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  1. Update: Still a horrible event.... And the parents are blaming Royal Caribbean. They were on The Today Show this morning.
  2. I went but it was winter time and we did snowmobiling and stuff. Good times. Played at a couple of the casinos on the main road there (Harvey's and some other one). They were pretty quiet for the most part. If I had to do it all over again and I was going in September, I would look into maybe a fishing charter.
  3. Speaking of clubs in Vegas, what is the dress code for men? I'm reading conflicting reports on jeans. Some sites say you're okay with nice dark jeans, dress shoes, and a button up collared shirt. Some sites say no jeans. Anyone been to the "oohn oohn oohn oohn" dance type of clubs lately?
  4. Looks like Marshmello is already sold out for that Saturday. But yeah, I think it's wise to get tickets/table ahead of time.
  5. If you think you'd be happy doing either of the possible new jobs, then I would fall back on which one pays more and how it would impact family (more time away, do you have to move, will you be working with attractive co-eds, etc.)
  6. Was this a good song? Good luck.
  7. Will Kenny Loggins have new music for this one? I love that Danger Zone song. I feel like I could bench 500 lbs when that comes on at the gym. 💪
  8. Is the original worth watching?
  9. Heard a recent Freakonomics podcast episode on this. Apparently, this isn't a new idea but it was revisited for this episode. Thoughts?
  10. Are interceptions minus 5.356 points? Do you get points for players with mustaches?