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  1. ATL should play DET every week in primetime. The endings would always be exciting and/or hilarious.
  2. Does anyone know if they are adding additional waivers every time a covid case comes up (as they surpisingly did this weekend for KC/NE)? I can't get a straight answer from FFPC.
  3. Your league, my local league, and countless others can set and stick to rules. It's disappointing that FFPC can not. Or really, doesn't want to for whatever reason. I'd even be ok with a change at the start of next week with ample warning. A Saturday rule change is crap. What if Matt Ryan comes down with covid Monday morning, will they extend the same bail out to his owners Monday afternoon?
  4. I don't like this at all. It's a shot to those who prepared accordingly with extra QBs/Ks/Defs. Everyone knew the rules going in. They don't bail people out for Saturday injuries, why the bail out for this?
  5. Tyreek makes me hold my breath every time he gets tackled. I keep thinking I'm losing my WR1. He needs to take one of those pro wrestling classes to learn how to fall without getting injured.
  6. Any week now and it'll be Showtime!
  7. I think you'll be very happy in 2022 that you got rid of Engram.
  8. I'm gonna pass this time around. Fool me 17 times, shame on me.
  9. Who is the Dolphins' #3? Looking to add another WR late in a bestball draft in case Parker or Williams go down. Grant? Ford? Other?
  10. No surpise here, but curious of what his dynasty value is with Carson, Dallas, and how Hyde around. I'm thinking 3rd-4th round pick, which I suppose may as well be a 5th-6th. Correct me if I'm wrong. Though I don't think I am! 😊