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  1. What do the Bee Gee's have to do with your tools?
  2. RHCP - I like him ok when he's kind of rapping but Anthony is f'n horrible when he tries to sing. The other band that comes to mind is the Smashing Pumpkins. Phil Lesh is horrible but he sang so rarely that it was just cool to see him do it.
  3. Some are claiming this to be the best survivor season ever. I like it but I still think Heroes vs Villains was the best season to date. What say you?
  4. Here in Central Florida, I haven't turned my heat on in years. The house will get down to around 60 once or twice a year. We have a space heater that we throw in the bathroom for showers. Any other time, it's at 75 during the day and 69 at night.
  5. I would just be happy with winning season and being in the discussion for the playoffs. It sucks when your season is over in October.
  6. Even stuff "made in the USA" are made up of parts that all come from China.
  7. Nothing, other than that is who he is. That is not the way our leaders should be.
  8. So Biden tells an auto worked that he is full of *&DJ and then threatened to slap him and you all think that is fine? This is the kind of crap we hate from Trump. It's not very presidential.
  9. It's affecting my work in ways I never really thought about. I am in electronics manufacturing and this is going to start causing delays of parts made and delivered.
  10. Anyone watching this tonight? Will it be worth the hype? I have only watched one fight in the last 20 years and that was the Pacquiao vs Mayweather fight. That one was beyond boring. The hype this week for the fight tonight though has almost suckered me in.
  11. RIP Paul English, long time drummer for Willie Nelson. He passed away on Feb 12th. Paul English
  12. I sat next to Paul Warfield on a flight from Austin to Orlando. I didn't recognize him but he had his HOF ring on so I googled it to figure out it was him. He was working for the Browns at the time so we chatted about that.