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  1. Right. Thanks. Now that I think about it, didn't he just hold it up like Latimer from The Program? Scratch that. I meant Yorrick, of course.
  2. Wasn't there a Saint that did this about 15 years ago? Long haired dude. Kyle something. Maybe against the Jets?
  3. Ditto. Outside of the obvious indirect (pass back to keeper), it seems almost up to the refs level. By that i mean pro level refs are quick to call dangerous/obstruction type calls as a PK. Low level (less confident) refs often lean toward indirect, on anything outside of a handball. No proof here. Just one dope's (and former low-confidence ref's ) observation.
  4. Fair enough. But that disaster started with the men. And. the women are THAT good they can overcome.
  5. This team won't win anything as long as that stupid "I Believe" chant continues to exist. Deservedly cursed.
  6. Mexico has a force field in front of that net.
  7. That guy is wearing a sports bro. Sorry. Sports manzeirre.
  8. I tried. They keep finding their way home.
  9. I offered to take my kids to Chicago for the game tonight. No interest. Damn. We're going to Cedar Point instead. Double damn.
  10. Yeah their side of the bracket was tougher throughout than the Finals.
  11. I watch Scooby Doo more often than every 4 years.
  12. I wanted it to remain 1-0 for the intrigue. But if it had to go to 2-0 ,that was a perfect way to do it. See you in 4 years!
  13. She deserved that just for all the near goals vs. ENG.
  14. I stand corrected. She's their best player.
  15. Yeah usually they graze heads. That was a direct hit. OHara a badass not wanting to exit for 30 seconds.
  16. Dahlkemper has been their best player all tourney.
  17. Clean shoulder, but just far enough away from the ball it could've been. Probably doesn't help Morgan is on the ground a lot.
  18. It's disingenuous to equate goals with great play is all I'm saying. I can't convince my wife of this either. So like her, I'll give up and agree with you. Rapinos the MVP.