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  1. Love it. Not sure where you got the #'s, but they are better than the 0 #'s I had.
  2. Any good links to a kicker job-security list? I'm doing a draft-only league, and I'm just looking for someone who won't get cut in preseason.
  3. At this point, is the simmer cover or uncovered? Thanks.
  4. Good or bad, kind of depends on the scoring system on how much of a gap between top/mid/bottom you'll see. That being said, in redraft, I like the idea of set it and forget it QB1. Mostly because I'm a good GM, but terrible coach. Though if it's a best ball league, I'll punt QB all day long.
  5. This sounds like he wasn't interested about stolen trail cams, at all - just maiming/killing people. If he was just interested in stopping theft,couldn't he have locked and/or hidden the trail cams? Or, you know, use the trail cams to find out who's been stealing them?! Credit to the Middle Eastern Yoopers for not rioting... All 14 of them.
  6. Nice organization. Fire the DJ for joking about domestic violence. But hey the actual domestic abuser 20 million dollars.
  7. Jesse Palmer 1.01?
  8. Authentic Chinese food is terrible. I'm not a fan of chicken ligaments or random fish parts in my soup.
  9. Same rules as last year?
  10. THANKS!
  11. bump. Thanks if you heard anything, either way.
  12. The past few years there's been a half off deal for FFPC satellite drafts ($35). Did FBG offer that again, and I missed it?
  13. I'm definitely going to use it, just not until near the deadline.