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  1. I took: Wilder to win in 1st 30/1 Wilder to win in 2nd 30/1 Wilder to win in 3rd 20/1 Wilder to win in 4th 20/1
  2. Thought this was about restaurant servers.
  3. Current Philly TV news is all about a new archbishop. They are even showing it live. Is this a big deal? Aren't there more pressing shootings, Philles gossip, etc. they could cover?
  4. At the casino last night, I was playing one of those digital blackjack games. The one that always has an attractive dealer with cleavage hanging out. Didn't do well. I didn't play bad but the consistent 20s she was getting was insane. Those machines are rigged, right?
  5. I know nothing about betting on boxing but I want to bet something on the Wilder Fury fight. Can I ride some coattails peas?
  6. Currently at a FL airport with not many Asians around. No sight of face masks anywhere. The mood here is upbeat. eoMMan for FFA news. In your corner.
  7. Pretty much this. I think as a whole we all need to be nicer to one another (I know, not easy to do). If you decide to recline, might be a good idea to let the person behind know first.
  8. But the PB helps contain the jelly. If it's just jelly on the bread, it sometimes becomes a sloppy mess.
  9. This was on TV again last night. Great movie. As troubled as he may be off-screen, Kevin Spacey is awesome in movies.
  10. I love checking bags. More space, you don't have to fight people for space in the overhead (especially the idiots who feel it's necessary to stand up IMMEDIATELY when the plane lands), it's sometimes cheaper to check a bag if your airline is charging for carry-ons, you have the ability to check items that you can't put in your carry-on, etc etc etc.
  11. But what if someone loves PB and puts it on both pieces of bread?
  12. UHEM. He just got bought out (big $$$) from Phil Ivey.