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  1. Havent rolled 20 like 13 years.......
  2. Will evolve.into red gyrados
  3. They will get him on some Deutsche bank or cyprus bank deal someone from russia paid him off. Lock him up
  4. My son got a yellow karp.,not me
  5. oh need to catch me some of those
  6. my gyrados has changed color. like his stomach is a bright yellow now
  7. cant tell if you are fishing or genuine in your surprise.....
  8. 25th amendment time
  9. Yeah,his recent rallys have been HHHHHUUUGGGEEEE
  10. Over under on when pence is president
  11. Water spawner event going on right now. Good time to load up on magikarp and totodiles,squirtles.
  12. Sounds like a browns move