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  1. GIVE 'EM HELL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had to leave before they even got to the bill. It was at the end of a long list of stuff and I had to get back to work. 2 of the other bills in the same hearing were: H2593-An Act to reduce youth tobacco consumption S1312-An Act to reduce tobacco addiction Hmmmm.
  2. I'm currently sitting at the hearing at the Massachusetts State House.
  3. Hearing today to impose 90% tax on e-cigs in Massachusetts: This is happening about a 5 minute walk from where I work. I'd love to head down there to voice my opinion but alas, I have to friggin' work. I certainly hope this doesn't happen.
  4. Is Artemis the product you are using? Been using V4L and it has really helped but would like to try a higher end setup. Been using the stronger 24 & 36 V4L cartridges because the weaker ones were not giving me that "relief" jolt quickly enough. The V4L cartridges have been a bit hit or miss. Some seem to run out very quickly. Maybe I need new batteries. Been rotating two batteries for 3-4 months. But if I need to buy new batteries I just prefer to try a higher-end system. One word: Ego One more word: Tank Its the next logical step up from stick batteries and cartomizers. Almost every e-cig supplier sells a version of the ego and tanks. Dont be intimidated, the setup is simple. Think of the tank as a catomizer with more capacity. Theres really no tricks to learn to use it other than filling/refilling the tank, which takes about a minute to learn. I get mine from Totally Wicked. The tanks there are around $16, but they last months and months. Mine (I have 2) are 8 months old and work great. You replace the Cartos in them like you would a normal cartomizer. Tank cartos last me anywhere form 5 days to 2 weeks (depending on thickness of juice), which is MUCH longer than regular cartomizers used to last me. Battery Tank Tank Cartos Bear with me. Thanks. So a good start would be 2 batteries, 1 tank and 5-10 cartos? I would then need a battery charger and the e-liquid to fill the carto/tank? Could you suggest a strong tobacco flavored e-liquid? Lastly, is their a kit on the wicked site that has all you suggest? Sorry a myriad of options on there that I don't quite have a handle on. Thanks. I have the same setup so I'll tell you what I'd recommend. 2 batteries Around 15 tank cartos 2 tanks 1 Charger I don't vape tobacco flavors so I don't have any to recommend. With the tank system getting juices with a high percentage of PG is recommended. The heavier VG juices tend to clog up the tank system pretty quickly. Most here agree to try flavors other than tobacco simply because they taste good! Right now I'm vaping mojito with bananas foster and pina colada on standby.
  5. "Good on you". Sweet baby jaswus that sounds stoopid.
  6. wat Before we adopted it and pronounced it Or-Inge it was pronounced Nar-Inge-a. Naranja is the spanish word for orange except in Puerto Rico where they call it "china" (pronounced CHEE-na). That's because their oranges were imported from China with the name China on the packaging and for some reason they started calling the fruit that.
  7. I've seen that on occasion, but have simply found it puzzling rather than annoying. What reason could they have for the top down, windows up look? To cut down on the wind and make it more comfortable on cooler days while still enjoying a wide open top.
  8. Plus most places, like convenience stores, liquor store, who sell e-cigs just sell the crappy disposable kind. I doubt they sell much. I asked at the liquor store down the street from work and they said they hardly sell any, even with the display right on the counter. It's kind of like saying you don't want to open a Dunkin' Donuts because it will hurt the next-door convenience store's crappy coffee sales. There is a place in my town that opened a couple of years ago. All he sells is the cig-style e-cigs. I think the guy is nuts. He should be selling egos and all the other stuff we've grown to like. I actually talked to him about that and he had no clue about anything but the cig-style ecigs. And he quit smoking using ecigs. He asked me to come and show him my setup but I haven't yet.
  9. I'm new to this.. I played around with a few options though so I have some knowledge of it.. From what I understand, the liquid is the cheaper way to go... And after comparing prices in several places (everywhere I could), I feel pretty confident in that statement. It does limit you though, to either dealing on line or going to a tobacco, or vaper shop. (on line you'll find the best deals) You can modify the flavor with liquid/tank option, and there seems to be more variety.. You can even get a bottle with no flavor, buy the flavor concentrates, and mix your own.. You can mix it as strong or weak as you like, with flavor, nicotine %, and amount of vapor (PG vs VG).. Just depends on how deep you want to get into it.. Yeah I'm not sure I want to have a vapor mixing lab in my kitchen. I probably need to try the liquids just to see if there is a flavor difference. The cost is much cheaper than cigarettes regardless so that's not a huge factor, I would just like this to stick and the flavor and the concentration is a combination I have yet to find. I did just get some French Tobacco cats for my v4l and this is the best one I've tried to this point, tobacco flavored but a little sweet. So do you find a big difference or any difference in liquid v straight cartomizers? I wouldn't say there is must of a taste difference. Just better performance.
