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  1. I'm guessing the women who were assaulted would disagree.
  2. same can be said for idiots who feel the need to drive a vehicle twice the size they need, or brag about hunting and owning guns, etc., etc. Agreed. Yet only one of these takes it upon itself to snap a li'l boys neck. Pretty tragic story here as well.A small Pomeranian dog killed a 6-week-old baby while the infant's caretaker briefly left the child unattended to warm a bottle of milk, authorities said. The relative, who was caring for the infant girl, found her head buried in the dog's mouth Saturday night, sheriff's Deputy Cruz Solis said. The girl died of head trauma at an area hospital, he said. (clip} Pomeranians are a breed of miniature canines that have a foxlike face, pointy ears and long, fluffy hair. The deputy said Pomeranian attacks are rare. ``Obviously it doesn't take much to kill a 6-week old baby but it's not something that happens with that breed,'' Solis said. Pomeranians = 1 Pitbulls =74,329
  3. 3 between the ages of 10-18. Never "out", but mine were like this - a rambling idiot. It was kind of an out-of-body experience as I was aware I got hit hard and I should sit out, but everything was like a dream-sequence or similar. After 10-30 minutes I snapped back to reality. One of them I kept declaring "I'm back" to show my concussion was over, when it really wasn't. My friends were laughing their asses off.
  4. According to the liberals these are swell, upstanding citizens eager to become a part of our society......lolBoth the US and Canada have severely limited the amount of single, young men they accept. I think it's actually down to zero in Canada. Germany has thousands of large bunk barracks housing young, unemployed men, from mysoginistic cultures, who speak no German or English, have little to no money outside of a tiny stipend, and are completely undocumented outside of what they say their name and originating country is. Predicting major problems wasn't exactly rocket science. Germany was on my bucket list, but forget that now. They ruined their tourism with these apes. That's too bad. The Dom Cathedral next to the train station is amazing. Hopefully these scumbags stick to the train station. Or, preferably, jail.
  5. Same reason people get barbwire tats, Oakleys, and Affliction shirts, I guess.
  6. The mayor has a great plan - just explain to the refugees that sexual assault isn't one of their local celebratory customs.
  7. Those are 3 embarrassing things for anyone. Manziel, Brady, or any other person on this planet, football player, or not.
  8. I didn't take him seriously once he took the mask off. Such a non-menacing look. They should have gotten a different actor, not the kid from Real Genius. The near-crying when he couldn't read Rey's mind + the hissy-fits didn't help.
  9. Brought that up earlier. Don't think he ever will be, the Knights of Ren are a group in touch with the dark side. I think that's as far as it goes and we'll never hear Sith in the new trilogy.That could be what the "complete the training" is all about.Good point, that's possible. I just assumed with this newly introduced group, they were the new baddies and the sith died with Palps and Vader.Palps! What's up my man?!
  10. Loved it. Kyloren should've kept the mask on. I didn't need to see Vinny Barbarino, Sith Lord. Weren't Han and Leia supposed to have twins ? I figured that's who Rey was.
  11. So, I'm guessing everyone wanting to assist the refugees has done their part, right? 1. Post on message board. 2. Donate to Catholic charities.
  12. I've never seen a Celtics broadcast, before. I turned this game on with about 5 minutes left, and have determined, in about 10 minutes of game-time, that their color commentator is an utter jackass.
  13. This one?
  14. Apple meet orange. You are talking about two completely different things here but thanks for adding absolutely nothing. Now add in an irish wolf hound, an akida and a rottweiler and we can talk. Hey man, I'm just saying you rednecks need to switch to smaller breeds. Having a pitbull makes someone a redneck? Apparently there are a ton of black and hispanic rednecks in LA. How bout we just call them low- life trash then regardless of ethnic designation?Pit owners are known for being upstanding ctitzens who contribute much to society. They can often times be found taking in operas, reading the classics, or building habitats for those less fortunate. Without a doubt, some of our best and brightest.
  15. Definitely should've lost on that embarrassing play. The Lord was on his side, though, according to him.
  16. Why does Twitter allow an IS acct.?
  17. I Only thing that worries me is the long layoff and getting up to game speed, but yeah, it seems like everything lines up. Evans is going to have the safety cheating his way all game, plus they've got a run game and they throw to their RBs. Giants are 31st against TEs per ESPN.I was fired up for the matchup. Now with him sitting, is that Brate guy worth a look?
  18. It was the same podcast where he said this guy was "dealing". Passing CP/AT YDS TD INT T. Bridgewater 17/30 187 1 1 Then Bloom proceeded to point out the wide open WRs he was missing. So, grain of salt, I guess.
  19. Link? It was during their week 8 review podcast while discussing the tampa game. Good stuff. Thanks. I'll download that. To be fair, Cecil actually said he's already on Luck's level or higher, long term. I guess that settles it. That guy is never wrong.
  20. Mr. Show making a comeback in November on Netflix! I'll have to subscribe to this newfangled cable thingy.
  21. I think I largely agree with the point you're trying to make. You're just phrasing it in a way that leads me to disagree. I can sign onto this: 1. A lot of states have laws that make operating blackjack or roulette games a lot more difficult (often impossible) than operating fantasy sports contests (including DFS), even though they all belong in the same broad category of "gambling." 2. Some states have ambiguous laws that arguably (but not certainly) should make operating fantasy sports contests (including DFS) just as difficult as operating certain other gambling games, but those laws have either been interpreted not to apply to fantasy sports, or have just not been enforced with respect to fantasy sports. This seems to be changing here and there. 3. For the states that treat roulette and fantasy sports differently -- whether because of what laws are on the books, or because of how such laws are interpreted or enforced -- maybe they shouldn't. Or maybe they should treat roulette and season-long fantasy sports differently, but not roulette and DFS. 4. Most states do not "regulate" gambling so much as ban it. So if you want roulette and fantasy sports (or just DFS) to be treated the same, we're talking about banning fantasy sports (or just DFS). That's pretty stupid, IMO. But I think roulette should be legal as well. No, DFS sites typically deny that DFS is gambling. If you think sites should have gamblers anonymous information on their sites, I don't necessarily disagree (although I have no idea how effective that is). If that's what you mean by "regulation," I'm on board. That's not what I think most people mean, but it's hard to say because they seldom offer specifics. Their lawyer and maybe the state attorney general, same as if McDonald's cheated them out of something in the Monopoly Sweepstakes. Yes. I'm not sure how familiar you are with the Nevada Gaming Commission, but from the stories I've heard, it pretty much always sides with casinos. It's generally accused of being in the pocket of the casinos. This is not completely unexpected, and may be one of the drawbacks to regulation. You are still phrasing things in a way calculated to get me to disagree with you, but I'd agree that there are a number of possible regulations that could be beneficially applied to the DFS industry -- very preferably at the federal level that supersedes any state regulations. Among them: 1. Possibly have gamblers' anonymous info in ads and on websites, depending on how effective that actually is. 2. Require that player funds be held in segregated accounts that cannot be used for operations (and perhaps cannot be used to satisfy judgments by creditors). 3. Maybe require that the rake be stated explicitly instead of making players do math to figure it out. 4. Require some kind of ID check to verify that players are over 18. 5. Prohibit the false advertising about deposit bonuses (when they clear so slowly). I'm sure we can all think of other stuff as well. What I oppose completely are money grabs by state or local governments, or protection of local gambling businesses from out-of-state competition, which is what's going on in Nevada and Pennsylvania. 6. Make ownership %'s public so DFS employee's do not have an advantage over their customers. 7. Not self-regulate i.e. "we hired an auditor and he found nothing wrong".