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  1. No doubt in my mind that this can all be blamed on that stupid "I I believe that we will win" chant. Not hearing that in 2018 is the silver lining.
  2. Maybe. The RB or the WR?
  3. They still do that (my kids teams don't) ? How cool. I loved that as a kid. Though it was rare that we would receive patches cooler than the ones we were giving out. A good deal of them where cheap monocolored crap.
  4. + Peters was great that game.
  5. He reminds me of Ed McCaffrey.
  6. He should have imagined his QB throwing accurately.
  7. Maybe Winston can kick for them? ... he can't pass.
  8. Is he hurt?
  9. Get ready, everybody, he's about to do something stupid.
  10. What are you talking about? He just gave them a shot at a field goal.
  11. Winston's two best plays of the game!
  12. If it was Winston it would be about his shellfishness as a player. Thank you. Thank you.
  13. New England D just getting within 3 yards of Winston and he's missing wildly. They should've tried that with Smith Brees, and Cam. It's like the 85 Bears!
  14. To be fair, I've heard the New England Def is pretty tough.