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  1. Why the change in #'s? 5 max entries, now, and 920 total. Trouble filling? And what is the max # of tickets to week 11?
  2. Just finished this game. This, and last week, show Denver are dirty as hell. They deserve some big-time fines.
  3. Take your time getting back, Teddy. - S. Diggs
  4. No way he surpasses Teddy's amazing 14TDs.
  5. This is made up. No way all three made the honor roll.
  6. Did they have the FBG survivor $5 contest Andi missed it? Or was this something else?
  7. Maybe they just paused it until week 7, since only 1800 people entered.
  8. Where is it for week 2? I survived week 1 (so did everyone).
  9. For weeks 1, 7, 13, and maybe 9. Alex Smith!
  10. Hope you reconsidered.
  11. No. This is the thread, now. J. Doyle for when Allen, inevitability, gets hurt.
  12. I hate the Pats. I think Blount is a world-class jackass. I don't own Blount in any leagues. All that said, I love watching that guy run the ball.
  13. It might be a bit difficult, at first, but the best would be to have them spread out when they have possession (like when your goalie has it, have them spread out). Then allow them to collapse to the ball, while somewhat holding their general positions, on defense.
  14. Benching Cam, with confidence. Go Alex Smith!
  15. As obsessed with the 35k contest As You Are, some of us were as equally obsessed with this contest (Okay maybe not AS obsessed). I do understand the staff reassessing resources / feature. It's just too bad for myself, and others like me, who view this is the sites number one feature / reason to subscribe. Don't get me wrong, I use other content. But this is number one on the list of reasons to join. I'm guessing there are multiple features on the website that get less than a few hundred hits, weekly (probably 1/3 of the "week x" content). Would've been nice the chop those, first. Tuesday Mornings won't be nearly as exciting without rushing to look at the standings.