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  1. I'm a Lost apologist, but I only felt that way after watching it a second time. I'm almost of the opinion you should spoil yourself on the final season and the end before watching it. Leftovers is what Lost should've been in regards to pacing. 4 seasons, max. Leftovers is 3.
  2. I think he would/will not be written as a dumb. D&D chose to empower certain types of characters more than others like Jon and Tyrion who were written as dimwits for a while. I’m doubtful about finding out. I was hopeful we would get some sort of announcement out of Martin already. Rumors that he’s working hard to get out the next book will probably result in another preview chapter being released from some POV character never used previously.
  3. This isn’t mine, but some think Bran is technically the Great Other now and the champion of the COTF. I thought I was going to be able I quote a post from last night to show a lot of the detail, but the bullet pointed post didn’t go into it as I thought I remembered. Regardless, it does make sense, and the show couldn’t really go into it since it never even mentioned the Great Other. Bran may be the guy who Martin always was going to put on the throne, but D&D never told that story. It’s like fans have been playing chess against two guys who didn’t know the rules, moved pieces around the board haphazardly, and then someone walks by and says, “they’ve got you in checkmate.” Yeah, Dany was always supposed to turn, but as a video someone linked yesterday argued, foreshadowing (“don’t be your dad”) isn’t character development. Bran getting the throne largely based on a dwarf on trial giving a speech is not good storytelling.
  4. I think he was clearly going to get a redemption arc, and likely not going to be made out to be a bumbling idiot down the stretch. If Bran is going to sit on the throne with Tyrion giving the speech, I'm guessing Martin won't spend a couple of books telling us how stupid he has become.
  6. My favorite that I posted earlier was Greyworm's teleport. David: Hey, I need Greyworm here to kill Lannisters in the opening scene. Dan: Dang it, I need him to stank eye Jon on the steps. David: No one will notice; just do both. Dan:
  7. I looked it up after mentioning it to someone else, and you're correct. Still going with Star Wars first. Maybe that asteroid will get here soon.
  8. I thought that got cancelled. The next thing they're going to do which will be banned in Alabama is Star Wars.
  10. I got absolutely nothing else done those weeks, that's for sure. I was still going into the office back then too, and just sat there reading at my desk unless something was pressing. By the end of that year, I had read all of those, Hobbit and all of the LOTR books, Shantaram which is like 1000 pages itself... I was never a recreational reader, but when I started, I picked some long books and read about 30 that year.
  11. "We have no dick, we have no balls. We killed the dead, and we killed them all!" Wait, he killed our queen? There's no body? Alrighty then. I guess we'll just sail off to some place where no one knows us, but we'll just tell them the hot chick sent us. They'll totally remember her. Bran, the boy who spent all season telling us he wasn't Bran anymore. "Oh, I can be king? What do you think I've been waiting on? Signmeup.gif" I really wish they would've just shown Isaac Hempstead Wright waking up, throwing his feet over the side of the bed, putting on his sneakers, walking down to Starbucks to grab a latte, and then throwing in his air pods while Biggie plays as credits roll: "it was all a dream, I used to read Word Up! magazine..." It wouldn't have been worse. They told everyone they hated doing the show, and that they didn't like the fans, and then they took a big ole dump on the final season they chose to do in 6 episodes instead of 2 seasons and 20 episodes. Freefolk memes are pretty funny, as always. SIAP, but this is one I liked and didn't catch last nigget.
  12. I’m pretty ADD when I start a book. Finished all 5 in a little over a month the first time through. I’m sure I could get it done in a few months without getting too obsessive.
  13. I didn't watch the video, but supposedly the guy who played Barristan Selmy made this claim recently, and it blew up on Monday.