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  1. You son of a #####, you left the bodies and you only moved the headstones!
  2. Kirsten Dunst Isiah Thomas Dianna Agron Johnny Galecki Kunal Nayyar Gal Gadot 😃 Cloris Leachman Stephen Harper Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden Sam Heughan Marc-Andre ter Stegen
  3. Dude gets thrown through a glass window but then to top it off, the cop drags his ### through the shards that are still there. His face was busted up but I bet the rest of him was all cut up as well
  4. I’m open to receiving everything but as far as hooch and beer goes, I prefer: Hooch - bourbon/rye/single malt scotch Beer: Porter/Stouts/Sours I am thankful for anything and everything that whomever sends me
  5. When you get to 1984, give the album “All Over the Place” a listen. It showed that The Bangles were a good band and not just that MTV #### of Walk Like an Egyptian. James, Hero Takes a Fall, and Going Down to Liverpool were my three favorite songs on that album
  6. #1, It’s a club #2, thank God it wasn’t this kind of club