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  1. Borden already playing mind games. That may work on the others, but i have a stronger constitution than that. Sorry.
  2. Ok fasionistas. I need some head to toe cabana-wear (my son took all my stuff to a vintage clothing shop) for an upcoming trip. Whatcha got?
  3. Swap out Marley for The Who and you have my list.
  4. Barkley looks to be drafted too high for me. I don't know that there's a landing spot that justifies a 1st round pick. Giants and Colts have garbage lines. Browns always losing, plus Hyde & Duke. Even if you like those landing spots, he's still at max value. Point being, i like drafting rookies who's situation/ADP could improve post NFL draft. No matter where Barkley goes, i still see him as a late first rounder anyways. Now if Jones/Chubb/other RB go to the Colts/Giants in the 2nd, their ADP could jump.
  5. I will join you, shortly. Oh wait. Forgot about the wife and kids. See you in 20 years.
  6. Shaq Fu for sure. Non-centers - D. Wade. At least i assume they were hard fouls as he ended up on the floor writhing in pain 4-5 times each game. Once his shoulder was so bad he needed a wheelchair! LeBron never got fouled like that!
  7. AMZN $2001 by end-of-year. You heard it here, first.
  8. Uh no. I'm going to savor this one for a bit before re-upping. Wifey has got me moving all day, so that won't be an issue.
  9. So i did my first ever 1/2, yesterday. Some "highlights". I did the big pasta lunch Friday. I didn't manage to evacuate it all before the race Saturday morning. Luckily it wasn't an issue (whew). Friday night got a call from my buddies i was supposed to run with. The forcast was 38 and solid rain Saturday morning, so they bailed. They are either weak or smart, or a little of both. The forecast rang true. Sure enough Saturday morning was miserable. I put a plastic poncho on, but was pretty wet by the time i walked the 2 blocks to the start area. 1 mile into the race i was thoroughly soaked. My legs were slightly tight going into the race. I couldn't get them fully loose for some reason. Luckily they really didn't get worse during the race. Being my first race, i didn't realize what a cluster the start can be. It took about a mile to get some decent space. Then probably another 2 miles to find a nice pocket where i didn't have to worry about bumping others much at all. By halfway through the race there were 4 of us with no one else 50 yards in front or behind. So it was spacious, but not empty. I just stayed with them instead of fighting to get my phone out of the plastic bag to check time/pace. Other than the start, i ran fairly consistent throughout. The course was level most of the way except for the last mile which was had a lot of up n down hills (mostly up). I ended up passing a bunch of people in that mile because they were slowing down on the uphill portions. Although it was tempting, i did not part partake. I wanted to pee and get dry, so i was powering through at my normal pace - maybe even a bit more as the end was in sight. Finished the race at just under 2 hours. I'll credit myself with an extra 30 seconds for the 5 lbs of wet clothes i carried with me. Syraba showed i ran a bit further with a better pace than the official chip did, so I'll go with that! I guess my path wasn't so efficient. My biggest takeaway from the training & race - You guys who do full marathons and more are freaking nuts. Very impressive. Thank you all for the great advice. Any recommendations on recovery other than stretching & napping? My sromach was a wreck last night from the odd diet. But today I'm just tired.
  10. Just got back from seeing this with my son. He liked it. But he would also like just watching a video game for 2 hours. So, grain of salt. I thought it was pretty weak. Without some of the (albeit often forced) 80s nostaglia stuff and Speilberg's name attachment, this might have been a straight-to-DVD release.
  11. Along those lines, I'll say travel ball may be a necessary evil depending on your locale. My son played a few years of baseball - always rec. Assuming all the local kids his age stayed in rec, he'd probably be an average player. If the top 12 kids left to form a travel team, my son would be one of the better kids out there, but by no means a stud. Unfortunately about 20 more kids left to play travel ball B & C teams. That's where my son would be. But we didnt want the time commitment required for baseball. So all of a sudden my kid is in the top 2 or 3 kids in the league. Simply because he would not kick dirt, could catch the ball, and know what a force-out is. It was brutal to watch kids in the rec league who you could tell hated baseball (sports), but their parents signed them up anyways. My son hated throwing to first and the firstbaseman isn't there. He hated getting 2 atbats (sometimes 1) per game. He hated that his teammates didn't try. Long story short. My kid doesnt play baseball anymore. He plays rec basketball, but that's much more palatable. A lot more action, and the put-ball-in-hoop is much more engaging for those less-interested kids.
  12. In. Even though I'm really more of an emerald guy (they make my eyes pop!). Ticket 115 i believe. And at the risk of being too common, belt out some Tap!!!
  13. I have Strava (sex club advertisements and all!) on my phone if that's what you mean.
  14. Thank you all. I'll see what i can do about getting in a long run on Thursday. Weekdays are usually tough. But considering Thursday will have the best weather all week (43F and partly cloudy!!!!), I'll try and make it happen. I'm not looking for fitness gains at this point. Probably tok late for that anyways. I just want my energy meter as full as possible gping in. I'm going to finish that race even if i have to moonwalk that 13th mile.
  15. Noted. Thanks. There will be lots of wooded areas around just in case, anyways!
  16. Why no fiber? Is that to prevent accidents that'll go viral?
  17. Ok fellas, a little help for a rookie would be appreciated. I'm 2 weeks out from my first race (1/2 marathon). I did 10.5 today. What should be my schedule for the next 2 weeks? Run 10+ again next Saturday/Sunday? What should my schedule be the day/night before and morning of the race? Mostly asking about food/drink, but any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.
  18. BUMP! It's that time of year, again. I ask you guys for a recent set of draft results. You send. I manage with tepid interest to a 3rd place finish! Any 2018 drafts you can link me to would be much appreciated. Thanks again.
  19. Never heard of him. What is he a clown or something?
  20. Van Halen - 1984. I was in a KMart with my aunt. She looked at the smoking baby and questioned if my mom would be ok with that type of album. "Of course!" Not too long after, I tried to have my mom buy me Crüe - Shout at the Devil. She said no before I even finished asking the question.