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  1. So, I guess I'm out, then? Maybe next time...
  2. And only 4 of those have a shot at the title. The West finals and NBA finals are worth watching. That's about it. In hockey and baseball, there's at least a chance an Indians, or an 8-seed in hockey have a chance. No way even the 3seed in the NBA East has a shot.
  3. Fyi - bigger court= MORE courtside seats. Mr. Silver, where's my consulting fee?
  4. Not that I care that much (poor reporting, intentionally or not, has been going on forever. that being said, This is definitely good work. Much better than the usual LOL emojis or "you're a racist!" Replies .
  5. What was his call? Did he call him top 10? Or "I like him"? Or specific #s?
  6. Victor Martinez?
  7. Who's this tub of goo taking a selfies during Jordan's dunk?
  8. When is the draft? Slow/online or live? What is the $ breakdown?
  9. He should know better, at 20.
  10. Punk'd!!!
  11. And we had a handful of these. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/3M_bookshelf_game_series Loved Feudal and Twixt.
  12. Old stuff I used to play. Not sure if we ever played by the correct rules. http://www.collecttoys.net/Games/barnabas-collins.php
  13. New to this. What is a taxi squad?
  14. A bit new to dynasty. For those voting 1.1, why? Who do you like at that spot that you'd rather have over Green/Gurley/others? Why take the chance of a bust vs. a known commodity? Personally, I'll take the lost years to get a sure hit.
  15. Is that scumbag Paterno's statue still up?