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  1. I haven't cut him, but have been very underwhelmed. The one week he went off he was on my bench and then he tricked me in to playing him for the next couple of weeks.
  2. I have Gronk and miraculously was able to get Eifert on the waiver wire this week. In my league our third flex can be a tight end and I am seriously considering going for the two tight end set.
  3. I think the happiest person may be Gisele. She is no longer a "bad luck charm"
  4. In defense of Mallett he also had a horrible supporting cast on the field with him. The O-Line didn't provide any room for the running backs and on the passing attempts he was getting swarmed. It also seemed like every time he completed a pass there was a penalty that negated it. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a strong supporter of Mallett as he seems to be great at throwing the ball straight in to the dirt, but I would like to get a chance to see him with the starters.
  5. Patriot homer over here, and I don't believe this for a second. Even if he got out of prison by his late twenties, he will still have to face NFL discipline. There is also the issue of which team would be willing to take the PR hit to sign him, assuming there isn't NFL collusion to make sure he doesn't sign. Lastly, If he spends six years in prison subsisting on prison food and exercise, the chances are he will not come out even close to how he went in.
  6. I just watched the Belichek conference and was very surprised that Bill was as open as he was. I figured he would snap at every question and only be willing to talk about people on the roster.
  7. That is rationale thinking. Even if someone suggested it to him, I would be surprised if he would agree.
  8. Long time Pat's fan here, I am starting to suspect that Hernandez might be responsible for every unsolved murder in the greater Boston area.
  9. Yeah, I am not sure he or Holt are HOFers - especially with Carter and Brown languishing away. Moss is delaying his induction with SF - but in the next few years we add Bruce, Holt, Ward, Owens and Harrison to the mix and who knows where AJ, Fitz, and CJ will be on the all time lists by then.I agree. Of the current recently retired or soon to be retired, I think Moss is the only lock to make the HOF. I also think he has a real good shot as a 1st ballot as long as people overlook some character issues. Moss was clearly a WR that teams feared and schemed for and he still beat them badly.
  10. I'm not even sure he gets in to the HOF, nevermind first ballot. Was anyone in the league every afraid of Hines Ward (except for as a blocker)?
  11. The only thing I'm curious about is "How long until this becomes an episode on Law & Order"