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  1. Wait. I thought Raiders didn't take guys with character issues.
  2. I stand corrected. Not a women-puncher, just a woman-puncher. All apologies to a classy young man.
  3. I'm not the one trying to poke holes in the victim's story because I like the guy.
  4. Some of you guys bending over backwards to defend this guy. Go ahead and draft him, buy his jersey, etc. Just stop trying to convince us (yourself???) he's not a scumbag.
  5. Apparently hit another female in HS. Deserves a second... sorry third chance, though. OK ? 2nd down and 9.
  6. Yup. Mixon (or any decent RB) could get them down to the 3 yard line, then Rodgers will call 3 pass plays.
  7. I haven't touched a rookie TE, yet. Just because rookie TEs rarely make waves. I'll take Witten/Clay, or similar, in the 14th or 15th and be satisfied with 50/500/4. I may take a few post draft, though, depending on landing spot. As for the WRs I've taken a couple Williams/Davis at ADP just to mix it up. But I like Ross in 11-12th just because I can see him rising post-draft (see Kanara). I've thrown some darts later when the "solid" NFL starters dry up a bit. Henderson and maybe Samuel, I've slightly targeted.** ** I know very little about these guys, just cursory"research". So take with a grain of salt.
  8. I'm all over Demaryius (sp?). To the point where I'm stopping myself from taking him in many drafts even though I think he's the best player at that point. I love the guy for "guaranteed" (knock on wood) production. I just don't want an injury to 1 guy hurting 50%+ of my teams. I have a decent amount of Gore, since he's, apparently, going to play forever. And in the 10-12th rounds, why not? And I have a decent # of Kamara if only because I think his price will rise post-draft. I'm guessing Fournette/Cook/Mixon aren't going to rise too much after the draft, but Kamara, and to a certain extent Foreman, could jump if landing in the right situation. If not, they'll probably be worth a 12th-14th, anyways, and no big loss.
  9. Cool thanks. Again.
  10. Bogart/anyone, That draft info helped last year . I got 3rd place by just following straight down the list! Anyone got a compled draft list for 2017? I got a draft tonight. TIA.
  11. Well that was fairly pointless. No offense, Boston, as I appreciate almost all news in this slow time.
  12. Hockey does it. It's very fast compared to football.
  13. And I'll vote for him for the ~20th time...
  14. Who knew a 14 year old being raped could be so funny?! Disgusting comments in here.
  15. I'll do it for 19%!