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  1. You should vet the document before trying to use it as evidence in the FISA court.
  2. If someone handed me a report which had some guy getting a golden shower in a room he picked just because the former POTUS stayed there, I'd start by fulling vetting the information in the dossier, hypothetically.
  3. My friends and I have always referred to it as SOS: Spray on Skank.
  4. I can personally attest that GM’s level of desperation increases 10 fold when darkening the door of a strip club.
  5. I’ve never had the flu and never had the flu shot, and I just wanted to add to the anecdotal discussion ITT. My sister got the flu this week, however. I guess I got the good genes.
  6. Yeah, apparently it recharged if it was left alone for a while, so she kept waking it up.
  7. WE just won a national title with a QB who had to learn English this fall. Progressive as f***!
  8. If you notice, at one point he went back to the table he was hitting with the folding chair, trying to pick it up. He wouldn't want to be in a fight with this chick.
  9. Georgia is Alabama with a huge metropolitan area basically one guy built. It's not like the racists left. Georgia fans are the Chinese of the SEC: new money, everywhere, and annoying as hell. If you've been to Europe lately, you know what I mean. Note that I'm only hating on Chinese, not all Asians, so less racist.
  10. That's good, but I still think everyone is still trying to beat Ricky's Rant from back when the Saban run started against Virginia Tech. The overt racism sets it apart:
  11. I just peeled myself off the couch to go to bed. 7 am Roll Tide
  12. I was at the UCF/Georgia game where Daunte Culpepper almost (did?) beat them. My dad coached one of the guys who coached for Georgia who invited him to the game. So we're walking into the stadium, and I notice a guy point up towards the top of the stadium, laughing. I look up, as does everyone else, to see some Georgia fan peeing onto the UCF families walking past, who had just starting to realize what is going on. Appalled, I look around and notice everyone, even the geriatric couple behind me, pointing and laughing like this was normal. I'm not saying something like this hasn't happened elsewhere, but it was the acceptance of the scene by everyone I could see which made me uneasy. This one was told to me by an Auburn friend, but he told it to me after that one considering the acceptance part. He walked into the bathroom at a game in Athens to see some guy run up behind an Auburn fan at the trough, pick him up, and throw him in it. Upon seeing this, the Georgia fans in the bathroom started barking at the guy. My friend noped the heck out of there quickly. Those two stand out. 2008 was a bad trip for a lot of Bama fans too. You know I don't care about internet tough guys.