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  1. Tomlin is probably not even upset at the loss. He knew he had no chance to beat the Pats. He also looked like a bonehead for cutting James Harrison after the Pats signed him. He showed them though. Right now he's thinking, 'Ha, we didn't even make it to the AFC championship and you'll have to pay Harrison for nothing. I win, I beat you Belicheck/Brady!'
  2. They should most certainly fire him but since I own Mixon and he was coming on at the end of the year, I don't want them messing with the O. I think the OC is back.
  3. True. I would love to hear a response from him as to why he didn't yesterday. “It’s over my head,” WTF does that mean Ben? You're too dumb? 15+ years experience but you can't over rule stupid play calling? #### those 2 idiots. Tomlin and Haley have pulled the plug on QB sneaks. And in doing so, pulled the plug on their 2017 season.
  4. Hiring mediocre recycled bums is a proven failure. Expect the Browns to hire him. Then he will in turn help get Robiskie a gig as well. It's all coming together browns fans.
  5. Leroy Jenkins posted this in the Steelers thread: Ben Roethlisberger on 4th-and-1 rush attempts in his career, including playoffs: 19 attempts 18 first downs Highest success rate (94.7 percent) of any player with over 10 attempts since 2004 (including playoffs) Steelers on 4th-and-1 today: 0-for-2 (Bell run, Ben pass) Would be a good idea to have someone that could inform the clueless coaches of this stat. I guarantee neither Haley nor Tomlin knew these numbers.
  6. Nice info. I guarantee you neither Tomlin nor Haley knew that info. That should be info at their disposal. Instead they go with 2 plays with much lower chances of success. Probably the idiot Haley thinking he's being tricky. If they had blockchain technology, they would have won this game. Did I use that word correctly?
  7. Former Browns owner Art Modell notably quipped "I'll pay anyone here $10,000 if they can tell me what Ernie Adams does."
  8. GALT - Galactic Therapeutics, Inc. S&P 3088.
  9. What they really need to do is truly enforce the rule below. There is holding going on ON EVERY PLAY by the DBs. Seriously, according to the rules you cannot grab them after 5 yards. They grab all they way thru the route. ARTICLE 3. ILLEGAL CONTACT BEYOND FIVE-YARD ZONE Beyond the five-yard zone, if the player who receives the snap remains in the pocket with the ball, a defender cannot initiate contact with a receiver who is attempting to evade him. A defender may use his hands or arms only to defend or protect himself against impending contact caused by a receiver If this rule was followed to the letter, every play would be a penalty vs the defense.
  10. While it may look like it, it's usually never easy. Anything can happen. The 2007 Pats would agree.
  11. He gets to be the star of the video showing how not to play fundamental defense.
  12. LOL at defender #43. He blew the game by not knowing fundamental football.
  13. Keenan hits the jackpot.
  14. Thielen making Lattimore his ##### right there.