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  1. But he has so much confidence while he is sucking. Still targeting NFC South defenses.
  2. In draft #1 I have Foster. I guess i'll have to try again.
  3. found it interesting. thanks I gave up after the subtitled indicated she thinks Trump is funnier than Jon Stewart Trump is waaaayyy "funnier" than Stewart. In his entire career, Stewart never came close to Trump's Rosie O'Donnell rant.
  4. Back to the ollldd topic of Gronk in round 1, I just took him at 1.11 and Graham at 3.11. We'll see what happens, but I'm definitely going boom/bust.
  5. Debating doing this again.Loved the first one since it was quick. I absolutely hate the slow long drawn out ones. I am in some where guys average 3-4 hrs for each pick. I could see 3-4 hrs for a pick one time (especially if there was a run at night time after you went to bed). But over the course of many rounds, I don't remotely get a 3-4 hr average. Ok rant over. The good: As mentioned, I love a fast draft. I think I was the fastest (or maybe 2nd fastest) in the first one we did. The bad: Won't it pretty much be the same guys? At least for the most part? Feel free to let me know what you think of my team from the first one...the good and the bad: QB - Kaepernick, Cutler, Palmer RB - McCoy, L.Miller, Hyde, J.Bell, Asiata WR - Marshall, R.White, Decker, Garcon, Cruz, Harvin, Patterson TE - Gronk, Reed Def - Balt, SF, Jax I would've grabbed a 3rd TE instead of wr/def just because Reed is fragile. Or maybe just a different TE instead of Reed. Other than that, It looks decent - your 1/12 odds look to be intact.
  6. 3rd place earns a buy in for the next year so I think your facts are off. The original poster eluded to my roster being disqualified out of the gate, so I think it is a fair wager. Step up if you are interested, if not, not really your business. I understand it as 2nd gets entry and first gets the rest. Nothing for third.
  7. I'll sit this one out. I'm thinking the draft wont be too different than the one we just completed seeing as nothing has changed in the last week. Plus you guys were too good. Any dtaft I do usually has 3-4 guys 'fall' (not even big falls) to me. I didn't get one this time. My plans kept getting blown up. I'll jump back in at take 3 or 4.
  8. The Audible and Couch are very good. Though the former is always too Bronco/Steeler heavy. I get it, you like CJ Anderson. I don't need a weekly reminder. I would like more focus, especially this slow time of year on the lesser offenses such as Cleveland/Jacksonville/St.Louis. We all can't load up on Packers, Colts, and Steelers. There are ppl points to be mined elsewhere.
  9. That guy with Lynch/Foster is killing it!Whoever he is, someone should tell him he'll need to draft more depth at WR ASAP, especially since his top two are on the same team. And QB could be trouble for him. Taking Bree's so early may have been ill advised.The guy seems pretty bright, I'm sure he has a plan.
  10. That guy with Lynch/Foster is killing it!
  11. The more the merrier Ok thanks. I'm in. Probably not the greatest odds getting in a league with all you experienced owners, but what the hell? It's only $10. And this should be much more satisfying than a hand of blackjack.
  12. I'm interested in joining this, but the link did not work for me. I think you can just go to the MFL 10 Public Dashboard and find the league by using the password here: Could not search using the password. Do you know the league name? It doesn't have a name until it fills. The only way is with either the direct link or the password. To do the password search you use the last link I gave you and then on the right column of the screen, there are four subheadings "WELCOME TO THE MFL 10S DASHBOARD", "DRAFT ONLY LEAGUES FILLING NOW", "ROSTER MANAGEMENT LEAGUES FILLING NOW", and "YOUR PRIVATE LEAGUES"... under this last one you'll see a link that says "Join A Private League That You've Been Given A Password For". If you click on that you should be able to get into it. I think you can even just click on the link in this post too. You guys mind if I get in? I'm, admittedly, a lurker in this thread. But I'll be happy to participate more when my grade depends on it.
  13. Equal in felonies, but Winston still has him in misdemeanors.
  14. Small sample in the 1 draft I did, but I took 3 rbs in 4 rounds but was surprised at the decent rb options still available in later rounds and regretted a bit not taking a better wr early.
  15. Jesus... Gronk at the 12? He hasn't fallen past the 4th in my leagues.I like the 9/10/11 in that last one. That's the benefit of doing a lot of these. You can get some nice guys late. I actually like#2 best. But then again, what do I know?
  16. Did 1 of probably only 2 this year. Seemed pretty straightforward overall in terms of early round ADPs. OBJ Was taken 2nd round though. From the 10 spot. Rivers 10 Dalton 13 Sanchez 18 Lynch 1 Murray 2 Gore 4 Blount 6 J.white 20 Cooks 3 Marshall 5 Fitzgerald 8 D.adams 9 Garcon 12 Crabtree 15 Hurns 19 Bennett 7 Gates 11 D.allen 14 New England 16 Cincy 17 I did a similar ffpc draft only contest last year and finished a distant 2nd to the guy with Luck n Forsett. I got too many gooseeggs from my risk-heavy wr corps of guys like J.Hunter. so this time im looking just for more consistent production out of that position. I guess we'll see what happens. ..
  17. I'm surprised he agreed to leave. He's not one to take"No" for an answer.
  18. Is Axford the closer in Col? Or is he hurt? He was just dropped in my league. Worth a claim? Thanks.
  19. Except winning football games of course. The bucs don't need to take that away. Winston will take care of that himself. Still targeting NFC South defenses.
  20. Old article, but rationale is still the same obviously. Thanks.
  21. It wasn't a big deal on the surface. It's a big deal because of what it says about the guy's ego, his maturity, his judgement, etc. etc. etc. All of those character concerns he brought with him to the draft, he validated within minutes of being chosen. The only people who took offense were the people who were worked up about this minor mishap to begin with... wonder why? Because they're tightasses. Theft is a "minor mishap"? Really tight.You're right. It's a victimless crime. My bad.
  22. Why are the Cubs batting their pitcher 8th? What's the strategy there?