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  1. I don't tolerate hipsters al all, in fact I hate them. With their stupid furry faces, their tiny feet, their beds made of shaved wood....wait...hamsters. I hate hamsters, my mistake.
  2. Anyone who starts a rebuttal or reply with "Umm..." or "Uhh..." then proceeds to give information that's supposed to settle the disagreement is usually a poop head.
  3. I didnt care for it either the first time I saw it, but on re watching I've really enjoyed it.
  4. I have/had serious elbow tendonitis and related junk. Using a flexbar regularly helped me get past it.
  5. The big two 'probelms' I have with those is it's tough to eyeball how fast it's going, can't just look and see. This even applies to pulling out the plastic thing and guessing. Weighing is tough to gauge too, which leads to the second issue. Many times I've picked it up and think there might be at most a glass left and I decide to go ahead and finish it. Closer to a bottle later I remember that liquid inaide a crumpled plastic shape is tough to guesstimate.
  6. If you regularly intentionally over pay to get a're doing it wrong.
  7. I'm sure I'm not the only one who does similar, but on the last rewatch I immediately FF when certain characters/story lines came up. Sure I'm not getting "the director's vision" but I have to sat I enjoyed it more vs slugging through parts I always find dull. Really if its not about Tony or full on mob stuff I skip it over, enjoyed this method a lot for a review.
  8. CVSI CV Sciences Basically just a marijuana parallel play, they specialize in CBD products. As all this market unfolds there will be some homeruns out there and lots of losers, so swinging for the fences here. S&P - 1850 I'm a pessimist at heart.
  9. This is only tangentially related but if anyone has idea I've often thought about it. For those who don't make huge buys and sells transaction costs matter. Yes there are lots of cheap/free trade offers but the question stands. Is there a theory/formula that gives the optimal ratio of number of transactions versus the total amount purchased? For example if you were intending to dollar cost average in 10% chunks a total of $100k, then a $5 transaction for each of those purchases doesnt move the needle much. But if you were doing the same for $100 it is obviously a bad idea. However without just going with personal preference or a number pulled from the air there must be a formula that at least approximates optimal.
  10. Feels like Bama might make that Over even if they shut out Auburn.
  11. My favorite play at first blush today was Charger over Seattle. Seems like Seattle has beat bad teams and Chargers have lost to good teams. The talent disparity seems pretty wide, outside of Wilson magic (which I acknowledge) can anyone make a case for Seattle?
  12. Hate giving double digit points, but couldn't stop myself from jumping on Chicago at Buffalo. I never want to see anyone hurt, but kind of hoping for buffalo to be forced to put in Barkley or the long snapper or whoever.
  13. Slim chances, but not completely impossible, down 20 points. Ryan -16.5 Julio -4.1 ATL -0 Do I have a hope, or start looking towards next year?