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  1. I’ve posted about this before, but this is a prime reason why a center can’t be a 2 way focal point for a great team these days, not just an Embiid issue. Asking a guy to anchor a modern team’s defense, then run the full length of the floor and bully the other team’s bigs, effectively for 60+ times a game is too much to ask of anybody.
  2. Even if the show had stuck the landing, I’m not sure there’d be more buzz about it at this point. What’s left to talk about? Is there another example of a show that continued to dominate pop culture a year after the series finale?
  3. Collison would have cost $15 million last offseason had he not retired, that’s actually a pretty big get for them.
  4. I think I like this move for GS. Wiggins at least balances out the lineup a little bit, and they get another high first which they can probably flip for a nice win-now piece next year when everyone is healthy. Russell might be the most overrated player in the league.
  5. Actually kind of a decent move. Dedmon has been both awful and a malcontent, and they’re saving a bunch of money at the cost of two very late and worthless seconds.
  6. Awesome, now the Kings can pair future Jabari Parker (Bagley) with the actual Jabari Parker.
  7. I like it enough to watch, but I don’t understand what those who say it’s the best thing on TV see in it. To each their own.
  8. Spotify sale done. Sounds like the podcasts will remain on all platforms and the website will keep running for the three people reading it.
  9. Well, there are certainly some Harvard/Yale grads that look down on everybody. You’re right of course that the gap is much more pronounced the larger the spread between school rankings. Most Supreme Court clerks come from the top 3 schools, though. I know a prominent appellate group that basically only hires Stanford attorneys. It’s been shocking to me how much that can still matter with some people even for mid career hires. 95% of lawyers aren’t going to have that specific conundrum, and the cheaper law school may often be a better choice. But the odds are higher than most that a 4.0 Ivy League student with a 175 LSAT may be interested in those types of positions, so it’s something to keep in mind.
  10. It’s hard to talk about this in generalities, but I’d be cautious with the scholarships > rankings approach when he gets closer to making a decision, depending on what he ultimately wants to do. Certain sectors of the legal industry (big firms and particularly specialty fields like appellate litigation) are absurdly snobby about one’s alma mater.
  11. Sounds like a very bright kid who could expect to do well on the LSAT. Make sure he does a prep course and takes it seriously. It's been a long time since I went through the process, but US News used to post 25th/75th percentile GPAs and LSAT scores for the schools in its rankings, and that would give you a very rough idea of what range of schools he should be targeting. I assume he has some sources for a couple great letters of recommendation, but if not, he should be cultivating those as well.
  12. It will be lost to history, but KC recovering both of those QB fumbles was pretty lucky and swung the game and narrative.
  13. Staley was awesome last night. They could probably better allocate his salary elsewhere, but on the other hand, he’s still valuable. huge offseason for the front office, having to make tough cap decisions without many draft picks. They won’t be able to bring back everyone, so they really need to identify who is replaceable in the system and who isn’t. Ford is another guy that they need to take a hard look at - he’s great when healthy, but how many snaps can you realistically pencil him in for, and would you rather have those snaps over (presumably) full seasons for a younger guy like Armstead? They also need to solidify the interior line as has been noted - Jones had a huge hand in ruining their season last night. And as always, a true #1 WR would be awfully nice. when you don’t have any dominant offensive players, it puts a lot of pressure on Shanahan and everyone on the field to be excellent and precise all the time. They could definitely use a talent that gives them more margin for error on that side of the ball.
  14. I think Mike Sando raised this in his piece today, but I wonder if it was a little unfair for Shanahan to basically not call any traditional drop back passes for a month plus, and then ask Jimmy to pull a Tom Brady with two minutes left in the super bowl. In hindsight (being 20/20 and all), maybe some more passes in the last couple games would have kept him from getting rusty.