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  1. Let's wake up, ladies....it's time for our aqua Zumba class!!!!!
  2. Nothing wrong with learning about what people do for a living and if it's something he/she is might be interested in.
  3. Along with the volunteer stuff, do research on their future careers...or at least narrow down what they want to do. Heck, they could even start a small business NOW if they want. Teach them responsibility, the value of earning money and how to manage it.
  4. Yes, Orange Theory Fitness. Yes, mostly females in the class. I think they offer an intital free class...try one.
  5. I can definitely see the appeal with Tesla...i mean, who doesn't like Tony Stark? But I'd like to see them come at least close to turning a profit first.
  6. These OTF classes are no joke. I burned 805 calories last night. They are pricey but I recommend them for people who need a kick in the ### when it comes to working out (or who just wants a good workout).
  7. NFL...all NFL games...are still the best. Then bowling. Then MLB. Then maybe NBA or NHL....haven't watched a single playoff game from either so far.
  8. I don't watch it much but the stuff put out by Rob Dyrdek has been great (Ridiculousness, Rob & Big, etc).
  9. Dude looks JK Simmons (from Farmers commercials, Juno's dad, etc.).
  10. Are you from Ireland? Cause my penis is Dublin! Is that how the joke goes?
  11. Diet Dr. Pepper is actually really good. It's still not healthy but tastes good with 0 calories.
  12. 1 and 3 have fake boobs, right?
  13. How does one golf while on a treadmill?
  14. My dog isn't really old but getting there in age for his breed. He's an American Bulldog and will be 8 in December. A few nights over the past couple of weeks, he's been pacing and panting like crazy in the middle of the night. He drinks a little bit but then continues doing it. He doesn't need to relieve himself outside. He's not hungry. It's like one of thise crazy tigers you see at the zoo pacing around. Is he just going loco from old age?
  15. Use this at your Memorial Day bbq to impress the broads... Did you hear about that movie with the hot dogs? I heard it was an Oscar Weiner. YAYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!! (then you whip out your weiner)