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  1. He's a scumbag. But, admittedly, I'll miss him when he's out of the league in the next year or two. His bumbling turnovers remind me of those old "Football Follies volume 1-3" VHS tapes i had when i was 10.
  2. Nothing says "I didn't assault that girl at FSU." like assaulting an Uber driver.
  3. If Too Fast for Love was On With The Show + 40 minutes of static, it would still be the greatest debut ever.
  4. The 2nd auction had a much different feel than the first. I'm guessing it was because in the 2nd there were many more players up for auction at once. Values between guys seemed more stable. The first auction had much wilder fluctuations day to day. I think i liked the first better as it had more variability (more overpays/deals).
  5. Oops! Next time please post in the PSF. You'll fit right in over there.
  6. Yeah. Prescott, Mahomes, and Mayfield (and I'll add A.Smith and Big Ben) were great purchases.
  7. Not sure just over 10 bucks is peanuts. Most QBs cost about the same. Surprised you wouldn't bid higher. It looks like you have plenty of money left.
  8. What's up with you guys in the current auction? You don't like QBs and Def?
  9. I know of at least 1 former subsciber (hint - it's me!) that would re-up if the Wisdom of the Crowds contest was brought back. That thing was great. The season long contest is fun, but i suck at it so WDIS keeps me entertained more than 3 weeks. Another little bonus is the 1/2 off the FPC satellite contest. Saves 17 bucks. Though i wouldn't do that contest without the discount. On The Couch is great. The Audible doesn't really interest me near as much. Maybe some host rotations on that one? I listened to the DFS version this last year just to get some different viewpoints. It was pretty good, and i don't even do DFS. DD is a fun tool for cheap yahoo leagues etc, but i wouldn't subscribe for it. I guess i trust my gut in the heat of things. Though that rarely ends up well for me. My favorite "tool" is the schedule grid! Yes, I'm simple.
  10. I'll get in the next auction if you host another. My 5 defense strategy is legit.
  11. Step 1 - take all the obnoxious posters and give them their own subforum. Step 2 - Remove subforum from FFA. Step 3 - Move said subforum to fftoday.
  12. My only regret is that this isn't a $1000 league!
  13. You're all wrong / it won't matter anyway. If Rodgers is healthy he's calling his own number inside the 10. So you are arguing over who's going to get the 60 yards rushing and 0 TD vs. who's getting the 30 yards rushing and 0 T Ds.
  14. Wonderful thread, Chief. All ypu guys should be very proud. My grandfather was a bomber during WWII. He literally dropped bombs out of a big ol hole in the plane. He died about the time i was born, so i never got to inquire. This was the nose art on his plane. My uncle got a few bomber jackets customized with the artwork for himself and his brothers. Very cool looking.
  15. I got lucky with the circle-crop on my avatar. Cause there's some MASSIVE cleavage in the original pic. Now it's just tasteful.
  16. I have no idea what I'm doing. I think I'll just save my $ for a bunch of Lions players.
  17. This kind of reminds me of when Aerosmith got sober. Then they decided that they wouldn't sell beer at their concerts to responsible drinkers because they've had their fun already for 20 years. And now they've changed their minds about alcohol. Let me be clear - I really don't care either way. And I've NEVER been to an Aerosmith concert.