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  1. On 3/19/2019 at 11:28 AM, Bojang0301 said:

    It’s beyond preposterous. May as well start a thread on whether you think Ben is an ### hole and to the surprise of no one people would vote yes he is... who cares? Dozens and dozens of players have been jerks. If this is some muzzled attack on his incident from a decade ago, maybe we can have polls about Larry Fitzgerald and his domestic abuse that got covered up by Arizona’s press back in the day. No one is perfect. Amazing that if Haley, a know jackass and idiot in his own right, calls a kneel down people would have no need to entertain the ideas of loser 4th string RB’s that coincidentally fumbled away the playoffs that year if I recall correctly.

    I never knew Steeler fans were so sensitive and hostile.   You guys are giving Patriot fans a run for their money!

  2. 49 minutes ago, barackdhouse said:

    I've stayed out of these threads for the most part, and there has been plenty of back and forth on who is to blame, should there be blame, what is blame, what does it mean for the sport, yadayada. But ~two years ago I read about Big Ben's private hidden locker within his regular locker at home games. He convinced ownership to install a false door, secret compartment in the locker room where Ben could go to get away from everyone. I am not here to defend anyone, or to blame anyone, truth is I don't have the first ####### clue about any of these people and what kind of people they are in private. But Ben gets his own safe space in the locker room, and that screams dysfunction to me. Even if it is fair, even if he has earned it. Something is burning there. Or was. Maybe it is on all sides. IDK, don't necessarily care, but the secret locker is one of the craziest things I've ever heard of in sports.  Some would defend it, some would hate it, but I wonder if a divided locker room is inevitable if a hidden and (not) secret locker is installed for the QB. My ten cents. Now will somebody please tell Bell to sign somewhere? The suspense is killing me.

    I MUST know more about this secret locker. I'm picturing a row of locker and Ben just disappearing into them as reporters are approaching, leaving them confused like a dog trying to track a fake ball throw.  

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  3. 3 hours ago, msommer said:


    Right, that's like just your opinion, guy 😛

    (The calculation of such costs is actually pretty complex and I'm not an expert either, but let's maybe trust in the people who do this type of calculations for a living and hear from them?)

    Admittedly, I have no proof other than my own experiences ($ spent), and those of friends and family.  Forgive me for being wary of a study that's currently being used to push an agenda. Also, I know plenty of people who do X for a living that just aren't very good at their jobs,  so grain of salt and all that.   No doubt bad roads equate to increased repair costs. Just the # SEEMS high. 


    You brought up indirect costs, which is a good point that I had not considered when pondering that $500 number. If you are bringing indirect costs into the equation, then the # makes more sense (to ME - just to be clear).  


    While the $500 figure may include indirect costs, it's not been framed that way at all in any of the radio/newspaper reporting on this. Every mention, including from Whitmer, is $500 in "repairs".


    If that # is really accurate, some poor sap is really taking it hard to make up for all my years and years of no-pothole luck. 


    While sceptical. I'm open to learning more on this.  If you have a link to details of the study showing indirect costs, I'd really like to read it. Easier to trust in those experts, as you suggest, if I see something more than one #.

    ... or did I just run into PSF snark?



  4. 43 minutes ago, supermike80 said:

    Michigan allows up to 160,000 GVW on their vehicles, which is generally double the 80,000GVW max in most states.  However there are a few things to consider.

    In order to carry that weight, trucks must have more axles.  Most 80,000GVW trucks have 2 trailer axles, in order to carry the extra weight here, you need 8 axles.  Reason, of course, is to keep the axle weight the same as any 2 axle truck on the road.  

    Of course, the 160K limit means you will need one truck, instead of 2, for the same amount of product, which, in theory, reduces the number of trucks on the road, and lessens congestion.  Plus, heavy weight vehicles such as these get taxed at approx 3X the normal tax they are paying their fair share.  

    Not to mention, states like Ohio, Indiana etc are starting to embrace this concept. You can run heavy not these states as well.   

    Interesting. Thanks. 

  5. 1.  I think it would be more palatable if, since you can win on the first possession, the team getting the ball first actually somewhat  earns it (compared to a coin toss anyways). 

