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  1. jabarony

    Impact of Hunt on Chubb?

    What's this, now? Is this a Boltbacker-sponsored draft? Where was my invite?!
  2. jabarony

    Tax check

    Ugh. I suck. Should've read this BEFORE itemizing all those Salvation Army donations and then not meeting the 24k standard anyways. Didn't realize it was that high.
  3. jabarony

    Greatest Football Player???

    The greatest ever is Barry Sanders. On this issue there canna be no debate!
  4. Listen to this guy. He's a Police Squad Lieutenant.
  5. jabarony

    Any Trading Cards guys? (Sports, etc)

    Anyone interested in a Jim McMahon card I doctored by putting Alf's head on it? Or maybe a Batman Movie Commissioner Gordon where I placed a cut-out of Macho Man Randy Savage's face on it? Both of them 1 of 1.
  6. Patriot fans are such tools. Except Anarchy - love his posts.
  7. jabarony

    Startup Dynasty

  8. jabarony

    What Brand will you no longer buy?

    I'll never buy a GM because of that obnoxious guy in their commercials. No Gatorade because i hate LeBron (and MJ before that). No Nike ... Same. No Papa Johns as i hate that owner putting himself in the commercials hitting half court shots, etc.
  9. jabarony

    What Brand will you no longer buy?

    Had a 2010 Caravan and now a 2017. 2010 had an issue where the factory brakes were cheap. Needed a brake job at 20k (all GCs around this time were the same). Other than that, no major issues until 95k when i traded it in. No issues with 2017 so far. Salesman told me to be wary of the automatic doors though. He said they do have a slight uptick in warranty and the repairs can be very expensive for essentially a novelty. I went with manual (I'm cheap anyways).
  10. jabarony

    Top 10 QB's of All Time

    It's Hall of Fame, not Hall of Stats. Of course Namath belongs.
  11. jabarony

    Gillette Commercial

    I was a big fan of Gillette's marketing when I was around 18 and they sent me a new razor. I liked it so much, I've been buying refills ever since. Free razor >>>>> being lectured.
  12. Thanks for the info. looks to be ~25%-30% rake, too. I'd start my own at ~10%, if only I had any computer brains, bankroll, initiative...
  13. Anyone know of any legitimate dynasty-hosting websites like FFPC that have better payout %'s? FFPC is really good in terms of how they run the leagues. However, their rake is anywhere from 20-35% depending on the buy-in amount. Seems very steep. Any suggestions on alternate sites? Thanks.
  14. jabarony

    Best Ball (MFL10s, DRAFT, etc.)

    Oh yeah, I was also 3 for 3 on Boltbacker's 50/50s! Of all my minor successes this year, I'm most proud of that.
  15. jabarony

    Best Ball (MFL10s, DRAFT, etc.)

    9 & 5 out of 32 is really good. I still think 2 QBs is the way to go as you are shooting for 1st. I'll take my chances of hitting on a James Conner, or even a Dante Pettis in the 18th+ rounds than getting the extra couple dozen points a 3rd QB will probably net you. In my leagues where I lost 2 QBs, well it wasn't meant to be. I do go 3 TE, though. Just because you can flex 1 if 2 of them have a good week. Not as many "wasted" points as 2 QBs having a good week and you can only play 1.