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  1. I jumped on ASU -1.5 for a tiny amount. Need something to root for while I chow on a Chickies & Pete's chicken parm.
  2. I'm like a nostradamus or something. He's already leading the league in saves.
  3. He was out there in my 10 team league but we don't have the exact 5x5 scoring system (meaning you can punt saves and use a non-closer RP).
  4. Closer for Seattle. He went undrafted in some leagues. He has the stuff. Diaz got a ton of opportunities for Seattle last year. I foresee over 30 saves if healthy all year.
  5. But will they have Mario Kart online? That's what would get me excited and creamy.
  6. Stadia sounds like something chicks put in their coffee.
  7. I'm gonna need some solid NCAA picks (for today and tomorrow games) and MLB picks (for the season). I'm counting on you guys. Please don't let me down.
  8. We're gonna hit the PB for $550 mln...I can feel it.
  9. You have low odds of dating a woman over 6 foot when you're 5'6. Keep looking though. You'll find one.