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  1. Sea Biscuit, the Mighty Ducks, Robert Downey Jr...who else...Rocky
  2. 1) 5 times distilled, 7 times, 10 times...blah blah blah 2) It has to be Tito’s vodka because it says gluten-free and so and so can’t have gluten
  3. Bruce Willis wants to talk about Wet and Dry with an appearance from Sharon Stone
  4. Speaking of school lunches, you’re right, I hated their pizza but does anyone else remember long dogs roll ups? About a foot-long hotdog wrapped in some crescent roll bread. I loved those!
  5. If you got lost on your way to some party you just stopped in at any old gas station and asked if you could use their street atlas
  6. The Baseball Bunch with Johnny Bench, Tommy Lasorda, and the San Diego Chicken
  7. I see this little girl do the same thing at her art stand. Her name is Ruthie and she’s always selling her good art
  8. Hell yes! Gary’s Home Video in Blaine. He would say what new movies were scheduled to come in on what date and when he opened up at 11 AM on Friday, I would drop a dime in the payphone between classes at the Roosevelt Junior High and reserve a few movies because we had already told mom that on Friday night so and so was sleeping over and we wanted Stouffer‘s French bread pizza and a couple movies