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  1. Lets not forget the bonehead challenge that cost them a much needed TO that would have got them at least one more play to get the ball closer. Carroll lost that game for them. I bet Belicheck just sits in his chair at home and laughs at these morons like Carroll and Harbaugh.
  2. If only they would have kicked that FG at the end of the 1st half.
  3. This is for the win. Oh wait, no it isn't.
  4. Pete Carroll doubles down on stupid.
  5. You do that long enough someone is gonna hurt ya.
  6. As long as they don't put Lacy in as his blocking FB.
  7. Except that they were not winning that game and were not in position to make the playoffs regardless of their record. The clock struck midnight on the Bills earlier this month. SEA is fighting for a playoff spot.
  8. Once again they confirm my statement that some of these guys would be teaching phys-ed in high school if they didn't have NFL connections. That's dumb people hiring dumber people.
  9. I'd give it zero chance.
  10. Not even close. They weren't winning that game with Tierod in there. he sucked just as bad.
  11. Marvin Lewis doesn't even know what happened on that play.
  12. Just the pass play by Shanahan in the SB and the pass play by the Seahawks in the SB. Dumber because they both caused them to lose the world championship. Easily the dumbest play call this weekend.
  13. I doubt you can come up with 3 plays dumber than that this weekend. I hope they lose by 2.
  14. that was as dumb as it gets.
  15. Brady will carve up the Steelers D week 15 and wrap up home field advantage unless the Steelers quit with the zone D. He owns them. He also owns Jack Del Rio teams for the same reason and that guy has never changed his D vs Brady. How are these guys coaching in the NFL? If you are beat everytime you use zone against Brady and other teams have beat him with man to man, why would you keep your losing philosophy? http://patriotswire.usatoday.com/2017/06/01/patriots-are-changing-the-way-steelers-play-defense/ Wonder if they will change to man to man vs Brady this go around..