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  1. @Gr00vus she is the nicest, most generous, loving person i know. But she is deeply catholic and is basically a one issue voter. She is anti abortion. Trump could get away with anything as long as he appoints conservative supreme court justices. Which is fine, shes a citizen who has a vote. But she is unknowingly (or not caringly) spreading false info to push her agenda. And there is nothing anyone could say to her to open her eyes to truth. Its amazing.
  2. My Aunt just posted a meme on Facebook of this girl "posing with" an Isis member, George Soros and wearing a Antifa shirt. And her quote was "this poor child has been used her whole life". She is dead serious. My Aunt does not understand the concept of photoshop apparently and believes everything she sees online. These people exist. She loves Trump.
  3. The real answer to that Too Short ref would get you banned. And i dont want that. So yes. Haha
  4. Ive been to 100 plus A's games and 20+ Raiders games at the Coliseum. Lets just say on a Monday night. The crowd there now is the opposite of family friendly. Broncos in trouble. And the last BART train headin to Fremont will be wild
  5. I also wouldnt recommend sleeping IN Bakersfield.
  6. The dirt infield is so wacky. I dont even care. Love it.
  7. I still cant imagine anyone caring at all what another person does during a 2 minute song being “belted out” by a wannabe American Idol singer before a sporting event.
  8. Ok Thank you @Bucky86. I get that it will scare some people off and maybe thats the goal. Makes sense. But in this day & age they should also realize if it ends up on the census... There will definitely be a “lie on the census campaign” and then citizens will lie about how many citizens are in their house and then the whole thing will be a inaccurate waste of money. Doesn't seem worth the hassle to me.
  9. I dont think the citizenship question should be on the census.. but.. cant.. people.. just lie? Is there any followup? I have no clue.