was an interesting process.
  2. Hey guys, I've been having a lot of fun crushing the baseball DFS as that has always been my best DFS sport and it got me thinking about this thread. I realized I never posted the links to my articles and at times they can be hard to find on the site so I wanted to keep them in one place. Here's the article where I broke down my Fanduel's Sunday Million winning lineup as well as the thought process behind all of the key decisions. Here's the article where I took folks through a behind the scenes look at what happens at Live Finals and how the winning lineup came together. Across all sports I think I have had 20-30 live finals shots and each is such a unique experience it was fun walking through this one. If you aren't following me on twitter I am going to try to be a bit more active there with a focus on learning, teaching, and just random interesting things I come across. You can find me @SteveBuzzard and of course we have some awesome stuff coming this year at Footballguys that I am pretty pumped up about!
  3. Thanks guys for the support. The event was the Fanduel WFFC. I am going to write up an article talking about it. Anything in particular that folks are interested in that I can try to hit on?
  4. Hey guys thanks for the shoutout and questions! You will most definitely continue to hear from me. I wouldn't rather be doing anything else than being a part of the Footballguys family. Even out relaxing on a boat. Although maybe I should start writing up my articles out there! Multi tasking at its finest. I am in the process of writing up an article describing my thought process on this lineup. Look for that in the near future. Thanks @agame2323 for the shoutout for accuracy of ownership projections. I put a lot of work into them and think they are the best in the business. Glad you are finding them helpful.