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  1. Yep, somewhere in the northeastern part of the country anyway.
  2. There’s a Netflix doc on Backpage called “I am Jane Doe.” I don’t think I could make a free speech claim after watching that, and it covers the underage prostitution which was allowed to happen on that website. From what I have read recently, some of the other websites which allow prostitution advertisements have age checks in place. Im of the opinion prostitution should be legal, but Backpage needed to go.
  3. Yeah, I wanted to apply in Colorado for the draw, but one of the guys couldn't get his hunter safety finished in time. We are going to try OTC in Colorado or Idaho.
  4. I'm more of a pragmatist. As you said, describing yourself as a purist will get you into trouble with some forms of what is called hunting. In the end, I think we should leave it up to the state biologists (in most cases) to determine the appropriate harvest numbers and ethical/useful methods to achieve those numbers. For mountain lions, you need dogs. For bears in heavily forested areas, you aren't going to hit your numbers without bait. I've never been on a baited bear hunt and don't intend to. Then again, in Colorado, I will get a bear tag with my elk permit in case I run into a bear over my kill site. I see some hypocrisy for someone to see there, but I personally don't see that the same as hunting over a barrel filled with Krispy Creme donuts. There are population issues which need to be controlled in some fashion. You can wait for animals to be a nuisance so you can pay "professional hunters" to take them out, or you can let recreational hunters take a certain number of animals yearly while paying for the right to do so. Which is better? If no one had to randomly come across a picture of a hunter with a dead animal on the internet, I doubt this would be a difficult question.
  5. This thread seems off the rails, but in some parts of North America, there’s really no fair chase option to kill bears, and whether you agree with it or not, biologists setting quotas for hunting and management agree we need to kill a certain number every year. Take mountain lion hunting in California. Years ago, the state said they needed to outlaw dog hunting, which is really the only effective way to hunt lions. Then, they outlawed hunting altogether. Now, they kill just as many lions as before, but they pay guys with dogs to try to track down and kill specific lions. i can see why people are more in favor of that model because of feelings, but in the end, the same number of lions are dying at a cost to the state rather than the state collecting money, and as I understand it, the deer and elk populations are way down in the state due to having so many big cats.
  6. That guy is talking about hunting an elephant with a bow for the thrill. I think I speak for everyone when I say I hope he gets the chance.
  7. How so? Do you think these arguments, specifically the ones I made, are related to anything Trump has done?
  8. I have heard it being described that way, but it's possible I don't have it entirely correct. I know it isn't done that way every time, and I find those more problematic as I've tried to lay out. Yeah, some of that is just dumb. I follow a hunter named Steven Rinella. I first saw him on a show called "The Wild Within," and then again I realized he had a show called "The Meateater." The show is run by the same company who do the Anthony Bourdain, "Parts Unknown" series on CNN. It's a totally different thing than your usual, redneck, "I'm up in a tree and waiting for a buck to walk by on this private ranch" sort of thing. Anyway, he's a good writer too, IMO. I was never interested in hunting out west until I ran across this guy. He has a book called "American Buffalo" which I would recommend to anyone, hunter or not. In it I learned, and I always feel like I'm getting this wrong, but google tells me this is the ballpark, but 90% of the buffalo in this country are privately owned. He said their were a lot of situations people call hunting for buffalo, just like your friend experienced. You might as well take your kid hunting for cattle. In fact, I was at a crawfish boil this weekend where a guy recounted going to Montana to hunt pronghorn antelope where they chased them with a vehicle. Later, at the bar, someone asked if they did it "Montana style." No, that isn't hunting to me. Rinella's book recounts a mostly solo trip he had in the mountains of Alaska, hunting some of the only free range buffalo you can hunt. It also has tons of history and biological information.
