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  1. There's a halfass one by another guy. Doesn't show the entire list for some reason.
  2. Chase Stuart has the DTBC article up. Not sure why he doesn't list every combination like he's done in years past. Someone ping him for "the rest..."
  3. Got it. My misunderstanding. If she can't do the sideline stuff, bash away!
  4. To be fair, as far as I know she's never done play-by-play, and probably got volunteered to do so.. She's a local beat reporter/network sports person. I have no idea why she would be doing the play-by-play. It's like your local 11:00 news sports anchor getting the assignment.
  5. I'll love drafting this guy. He's pretty much free if you have the roster space and Elliott isn't exactly reliable behavior-wise.
  6. OK, admittedly I suck at this internet-thingy. MMJ website shows their upcoming dates as 2016. And Ticketmaster is a no-show, too. Are they on-tour at the moment? I'm fiending a bit. Thanks.
  7. Lions RB & Lions 2nd round pick. That's already 2 strikes. I'll let someone else take him. I know - they should add me to the staff.
  8. Sadly, Broadway G is not doing his site this year. That's probably the reason I'm not enjoying my mfl10s as much this year. Like you, just spending through credits.
  9. 3 or 4 out of 10 in a practice type situation. 3 or 4 out of 100 in a WC type situation.
  10. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.
  11. Today the list is... Maquiladora Let Down A Wolf at thr Door Lewis (mistreated) True Love Waits (the one that starts with "This. This is a brand new song that nobody's heard before). & Nobody Does it Better cover (C.Simon).
  12. If you guys like the ffpc 28-man satellite, FBG has been offering 1 half off entry each season ($17.50). I always struggle to find the link. So either this year is no different, or they did away with the deal. I think the ffpc rake is way too high, so i don't do it, save for the one 1/2 price entry. But i have no complaints about the website/draftroom/format. I actually like drafting Ks and extra Defs.
  13. He's a scumbag. But, admittedly, I'll miss him when he's out of the league in the next year or two. His bumbling turnovers remind me of those old "Football Follies volume 1-3" VHS tapes i had when i was 10.
  14. Nothing says "I didn't assault that girl at FSU." like assaulting an Uber driver.
  15. If Too Fast for Love was On With The Show + 40 minutes of static, it would still be the greatest debut ever.
  16. The 2nd auction had a much different feel than the first. I'm guessing it was because in the 2nd there were many more players up for auction at once. Values between guys seemed more stable. The first auction had much wilder fluctuations day to day. I think i liked the first better as it had more variability (more overpays/deals).
  17. Oops! Next time please post in the PSF. You'll fit right in over there.
  18. Yeah. Prescott, Mahomes, and Mayfield (and I'll add A.Smith and Big Ben) were great purchases.
  19. Not sure just over 10 bucks is peanuts. Most QBs cost about the same. Surprised you wouldn't bid higher. It looks like you have plenty of money left.