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  1. I would say and think that I've heard that before and no, I don't ALL Asian people are terrible drivers.
  2. Whatever happened to the younger guy in this thread who was volunteering/supporting Bernie? I think he said Bernie motivated him to run someday? I forget his name. He doesn't post much now.
  3. Pitbull's spaceship he just ordered?
  4. Godmorningboner?!?!
  5. Good morning, sunshine!!!!!
  6. How awesome would it be if the President emailed you porn?
  7. It's actually good that it's NOT wireless. I got the Sega Genesis package and the wireless remotes were horrible. Very weak, unreliable signals.
  8. Look at Clinton with the zingers... "I’m with you*" —@realDonaldTrump *Not included: women, African Americans, LGBT people, Muslims, Latinos, immigrants...
  9. “So what he’s trying to do is, he’s trying to defeat hate with hate. And hate doesn’t beat hate. It’s never f***ing beaten hate. It just makes more hate. Now this just might be the most hippie thing that ever comes out of my mouth. But it’s true. The only thing that can beat hate is love. Now, love doesn’t always beat hate. It doesn’t always beat hate. But it does do something.” And that is this: “Eventually, everyone will see them as the a**hole. Don’t be the a**hole, America.”
  10. I don't think they would litterally return his trash.
  11. Solid, growing company....:thumpsup:
  12. Yup, pretty much this. No one should need to apologize or be embarrassed for their race.