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  1. Yeah, bottom line. If I'm making $, I know things are good. You guys are all simply insane. Once again if things were the disaster you think they are, the market would not be up 10.5% since Trump got elected. You guys are fixated on Trump. You can't do anything about it so you should quit cultivating ulcers in your stomachs and enjoy the ride.
  2. Like I said, they would be ####### over the Steelers if they didn't do this until after the draft. He did everything asked of him.
  3. Sure. Whatever Trump did was a great move. What did he do hire him? Awesome. He fired him. Perfect. Who is this Flynn guy. Who cares. The stock market is kicking ###.
  4. Agreed. According to Avi Gilbert & his Elliott Wave Theory charts, we may dive soon possibly after reaching 2400-2420 on the S&P. NK and the potential govt' shutdown are wildcards right now. Of course the shutdown is always just a threat....always.
  5. ####### Trump. It's his show. Just like I blamed Bush when the markets lost during his disastrous 8 years. However, I am hoping to be on the sidelines when disaster strikes. Then I will cheer the meltdown and praise Trump's role in it, hoping to get back in near the bottom. You see it's all about $.
  6. E. Warren: The game is rigged and I am doing my part rigging it in order to keep my worthless ### in power. #### all of you. http://finance.yahoo.com/news/game-rigged-elizabeth-warren-explains-063205378.html
  7. I count my money. What you are seeing is that it doesn't matter who is in charge as long as the market goes up. That's why Bush was a ginormous POS. He ####ed #### up bad twice.
  8. For all you cowards out there: https://www.yahoo.com/news/contrarians-didnt-vote-trump-now-090051867.html David Kord Murray, the owner of a small business-finance company in California.......he strongly supported Hillary Clinton during the campaign, and voted for her without reservation, he now wishes he had cast that vote for Donald Trump. “I like what he’s doing, and I wish I had voted for him,” he says. Not having supported Trump sooner, he says, makes him “feel like a coward.”
  9. It would be hard to pass on him if the Bucs take him.
  10. Sounds like this is a great thing. Get rid of the crappy restaurants. If you want to open one, you better serve quality food.