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  1. Looked all world on that first drive for a TD.
  2. Head to the south side and re-enact Escape from New York, Chicago style.
  3. Do ya really need to be able to hear when the police are pointing taser and a gun at ya? Seriously? What, do you think they want? To shake your hand with the taser or gun? The guy is dead because he was nuts. Mr. Sanchez was known for wandering up and down the streets during the day, even in heavy rain,
  4. That is a huge concern nowadays. Parents are looking for a chance to sue.
  5. No kidding. What a loser mentality. If the teacher simply blows off the comments (he was a student at one time and probably did the same....who hasn't) then that is a great teacher.
  6. I told him to go sit down at the end of he bench until the NYG shows they can give Gomer more than 0.63 seconds to throw the football. Nobody on waivers is even worth picking up in 14 team dynasty.
  7. Won't take me long to dig that up since they don't get near the redzone very often. A quick check of the play by play: They only got there once vs Cincy. What a bunch of losers. No touches. They only got there twice vs Jax. No touches. My gawd they suck.
  8. O'Brien is a moron. He really looks dumb. That's all on him.
  9. We only need to bomb one person when he pokes his head out.
  10. Nothing to work with as far as Trump lately, I see. Back to this gem? I don't see this thread getting any legs.
  11. South Korea is actually working on that. Not sure why the haven't completed the task. Every once in a while the toad steps out of the shadows. Not sure why someone doesn't fire a barrage of tomahawks at that location and end this BS. You kill him and then open negotiations. He must die.
  12. You know what is really odd? The left, who should be begging OUR gov't to do something about a dictator in NK who has teen sex slaves and kills his own people (with anti aircraft guns - yeah they are blow apart so that there are no identifiable body parts) in stadiums full of citizens of NK and a potential dictator in Venezuela letting his own people live is squalor, doesn't seem to care. They sure care about illegals being allowed to enter the US. Pretty sure the north Korean people are suffering a 100x times more than a bunch of illegals. It has already been proven that diplomacy doesn't work with the fat toad inn NK. Someone needs to stop that lunatic and now. There's only one way to end the carnage in NK and that is to chop off the head. Trump's speech was right on. If we are going to police the world, it's time to get tough with the 3rd world dictators. This planet needs cleaned up.
  13. He runs looking for a place to fall down. Can't break tackles to save his life and one his best traits: catching the football, is not an O'Brien play because O'Brien is an idiot.
  14. Smart move. Gomer is really awful right now and the OL will not help him at all. In fact, Gomer is done as an NFL QB. Throw the guy, that's fading, under the bus to buy more time to rebuild and save your own job. Lobby for the rebuild.