  10. Definitely go with the tanks. So much more enjoyable with less hassle/frustration with trying to elongate their life. For me lighter pg juices work best and have the longest life. So I'd recommend PG juice with a tank system.
  11. It's amazing to see how far e-cigs have come in the relatively short period that all of us have been in this thread. It seems that not too long ago, to upgrade from a cigarette-style batt and carto one would have to search out different websites and sometimes order from various companies to get the setup one was looking for. Now on just about every site one can get a starter kit or a more advanced kit or supplies. It seems only logical that some companies will start selling more stylized/customized ecigs. Perhaps with branding on them or the name/design of popular bands. But it also seems likely if they start being regulated that the FDA will step in and put a halt to that because it won't want ecigs marketed/desirable to kids. I just hope they don't start taxing the hell out of them because one of the beauties of ecigs is the cost savings and if someone has to pay close to as much as it costs for regular cigs it may dissuade some people from bothering to try.
  12. The reason why I started this topic, well, it's a long story, I had a few drinks in me after a semi-argument with my g/f. It's pretty unusual but here it goes. I guess I should add a little back story rather than going straight to the point. I met my g/f (from Puerto Rico) on a video shoot in the Dominican Republic. We instantly hit it off and after visiting each other a couple of times we decided she should move in with me. I live about 7 miles from Boston. She moved in about 8 years ago. All is well. Before she came here I met with her divorced parents and her extended family to show them I was an ok guy. We all got along. We still do. I love her family and we visit them and they visit us often. Her immediate family are all professionals and extremely respected in their fields. I have the highest regard for them all and respect them immensely. Upon entering her father's apartment, you'd have to be blind not to notice that virtually every book he has (and he has a ton) is related to the psychology of homosexuality. Ok, that's his niche. Did raise an eyebrow but he was married and has two daughters. I visit her mother. She has a best friend who is part of the family. I love this woman. She's always fun to be around. Ok, my girlfriends mother has this really great friend she's close to. No need to think beyond that. A few years go by, I never see any "romance" with her mother and her friend, they were just always a part of things. Never saw her father with anyone but his female friend who was also thought of as part of the family. But thoughts start creeping in. Not that I care mind you, to each his own, but my g/f and I have never talked about it. I started wondering, are both her parents gay? Her sister (who has a child from a previous relationship) visits us with her female friend and stays a week. One night I got out of bed to see if they needed anything. They were cuddled on the couch together, nothing was going on, but it seemed a little closer than you'd normally see two female friends hanging together. Another eyebrow raise. So last year, after seeing all this, while vistiing her family in Puerto Rico (and after a couple of PiƱa Coladas) I finally got the courage up to ask. "Are both your parents gay?". This is after about 7 years into the relationship. The answer was yes. Both her parents are gay. And her sister is as well. Her father, no surprise really. Her mother a little and her sister I'm really confounded by. So a few weeks ago when I started this thread, and I don't know how it came up, maybe I was a little tipsy after shoveling snow my neighbor wouldn't help with , but I started asking questions. "When did you're father let you know he was gay?" That sort of thing. Did they get married knowing they were gay and just wanted a family? Did they push back their true feelings because of the times? Did they realize this after they were married and that's why they divorced? So may angles. So we got on the topic of "are you born gay". Surprisingly my g/f didn't think so. I was astounded. I thought for sure she'd think so. Why would a person just all of a sudden, after having 2 daughters decide to play the other field? And that wasn't the cause of their break-up (her parents are still friendly btw)? It started to get a little heated and in the moment I posted poll here to validate my thoughts (that you are born gay). I was/am surprised some people don't think the same way. I can see how someone can choose to be with the same sex but not be inherently gay. That's kind of what I feel about her mother and sister. I don't think you can choose to be gay. I think you can choose to be with the same sex while not being gay. Yes, there are gray areas as, at least in my thoughts as my g/f's mother are concerned. Then those people are born bi-sexual. Cheers!
