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  1. Yeah, she's pretty amazing.
  2. I approve of this movie. Go see it. That is all.
  3. Maybe his jeans were Wranglers?
  4. What ethnicity are you and the girl? Do you know what she does for a living? But yeah, I think at the very least, you could have dropped a "we should get together one of these nights for dinner" or something like that.
  5. Wait for the back to school sales...you just missed it.
  6. This made me laugh.... DONALD GLOVER: NOT THAT DIFFERENT NextPrev
  7. I'm on 1917 now so can't comment on 1945 yet but I'd suggest just building up some bonuses over a few days from the daily spins and what not. Then use all of them just get past that level.
  8. Oh, well then tough luck for her.
  9. Ricky Williams part deux?
  10. Bump. We might not have this thread much longer. It could be the Dak Prescott show soon.
  11. Just say that unfortunately, you do not have access to those reports. Suggest that she estimate the figures. And to send noods.
  12. Anyone eyeing up Dollar General or Dollar Tree? They both got crushed yesterday and I think it was a bit over done. Might buy some Dollar General today.
  13. I haven't played Civilization in a few years and not even sure which one it was (maybe 2 or 3). I might jump back in and pick this one up. Regarding PC requirements, what exactly are we talking about here? How much RAM? What else? Can I play this on my Amiga? (jk)
  14. Any word on Mr. Ford? How did it go? Best wishes to him.