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  1. Schedule is favorable for the Titans D for several weeks. They may be a hold.
  2. I love these quick recaps you give, Bri.
  3. Disgraceful if true. We’re a nation of used car salesmen.
  4. Vick wasn’t crucified. He went to jail, and walked into a plum gig upon release.
  5. Who can forget the 2016 Spencer Ware experience. That was a great thread back then. Luckily my Dixon-Develin-Williams RB/flex combo is off to a good start today.
  6. I can see this too. Ekeler may not look so worn out playing against the Bengals.
  7. Feels too obvious, too logical, to turn out right though.
  8. A couple of 100 yard games in 2016 but duds in their last 3 games.
  9. RIP. Loved his columns and Thinking Man’s Guide to Pro Football.
  10. More important than the mouth is the brain. The brain is much more important.
  11. How much of it is coaching? It's like 5 Greg Robinsons.