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  1. I like how she's doing the Slick Willy fist shake with the thumb on top.
  2. 5 daughters Feeling the Bern. 2 thumbs up from Hillary.
  3. Heh no. CNN getting up in Hillary's pores. You talking about the photo Higgs posted?
  4. very close to putting you on ignore...Oh come on. We put that on Bernie posters and this election is ours.That's Photoshopped, right?
  5. I disagree with a lot of his positions, but Sanders is the only Democrat i would vote for (of 2... guess it's not that bold of a statement). He kind of rules.
  6. What that tells me,Saints, is that her enemies have been largely successful at smearing her over the years. It also makes me admire her all the more for fighting back against that meme and winning. She has got to be an incredibly strong-minded person- yet another good qualification for the Presidency. She has, like Winston Churchill, suffered so many political defeats that it has tempered her like good steel.By contrast take a look how the frontrunner on the other side is handling his first political setback. I'd like to pin you down on the specifics of the mishandling of classified data, because you seem to be trying to absorb it in a broader narrative.Somewhere back in this thread, you said that it would be very troubling to you if it turned out that SAP data was on her server. As it becomes more evident that this is likely, do you stand by that? Also - what are your thoughts on the 5 month delay and deception by Hillary's Chief of Staff to the FOIA request for private email addresses? 1. What I wrote is that if there was information sent or received on Hillary's private emails that named undercover American spies who could be captured or killed as a result that would trouble me greatly. But I would still need to know how they got there before placing any blame on Hillary Clinton. I remain skeptical that this is even the case, and EXTREMELY skeptical that Hillary had anything to do with it even if it is the case. Show me the proof. Anonymous sources and assumptions are NOT proof. 2. I don't have any thoughts on that. But it's my assumption that almost all requests regarding the FOIA are met with delays and deliberate stalling by government agencies and politicians. None of them like it, and there is a good reason for that: it was designed, after Watergate, to allow the public to have access to government records. But in reality the public rarely ever cares; it's used instead by partisan groups to smear and embarrass their political opponents. 2. OR when it's used by journalists to help expose corruption. Kwame Kilpatrick is one instance.
  7. FSU must feel stupid shelling out $1,000,000 to cover up a rape by a lowly PBAer.
  8. It would be nice if our potential president understood there is such a thing as amplified sound. What does she think those microphones are there for?
  9. So, which one of you guys is really that scumbag, Mitch Albom?
  10. ~$1 million settlement with the rape victim, but there was no wrongdoing.
  11. Slow cooking this at home as we speak. Just threw this in the cooker prior to bed. First crack at it. Curious if there's value in searing the roast prior. I didn't do so, but I've seen other recipes call for it. Thoughts?
  12. Rusty water doesn't necessarily mean something is wrong with the larger water supply. My city has great water, but my old house, due to old galvanized pipes, would pump out brown water if I was out of town for a couple weeks and it stood stagnant in the pipes. Similarly, if an external water main broke, you'd get the foggy water shown in the other clips. I think the news just loves showing that clip for a "Look how bad the water is!" response. The damaging lead really wouldn't be visible... which is too bad, actually.
  13. Enis saw the talent level at RB had increased since he committed and his playing time would be limited at best. Good move to de-commit. Curtis P.'s kid?
