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  1. I want to comment on the wash rule. The way I read it, if you hold no position on it at end of year, and don't buy back within 30 days in January, it's meaningless and you can buy and sell all day long. It's hard to find it worded like that in the wash rule definition. Correct me if wrong, but since that is what I did in 2000 and claimed all loses, I believe it is correct.
  2. All I gotta say is if you don't want the book 1984 to happen in the USA, vote Trump and never let the D's control all branches of govt again. If the do, it's over.
  3. Yep. Now they will spin it to fit the way they see it. This place is a microcosm of what is happening out there in our great country. Speech must be controlled. Anything you say must conform to the the way they think. 1st amendment, forget about it. If you never read the book 1984, we are dangerously approaching that. One of the big things in that book was people reporting each other for anything that is not what they believe is right.
  4. Hell I'm glad I did a 25 cent below high at 9.25 on my puny shares.
  5. Wow. A guillotine is used for execution. And you think it's great. I got 30 days for wanting the cops to enforce the law on rioters. Great place this is.
  6. The FBI needs to find out who this person is and remove him from society.
  7. This is how justice is dished out properly. You assault a cop, you deserve what happens to you.
  8. Just watched it. They all got what was coming to them.
  9. Did she call for any of these rioters destroying america to be arrested????
  10. Whatever is in those red cans, get a fire hose and tanker of it. let these rioters have it. I see some civilized protesters tried to stand in front of the cops but way outnumbered.
  11. Spoke, walked away and left all the reporters sitting there and took no questions after they sat waiting for 45 minutes. Can wait for the fake outrage coming.
  12. Nice trade. Taught that TZA a lesson.