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  1. No other movie goers in the theater at that time? Odd that the only two witnesses are the wives. And who the #### brings a gun inside a movie theater? Was he worried about a Dark Knight scenario?
  2. La La Land is gonna crush it.
  3. I finished...thanks, Shuke!
  4. https://forums.footballguys.com/forum/topic/754315-official-tom-perez-thread/
  5. Is this the official thread?
  6. Could he become the first Hispanic president in 2020? https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tom_Perez
  7. Hh Gregg might be filing bankruptcy next month, says a report online today. Upgrade Best Buy, everyone. Have a great Friday. Peace, -E
  8. Pro tip when at a steakhouse and you want to eat light: Get a small lean steak, such as the petite sirloin, but get a ton of sautéed onions on the side. This will help hide the fact that it tastes about 1/10th as good as that 20 ounce ribeye you were going to order. An obviously, less mashed potatoes and more asparagus (stinky pee).
  9. One video just said that Wolf Blitzer puts mustard on his turkey sandwich. WTF? Mustard and not mayo? #fakenews
  10. How much are you guys paying monthly for internet? Who do you use as your provider?