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  1. We thought anything would be better than more Vinny Cerrato. Allen's tenure is now longer than Cerrato's.
  2. There was a report earlier today that Keenum would be starting this week, but Callahan said he won't make a decision until Friday on the starter. All 3 QBs got equal first team reps today.
  3. Lots of tweets from beat reporters noting all the differences in Callahan's first practice and the way Gruden's practices ran. Two things that stood out to me were the following: Refs at practice is a new thing?! "Developmental" time The second seems like a pretty cool idea. I'm surprised at the first. I can't think of any good reason to not have real refs at practices. If you would have asked me prior to today, I would have guessed it was SOP for just about every NFL team.
  4. If we take Callahan at his word (and I don't have a great reason not to, at this point), the team is going to run more than they have been. I'd personally expect Peterson to be the beneficiary of any added touches.
  5. It's not the same as grilling someone live at a press conference, but SVP just laid in to Snyder and Allen for his "One Big Thing" bit on the late night SportsCenter. ETA: A link with a link to watch the video.
  6. Sage Rosenfels tweet “I was drafted by the @Redskins in 2001. We opened the season with Jeff George at QB (2 games before firing him) and started 0-5. We then won 8 of our last 11 games with Tony Banks at QB. Snyder fires Marty Schottenheimer after the season to hire Spurrier. Nothing has changed.”
  7. His answer was basically “Of course we have a winning culture. Just look at all the guys we have from Alabama”.
  8. Agent's Take: A first-hand look at Redskins GM Bruce Allen handling a holdout as Trent Williams continues to sit
  9. 😄🤣😭
  10. The fact that I found myself wishing I was a Browns fan this afternoon, and then began having a hard time coming up with a good reason not to just go ahead and make the switch, had been quite the surreal experience.
  11. ‘Skins “in the mix” for Minkah Fitzpatrick. Nevermind. I should have known better than to link a JLC tweet. 😛
  12. Bloom County is still going strong. Berkeley Breathed posts a new strip on his Instagram account every day.