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  1. WTMF? Is that the late Jay Reatard? Nightmares.Top 5 strangest things I've seen on YouTube. I'm certain of that.
  2. They're probably in the top five things to come out of Louisville. 1. Ali 2. Kentucky Derby 3. Sluggers 4. Jacket 5. Cheeseburgers
  3. Two weeks and six days away from seeing them again. Should be a great Lollapalooza cool down.
  4. Serious questions: Absent Viagra, how does one achieve and maintain a boner for this?Chick, need more?Yeah, I kinda need my sex partners to be more than bed ridden. Sorry if that makes me a homo.Isn't that kind of what woz shoots for?
  5. I'm sure that one little emoticon relieved you of all past transgressions. Either that or she was trying to figure out what the hell "ip" means.
  6. Disagree here. She's free to have any guy shtup her during her benders while old faithful stays home curled up in the fetal position staring at his cell phone.Seriously....Name one other dude on this board - HELL THIS PLANET - that would sit at home with a glass of wine and text-flirt his girlfriend all night long while watching a movie and eating a home cooked meal for ONE. This kind of stuff just isn't hardwired into male DNA. Who does this? This has to be fabricated.Dog sitting I tell you. This chick think Woz is her gay neighbor that has a special way with Fifi. And hell, she lives in a racist town so she knows there's nothing better for woz to be doing other than watching her dog and drinking red wine by himself on Weekend nights.
  7. Is this your girlfriend, or just some girl you dogsit for?
  8. What did she do?I'll do my best to keep this short. Her job requires her to work every other weekend at 5 AM. Somehow this doesn't keep her from going out late. Saturday night was a girls' night and she stayed out so late she never got to bed. I could care less about this as that is her choice. However, last night we had made plans that when she got off of work we would go to dinner. I head over to her place to meet her. When she gets there she asks if I mind if she goes over to her best friend's house for dinner as her new fiance was there and the family was celebrating and they just invited her. Despite us having plans I also have zero problems with this. With the impression she was just heading over for dinner I agree to just cook something for myself and watch her new puppy who needs to be watched when out and had been in its kennel all day. I hang out, eat, watch a movie, and drink a couple glasses of wine (as I think she is coming back) and a beer. I text her occasional updates on her dog and just do the normal text flirt thing. After my movie is over I do ask when she is heading back and she tells me she is "drinky drunk." I'm amazed she can drink again after getting wasted, not sleeping, then working all day but again, that's her call. I am a little irked though that now I'm at her house stuck watching her little dog and don't want to drive anywhere because my BAC would be over .04 and IMO not worth driving. I go to sleep at her house thinking she'll come back but she never does. I then gotta wake up early to take care of the dogs, run and get clothes, etc. She texts me a few times complaining that she is tired and apologizing for not coming back. I explain that in the future I'd appreciate a heads up if she's going to be out all night so that I can find something else to do without her and not be stuck watching her dog. She then states that she thought she told me she wasn't coming back but if she didn't I should have known because it was basically her "Friday night." I tell her she didn't and I had assumed she was coming back because she was so tired from the previous night and that I guess I now need to learn not to "underestimate [her] love of alcohol." Someone link this to kendall. Whiniest wife ever.How you doin'?
  9. I can't speak for others, but I only watch in hopes of good nudity courtesy of delicious, struggling nubile actresses whom I might recognize. Marky Mark seems to have forgotten the roots of this show... HOT BROADS! Nobody cares about Vince's hair or Turtle's business venture.ed her as the auction chick.