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  1. Non response bias or margin of error aside, the 2016 polls had Clinton winning. I do think there is something to be said for people not admitting to voting for Trump. It's a good lesson for people that you shouldn't be concerned with the polls and make sure you go vote for the candidate you want to win.
  2. Isn't that how Trump got elected the 1st time around?
  3. The only way they are going to fix all the whining about moderation is to stop all moderation. Just post a warning for everyone pinned to the top and get out of the way.
  4. MN and WI were work for me. While in MN, I did hit the Mall of America and rode a roller coaster, just to say I had done it. New England is beautiful and you can hit a bunch of states quickly.
  5. 47 - I have Hawaii, Alaska, and Vermont to go. Alaska is my next target.
  6. 2, Mexico and Canada. I still have no real desire to go anywhere else right now. There are so many great places here in the USA to visit.
  7. @shadyridr, that is awesome and really is money and time well spent. My kid, who is 27 now, still looks back on those days as some of the happiest days in his life and I got to be a big part of it.
  8. If someone wants to manage, they need to do the hard things as well. They need to put their big boy pants on and give honest feedback. A lot of times, it's telling the little leaguer short stops that they aren't ever going to be a shortstop on a team other than in little league. Sometimes, it was just a matter of team fit. You can only have so many lefties that all want to play 1st base. I think you are perfectly fine in asking the coaches for feedback.
  9. Back in the days I played guitar in bands, I was known around town as the Zen Meister. I was also a dead head so one of the bands I started I decided to name after a dead song, "Uncle John's band" and called the band "Uncle Zen's Band." From then on, I was known as Uncle Zen. As a side note, that band really sucked.
  10. My wife is a supervisor in a retail chain and always has some great stories of d-bag customers. Last week, a lady brings in the top half of a rod and reel and wants them to replace the bottom the rod and reel. Of course, she also has no receipt and starts getting very loud when they can't help her because she was supposed to have a 1 yr warranty. After calling the manager, she still is loud and eventually spills the beans that her husband got mad and broke the rod and threw the bottom half in the ocean. She finally asked for the corporate number and left telling them she would never shop there again. This is why I couldn't work retail as I would have been just as rude in return.
  11. Voted Psycho but Rear Window is my favorite as well.
  12. He's got jokes. Some funny but mostly not.