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  1. It's Hall of Fame, not Hall of Stats. Of course Namath belongs.
  2. I was a big fan of Gillette's marketing when I was around 18 and they sent me a new razor. I liked it so much, I've been buying refills ever since. Free razor >>>>> being lectured.
  3. Thanks for the info. looks to be ~25%-30% rake, too. I'd start my own at ~10%, if only I had any computer brains, bankroll, initiative...
  4. Anyone know of any legitimate dynasty-hosting websites like FFPC that have better payout %'s? FFPC is really good in terms of how they run the leagues. However, their rake is anywhere from 20-35% depending on the buy-in amount. Seems very steep. Any suggestions on alternate sites? Thanks.
  5. Oh yeah, I was also 3 for 3 on Boltbacker's 50/50s! Of all my minor successes this year, I'm most proud of that.
  6. 9 & 5 out of 32 is really good. I still think 2 QBs is the way to go as you are shooting for 1st. I'll take my chances of hitting on a James Conner, or even a Dante Pettis in the 18th+ rounds than getting the extra couple dozen points a 3rd QB will probably net you. In my leagues where I lost 2 QBs, well it wasn't meant to be. I do go 3 TE, though. Just because you can flex 1 if 2 of them have a good week. Not as many "wasted" points as 2 QBs having a good week and you can only play 1.
  7. So how'd we do this year, fellas? I did a lot less this year as I wasn't thrilled about the MFL10 move to a different site. But I took advantage of the customer retention bonus for 8 free entries. 38 total 8x 1st 2x 2nd More out than in. I'll take it.
  8. Ok I've been a little slow on the uptake. But i think i get it now. Correct me if I'm wrong, but you're championing equality for women by saying they should be able to be assaulted on equal footing as men, right? Call me old-fashioned, but I'm of the opinion that men should not take advantage of their physical dominance over women. I'm also of the belief that women should take the last names of their husbands and other such antiquated notions. But it's 2018 and this old dog is willing to learn some new tricks. So I'll keep an open mind to your way of thinking. Cheers.
  9. Ok let me rephrase - you don't put your hands on a woman. And I don't understand people trying to justify it. If people want to argue his legal and professional punishment, have at it. For instance, I think if Mixon is allowed in the league, then there's still. room for Hunt.
  10. I guess i just don't get the excuse making for assaulting a woman. It's pretty simple - men should not hit women. I learned that around age 6.
  11. I think Bob Magaw has a doppleganger. Perhaps a twin? Probably a smart move to change your name if this is your brother.
  12. I've cruised so far, so i didn't want to jinx it by posting. But it may be grim tonight. Need a big night from Gronk i think or I'm out. Still pissed J Hill went on IR. I thought he'd be a great value.
  13. I can't touch this $ for 20 years, but somehow it still hurts!
  14. I already have a decent amount of Trequan. As much as I'd like it to be true, i don't think he's going to get a ton of looks the rest of the way. Spliiting scraps with Ginn, Meredith, TEs, etc.
  15. Good to hear. They'll still sell them for a while more. I drive the PHEV version myself. It's great if your work has a charging station in the lot.
  16. Yup. Their whole WR corps can be jags, but if they have Rodgers throwing their way, i want a piece.
  17. Glad you are taking interest in the well being of Ford. You'll be sure to visit a Ford dealership, first, next time you're in the market for a new automobile, right?
  18. Pleeeeeaaaasssseee keep this going. It's like "Who's on first?", but actually hilarious.
  19. Easy WR2 the rest of the way. Starting with confidence and looking to get as many shares as possible in dynasty. Whoop whoop!
  20. Awesome over-the-top celebration in a game you'll lose by 3 scores. Made my night.
  21. When are they going to end this Booger McFarland experiment? Guy is terrible.
  22. Rodgers > Wentz > Mayfeild > Rosen > Darnold
  23. Just tried Bacon + Jalepeno+ Pineapple this weekend. Soooo good. Never considered it before as i hate pineapple/ham pizza. And working in a pizza place in HS, i loved it when people ordered green olives on their pies. Thry didn't really stand out for flavor, but the aroma was the best.