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  1. Should make it a priority to be in the hunt for Trevor Lawrence in 2021.
  2. Has there ever been a worse 1-2 pick in the NFL draft? Both the Bucs and the Titans drafted colossal busts and wasted the careers of everyone else on the team for 5 years each. Now both need to start over and try and find a QB in the draft.
  3. Done as a panther. He's not even 1/10th the passer that Kyle Allen is and his weapon (legs) is not gonna get it done.
  4. They need to put in Griffin and see if they have a Kyle Allen on the roster. No reason to waste anymore time with this colossal bust.
  5. That's right Arians keep putting the inferior RB out there.
  6. From behind camera angle, a WR was wide open right in front of him and he totally missed it
  7. Arians has successfully neutralized him and Brate.
  8. Polling in the single digits. She an irrelevant nobody.
  9. Yes. they need to just admit their refs can't do the job the way the game is played now. The refs are simply refusing to change calls because they feel the new rule is a slap in their face and that its in there because of their incompetence. Thus they are saying ok, we will just refuse to change a call regardless of how obvious it is.
  10. The league is also too dumb to appoint a guy in league offices who could look at the Saints-Rams call and overrule it. It's really that simple where 1 person over rules stuff instead of the hacks on the field who have Zero consistency.