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  1. I think I'm going to go back tonight just to cheer through the parts everyone hates the most.
  2. I liked it fine. Besides the Leia nonsense, I assume people were just too invested in some crackpot theory they wanted to come true when they say the movie sucked. I saw people rating it below the cartoon-esque prequels I subjected myself to again earlier this week. It's better than those, and my first thought was it was better than #7. Granted, I didn't realize how high I was until I was trying to walk around Costco at lunch.
  3. I'm glad it got renewed. I could make an argument they had 4/10 good episodes, with one being on par with any well liked one from previous years. Could've been worse.
  4. This was about Moore. If Trump did anything, he positively affected the vote for Moore, and I'm happy he wasn't successful. The only people I knew voting for Moore did so because they were worried about the Republican agenda, which I always countered by pointing out they should've been more involved in the primary. Sure, there were people voting FOR Moore because of whatever whacko, deep South, religious reason, but the main reason Moore was defeated is because the intelligent, white, Republican voters of Alabama crossed the line to either not vote for Moore or directly vote for the other side. The mental gymnastics people are going through today to try to make this out to be something else are expected but all wrong. This probably helps Republicans in 2018, and this Senate seat will be filled by a Republican in 2020. To act like this is a vote against Trump or the Republican agenda is comical.
  5. This isn't real life. Computers took over back in '86.
  6. Roy Moore hit every liquor store he could today, trying to find a 15 year old Brandy.
  7. I assure you guys, there are smart people in this state. I might not be one of them myself, but they are here. Here's a story about one (some) of the dumb ones: Unfortunately, incest is still legal in this state, and even more unfortunate, I know it is still practiced by at least one family. Some girl worked in our office and married her first cousin. She had a cleft palate, he had a cleft palate, and wouldn't you know it, their first child had one as well. Now, I'm not trying to tell you I'm an expert in genetics, but when she ended up back at the office, crying during lunch, and asking "why would God do this to us?" I had a reaction like this: I remembered her father was a preacher, and I remembered her parents being upset she and her cousin were marrying. It wasn't until recently I learned they weren't upset because of the normal reason, but both sets of parents didn't want it to happen because both sets of parents were also first cousins themselves. Me after that revelation: I'm sure they're against gay marriage too, but we've long since parted ways for me to be able to confirm.
  8. Joe should unban the word ####### for this thread.
  9. This guy would be in the running for dumbest person in the House, but he's going to be a U.S. Senator.
  10. You don't understand the demographics of this state if you think it's a good idea to mention this guy's publicity stunt with the Ten Commandments in trying to defeat him.
  11. Oh, I had a report that Mountain Brook and Vestavia Hills both had huge turnouts. Supposed to be good news for Jones (the two most affluent suburbs), but we'll see, I guess.
  12. I drove by there to get to mine and noticed a bigger crowd, but I'm not sure what is normal. There were more people, probably around the same time of day, when I voted in the primary.
  13. 3 people voting at my Shelby County polling place. 1030 am, but still... I saw the left leaning news groups hoping for a turn out there, although I'm really not sure anyone knows what low or high voter turn out really means to the race in the end.
  14. Welcome. I told someone last week we should start a campaign to gentrify (reverse gentrify?) Alabama. We even have two Whole Foods in the Birmingham area now (practically Portland, really), and someone persistent member of our congress tries to float a pot legalization measure every year. Maybe after this election we can run the numbers to see how many it would take to make a dent. No lottery here though, 'cause Jesus said.
  15. It's a tired question for which I don't have an answer.