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  1. This is how justice is dished out properly. You assault a cop, you deserve what happens to you.
  2. Just watched it. They all got what was coming to them.
  3. Did she call for any of these rioters destroying america to be arrested????
  4. Whatever is in those red cans, get a fire hose and tanker of it. let these rioters have it. I see some civilized protesters tried to stand in front of the cops but way outnumbered.
  5. Spoke, walked away and left all the reporters sitting there and took no questions after they sat waiting for 45 minutes. Can wait for the fake outrage coming.
  6. Nice trade. Taught that TZA a lesson.
  7. Looks like a packed house. Well, the new version of a packed house. Dude in the light blue just tested his ability to raise his hand for a question. they all put their jackets on. is it raining? That would be funny.
  8. Not at all out of the realm of possibilities. That's family & friends. His twitter account is programmed into the market computers.
  9. ...and then do the opposite. .....Costanza!!!!!! My dad at 94 is trading stocks. Says he's gonna "gamble". So he buys MRO. $25k worth. Doesn't realize it went thru so puts it in again and now has $50000. Freaks as its near end of day. can't get sell in. Puts in after market at a higher price. Hits big for an $8000 win on 1/2 of it. Sells the other half weeks later for another $7000 win. Costanza!!!!!!
  10. That's pathetic. Do they actually think they are gonna fool anyone with that?
  11. My only winner right now is AG. Silver. Who'd a thunk it.
  12. Me either and when it blows up like this, I feel glad that I don't. Of course all these drug companies are susceptible to massive instant beat downs.