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  1. Man, you are getting destroyed on that one. The decay itself may never get you your $ back. You need a bad event in a hurry. Current projections have the market selling off in a few weeks at the earliest.
  2. Many are subhuman losers that deserve to be shot.
  3. Back to the actual incident, someone needs to check the system they are using for recordings. I'd like to know the % of calls that have videos. There is no valid excuse for not having a video of this. Current recorders can be set up to record all the time automatically and then if there is a call, it goes back as much as 90 seconds and captures the recording. All it takes is a trigger such as the lights turn on. At a minimum, you get all the audio of the woman at the window. Sounds like an incompetent department. These things should be verified to be working before the shift starts.
  4. "Yeah but he threw an interception that cost them a playoff spot last year." Redskins are morons just like the guy that has been repeating the quote above for the last 6 months. Such a no clue loser.
  5. When I discuss the death penalty, I am talking about trash like this dinardo loser.
  6. Thats nothin. His average 18 hole score is higher than his IQ. MWAHAHAHAHA You guys Got any more material lately or are we still stuck on russia & treason?
  7. You guy are a mismanaged disaster. How much debt do you have now? Only the USA can go on indefinable racking up debt.
  8. Nice try.
  9. Not at all. All murderers should die. That is the crux of my argument. Saving $ is the bonus.
  10. They are mentally weak.
  11. Only because its not done properly. This has always been a cop out defense. Some of these losers could be processed in a day including all appeals and disposed of before dinnertime.
  12. Now all we can hope for with this POS is that someone kills him in prison Otherwise PA will be paying an enormous bill housing this garbage for the next 50+ years.
  13. We should send you the bill for theIr Incarceration. You would change your tune really fast.
  14. Biggest projected social security increase in years. Another bigly win, Mr. Trump. Amazing run so far.
  15. FYI it Has been that way since man arrived on planet Earth.