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  1. Just finished US game. Very entertaining. - Loved the way Spain played. Aggressive & strong. Not dirty either until the last 15 minutes or so. Then they started their cheap shots. - Along those lines I think the ref did a really good job all things considered. 2nd PKwas weak, but I've seen way worse -Morgan was getting hit a lot, but at some point you gotta be tougher and realize how the ref is (or isn't) calling the game. I guess her lobbying to the ref finally paid off a bit. Just for Lavell/Rapino, not Morgan. - Mewis is so fun to watch. So active. - Dahlkemper is a beast in the back. - Rapino is terrible. 3 beautiful setups to her all resulting in bad shots. Missed Heath on a run to goal. 8 or 9 turnovers. And then gets rewarded with 2 PKs. Almost as bad was the announcer praising her for the 1 turnover she salvaged and saying how well she played. - Heath is so so good. Every attack should flow through her (and Lavell) on the right side. What a beautiful reception, then moves to earn the first PK. - Just blast it out of there, keeper! Spain wasn't scoring unless something like that happens. - Not necessarily for this game only, but i love how little the women flop compared to the men.
  2. Bruins PP is really impressive.As tempting as it is to fire pucks at Boston fans, StL should probably reconsider shooting the puck into the stands.
  3. So true on the GD part. On thelist of things that can hinder the US winning it all, group stage GD is about #73 on the list. And they should cap GD at +6 or something.
  4. Since Rapino is 33, you would think she'd know better than to act like an idiot in a blowout. Most 10 year-olds know not to show up an opponent. Especially in a game like that. Plus the goal was about a 2/10 in terms of difficulty.
  5. Gotta feel bad for Boston. Yet again getting the short end of bad officiating. Can't this city get a break?!
  6. Hopefully this scumbag gets put away for decades.
  7. I never knew Steeler fans were so sensitive and hostile. You guys are giving Patriot fans a run for their money!
  8. I MUST know more about this secret locker. I'm picturing a row of locker and Ben just disappearing into them as reporters are approaching, leaving them confused like a dog trying to track a fake ball throw.
  9. Same here. I voted definitely know, but only at a surface level. Pretty much a glanced at Wikipedia knowledge.
  10. Admittedly, I have no proof other than my own experiences ($ spent), and those of friends and family. Forgive me for being wary of a study that's currently being used to push an agenda. Also, I know plenty of people who do X for a living that just aren't very good at their jobs, so grain of salt and all that. No doubt bad roads equate to increased repair costs. Just the # SEEMS high. You brought up indirect costs, which is a good point that I had not considered when pondering that $500 number. If you are bringing indirect costs into the equation, then the # makes more sense (to ME - just to be clear). While the $500 figure may include indirect costs, it's not been framed that way at all in any of the radio/newspaper reporting on this. Every mention, including from Whitmer, is $500 in "repairs". If that # is really accurate, some poor sap is really taking it hard to make up for all my years and years of no-pothole luck. While sceptical. I'm open to learning more on this. If you have a link to details of the study showing indirect costs, I'd really like to read it. Easier to trust in those experts, as you suggest, if I see something more than one #. ... or did I just run into PSF snark?
  11. 1. I think it would be more palatable if, since you can win on the first possession, the team getting the ball first actually somewhat earns it (compared to a coin toss anyways). 2..What that method is can be hashed out. Least # of challenges used (improved viewing experience!)? Longest FG or TD? 1 play for each team - most yards gained gets possession? Lineup 1 player from each team and have them race towards the ball for possession? ... I work better in a committee setting. You guys figure out part 2.
  12. Also, I'd be surprised if Whitmer would even pull the trigger on something like this. "I took $500 from you for a slight improvement in comfort during your commute" isn't the hottest campaign slogan I could think of come re-election time.
  13. Apologies in advance as I'm only a layman on road construction & maintenance. That being said, I swear Michigan roads are repaired using crushed sea shells + chewing gum. Same stretches of road get repaired every 5 years. Also, I believe that $ saved in repairs figure is way overblown. I've never heard any of my friends or family ever have a major repair due to road damage. Even cumulative damage no way adds up to $500/year. I heard on the radio today that MI allows heavier than ideal truck weight limits vs other states. Perhaps look at that, first? And how about getting some kind of quality standards written into the contracts with the road construction companies? Your roads fall apart too quick, you lose $. Maybe pick up the phone to OH DOT and see who they use? While i could afford the extra $10 per week (Look at me!), I'd rather take my chances on pocketing that $ and risking repairs. Color me skeptical, but I get the feeling they'll tack on 45cents/gallon and the damn roads still won't get fixed.
  14. There's one in Brighton, MI that's pretty good. All classics and they offer Groupon deals. Kids dug it even if the graphics were lame. Dad dominated Mappy. There's a barcade in Farmington Hills. I just glanced in it walking by. Maybe 20 games only? Selection looked weak.
  15. If Matt Millen can get that gig AND get an extension, then i should be able to hold my own.