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  1. Not trying to start trouble, moreso just curious, but if I'm spending 500k on a house, I'd hope to not have to send my kids to a private HS school.
  2. I'm against the government blowing money out its collective butt. However, since they are going to do so, anyways, may as well be something useful like free tuition. ... which, as you said, isn't likely to happen. Too many statues, experimental weapons, and bs grants to get to, first.
  3. Are you guys suggesting the free tuition plan wasn't well thought out?
  4. Emcee: "Thank you Senator Sanders! That's it for tonight, folks. Remember, Feel the Bern gear is now up to 80% off in the concourse!"
  5. I'll take the over. They can whine all they want. Come November, it's straight ticket "D", anyways. Like they would ever vote for Trump.
  6. Damn. That applause is what Hillary hears in her head when showered with boos.
  7. Why would she care about the progressives? She's got the nomination. She should pick Kasich and boot Obama out of the White House the very next day.
  8. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=wlMwc1c0HRQ
  9. True. Or more likely, neuter them. Just saying they should expect more for their $ from the Dems.
  10. Thousands of jobs went South. It's surprising how unions support the Dems only to continually get bent over. To be fair, Reps wouldn't do them much better. But they are only trying to pay low wages, not move them out of country. I would think unions would want more from the Dems considering all the support they throw their way.
  11. Slick Willy was great, save for NAFTA.
  12. As someone disgusted with both sides, I say bring it on. Entertaining as hell, both ways.
  13. Because he's a business man and reality star?