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  1. That was actually nice of him. He didn't want Miller decapitated.
  2. Zero effort to get the second foot in. Moron.
  3. That's not a pass, but Samkon Gado underhanding it from his own end zone is? Craziness.
  4. How the hell is that a fumble?
  5. Nice call, refs
  6. Jim Caldwell-style
  7. When they went to commercial, elway was clapping, but scowling, as well.
  8. CJ back in. Elway bummed.
  9. Elway is pumped! All I see is teeth.
  10. Jerome Boger's crew, again?
  11. I think Kubiak just didn't want to hurt his feelings. Booker gets more carries, but the offense also gets more snaps/production. Easier said than done, I'm afraid.