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  1. A guy I know is stuck on stage 2 without enough paper clips to buy a factory. He has 73 mil unused clips, no drones, no solar farms, no storage... factory is 100 mil clips. How can he continue? Also, can you restart the game on the same browser if you click "Reject" at the end?
  2. So, not that I want to do it right now, but it doesn't appear I can start this over. Cookies or something?
  3. I couldn't completely ignore it because the tickers stopped moving. Maybe I'm misunderstanding something, or maybe they tweaked some things since you played. I had to keep Speed and Exploration at 1, at least, but I did have my settings a little off for sure. 36% now and almost done.... 47...
  4. Once I get a little more honor, I won't have to put up with this kind of sass.
  5. Alright, next question:
  6. I have the wireless version of these, which are great, but I had to have them replaced less than a year in, and it wasn't free.
  7. Late last night, I was ready to move on. Campos no showed his scheduled interviews, possibly under gag order, and another nothing-burger PC. What the hell is going on?
  8. I've been on the edge of going deep on that since Going Clear came out. I've heard Remini on Rogan that one time, but I haven't watched her show. With Paddock, if it's just him, which I believe, why are they taking so long to explain? Is it because they're trying to cut off the conspiracy nuts harping on changing, imperfect information, or is there something else underneath? It may be both, but something isn't strange about this case.
  9. Just interested. I've asked the same question to myself. There's another thread I've mentioned, which is pretty over the top with a few conspiracy nuts, trolls pulling stuff from /r/conspiracy who don't really believe it, and some really stupid people who continuously post their confusion as if they've figured out the angle. I think that thread a big part of it. Honestly, I stop by here for some sanity.
  10. Saw it a second time in IMAX. Beautiful movie.
  11. You assume he fired 200 rounds through the door all at once. There's at least one report saying the first shots were without a bump stock... single shots. Campos took cover before the big volleys came down the hallway.
  12. What if they never tell us?
  13. And yeah, there's this, but lawsuits have started to be filed. I didn't look to see if any of them implicated Mandalay Bay, but if people think that they had a radio call of shots fired 6 minutes before the police knew, then they might have some 'splainin to do. I think it's possible they didn't hear from either Campos or the maintenance guy, Schuck, until after 10:05, when Paddock had already started firing into the crowd. The only gunshot anyone on the floor may have heard is the one which hit Campos, and there has been at least one report which suggested that was a single shot or at least not a huge barrage from a full, 100 clip AR. Edit: Yeah, of course Mandalay Bay is a defendant: