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  1. Trump colluding with Russia on CNN. Obama spying on US citizens on Faux Business. Awesome.
  2. At least we can see who can read and comprehend and who can't.
  3. Sure hope he can keep his #### together, work on his hands and he'll be a super fast Brandon Marshall.
  4. You mean force all these fat people to exercise? Remove the rascals from Walmart and make them walk around like they used to? When you walk around just look at how fat and out of shape most of the humanoids are. that really is the issue that needs fixed. Either that or increase payments made by the fat people. Lose that fat and lower your payments.
  5. Radical Islamic terrorist now will be referred to as LOSERS. About time. No longer called a terrorist. Simply a loser.
  6. The better move is that when they come back, you make them 'magically disappear' forever.
  7. 'Please to let me pass'.
  8. Yep. The one that threatened us in the past few weeks needs to die asap.
  9. Pretty much. Bin Laden's kid is a prime example.
  10. Makes sense.
  11. Drive into just about any parking garage and it's an eye opener. Maybe not NYC but in most cities is my guess. Certainly the city I am nearest. Hell, they can set off a small bomb sending people to the parking deck, fleeing and set off the real bomb.
  12. The video on CNN is weird. People streaming down some stairs running in every direction while others simply look on just standing there. Were they coming out of the arena?
  13. I had no idea that was Poland's policy. Incredible eye opener. Had to google it. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/europe/poland-refuses-to-take-a-single-refugee-because-of-security-fears-a7020076.html Poland will not be accepting a single refugee "because there is no mechanism that would ensure safety", the most powerful politician in the country has said. You gotta feel sorry for the true innocent refugees but you need to protect your own citizens first.
  14. That's an eye opener and should be even to those who believe you take in all refugees.