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  1. The Grizzlies were going to get caught. They were playing like crap and had a really tough schedule IIRC. I think ESPN’s projection systems had them missing it even with their lead.
  2. I’ve always thought it was a push off, but they had that second angle of the play in the doc I’d never seen before, which to me really supported Jordan’s and Costas’s story that Russell was stumbling anyway and Jordan’s touch was lighter than it looked from the angle behind the play.
  3. I think you are overstating the tapestry of skills an owner needs to hire a decent basketball ops guy. You don’t need to have elite CEO skills to be curious enough to read up on, talk to, and hire some of the brighter minds in this area. Barkley’s criticism, which is that Jordan has prioritized hiring his old pals for important management positions over doing what I prescribed in the previous sentence, seems like a far more plausible explanation than him simply being incapable of making reasonable hires.
  4. Equating his capacity for intellectual growth with your capacity to learn how to dunk seems inapt at best.
  5. Yeah I’m having a little trouble squaring the guy who can’t stand to lose $20 to his security guard in a coin tossing game, with the owner who seems to be fine with one of the 2-3 worst front offices in the league. It’s an interesting argument when you get into the 20ish range. The titles are compelling, but he also only has 3 all NBA team nods versus someone like Malone, who had 13.
  6. Not that anyone should be surprised, but 538 found that Jordan's eastern conference playoff opponents were better than the ones James faced.
  7. I think it was ultimately a little disappointing in that it mostly wasted a fascinating premise, but I don't think it was bad.
  8. I don't know if I'd classify Horace Grant as bitter, but I've heard him interviewed in a couple places and he's still not exactly MJ's biggest fan either.
  9. Seems set up for them to get off to another hot start the first 7 weeks...assuming these games are all actually played. Barrows made the interesting point that if games are outright canceled, the softest part of their schedule might get wiped out. After that it’s pretty rough. No getting around that given the strength of the division though.
  10. I thought the controls were fine back in 2007-2008, but I suspect they haven’t aged real well. It was Bioware’s first attempt at trying to merge shooters and traditional RPGs. They found a much better balance in ME2/3.
  11. Even ME3 is 8 years old. I’d love to do another run through of the series with next gen graphics. Modernizing some of the gameplay quirks of ME1 would also make that one a lot more accessible.
  12. I haven’t seen it yet, but isn’t she in Rebels?
  13. I enjoyed the latest season of the Last Kingdom, but thought it was a step down from prior seasons. I have a fairly high tolerance for this sort of thing, but there seemed to be a lot of questionable character decisions that didn't seem authentic. Still good though.