    2..What that method is can be hashed out.  Least # of challenges used (improved viewing experience!)? Longest FG or TD?   1 play for each team - most yards gained gets possession?  Lineup 1 player from each team and have them race towards the ball for possession?


    ... I work better in a committee setting. You guys figure out part 2.

  6. Apologies in advance as I'm only a layman on road construction & maintenance.  That being said, I swear Michigan roads are repaired using crushed sea shells + chewing gum.  Same stretches of road get repaired every 5 years.  


    Also, I believe that $ saved in repairs figure is way overblown.   I've never heard any of my friends or family ever have a major repair due to road damage. Even cumulative damage no way adds up to $500/year.  


    I heard on the radio today that MI allows heavier than ideal truck weight limits vs other states. Perhaps look at that, first?


    And how about getting some kind of quality standards written into the contracts with the road construction companies? Your roads fall apart too quick, you lose $.  Maybe pick up the phone to OH DOT and see who they use?


    While i could afford the extra $10 per week (Look at me!), I'd rather take my chances on pocketing that $ and risking repairs.  Color me skeptical, but I get the feeling they'll tack on 45cents/gallon and the damn roads still won't get fixed.


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  7. 18 hours ago, BassNBrew said:

    Chubb fell to RB13 in the FBG Survivor draft that started this week (best ball ppr league).  Before the Hunt signing I would have had him at RB6-7.  RB13 seems like a steep decline for me.  Interested in your thoughts.

    What's this, now?  Is this a Boltbacker-sponsored draft?  Where was my invite?!

  8. On 2/2/2019 at 12:19 PM, saintfool said:

    Previous years I itemized. This year I opted for the new standard deduction. Took home the same amount and saved myself a few hours. 

    Ugh. I suck.  Should've read this BEFORE itemizing all those Salvation Army donations and then not meeting the 24k standard anyways. Didn't realize it was that high. 

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  9. 9 hours ago, Frank Drebin said:

    He didn't kick the guy. He kicked the fence. Watch the video again.

    That being said, I'm surprised he kept his job after lying on the report. Once a cop is caught lying, it makes it near impossible for them to do their job. You can't put a guy on the stand to testify when the defense can besically impeach him as a liar without even trying. 

    Listen to this guy. He's a Police Squad Lieutenant.

  10. 1 hour ago, Mr. Ected said:

    The guys who have mentioned bad things about Chryslers both talk about 'back in the day' (K car? Wow!! :P ) Does anyone have the same issues with current Chryslers? May have to buy a new van in the near future and really like the look and features of the Pacifica.

    Had a 2010 Caravan and now a 2017. 2010 had an issue where the factory brakes were cheap.  Needed a brake job at 20k (all GCs around this time were the same).  Other than that, no major issues until 95k when i traded it in. No issues with 2017 so far. 


    Salesman told me to be wary of the automatic doors though. He said they do have a slight uptick in warranty and the repairs can be very expensive for essentially a novelty.  I went with manual (I'm cheap anyways).  

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  11. 16 hours ago, ZenoRazon said:

    It was a well know fact the AFL sucked on defense, to only complete 50.1 of his passes there.....weak.  He had 11 seasons where he had more INT than TD. the final count....173TD/220INT....that's bad. His career passer rating 65.9 sucks in any era.

    Why "Broadway Joe" Namath Should Not Be in the Hall of Fame

    Chris Young July 7, 2010

    Joe Namath should not be in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

    Most Hall of Fame quarterbacks have thrown for 200-plus touchdowns.

    Throughout his 13-year career with the New York Jets, Namath threw more interceptions (220) than touchdowns (173). He averaged 17 interceptions a year and eclipsed 20 five times in his career.

    Hall of Fame coach Bill Walsh stated that Namath was "the most beautiful, accurate, stylish passer with the quickest release I've ever seen."

    Let’s talk about his accuracy—Namath averaged a remarkably low completion percentage of 50.1 throughout his career.  He also completed fewer than 50 percent seven seasons throughout his career—I think that contradicts the great Bill Walsh’s statement.


    Len Dawson the other AFL HOF QB



    QB rating...82.8

    It's Hall of Fame, not Hall of Stats. Of course Namath belongs. 

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