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  1. there really is no defense.....justwinbaby will probably..... phil wont move his say tennessee or chicago....its chargers or no one....hell he still lives in la jolla and drives to carson for practice/games
  2. he is not under contract for 2020....he very well might just slide out of the league
  3. he makes up with his lack of arm strength by being the most immobile qb in the league
  4. Play TY if he is active, especially against Houston, he eats them for lunch, dinner and BREAKFAST
  5. impeached? yes removed by senate trial? nope lose 2020 election? yes peaceful transition of power? nope
  6. He is old, and got a "load management" week off , NBA style last week, wouldn't play him. even if active, he holds the football like he is carrying medusa's head
  7. full recovery for normal life is probably a big difference than being able to play NFL football after a busted hip.....
  8. Trevor Lawrence should never step on the field for Clemson again. Hope Tua had an insurance policy
  9. Stone: GUILTY Manafort: GUILTY Cohen: GUILTY Flynn: GUILTY Papadopoulos: GUILTY van der Zwaan: GUILTY Gates: GUILTY Pinedo: GUILTY I'm no lawyer, but I'd guess the guy who all these criminals did crimes for is probably innocent