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  1. Jay is who we thought he was. Great arm, terrible footwork, decision making that gets exponentially bad when he gets hit early and/or tosses a pick.
  2. Ted Thompson picks his first Wis Badger ever with the Abaderis pick
  3. and the Packers draft hahahaha, jokes on them THEY SHOULD OF GONE DENARD
  4. denard will be one of the best players in the draft
  5. So, we've got four picks until the Packers pick. Here's what they're looking at: Darqueze Dennard, C.J. Mosley, Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, Calvin Pryor, Rashede Hageman or a trade down. Read more from Journal Sentinel: Follow us: @JournalSentinel on Twitter TT has to be very happy
  6. Not saying Cowboys wouldn't take Manziel, just saying Romo's contract is untradeable, uncuttable and unretireable for at least 2 years. — Andrew Brandt (@adbrandt) May 9, 2014 Read more from Journal Sentinel: Follow us: @JournalSentinel on Twitter
  7. not f'ng going to the packers in r1. The Packers defense is swiss cheese. TT will go BPA - so long as it is a NT/ILB, CB or Safety available
  8. Ab will do fine in the NFL. He was the only decent WR on the team, always faced the best db or had coverage slanted to him, was getting the ball thrown to him by an average college qb, and still dominated the competion. He killed the OState secondary, including a guy supposedly a first round draft pick, Roby got owned by him the whole game
  9. Packers are making a statement. Two O line, two highly rated RBI. Fine, you want to play cover two? We are going to pound the ball
  10. GB traded up to get him. Lacy the starter and Franklin change of pace back?Yes. Both are decent receivers both strong runners. I would say benson and Starks are gone, possibly green.