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  1. As this is a fear driven market, and we are such a celebrity worshipful culture I am waiting for a celebrity death to spook the herd. Sad to say, but I imagine there would be a lot more panic and reaction if Tom Hanks or whoever were to die vs reports of a faceless ten thousand. If this were to happen I expect another rush for the exits.
  2. Lots of political soap boxing in here only loosely tied to the market. Yes, there are many elements that intersect, but this would be a better read if people kept the rants over there.
  3. If it's not giving away the secret sauce recipe, curious how you determined these amounts if you will share?
  4. Have nearly zero winter driving experience, but going from Philly to Pitt Saturday or Sunday, just need to be there prior to kickoff. Suggestions welcomed as I don't even know what sites to look at or when would be better to drive.
  5. GME Gamestop Looking for a short squeeze and boost from next console cycle.
  6. So there is no minimum share price? Seem to remember it was a $5 min at some point in past.
  7. Might be difficult to put Cam back in later in season if they decide to roll with Allen over Cam even if healthy. Cam seems like a lot of guys, who would take that as a slap in the face and maybe hold a grudge. I think they have to let Cam play and prove he can't do it before making a healthy bench.
  8. I miss yall, good times...lag, host advantage, and all. :spinsinplacewithchainsaw:
  9. I smell my deodorant before I put it on every time. But at the same time I gulp milk down without giving it a sniff.
  10. A combination of Wheat Pennies, Blockbuster Video, and scratch-off lotto tickets.
  11. I don't tolerate hipsters al all, in fact I hate them. With their stupid furry faces, their tiny feet, their beds made of shaved wood....wait...hamsters. I hate hamsters, my mistake.