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  1. I doubt Morey is going to let him remain autonomous. That said, I know Morey has spent a lot of time leaking to his media friends that he really didn’t want to do the Westbrook trade, but he is still the one who pulled the trigger on acquiring a ball dominant PG who couldn’t shoot.
  2. Very pleasantly surprised today, especially by the defense. Wilson always looks great whenever he gets on the field, it's a shame to see him go down. I didn't watch every snap, and I always enjoy when they can just run it down a team's throat, but I would feel better about the team's trajectory if it seemed like Jimmy could be trusted to throw a forward pass once in a while. Hopefully they are just biding their time until his ankle is fully healed.
  3. They made a big deal about changing their entire medical staff a couple of years ago. They have to be one of the most injured teams in the league since. I know a lot of football injuries aren’t preventable, but some of this stuff may be. Barrows expressed some skepticism about the new staff in the Athletic a few weeks ago. It’s something the team should look at.
  4. I still have a 7 Plus, and really don't want anything bigger than that. I guess I need to get a 12 mini if I'm upgrading?
  5. The interior of the line was shaky last year and they didn't do anything to fix it. On paper, Williams was an upgrade on Staley, but Williams has looked rusty and has had communications issues with his new teammates. McGlinchey looks like he dropped 30 lbs over the offseason in a bad way. That said, given the injuries on the defensive line, I don't second-guess picking Kinlaw over an OL.
  6. I know that, as a Kings fan, I take a lot of pride in that 1951 Rochester Royals title. So far be it from me to take the joy of all those Minneapolis Lakers titles away from everyone living in LA.
  7. Bosa will be playing I’m sure week 1 next year, but players are always saying it takes 2 years to fully get back up to speed. That was one of the big narratives for why Jimmy would be better this year (so much for that). If you don’t think he’s got at least a mildly concerning injury history at this point, I don’t know what to tell you. I can tell you that if a team is willing to pay a second for Darnold, they will be able to get him. I certainly hope that’s not SF.
  8. Bosa may take longer than a year to get fully, 100% back, and his history is starting to suggest he may just be a guy who breaks down a lot. Hyder is fine but ideally he’s a rotation guy and not an edge rusher you’re expecting 10+ sacks from.
  9. Apparently this defense doesn’t function without two all pro DEs, so that should be at the top of the list too.
  10. 2019 may end up looking like one heck of an outlier for this franchise, sadly. I’m not sure what the roadmap is back to relevance if Jimmy genuinely just sucks and isn’t playing hurt, but it’s probably a 2-3 year plan.
  11. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a guy get repeatedly beaten like a drum like Allen is. This isn’t exactly the 2001 Rams they are playing either.