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  1. so did the packer players. After game interviews they were all saying "at five minutes we thought we had this" I don't think it was a coaching issue - it was the packers lost their edge, their drive. they dominiated the game, and then started celebrating. The seahawks decided that they still wanted to win. And the Packers had not stepped on their throat, gone for the kill on offense. Good for the seahawks.
  2. the only thing good in this is that the Packers covered. I would of rathered won the game and not the jack however
  3. have to go down as one of the biggest chokes (or best comebacks) in football history grats seahawks.
  4. clever by Seattle - they sent out players who arent playing so they could coach up the starters on the sideline
  5. how can they not be throwing every time at Sherman?
  6. congrats Seatle
  7. congrats Seatle.
  8. if seatle wins, i want all the bandwagon jumpers to turn in their fan card
  9. i thought if he wore the gold cleats he was getting ejected?
  10. wow, terrible non call
  11. don't get cocky