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  1. wow, I finished #1 for the week, currently sitting at #5 overall. hoping I can finish strong this final weekend.
  2. This video pretty much covers it.
  3. Good Luck For me personally, I wanted the "feel" of the retro controllers, thats why I went with those. The only downside is, it's not wireless, so be mindful how much slack you have on the wired ones.
  4. Retro SNES Controllers I went with these for the time being. May look into using Xbox controllers as well.
  5. I bought the 2nd bundle. Placed Retropie on it with NES, SNES, and Genesis games. The kids love it, and are having a blast playing the old school games.
  6. Last year I got red zone only. Was originally offered the regular ticket, so I specifically asked about red zone solo and I got it.
  7. Nice, thanks for the heads up.
  8. Eh, I mean sure, I could have pressed for more and more than likely gotten it. In the end though, the wife got what she wanted (reduction in billing) and I got what I wanted, the ticket. It was win/win for us. The gift card wouldve been nice no doubt, but I'm not going lose any sleep in not getting it.
  9. Called Friday, they wouldn't budge. Got offered $40 off for 12 months $28 off premium channels for 3 months., no Sunday ticket. Hung up to try again. Called yesterday, they still wouldn't budge, had the same offer. Started to set up a cancellation date, but I couldn't finish the call, I had an unexpected meeting. Hung up. Called after the meeting to complete the cancellation. They immediately gave me $50 off for 12 months, and sunday ticket max, with a 1 yr contract. I was satisfied with that offer.
  10. What are the thoughts on Derek Carr's value?
  11. How does one even get to the point of attempting this? Asking for a friend of course.
  12. Any projection for that 2016 1st? Unless it's a lock to be like top 3, I like Cobb more. Team trading the 2016 had 2nd worst record. So the 2016 could be a top 3 or so pick again.
  13. Just noticed this was to pair wr to qb. Team getting Cobb has Rodgers, and team getting HIlton has Luck.
  14. Trade went through in my league today. Not involved Team A- Randall Cobb for Team B- T.Y. Hilton, 2.2, and 2016 1st