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  1. Tua being hurt and off his game was pretty evident. Alabama lost by 6 points. You're restating things I've already said after that, but it's a myopic, biased viewpoint to act like he couldn't have won the game if healthy.
  2. Letting Duke on the schedule for our only P5 OOC game was a terrible move, so if we get left out this year, I'll just use that as my "it's on us" excuse. There's still plenty of football to be played, and there's just no reason for 1 loss teams to argue too much IMO because those arguments are all pretty similar. Alabama, Oklahoma, Oregon, and Penn State are just going to be biased laced discussions where people are arguing past each other: SOS vs. best wins vs. best team, etc. From the Alabama side, I'd argue the simple fact that our best player was injured in the biggest game of the year. I hate the way the committee handles things. They move pieces around the board too sporadically, and it really means nothing until that final poll. Sure, you want them to put out polls around this time of the season, but I have never gotten the feeling it meant much the way they move teams around those 4-6 spots, often with people scratching their heads as to why teams move up or down.
  3. With the Coaches and AP slotting Bama 4th, the big question of the day is: where does LSU elect to play Bama in the opening round? Do they choose travel hoping a road weary fanbase doesn't match their excitement for finally getting into the playoffs, or do they choose to keep it in the South?
  4. If Coach O recorded Audiobooks for children, I'd buy the whole set. I don't have children.
  5. It must not be on the internet yet, I do not know why, but Trent Richardson has a currently running ad for this car lot in Florida where he's talking about his love for Dodge Chargers. Bagmen are so 1990s.
  6. Mike Shula is a really nice guy too, but he was completely incompetent as a head coach of a major football program. I was happy as can be driving out of Tuscaloosa after losing to Auburn in '06... before talks began about retaining him. Thankfully he told Mal Moore that once again he wouldn't be firing anyone on his staff. His teams were also undisciplined both on and off the field.
  7. I have a dream that Mike Leach will do a joint Press Conference with Nick Saban before the following 4 Iron Bowls. Glad as hell I'm not going to the game this weekend with Trump screwing up the logistics of attending.
  8. Let the record show Alabama has been trying for years to put more money in the hands of these young kids' hands who will now be taxed, so in trying to help them, you've just hurt them more.
  10. It would seem the easiest answer would be they trusted them when they said they didn't need more episodes or time. Considering the budget and ever increasing payroll, I doubt it was an answer which was received poorly.
  11. I don't buy this. Some of the best episodes were filmed after the source material ran out, and anyone who has read the books knows the source material was #### for just about everything after Season 4 of the show. Their problem was getting lazy and wanting to move on. They admit to this, so we don't really need to dig deep and look for other answers. The show sucked the last two seasons because they no longer wanted to do it, and HBO didn't have the guts to take it away from them. HBO wanted more episodes and offered them the budget, but they said, "nah, we'll just wrap 2-3 seasons worth of material in 13(?) episodes."
  12. Last Thursday or Friday, people on a different board were lamenting that this was going to be the year FOR SURE. I didn't even bother bumping the conversation where a few of them were sure neither Oklahoma nor Clemson would lose going forward. Whoopsie. November is the crunch time for most teams, and a lot of programs have their schedule back loaded with tougher, in conference games, and even those middling games or surprises catch some like Oklahoma dealt with last weekend. I'm sure we're going to have a year where there's a legitimate beef with only having 4 teams, but it will be an outlier... which will probably lead to an 8 team playoff.
  13. The tweet says it was an hour flight, so maybe they took it when the flight started. The photo was clearly staged by some definition, but my comment was only about golfing, which looks to be an incorrect story that guy was retracting.