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  1. I still cant imagine anyone caring at all what another person does during a 2 minute song being “belted out” by a wannabe American Idol singer before a sporting event.
  2. Ok Thank you @Bucky86. I get that it will scare some people off and maybe thats the goal. Makes sense. But in this day & age they should also realize if it ends up on the census... There will definitely be a “lie on the census campaign” and then citizens will lie about how many citizens are in their house and then the whole thing will be a inaccurate waste of money. Doesn't seem worth the hassle to me.
  3. I dont think the citizenship question should be on the census.. but.. cant.. people.. just lie? Is there any followup? I have no clue.
  4. Its so disheartening that he exists. But whats worse, is our country is so full of "rubes" who buy his BS. Thats what hurts the most.
  5. I like Clay too, I just think the weather in Buffalo is supposed to be a little worse than Cleveland tomorrow and Rivers should be airing it out more than Tyrod. (Buffalo's running game should be relied on more than San Diego's Gordon-less running game)
  6. After losing Gronk and now Ladarius Green i am in this boat for Championship week (non PPR league). Going with Hunter Henry, he's tied with Brate for most TE touchdowns on the season (with 7) and has scored a TD 4 out of the last 5 Charger games. I've talked myself in and out of all the names listed above, but in the end the numbers don't lie. (plus ya know, Cleveland) Good Luck to us all~
  7. Will be in N.O. Thursday thru Monday with a group of 7 from the Bay Area, I've already told them we're swinging by for lunch one day, so if you happen to notice a random group of guys wearing Oakland A's hats and/or Golden State Warriors Championship shirts.. Blame the FBG FFA~
  8. We dont really have chick fil a's out here in california. Sad. Some day.
  9. Love Napa, Keenen 2012 or prior. Such nice people. And their dog.