  14. I have to believe that somewhere in the chain of decisionmaking an eco-lefty nixed the plan to put phosphates in the water, valuing the environment higher than human safety. Someone should go to prison for that decision, unfortunately they probably won't. That's the stupidest comment i have ever heard on these boards. Hi Spreagle - I am what you likely would consider an eco lefty. I am a processional engineer who has spent a 30 year career regulating drinking water and wastewater. I could be making twice what I'm making right now working in the private sector, but as someone who believes that we need to leave a better planet for our children, have spent my professional life protecting the waters of the state in which I live. I take this very seriously. The second thought that I, and several of the other eco lefty (and eco righty - yes, believe it or not, there are a number of Republicans and fiscal conservatives who aren't stupid enough to toe the anti environmental regulation tea party line) professional engineers that I work with, had when we heard of this hideousness was "why the hell did they not add orthophosphates to the water to bring the pH up and control the corrosivity?" Our third thought? " The Legionella is from the water supply. They are not adequately disinfecting the water before it hits the system." Oh, and our first thought? This absolutely sucks for the people of Flint, and it could have absolutely been prevented had they just simply practiced - more specifically, been allowed to practice - best professional judgment. In my state, falsification of test results for water or wastewater is subject to a fine of up to $37,500 per day per violation. Trumping up false water analyses, selectively sampling to get the results that you want? Both subject to those fines. People get fired, and careers get ruined, for doing what you suggested that this random eco-lefty did. I take water, and my job, damn seriously. For you or anyone to suggest that an environmentalist would knowingly reduce the amount of phosphate in a water supply system to make an environmental statement, when any environmentalist who knows anything about water supply knows that low pH will leach metals such as lead and copper out of pipes is both idiotic and wrongheaded. The blame for this idiocy lie squarely at the feet of the government officials who decided that saving a couple of dollars was worth more then the health of the citizens that they were elected to (or in the case of the city emergency manager, appointed to) represent. It was a short sighted, stupid, politically driven decision. And heads should roll. So in summary, it is my best professional judgment based upon 30 years in water regulation thaI you, sir, are full of ####. Have a nice day. bakes - a couple questions (normally I'd ask true water experts like Cher or Maddow, but I don't think they peruse these boards, so you'll have to do): Are orthophosphates required for all treated water? For instance, does Detroit necessarily use them (and Flint just needs more)? Or is it an additive only used when the pH is out of range? How does the lead leaching occur time-wise? That is, is the process reversible? For instance, if they added the orthophosphates 2 weeks after the switch to Flint (or even 1 year... has it even happened, yet), would that be too late, and would the damage be done? Would the lead-leach reaction, for lack of a better term, be a runaway reaction and keep contaminating the water supply after the fix was applied? I'm guessing it would have to be something along these lines, otherwise there would be a quick solution such as treat the Flint supply better, or switch back to Detroit, correct? Thanks.
  15. I hate to spread more "drivel" but everything I'm reading and watching is telling me that this is total crap. The water was poisoned after the emergency managers made a hostile takeover of the city of Flint. This is not on the local people. This is not on the federal government. It's completely on the governor and the state government. And Snyder, by attempting to spread the blame around tonight, is clearly NOT a buck stop here guy. If he was he would have resigned already. I know this doesn't jive with Maddow, but trust me, Snyder didn't want to take over a (apparently thriving) city just so he could get off on poisoning kids. If Snyder resigned, today, who would you suggest as a replacement?
  16. I'm fairly certain they weren't applauding water contaminants. There were other topics within the speech. Many of which were non-Snyder and non-Flint related.
  17. Lol. Uhhhhh I have some bad news for you.,Oh well. I never expected they'd make a decent Suicide Squad movie. Expectations met. I'll go watch 3 or 4 old JLU episodes, instead. You think it's going to be a bad movie because of one actor who probably won't be in it a lot?2 - Affleck and W. Smith.
  18. Lol. Uhhhhh I have some bad news for you.,Oh well. I never expected they'd make a decent Suicide Squad movie. Expectations met. I'll go watch 3 or 4 old JLU episodes, instead.
  19. Loved the old Ostrander series. So this seemed like a decent idea. However, Will Smith sucks, and Waller should be fat. Doesn't seem Batman-centric, but if it is, hopefully it's not Affleck. Batman-Superman trailer is cringeworthy when he asks Superman if he bleeds.
  20. I ate there twice a couple years back. Got sick both times. I thought it was just my stomach. In light of recent events, and that I never got sick at other restaurants, I'm pretty sure they were serving me a pile o germs. Qboda #1!