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  1. What happened to the angry fly on the toilet seat? It got pissed off.
  2. Now 84 to 87. It will be above 90 before it pops
  3. Hoping I get it below 85, waiting to see where it opens
  4. What's the report out of the central coast on how this midsummer rain is going to treat the crops?
  5. Anybody know? The more I think about it, the more curious I get.
  6. The VIX is up 32% today. That's an awfully bad sign
  7. Earnings season question. How do you correlate what the market is expecting in terms of earnings and how much a beat or loss will affect the overall stock price? As a point of reference, I was looking at this page: GS predicts CNX will dramatically outperform what the market is looking for. Since this article was posted, CNX has dropped considerably. So my question is, if CNX hits the consensus number (0.26) where will that take the stock price? If it hits GS number (0.37) where will that take the stock price?
  8. If you mean $400,000 I don't think you're going to find a whole lot you would like. Two bed one bath fixer upper
  9. I've been working in Culver City for 16 years. The transformation has been amazing. I hope you bought property and doubled your money.
  10. By all means, Pasadena if you can afford it. Eagle Rock if you are into the hipster scene. Its turning into the next Silver Lake. Alta Dena is the place to go. The real estate hasn't boomed yet (its going to) and your commute to Alhambra won't be bad. I'm actively looking at investment real estate properties in Alta Dena.
  11. Contractors are notoriously bad. If you let them behave this way, they will always show up late. Next time one is later than 30 minutes...leave. They will show up and be astonished that you aren't at the meeting place. Reschedule. They will be furious that "you" wasted their time but they won't be late next time.
  12. I only panic when earthquakes rattle it. When you start organizing and displaying wine, it makes it crystal clear areas that you are too light and too heavy in. I don't know how I obtained so many California pinots, but I definitely have too many. Really light on Spain and Portugal, but I've been buying alot of the 2011 Douro's recently to compensate.
  13. Still filling, organizing, etc. But here's the current state of things
  14. How much are you guys tucking away a year into the 529 to ensure you don't have to pay a cent for college later?
  15. Balcones True Blue. Simple, not complicated. Sweet flavor. Doesn't compare to the single malt but overall ok.