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  1. 27 points from a defense!?!?! Damn, that's a mountain to climb to start the week.
  2. Solid letter. He's still a POS but I lean towards believing his side of the story.
  3. Fyi, you guys aren't missing much with Giants/Pats. More points in baseball game.
  4. You're too stupid to have a good time.
  5. Anything slightly edgy that will get people passionate gets thrown in the politics forum. I mentioned that I liked ketchup on hot dogs and people screamed "MOVE THIS #### TO THE POLITICS FORUM!"
  6. His last one was pretty damn good. Much better than the previous couple before that.
  7. Reading more on the story.... Why didn't she immediately go to the police? If that not night, the next morning? I get it that she's overseas but it's still a crime.
  8. Yup. And when you add in Daniel Tosh, Chad Daniels (who has used the "R" word several times on stage), Chappelle, etc....there's plenty of non-PC comedy out there.
  9. Anyone use Under Armour running sneakers? I'm interesting in them due to the HOVR tech stuff. And these look pretty good, imo.... Link
  10. Bet big on Washington against Minnesota on Thursday night! AP revenge game?!?!?!?
  11. On right now. Does his voice stay like this the whole time?
  12. Caesars Rewards is changing up their Diamond status a little bit: "Regular" Diamond - 15,000 Tier Credits - No Resort Fees plus the $100 celebration dinner Diamond Plus - 25,000 Tier Credits - Same as above plus free entry to all diamond lounges Diamond Elite - 75,000 Tier Credits - Same as above plus $600 airfare credit flying to Vegas. I don't know if the Seven Stars status changed or not. I think it's still 150,000 tier credits.