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  1. I think that was the first time I really thought they hit on Seinfeld greatness with multiple, connected storylines. When I watch it now, I realize that Porno Gill was probably the first really good one.
  2. I still remember when they brought in his character. Maybe not an episode by episode breakdown, but Larry's reaction when he found out he was from L.A. was priceless. Danny Duberstein and his appearance and contribution to the NYC (Michael J. Fox) season was great. I see where some may think he's over the top, but I like him.
  3. I wasn't all in until Beloved Aunt. I think it's the 8th or 9th episode in Season 1.
  4. I meant to quote an earlier post talking about the Tokyo marathon and if it would happen. I'm not sure about that, but they already moved the Sevens Rugby tournament from April to the Fall, and as stated in the article, the F1 race in Shanghai, also schedulef for April, has been postponed. I just started watching the MedCram update for today:
  5. I don't know which one I posted last, but there was no update from the MedCram Youtube today. This one below covers the doctor who died... the one who brought attention to the issue. Around 5 minutes, they break down his hospitalization through his death. He was suspected of having the virus before 1/12/2020, when he was hospitalized, but he didn't text positive until 2/1/2020, and he died 6 days later. I don't know what it means, if anything, but I don't believe the shorter times being listed. I also heard China changed the way they determined infected, and that could be what is driving the decrease or plateau we've seen in new cases. I can't see how anyone can trust their numbers anyway, and the real question will be how things progress in other parts of the world.
  6. I saw a post earlier today with this in the text and the following link, but I haven't read the article: Singapore reports 2 new cases of coronavirus, including 1 person with no links to China or previous cases. Creepy drone video of the empty streets of Wuhan.^tfw|twcamp^tweetembed|twterm^1225408327409995776&
  7. I can't remember if I stumbled across this here or elsewhere, but this is what I'm looking towards for information I trust right now.
  8. I'd say Clemson benefited these past two years the most. Last year they had the easy game with a quick turn around, with players bragging about prepping for Bama over the holidays along with their Notre Dame prep. They had the tougher match-up this year and got two weeks. There's no complaint LSU can lodge because of this, but it just worked out for Clemson two years in a row.
  9. It's that time of year when everyone complains about when a game is played with no viable solution. Can't really pick a team I'd rather win the game, but hopefully it's close.
  10. 1. It used to be a game. I played it with friends in high school and college. 2. This whole "white power" nonsense started with the 4chan troll. 3. Sure, the minor group of actual white supremacists probably use it now. Thinking this is anywhere near a large percentage of the population or really concerning is comical to me, but whatever. 4. The outrage only fuels trolls who do it for the reactions they get, which I assume is 90% of it and probably what fueled the kids at the Army/Navy game. Ignore it, and maybe you'll actually be able to pin it on white supremacy eventually, but it's a complete nothing burger at this point.
  11. I saw someone elsewhere say it was for Najee, but I have no idea why that would be true, not that I paid a lot of attention to the game. I think the only reason I cared about winning was to keep Harbaugh from crowing about winning such a meaningless game all offseason.
  12. I'm fine with the 4 team. There were 3 deserving teams this year. I don't think there have ever been 5, nor will there ever be. I'd like to see a better system, but it's never going to happen since the only legitimate way to fix the system is to totally blow it up first... 64 teams, 4 conferences, etc. etc. I just wish the BCS still decided the teams.
  13. Notre Dame last year too. I would be interested to see what the BCS would’ve done with the rankings last year. Committee was never going to get that seeding right with Notre Dame undefeated, but everyone knew going in they were the easier matchup, especially Clemson. They bragged about prepping for Bama during their semifinal prep.
  14. Let’s hope not. The people who argue for expansion should be shot. Tarred and feathered at a bare minimum.
  15. The more outraged people get over nothing, the more you’re going to be taunted and made fun of because of it.