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  1. Fair enough. I'm surprised people find these useful, but if I'm in the minority I will shut up about it.
  2. So and so caught x passes for y yards today. He'll look to have a good game next week against so-and-so is news? It would be one thing if it were blurbs with actual news, but a lot of them are little more than stat lines. If people are coming here for that, maybe there needs to be a Shark Pool's Shark Pool.
  3. Stupid. Anyone with a real answer?
  4. What is the point of copying and pasting all these Rotoworld blurbs into the Shark Pool?
  5. That sucked for Henry owners. Probably could have just run it in on 2nd down.
  6. It seems impossible that Tennessee has a winning record.
  7. Iknowright. And they were giving +150 on the under.
  8. Maybe we can petition Faust to end his weekly quest to copy and paste Rotoworld into the Shark Pool.
  9. Possibly interesting - Succop is -200 to go over 1.5 FG on Sunday.
  10. He's 180/0 in 5 home games this year. So he's due I guess.
  11. Seems like a good matchup tonight but ranked low. Anyone heard anything new about his ankle injury?
  12. This seems right, but they still have been a safe offense to play against recently. No big games, but steady 7-8 ppg. They give up sacks and don’t have enough good players to score much.
  13. Why the copy and paste posts from Rotoworld?