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  1. Obviously there are more poorly made/less quality movies out there (I.e. the Leprechaun series), but those at least are so poor you I'd consider watching for the novelty factor. Boyhood was the first movie since Cruel Intentions that angered me so much I can guarantee I'll never even consider watching again. I could film a dog crapping once a year for 12 years. It would be unique and take dedication, but it does not make a good movie. ...still probably better than Boyhood, though. See you in 12 years, Academy!
  2. Boyhood. Nice plot - boring kid grows up to be an annoying butthole. I was hoping the drunk stepdad was finally going to make things interesting, but it was not to be. Apparently, they needed to move on to ####### shooting more photos.
  3. So, I tried the Smails recipe late Thursday, and served it yesterday/today. VERY good chili. It was a bit more like chunky coney sauce than I expected - A positive in my book, just surprised. It was definitely soupy on Thursday, but thickened up nicely overnight in my garage. My only edits were slight: Stock instead of broth (what I had on hand) Crown instead of Jack (what I had on hand) And I did add the chocolate + beans to half the batch with a 1/2 hour left. I will say, as good as this was, it's definitely going to be a rare event if only for the cost. It ran me $60+, though it probably only would have been ~$50 if my spices were up-to-date. Still, that's a nice pile of ribeyes I could have spent the money on. Also, I must be a slow chopper because it took me forever to cut up the 5 lbs of beef into small cubes. Overall . Thanks, Mr. Smails.
  4. My two cents in red...Just don't monkey around on the beer. I loath Fat Tire as a drinking beer, but it's the best beer to use for this recipe. Thanks for the info. I did grab some Fat Tire. Here goes nothin...
  5. First attempt tonight... at any chili. Just found the NM peppers. A couple questions... Onion type? I assume white? What oz can of tomato paste? Sweetened bakers chocolate or unsweetened? Will Crown work or does it have to be Jack? Thanks.
  6. Of course he'll play. If they had any other decent WRs, they'd actually put him through the proper protocol. The Panthers need him so they took him to this independent specialist for clearance:
  7. Somebody should let dentist know there's a crockpot chicken AND dumpling recipe in that link.In the red pic, she kind of has a Lebron thing going on in the face.
  8. You won't be so happy when you manage to draft him and Cassel/other overthrows him in the regular season, too.
  9. I don't know how I stumbled into this thread, but I gotta say I'm intrigued. As I'm a newbie to CISs, hat's a good starter one? And by starter I mean something decent to give me the experience, but not so expensive I'll be out a ton of $$ when I screw it up? How about this?
  10. Agreed. The Lebron put-your-head-down-and-bullrush is just painful to watch. I normally watch college to avoid this.
  11. He's not awful. The problem is, he's just good enough to keep around. It's not like the Lions have a JAC/MIN/NYJ/OAK/CLE... level of QB play where making a QB change is a top priority. It's kind of like flipping a coin with this guy, he can win you any game or lose you any game. It's next to impossible to win a championship, though, if you are counting on that coin landing on heads 10-12 time out of 16, then 3 more in the playoffs.
  12. What am I missing here - he's medically cleared to play, but refuses to play. Isn't that some sort of breach of contract? I know it's a gray area as it's only a few weeks difference right now, but, hypothetically, what if he's "uncomfortable" at week 10? Week 14? Playoffs? Next September?
  13. I haven't thought seriously about this, but I'll pop-off anyhow - If the concern is a re-break of the forearm, why not just give him a guard (like a soccer shinguard) around his whole forearm? Put some padding around it so the refs/opposing players can't claim it's a club. Then just make sure he carries the ball with his opposite arm. Also, I'm a bit surprised if it's just the risk of a re-break, that he isn't out there, anyways. Guys risk a lot more than an arm to get back out there (head, neck...). Not stating he should - not my arm, just a bit surprised he doesn't want to based on the NFL culture. I'm guessing his future quality of life is more at risk with any other type of potential injury (head/neck/knee/back...) that has yet to occur to him, than it would be for him breaking his arm again. Also, he's not really fighting for his job, so the pressure to get back isn't as much for other guys. Has he gotten a big contract already?
  14. I knew I should have taken Hightower. Tim Hightower $7 104 93 89.4%
  15. Been waiting for something to play. If my wife even caught me looking at this game, with how much time I wasted in front of D2, I'd be out on my rump in a second. This is the only nerdy RPG video game I've ever played, but man, did I effin play it!A couple more links:
  16. Nigel, where did you get ahold of the new MMJ?At Dawn & Z haven't left my player for months & I'm itchin for more.
  17. This guy is still on the air? I love when he has strippers & midgets on. Classic.
  18. Ever had any pizza around here better than Buddy's? As far as the poll goes, I'll give NY style a very slight edge.Buddys would probably win in a taste test. It is in between Chi and NY. with a medium crust.Buddy's would kill any NY or CHI pizza in a landslide.
  19. Give me the reasons why this is your favourite. There are so many board games better than this. Give me some info and I'll find you a game you'll like even more.Thanks. I'm sure there are plenty of games better. I've just only ever purchased what's on the shelf at ToysRUs. I've looked up some of the games mentioned, and will probably order a few. I'm looking towards the 1-3 hour type games, not the 1-3 day types.
  20. What the heck are most of you talking about. Quit coming up with clever names, and just admit you are playing D&D! My favs: Risk Sequence Feudal Facts in Five And the worst game of all, which a bunch of my friends love for some reason, is Cranium. Just plain dumb.
  21. 32 pages on the guy who killed Anna Nicole? Lame.
  22. "Lincoln, you put that candle out and go to bed right now!" "Van Buren! Take off your sister's ballerina outfit or you're gonna get a time out!" Shouldn't that 2nd one be "Hoover! Take off your sister's...." as in J. Edgar (I know not a president, but close enough)?
  23. I forgot the magazine & actual #, but last year there were around 250 babies named "Unique", then of course a ton of "Classy", "Cristal", "Moet" etc.