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  1. RIP Paul English, long time drummer for Willie Nelson. He passed away on Feb 12th. Paul English
  2. I sat next to Paul Warfield on a flight from Austin to Orlando. I didn't recognize him but he had his HOF ring on so I googled it to figure out it was him. He was working for the Browns at the time so we chatted about that.
  3. For those with motion sickness, have you tried taking dramamine? My last trip to Universal was wrecked because of the Harry Potter ride so on my last 2 trips to Disney, I took dramamine and it helped a lot.
  4. When your team consist of A. Brown, T. Gurley, A. Rodgers, O. Beckham and Gronkowski.
  5. A 2nd for Chris Cornell's Thank You. That was my wife and I's 1st dance at our reception. Also, Grateful Dead's Ripple is a classic.
  6. Spent yesterday at Hollywood Studios. It was busy but not Magic Kingdom busy. The Star Wars area was by far the busiest. Every ride had at least a 90 min wait. We got there at 8am and the earliest fast pass was available at 6. We did get into the new Rise of the Resistance ride though. That was a great ride!
  7. How the person feels getting touched will be up to the individual but that actual act of touching would be on camera. That's all I'm trying to say. I don't think someone could just make up a story about getting groped without it being verifiable.
  8. These people are filmed 24 hours a day. If there is an accusation, I would have to think it would be on film and verifiable.
  9. Any guesses on the winner? If I was a betting man, my money would be on Tommy but I really don't have any idea.
  10. Funny thing in our league this week. One of the bottom feeders, who is usually always great about setting his team, did not this week and had 3 players out. He still beat our 2nd seeded team this week.
  11. Look for something with lots of bars and handles because in 6 months, it will probably be used to store clothes on.
  12. I have the same choice and I'm leaning Lazard right now. I lost last week by 1/2 point so AC killed me. I think I prefer the unknown and healthy over the health risk.
  13. Not a movie but Hyde and Kelso's accents in the Netflix series "The Ranch" drives me flippin crazy.