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  1. 90% of the time the incentive I’m offered for slow shipping is a prime now credit, which I have no use for. I wish I had the $1 digital coupon option more often.
  2. Yes, there’s been some slander of the show in here, but it’s a very good, B+ level cop/crime show.
  3. I’ve been eyeing an Alienware m17 laptop for a few months. Checked out Amazon today to see if it was on sale - factoring in the prime 6% cash back, it was $400 cheaper than Dell’s website (which is also running a prime sale), and about $800-1000 cheaper than normal retail. Pretty nuts.
  4. PS4 bundle with Spider-Man and Horizon zero dawn is $250. Not quite as good a deal as last Black Friday, but those are both excellent games so it’s a good time to jump in if you don’t have a PS4 already.
  5. That would have interfered with Scott Perry’s general strategy of signing mediocre veterans to big money, short term deals.
  6. No, but they have the ammo to go trade for whoever they want. Adams is still early in his prime. If SGA is as good as people think he is, they can go reload with a couple more stars real quick (maybe Beal and someone after the Wizards start 5-25).
  7. I have a real tough time evaluating some of these former Wizards. I’ve seen Oubre suck for a number of years, I’m not sure I’m sold he’s a solid starter based on his success in Phoenix at the end of the year. I have a similar issue with Otto Porter; you’ll never convince me he’s a major difference maker even though analytically he’s like a top 30 player.
  8. So if I’m following this right, Dallas cleared max cap space and then basically used it all signing Delon Wright, Seth Curry, and then re-signing their own guys. Seems like an under the radar rough offseason for those guys.
  9. Supermax deals and max deals for 10 year+ veterans are the same, 35% of the cap. The supermax just allows players that meet certain criteria to earn that contract sooner, before they have 10 years of experience.
  10. Yeah, that doesn’t make much sense. I like Shai more as a prospect than Kuzma. And I’m apparently in the minority in thinking Adams and his contract aren’t a massive albatross.
  11. The Kings were interested, reportedly for a protected first. If I remember the report correctly, OKC wanted Bogdanovic back too. I imagine the asking price would be lower now. I like Dedmon, but I would have preferred an Adams trade personally.
  12. The timing of this kind of sucks for OKC. I think they would have had plenty of teams interested in Gallo, and at least a couple interested in Adams, before the draft and free agency. It’s tougher send those contracts out at this point. Maybe the market will open back up for those guys between December and the deadline.
  13. I’m never betting against the Spurs, but they’ll need that young player development you talked about to make up for Aldridge, Gay, and DeRozan declining. Morris was a nice pickup but Carroll is much closer to being washed than a piece that’s going to put them over the top in the playoffs.