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  1. Got a dragonscale yesterday for a kingdra. Got the upgrade thing for the porygon today!! So the seventh day thing is a myth. Also have gotten 4 10k eggs recently. Stops r spitting them out again Found a houndour nest near the house now too...hope to have it evolved by sunday
  2. Well when the dea starts storming the pot shops in colorado i hope that the judges and lawyers dismiss all cases. Hard enough for those businesses to work with the banking restrictions
  3. And privitized jail owners....
  4. Smoke up boys. Trump n sessions will be battlingto shut it down in colorado n oregon soon enough...
  5. I only caught one chansey during the pink blissey
  6. Found two cyndaquil spawnerz one by work. One by home. Should have the typhulsion by saturday
  7. Yeah its hard for me to get my 10 gyms now. Blisseys are great defenders.
  8. yeah its my bitterness over the chargers move......
  9. your list of bad teams seems silly 9/32....someone is going there, and things change fast...
  10. Yeah umbreons cp seems low.....
  11. seems the hoothoot, teddiursa and swinub are very easy to get (best of the commons IMO) while totodile, larvitar cyndaquil and chikorita are very hard to come by. only have a couple of each. Already got the big bear Ursaring evolved and found an ampharos but no mareep...very odd.... no phanpy or houndour yet either....
  12. Maybe these guys just were not good. Mike williams sat out a year and millen over spent. I think lee showed flashes this past year. Woods is a complementary player. Better nfl player than ffl player
  13. going back aways but Keyshawn and Lynn Swann? things change fast in the NFL...much like the BIG10 RB argument, things change over time...I cant really recall anyone from USC with giant hype....
  14. players can now name their Eevee as Sakura if what they want to add to their growing roster of Pokémon is an Espeon. If what a player wants is an Umbreon, then they can name the Eevee as Tamao prior to moving forward with the evolution. this trick only works the first time, to have it happen everytime is much more involved by making them your buddy etc.....
  15. innernet rumors is that its 1/100 percentage from the stops... you guys evolve the evees into espeons or umbreons yet? there is a trick to it