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  1. All depends on what QB they draft at #1 next year.
  2. Damn, missed that. If I would have known that, I would have taken Chubb over him in the draft. Hopefully this past season was a wakeup call. If he doesn't get it together, he will be a part of the stat of 'average # of years in an NFL career'.
  3. Just pay attention to what Belicheck does to this guy in week 9. He will probably last that long but my guess is it will not be pretty.
  4. The C7 is a better looking car. Who cares how fast it goes, there is always something faster. looks cool but I agree with Andy. Sadly it really looks like a freaking Acura NSX.
  5. Too damn funny. 5 rounds vs these 2 criminals, one with a shotgun. He'd be begging for that AR-15 when bullet #5 misses it's mark. The bottom line is that dude sank any argument against the AR-15 and I don't like the thing existing but its obviously necessary since we do not have a country anymore that punishes criminal activity the way it should.
  6. He will move up the rankings over the next 4 year term.
  7. The only way to save this country is to elect Trump again overwhelmingly so the Ds can blame it on the squad, pushing the D's back towards the center.
  8. Govt needs to cover all medical and I get to chose my servants out of a lineup.
  9. Gotta get 4 more years. Get out and vote Trump 2020!!!!!!!!!
  10. The AOC power trip is running on fumes right now.
  11. The occupant of the White House is great.
  12. Nobody likes this woman. She's 1 and done. They don't even like her in her district. A normal human beats her next election.
  13. Yep, they hang out here because this is where we are. This is the Great Place, they want to be great but just don't meet the requirements for greatness so they hang around greatness hoping it rubs off on them.