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  1. If you have Kanopy, search Frederick Wiseman.
  2. Does anyone just target teams in their draft? Not too strictly, like trying to get a team’s QB/RB/WR, but focusing on a short list of teams you trust?
  3. Good rule. All fluff. Mindlessly entertaining at best, distorting and misleading at worst.
  4. If Cleveland fires him, I wonder if Kitchens will even land an OC job in the NFL.
  5. How many attempts would Myers need to score 15 points?
  6. Does it derail the topic if I ask how people think this affects the fantasy outlook for the rest of the team?
  7. Bloom picked Anderson over Dorsett FWIW. I'm not sure if it's better to follow Bloom than fade him though.
  8. Yeah definitely. I think others in here is looking with their stomach like Collinsworth.
  9. Titans game threads should be cross-listed with the obviously stupid coaching decisions thread.
  10. 1st and goal at the 3, and the 49ers pulled Breida for Wilson. Got 2 cracks at it.