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  1. Of my road trip' wearing the Honolulu & Blue. Green Bay - The best fans. Fun tail gating, great food etc. It probably helped the Packers were pretty much guaranteed a win going in. Tampa Bay - No issues with the fans, but that probably had as much to it feeling like a Lions home game with all the Detroit fans there. New Orleans - No issues. Fans were kind of apathetc, but this was pre-Brees. Minnesota - Very cool people inside & out. Chiago - A few drunken fools outside, and got a couple handfuls of popcorn thrown our way after aTD, but nothing abhorrent.
  2. It will be good news if Dantonio, and anyone related to protecting athlete -rapists, gets canned. And while they're at it, go get everyone else at Baylor, FSU, etc. The coaches protect these scumbag kids from discipline because it may save their job if said kid plays. It needs to be turned around where if they are caught protecting these guys, they lose their careers. A few 7-5 years and a lifetime of being employable might not look so bad.
  3. Thanks. I do usually stretch before and after runs - including hamstrings. Though I never considered any back stretches. Maybe i just didn't stretch enough that day? I'll find out next try, I guess. I've never focused on form. But I've never needed to, to date, as I've never had an issue.
  4. Thanks. I will probably give them another try before taking them back.
  5. Hey running experts - I got some new shoes, yesterday. I ran a little over a mile on the treadmill and my lower back started getting pretty tight. Is this a common thing? Does that mean these shoes aren't for me? Or are they ok and I'll adjust after a few runs? Or maybe it was fluky and I might have had the same issue in my old shoes on that day? Thanks.
  6. Who's this "we" you are referencing? And what exactly did you guys do to ruin a ghetto? That's hard to do.
  7. Too bad it's not the original cast. I hope Murray is in the Wolves movie.
  8. Went through both seasons the last couple weeks. Loved this show, except for the Sister episode. I didn't mind the idea of it. But seemed like a 12 year old wrote it. Actually it seemed like a 12 year old plagiarized on old XMen/Morlocks story and cast some terrible actors. If I rewatch this series, I'll skip that piece of garbage. And King Steve and Max's jerk brother need their own spin-off series. Those guys ruled. Smoking, pumping iron, and jamming to Ratt, simultaneously!
  9. I like BB. Brady is annoying but impressive to watch. Kraft is a scumbag.
  10. 50 yards in penalties making things right. Classic NE.
  11. Lol. Fat Butler celebrating a sack where Bortles gives himself up.
  12. It looks like it was a Paterno centric 50th anniversay ceremony where the crowd gave him a standing O. Seems at odds with you description.
  13. He changed his name so he would be let back in the Palace. Now that it's closed, he can go back to Ron.
  14. He got Lavar Ball's kid out of a Chinese prison!
  15. Didn't PSU honor Paterno at a game just a couple years back? Not saying all PSU people did, but that seems like an odd thing to do to appease a vocal minority. Or perhaps a better way to say it - an odd thing to do if a majority of the PSU supporters were vehemently anti Paterno.
  16. Back at practice. "This is nothing"!!! Maybe all those normal accolades aren't enough. Maybe he's selling a nothing thumb boo boo in hopes of winning Patriot of the Week.
  17. So, if PSU fans didn't fund raise, where is that 10MM + coming from? The people of PA in general (correct me if I'm wrong). As barf inducing as it is that PSU alum ponied up for their scumbag coaches' legacy, or whatever, it's better than the funds coming from the public. Let the morons open their wallets.
  18. Of all the stupid things I've read on the internet this week, this may be the stupidestest.
  19. The only one who's alive? I like the idea of more Tap, but I'm a bit disappointed it's only Smalls (the least funny in my opinion).