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  1. Back to Mixon. He's a potential stud FF RB.
  2. Not sure what you are talking about. I have always had the stance that protesters move on rather quickly and even moreso with the invention of the smartphone. Sure it will be brought up from time to time going forward but each time less people will pay attention unless he screws up again. As far as this part of the statement: You do a little PR at the start. 'Everyone deserves a 2nd chance...except K-Stink '. 'He's doing great volunteer work...blah blah blah.' You pop the protesters bubble, they disappear. It was all in reference towards the teams PR department and Mixon. The reference to K-stink was simply that he's really a bum and doesn't even deserve a 2nd chance because ...well...he sucks. BTW, 1/2 the protesters (conservatively) could care less about those involved and are simply interested in hanging out in the crowd and some are simply hoping something good happens...to themselves while they are there.
  3. Ah, go jump in a river. May as well jack off while you are there. So can you now be arrested for rape if you jack off in a river?
  4. As a Bell owner, I draft him as insurance and possibly taking over. Would rather have him in OAK though.
  5. They will turn out for the 1st round of protests and then lose interest...like everyone else. You do a little PR at the start. 'Everyone deserves a 2nd chance...except K-Stink '. 'He's doing great volunerre work...blah blah blah.' You pop the protesters bubble, they disappear. It's USA circa 2017. Attention spans are measured in minutes at best.
  6. When did those happen? See how forgetful those protest were? Everyone has moved back into their smartphone. Man, if any word didn't fit, it's that one.
  7. Tanking comes from the very top. Owner level. 1st it requires a smart owner. Usually if you are a smart owner, you don't get into this predicament however. Bowles is not at all involved in a tanking scenario. He's simply a sacrifice. He has no say. The Jets are perfectly positioned right now for Sam Darnold. If I am the owner, I am making all the calls on FA signings.
  8. His only usable scenario: He's capable of playing a couple games where he takes off running to win the games. It takes the other coaching staffs that long to say 'oh, yeah, this guy sucks at passing and will run the ball.' However you may as well cut him after you use him once because the 2nd go round in any year is too early. He's like really bad insurance that can payoff if you are lucky. Give him minimum wage if you have a QB that always misses a couple of games and you are competing for the SB. That really lowers the # of options he has. Of course, they need to be thinking along those lines of we could sneak in a win or 2 if our guy goes down. Other than that, he's totally useless.
  9. Some team needs to make the smart move. Only one gets Sam Darnold....assuming he declares for the 2018 draft.
  10. Let's attempt to make the Raiders and Broncos think we might take this guy so they use an earlier pick. Pay no attention to Melvin Gordon.
  11. Mule ride to Phantom Ranch is a must but you have to be under 200 lbs.
  12. The POTUS is laughing at K-Stink. Man, we elected the right guy. Political correctness and treating losers like winners is in the garbage can where it belongs.