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  1. Has Iglesias ever been considered a hitting prospect or just a glove guy? I'd go Russell but I might be biased. Never considered anything but a pretty terrible hitter. 267/314/324 career line in the minors over 6 seasons.Thanks. I don't know much outside of the tigers and I'm just trying to survive in fantasy baseball. I figure if Jose is hitting second for awhile (only one game so far so I may be reaching) that could be a lot of runs and seeing decent pitches. Plus the league I'm in weighs stolen bases a bit more heavily. That and I don't know anything about Russell other than he's a hot prospect.
  2. Too much truth for this thread. Way too much. Great takes. Spot on. I double dare anyone comparing Jameis and Jamarcus to give it a listen. So good. Hopefully lod cuts out eye holes large enough to watch that.Racial slur? Seems a bit much. Hasn't Jamarcus suffered enough? And the white comparison for a fatso would be Janikowski. Judging by that combine pick, Winston does seem to be heading in the wrong direction weight-wise. Looks like he did the freshman 15, sophomore 15, summer break 15,... good thing he's leaving undergrad. I'm sure it will stop now. Still targeting NFC South defenses.
  3. That's why they are taking their time - milking the OT.
  4. actually it is a ford explorer and they just do that naturally it is not a riot thing take that to the buy mopar bank bromigos You're thinking of the Pinto. Or maybe a Toyota with a stuck accelerator pedal.
  5. The people protesting are peaceful. Until they are not.
  6. I like when the talking heads on CNN & the like preface their statements with "there is no excuse for violence", then proceed to make excuses for the rioters.
  7. There seems to be a lot of violence at these peaceful protests.
  8. There was never any non-Winston DNA on her body. The non-Winston DNA that was found was on the shorts she was wearing and was from her boyfriend from weeks before. I see. Thanks. Still targeting NFC South defenses.
  9. "... the suspect did kiss or lick XX on her face." Was this the same incident they found the non-Winston DNA on her face? If it truly wasn't a rape, this guy is into some kinky stuff.
  10. Same Malik Shabazz who would rather "burn this city to the ground" (Detroit) rather than let white supremacists take over - really an emergency financial manager to get Detroit out of bankruptcy. Potayto/potaato.
  11. Should be interesting.. i imagine they will have to deviate heavily from the comics both to make it tv friendly and because i can't envision some of the content even making good tv. Should be one bloody, graphic story regardless of how much they alter it. I'm guessing this is going to have to be on HBO/Showtime. Even then, I don't see a lot of things getting into the show. They'll probably have to tame down the holy bloodline thing a bit (a lot). And that's going to be a lot of time in the makeup chair for arseface!
  12. Someone was telling me that VMart's injury bothers him a lot less vs lefties. Wish it was the other way aroundN.C. is 1 for 10 vs. Sale with 7 k's.
  13. Crap. I thought I maxed out the example. Not even close.
  14. The child support thing is relevant in that it informs us as to why he may have ran. That's it. And that has nothing to do with the culpability of the police officer for murdering him. I've never understood the running thing. Do they somehow think this is going to make their situation better? Even if he didn't get shot. Did he think he was going to get away. He was 50 years old and slow as hell.Agreed. In no way was this shooting justified, but the running part gets me. Sure, you don't think you're going to get shot in the back, but don't run.I think his family would much rather be bailing him out of jail. The common theme in all these incidents is that the perpetrator has committed a crime and has resisted arrest. Rodney King, Mike Brown, Eric Garner, Walter Scott, the kids in that video today that sparked so much debate... Law abiding people have no reason to fear the police. The cops need to do a better job, but the fact is all these tragedies could have been avoided if the people didn't resist.LMAO ya the general is .....nuts Resisting arrest is different, but speaking to the running part, what should an officer do (and what are they exactly trained to do?... I don't know) when a suspect runs? Much of the sentiment seems to be to not shoot the suspect. And I'd probably agree in the vast majority of cases as there's a chance for back-up assistance, or, like in this case, no reason for a non-violent warrant to be met with shots fired. But then, does that mean any criminal can avoid arrest as long as they are faster than the cop? What if it's a 1on1 situation with a known mass-murderer, who's escaped from prison? The murderer is unarmed, and not an immediate threat to the officer, but it running away from the slower officer? What if the officer has full knowledge of this guy's past and takes him out? Justified to prevent more deaths? What if he doesn't shoot and this guy takes out 10 more people prior to being captured the next time? I know it's an extreme example and polar opposite of someone with a warrant for child-support issues. Point being, when can/should officers be able to shoot fleeing suspects? It's somewhere between those two examples, but where?
