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  1. I don't think that tweet disputes anything Marvelous said. What the tweet does say is that a Super Bowl winning team (going back to '94) has paid their top earning QB as much as 13% of their total cap. With the 2018 cap expected to be at least $174 million, a team could take a $22.6 million cap hit with Cousins' contract next season and not be outside the lines of that historical trend. It also suggests, according to this, that Detroit, Oakland, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Seattle and Pittsburgh (so far) are paying their QBs "too much" to be able to make it to the Super Bowl next season.
  2. Dan Steinberg tweet: "Raise your hand if you just took your shirt off and are now wandering around your living room shirtless because the Skins traded for a qb and wall got hurt and werth praised trump and 980 rebranded and you aren't a writer and don't write anymore and are disintegrating my god"
  3. You have to commit to starting Smith for a minimum of 3 years for him to be less than $30/year.
  4. Snyder's annual off season headline splash is as depressingly predictable as tax season.
  5. Reports are that the new contract includes ~70$ million guaranteed and the player is Kendall Fuller.
  6. Just out of curiosity, what should we be expecting this "top coach" to accomplish with this franchise that, say, three of the all time winning-est coaches couldn't accomplish?
  7. Poe is pulling the same shtick in the first few minutes of TFA. We already know Poe's personality. I'm not getting why it's so offsetting to some in TLJ.
  8. The Redskins have had the hardest SOS in the league, to date, and the next two weeks should keep them there. Hard to believe they've managed 4-4 against a combined opponent winning percentage of 60+%.
  9. In the radio interview Cousins is doing now, he mentioned that while there was no ***OFFICIAL*** counter offer there was plenty of dialogue following the Redskins offer regarding what he was looking for in a contract.
  10. @WillBrinson Bruce Allen says WAS offered Kirk Cousins $53M gtd. Barely above bare minimum: 2017 salary: $23.9M 2018 trans. tag: $28.7M Total: $52.6M 3:36 PM - 17 Jul 2017
  11. It can't be just me that thinks this is a dreadful press release that shines more light on the ineptitude of the front office, can it? ETA: At least it's me and Aznflyer14.