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  1. Dedmon and Joseph are basically on two year deals, but yeah, those contracts aren’t great. Fox and Bagley need to pop if they are going to have any kind of future. We’ve only seen 1 game from Bagley this year but it wasn’t encouraging.
  2. SF’s defense is so good they’ll be in almost every game (wouldn’t be stunned if Lamar and the Ravens carved them up). As long as the offense doesn’t totally flat line, I doubt they lose all of those.
  3. Grade 3. Average time missed is 33 games, apparently, and I don’t expect the team to have a major reason to rush him back.
  4. De’Aaron Fox suffers a severe ankle sprain in practice just as the Kings start to show a little bit of a pulse. He could miss until the all star break or longer. here I come...
  5. You’re right that the OL and WR let Jimmy down after Sanders went out. That’s still not a complete excuse for some of his horrific throws and decision making. He was objectively bad last night even controlling for other variables. does that mean he’s a disaster and the team will never win with him? No, of course not. But he needs to be better.
  6. I think this overstates the case against Jimmy - if he played at 25% of the level he did last week against Arizona, I think SF wins this last game handily, so he does have more upside than a Tannehill type. He also absolutely has a major carelessness streak though and you’re right that he can’t get away with that against good teams (last night was a perfect example).
  7. Let’s not make excuses for Jimmy, he didn’t have any help tonight but he was every bit as bad as anyone else on offense. That fumble that got returned was totally avoidable and maybe the biggest swing play of the game, he was begging to to get picked off all night, and that last deep throw to Samuel could have still won them the game if it wasn’t underthrown. Usually he has 1-2 baffling plays a game, tonight it was 6-8.
  8. Made them look like the 2013 Seahawks and not the 28th ranked pass D or whatever they are. Man, really disappointed, and the new slate of injuries really hurts.
  9. Even if Kittle is playing I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s at 70% or less. That Seattle pass defense has been bad enough that Shanahan should be able to scheme well enough for them to survive, at least if Jimmy plays anywhere near as well as he did last week.
  10. I felt like an idiot trying to get in and out of the clips the first couple times. It gets easier.
  11. The Jim thing was a bit of a joke; I don’t think he’s typecast to that degree. But I do find him to be completely wooden unless he’s getting a chance to deliver some sarcastic dialog that shows off his ability to sell a dry sense of humor. He’s spent 95% of the two seasons with the exact same expression on his face. He’s not ruining the experience or anything but he’s not adding to it for me, either.
  12. Finished the season. It’s B+ TV with excellent production values. There are some questionable writing and plotting decisions but I enjoyed it.
  13. Sacramento was about ready to riot after the Hornets came through and beat them. I had a brief glimmer of hope that there might be a change in leadership as a result. No such luck.