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  1. I dont think its funny....its sad....and our allies are dying.....i doubt the kurds move out....more death coming in 120 hours....
  2. in before ths righties cry about not giving trump credit i mean whats the big deal about a few hundred dead kurds? they arent angels.....believe me
  3. she is still dreamy......and crazy too. ....
  4. knowledge dropper thought it made him look great......hahahahahahaha
  5. lots of people in dynasty burned alot of bb bux on this guy
  6. they are going to lose to duck Hodges and ryan tannehill in back to back weeks
  7. @Ministry of Pain no charger fan likes this ownership at all... they are a team without a home and it hurts them badly when a marquee franchise comes to town its 60% filled with the opposing fans. sucks.....the product on the field is awful they have been snake but by injuries and rivers is near the end.....yeah?
  8. yeah I forgot he slaughtered Miami too, I guess I expected a lot more from his vs cincy but lamar hogged all the action