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  1. Too bad they cut the prizes. Of course, right after I talked a buddy into joining fbg with the WOC contest/league being a selling point. They should have cut from the main contest, instead. At least the WOC contest I'm involved in past week 8! Oh well, I guess I'll just have to win twice as many weeks.
  2. Thanks. The trick is to pick the guys I'm going against in my other leagues and pick against all of the guys I own in those same leagues. Bittersweet hedging.
  3. At the risk of counting my chickens & all that... Does anyone have a link to the league going on this year? I'm just curious about the setup, etc. Thanks.
  4. I knew I should have taken Hightower. Tim Hightower $7 104 93 89.4%
  5. Been waiting for something to play. If my wife even caught me looking at this game, with how much time I wasted in front of D2, I'd be out on my rump in a second. This is the only nerdy RPG video game I've ever played, but man, did I effin play it!A couple more links:
  6. Moron. Ford has had them for years for fleet sales. They are not publicly available because there is no H2 infrastructure (where are you going to fill up? No reason for your average gas station owner to invest in a H-delivery pump that would service 2 customers a week. Not to metion the public safety 'concerns' over refueling a 'bomb' in your car), and they have been cost prohibitive (wouldn't sell at $20k over an identical gas vehicle, though that price is coming down significantly)... Also, as far as Hydrogen saving us from our energy worries, where do you think that H2 comes from? In fact many
  7. Nigel, where did you get ahold of the new MMJ?At Dawn & Z haven't left my player for months & I'm itchin for more.
  8. This guy is still on the air? I love when he has strippers & midgets on. Classic.
  9. Ever had any pizza around here better than Buddy's? As far as the poll goes, I'll give NY style a very slight edge.Buddys would probably win in a taste test. It is in between Chi and NY. with a medium crust.Buddy's would kill any NY or CHI pizza in a landslide.
  10. Give me the reasons why this is your favourite. There are so many board games better than this. Give me some info and I'll find you a game you'll like even more.Thanks. I'm sure there are plenty of games better. I've just only ever purchased what's on the shelf at ToysRUs. I've looked up some of the games mentioned, and will probably order a few. I'm looking towards the 1-3 hour type games, not the 1-3 day types.
  11. What the heck are most of you talking about. Quit coming up with clever names, and just admit you are playing D&D! My favs: Risk Sequence Feudal Facts in Five And the worst game of all, which a bunch of my friends love for some reason, is Cranium. Just plain dumb.
  12. 32 pages on the guy who killed Anna Nicole? Lame.
  13. "Lincoln, you put that candle out and go to bed right now!" "Van Buren! Take off your sister's ballerina outfit or you're gonna get a time out!" Shouldn't that 2nd one be "Hoover! Take off your sister's...." as in J. Edgar (I know not a president, but close enough)?
  14. I forgot the magazine & actual #, but last year there were around 250 babies named "Unique", then of course a ton of "Classy", "Cristal", "Moet" etc.