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  1. I wouldn't call it a complaint. I did enjoy Nevermind. I just liked Bleach better.
  2. Paul's Boutique is the 1st one I thought of as well. On the flip side, Nirvana's "Nevermind" was a huge success but I didn't think it was as good as "Bleach." I loved the raw energy and sound on Bleach.
  3. That makes up for that crap game on thurs night. What an entertaining game!
  4. If masturbation made you blind, I would have to read this site by braille.
  5. I guess that depends on where you live. The current GFS model has it pounding us here in South Brevard county. I'm hoping for a turn.
  6. Hurricane Mathew. Was coming straight for us here in Melbourne and then turned, which is what I'm hoping this one does.
  7. As I said, I am a gun owner and against a lot of the proposed changes in this topic. That said, this is why the conversation is better when you are not involved. You don't help our side.
  8. I am speaking of prescription. If someone is diagnosed with a condition that they need mind altering medication, they should not be allowed to purchase a gun at that time. That doesn't mean their situation can't be revisited in the future.
  9. My thought process is this is more for prevention of suicides or murder/suicides and if you already had a gun, why do you need to buy another one? This is not going to help mass shootings, gang shootings, hate groups, etc.
  10. Without a gun registry, how do you know what guns they already have?
  11. I do think these people should lose their rights, at least temporarily. I personally don't even care about HIPAA when it comes to gun ownership. I would propose that if someone is diagnosed with any kind of mood altering drugs, including mary jane, then there should be a red flag triggered in the national database that does not allow them to purchase a firearm. Just for the record, I am a gun owner and opposed to a lot of the other things talked about in this thread.
  12. Much like a good bra, I fully support her. On the flip side, don't be mad when we look.
  13. I thought this was about Dalton, who I thought would be bigger......
  14. Well I didn't think it would work but I did try to call the loyalty dept and tell them about the deal I had to switch to dish. All I was really after was Sunday ticket max. They offered it to me for full price. AT&T has truly ruined what used to be one of the greats in customer service. Now I just need to figure out if I really do want to switch to Dish. I've been out of contract for a few years.
  15. Cleveland looked world class on their opening drive. Baker looked very poised. They marched right down the field and scored.
  16. .22 rounds can be bought regularly around $.04 to .05 a round. I believe the next cheapest rounds for rifles you can buy will be around $.20 or more per round. An average day on the range I go through 200-300 rounds. That's the reason I just went and bought a 22 pistol for practicing and yes, it's still a lot of fun.
  17. I agree with most of what @glvsav37 said. With no kids, it depends on if you and the Mrs want to ride thrill rides. If so, skip WDW. Most of WDW is set up for smaller kids with just a few adult rides. To save money, you can also get some hotels off property and get some pretty sweet deals during the off season. 2 days with fast pass and you can see pretty much everything at Universal and Islands of Adventure.
  18. Willie Nelson
  19. Probably the single biggest disappointment I ever had in sports.