  15. My father passed recently and it's pretty much the opposite of this thread. Anything of value (monetaty) has pretty much been going "you want this? I don't. ) and sentimental stuff is "I would like this" " no problem". What the heck goes through people's minds to battle over a dead relative's things? I don't care if my siblings and I didn't get along. Why get all stressed about a few thousand dollars.?
  16. I think I'd rather see a one-on-one game between Strike and Tim than Wisconsin-Duke on Monday night. Only problem is both players would probably foul out. I am from Cali. I'll bet that I could beat Tim one on one if the bet was the loser leaves this board forever. Of course, I've offered him ban bets before and EVERY time he's declined. Because he NEEDS this board. I could easily leave and never worry about it again. Tim needs an anonymous place to vent his idiocy because I can guarantee you he never expresses his idiocy to people who know who he is. So Tim, if you want, the next time I come to Cali we can arrange a one on one game and settle this. Let me know. Go away little man. It's, actually, "Shut up little man."
  17. So if Wisconsin wins on Monday you think people will remember this game OVER that game? What a f'ing idiot you are. Go back to your thread where you said you'd stay. Quit polluting other threads you dolt. 1. Yes. 2, GFY 3. GFY. So why did you say you'd stay in your own thread but keep moving out of it? You know you f up every thread you enter EXCEPT yours, but you keep doing it? Why? Cause you're a doosh. No one else has EVER been relegated to one thread, but you did it voluntarily because you recognized you're a doosh. You're like Cliff Clavin in Cheers when he hired a guy to shock him when he was being a d*ck. You know it but you can't help yourself. #######. I decided to stay in my own thread mostly because I was hoping you wouldn't follow me. That didn't work. I should let you know that I have received numerous PMs from all sorts of people telling me how much they detest you. You are widely regarded as the most despicable person on this board, and you haven't done anything to help yourself here. I'd be astonished if you had any friends here at all. I will continue to post in sports threads and whereever else the hell I like. If I were you I'd stronglyu consider changing my name and personality and trying to start over. But I'm not sure you're capable of it. Congrats on winning money tonight. Be sure to buy yourself a drink, and if you can afford it, a prostitute. She (or he) can pretend that you're likeable. Your posts seem fine to me. Strike seems like a real jerk. strikes2k spends his waking life stalking Tim. HTH. He isn't the only one. No, he isn't. And it's one of the strangest phenomenons at FBG. Same person?
  18. I switched on the UK broadcast a minute before this and was greeted with some whiny hick saying the most ridiculous things I've heard in a long time, including that it was a bad foul. The play-by-play guy kept trying to keep him in check, but to no avail. Then they cut to the booth... Rex Chapman.
  19. Great idea in the perfect scenario. Too bad that is not the case for the overwhelming majority.I've been saying it is a failure for over a decade. I posted here 5 years ago the same thing. Companies sold workers a bunch of BS. It only works for those making enough to save AND have a near perfect career. Defenders of the plan like to show data for those making over 100k a year because if they included people making 1/2 that, the disaster would be obvious. There is no one who can take the max of $18k if they are making less than $75000. $50000 - yeah, right. The BS of start when you are 20 or 25. Sure. I got fed that one. The number on paper was that I would have 2.5 million......if I was lucky to make x amount, with raises, over 35-40 years. Yeah, right again. IBM even came out with a new way to screw employees in 2012. They now only pay you the company match if you are employed on Dec. 15. Why? So they don't have to match. Yeah, they set it up where the only way you get the match is if you retire before that date. Leave - you get no match for the year, laid off, ditto. the bolded is just false. It's tough no argument, but not impossible. Many have done it and do it. I don't understand your second paragraph. IBM - yeah, that's ####ty. ok a hermit can.No. A person who doesn't need every new gadget and to go out on the town often can do it. We've done it. We make more now and spend more now but when we only had a couple young ones at home it wasn't hard to save.Agreed. Out of school making about fifty. Maxed out fairly easily and got a house along the way. Non hermit but i alsoI didn't have expensive hobbies like jetskis or kids or maxing out my credit cards.
  20. He ran on the field with his helmet off after a Dallas defensive penalty. NFL chose to ignore it though.