  13. This is what I use Volcano tankBasically you have the cart inside the tank. The cart has a little hole on the bottom that sucks up the juice you put in the tank. The tank with the cart screws on to the battery. Looking at the picture you linked to that seems like the basic starter kit and performance would be fine for a while. If she likes it she may want to move on to something like I have. Less hassle in the long run and a more enjoyable experience.
  14. One of the great things about e-cigs is you only need to puff what you need to be satisfied as opposed to committing a whole cigarette on the deck or wherever. It's always there when you need it. I definitely feel better lung capacity and improved sense of taste. I feel like a non smoker basically. I like vaping so much more for so many reasons. Convenience, taste, health, cost, no stink stuck to your clothes or house. It's basically a win situation all the way around. To a smoker trying to quit it's the best invention ever created in my opinion. I laugh when I think back at my attitude towards the kiosk at the mall with a couple of guys vaping. Seemed like just silly thing which I didn't pay any attention to. It wasn't until this thread when I decided to try it. So glad I did. :thumbup:Right now vaping sweet tart from alien vision. What tastes better? Sweet tart or a cigarette? I'll take a sweet tart thanks.
  15. I'm your dream, make you real I'm your eyes when you must steal I'm your pain when you can't feel, sad but true I'm your dream, mind astray I'm your eyes while you're away I'm your pain while you repay You know it's SAND PATROL!! SAND PATROL! *a buddy from college.
  16. Saw a guy on the subway with an e-cig today. Even took a puff on it on the train. No vapor cloud on exhale so it wasn't an attention grabber. Also saw someone in his car blasting away in a best buy parking lot the other day. Never saw anyone vaping until this past week.
  17. Dear boss, please recognize the disconnect when you tell me I should have let you know about the email you thought you sent me but didn't.
  18. I watched the video. They had another 5 friggin' dogs inside their mobile home?
  19. Definitely checking into this. Thanks for the tip!I use basically the same thing from Volcano. You can order the batteries alone there just fyi.
  20. Cunk - you still have the same set up you recommended last summer? I still haven't made the leap and am reconsidering again. Still extremely confused. Seems like a huge PITA to manage.Yes, still the same setup. It's not a pain at all. That's why I got this system. Typing out what you have to do makes it seem more complicated than it really is. For the most part I just pop open a cap, pour e-juice in the tank, pop the cap back on and blast away. And this is just only every few days. I have 3 batteries so I just switch them out when necessary.
  21. Still blasting away after 2 years. So glad I got the tank system. Haven had as much as a puff off a real cig in quite a long time. I can't believe I used to smoke cigs. Yeah, I guess it would be perfect if I didn't vape at all but hey, I'm happy where I'm at. And it's so convenient.
  22. Dear "boss", please take the extra 2 seconds it would take to type a clear, understandable email as opposed to the cryptic messages you send me because you are rushing so much. Also, it will save everybody time if you actually attached documents to your email. Those hours spent between me responding to your email that there was no attachment to when you say "sorry" and actually attached it could be used getting work done. And if I reply with "you forgot to send the attachment" don't reply with "I'll re-send". That makes it seem like you did send it before and I just missed it, which isn't the case.Also, if you are asking questions about a certain project don't hit reply to an unrelated thread and and then ask the question. That makes me think you are asking the question about the thread you replied to. This causes much confusion until we finally realize you were actually asking a question about something else.Basically I'm pleading with you to take a tiny bit of extra time to stop rushing so much so the communication between us is clear. In the end you'll actually be saving time by not going back and forth with needless emails and I'll get more work done. Win-win.
  23. Hey "played" a couple months here in Worcester, MA in the Can-Am professional baseball league this past summer. Only hit one home run and kind of decided not to play anymore. Everyone was excited in Worcester to see the big star come and play! What a disappointment. He was actually booted from playing in Mexico due to steroid testing before going to MA. His stats playing against probably the lowest level of professional baseball: 20 games, 5 runs, 14 hits, 1 homerun, a .194 batting average Nice.
  24. I do the opposite. I draw a bath then stand as if it were a shower. Sucks though.