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  1. So scanning the last couple of pages, it seems some think this thread has gone off the rails too. I was following a polling thread on a more conservative forum, and it has devolved as well, infested with Q-dorks and almost reads like their thread on that forum at this point. Most of the guys there are gushing over a guy named Richard Baris who thinks Trump is going to win. I think he called Florida for Trump earlier in the week and has it solid red, and it appears both campaigns are ignoring it down the stretch outside of TV/Youtube ads which make me want to die. Seems like Biden is making more of an effort in the last couple of days. Maybe that's just to not make the Hillary mistake of neglect, but I wonder if his internals aren't as great as the polls which have him with huge leads in key states. Anyway, I thought I'd get the other perspective on him, but I was a little surprised he hasn't even been discussed considering the 70 page thread on the other forum mostly based around this guy. Youtube channel: Twitter is easy enough to google. I also searched 'pundit' for "People's Pundit Daily," which is the name of the YT channel. I also haven't watched any of the podcast and only pick up his information reading the thread I mentioned.
  2. Well, considering the hurricane and not yet using the Peacock app, this was a heck of a first Spurs match to watch. I saw some soccer earlier in the week and heard them complaining about the new handball rule. They should find the person(s) responsible for it, and put them in front of a firing squad.
  3. Power back. Guess cleaning the garage clean-up will have to wait for another day. Pulled 5 small stumps in the rain today because what the hell else was there to do? Insurance adjuster will be here in the morning, and since I broke the steering in the truck on Friday, I gotta see if the diesel mechanic is up and running so I can get a tow. 2020 can kiss my fat ###. Haven't even been able to pull up Tropical Tidbits to see where Beta is heading, but I've heard Texas. There's also this little #### wad crossing the Florida peninsual into the GOM I've heard about. Gonna get day drunk and watch football. Any of that stuff heads my way, and I'm going to get mom's generator in B'ham. Going to get that handled for myself at Christmas.
  4. Still no power back from Sally for me, or at least not last night. Stayed with a friend in Daphne who got it back yesterday. About to head home. Need a new roof and some siding was damaged, but it wasn’t too bad, and I definitely needed a new roof anyway.
  5. Mine won’t even crank. Needed that old bastard today too.
  6. I have just checked out on the news recently but saw this posted. Nothing to see here. Just another set of electronic devices wiped. I'm sure they just had wedding plans and yoga appointments on them. This whole thing was a sham from the start and should be exposed, but not even the cover up is covered by normal media. The only people doing actual reporting on the Russia hoax now carry labels like alt-right media. Shameful #### all because we have a buffoon in office some want removed by any and all means possible.
  7. The thing that sucks about watching this season is knowing Ferrari is going to suck again next year. I wish they would've just stuck with the new rules coming into effect when they were supposed to do so.
  8. Blake is the one responsible for getting himself shot. Why are we even talking about this, much less cancelling games and acting all butthurt about it? There are bad shootings and examples of police brutality. I’ve watched some of the itt. It isn’t all based on racism either. Why is there so many lies involved in this movement and why does it only matter in election years? Trayvon Martin initiated a physical confrontation with an armed, Hispanic jack###. Brown didn’t just have his hands up. Garner is the worst of the cases I’ve mentioned so far, but he didn’t die because he was choked. I agree Floyd was murdered, but he had every chance to just take a peaceful ride to jail. The guy in Atlanta pointed a “deadly weapon” at an officer. Let him run away is not an answer.
  9. ? I was coming back to post because I saw someone elsewhere suggest the warrant being vacated doesn't have an affect on the charges.
  10. I'm sure the teenager who claims she was raped is happy.
  11. Regardless of his background or why the cops were there in the first place, there’s plenty of video available to show why a cop would shoot to kill someone who was denying lawful orders and going into a vehicle where there may be a weapon. I can post some links if necessary. The guy shook off a taser, fought cops, and was denying orders to stop as he opened the door to a vehicle where there could be a weapon. I would’ve emptied the clip into him if I was the officer in that situation. I just can’t understand why people are defending this guy. When you dive into his past and why the cops were there in the first place, I’m just floored people act like he’s some sort of martyr or at the very least, some example of wrongful police actions. I’m not saying he deserved to be shot, but he is the most responsible party for what happened to him. I just don’t get the narratives which take shape around these cases. There are bad cops. Good cops don’t speak up about them enough. Still, this BLM movement is based around pure lies regarding the hot button cases. Zimmerman is an #######, but Trayvon Martin initiated a physical confrontation with an armed man. Brown didn’t just put his hands up. Garner wasn’t choked to death. Floyd was not killed because of racism. The Atlanta dude needed to be detained and tried to fire a weapon at an officer. Yes, there needs to be police reform, but the current platform from the Democrats is entirely wrong. I just don’t get why people think a lesser police presence is the answer. A better police presence is what we should all be striving for. Typing from my phone without review.
  12. It baffles me we are in a place where people do not understand why Blake was shot in that situation.
  13. Worst fanbase in the SEC. Saw a guy piss off the stadium onto UCF fans before the game where Georgia almost lost at home. 99, I think. Sure, it was one random fan, but what disturbed me was everyone pointing and laughing, including the grey haired couple walking next to my dad and I. A Barner friend of mine said he saw someone get thrown into a piss trough one time, so he just walked out and held it until halftime was over. Once again, the crowd around thought it was hilarious and no one stepped up to help. Great town. Awful fans from what I've come across. Guess that can happen when you have a bunch of new money fans rooting for the most underachieving team in the nation for now 40 years.