  9. Right. I think that's what we are arguing here. If a biologist says, "we need to take out this male elephant because it has become too aggressive (or whatever reason)," is it better for him to shoot the elephant himself or sell the rights to some guy who wants to stand over it for a picture? We may all hate that guy, but why are we stopping it? The elephant doesn't give a damn who kills it; why should anyone else? As I pointed out in one paragraph, you can give other examples of how these hunting preserves are handled which are both lame and awful, but while I hate them worse, I worry more about cat ladies posting on Facebook to shame people into not spending money on hunting models we know work. Only 6% of the US population even hunts anymore, so I understand why people don't get why people like to take pictures of animals they kill. I get some people only do it for that reason and for bragging rights, but not most. I think most of the people who want to kill an elephant or an African lion are the kinds of people who do it for that reason. I just think people are making the wrong decision when they try to stop them assuming certain parameters are in place to manage the populations correctly.
  10. I don't know anyone who wants to hunt the big 5 in Africa, and I've never even seen nor heard anyone say they do who I didn't consider to be disgustingly douchey, but I really think you're misguided if you think you're going to save these animals by preventing the money those kinds of a-holes will pay from getting to those areas to manage the populations. There aren't enough people paying enough money to make up the difference when you prevent someone from paying hundreds of thousands of dollars to shoot an animal which is often picked out for death anyway because it was/is a nuisance. You can also manage the populations at healthy levels to have less nuisance animals as well. If 10 elephants are going to die on a property anyway, and 5 guys per year will pay $200,000 a piece to kill the ones a biologist selects to remove from the heard, why do you think you need to stop it? We are losing cheetahs right now due mainly to habitat loss, and unfortunately, the best way to get money into Africa to prevent that sort of thing is hunting (other species... I don't think people hunt cheetahs anymore, but I could be wrong). No one is paying $250,000 to take pictures of black rhinos, but people do pay that to kill them. I don't like some guy posing for a picture over a dead lion on Instagram either, and yeah, they're doing it because they probably have a small dick, and they definitely have way too much money, but is that decidedly worse than poachers wiping out populations of animals because some guys in Asia think paying $1000's per ounce for powdered rhino horn they think gives them a better erection than Viagra? I doubt most people reading this really believe that I hate that type of hunting as much as they do, but as a hunter, I believe I hate those guys more. Still, I just don't understand what model you think is working better than the model we're using in North America, and I'm on a non-hunting forum where I've seen a big cat biologist say there's no model working as well as that in Africa, even though he can't stand saying that. Watch "Trophy" on Netflix. I assure you I want to punch those hunters in the face as much as you do, and I thought it was beyond stupid seeing animals like tigers in cages in Africa who are there only because they're going to set it "free" whenever someone pays them enough money to kill it. That looks more like the Texas model of hunting where people fence 10,000+ acre properties for exotic species, and I just want to make sure to point out I'm in no way arguing for that. We have much better models in play in the US, and those models do work in Africa as well. As far as North America goes, no two clubs do more habitat purchasing and restoration for wild lands than the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and Ducks Unlimited. RMEF has reestablished elk populations in the Appalachians due to recreational hunting interest, not some holier than thou, I know better than you, green initiative. It's true, we almost lost all of our native populations of animals around the turn of the last century due to market hunting, but the primary reason we have the wild places and animals we now have is because we switched from a market hunting system to recreational... oh and that guy named Teddy Roosevelt, a hunter, who is pretty much responsible for it and the establishment of most of our federal lands. I like the idea of a non hunting, totally natural Africa as well, but my argument, again, is that you're not living in reality if you think it's going to work out. Sure, if enough people get behind the cause, it could work, but while millions of people tweeted about Cecil the Lion, the majority of them never donated a dime to save lions, I doubt less than 1% of them will ever travel to Africa to spend money there, and all of them moved on to whatever the most popular hashtag came along the following week.
  11. You should vet the document before trying to use it as evidence in the FISA court.
  12. If someone handed me a report which had some guy getting a golden shower in a room he picked just because the former POTUS stayed there, I'd start by fulling vetting the information in the dossier, hypothetically.
  13. My friends and I have always referred to it as SOS: Spray on Skank.
  14. I can personally attest that GM’s level of desperation increases 10 fold when darkening the door of a strip club.
  15. I’ve never had the flu and never had the flu shot, and I just wanted to add to the anecdotal discussion ITT. My sister got the flu this week, however. I guess I got the good genes.