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  1. yes...
  2. Wins points with his base. And distract us from his corrupt regime
  3. The gop controls everything....yet can't get anything done...amazing...
  4. The distance alot of people had for hrc was under ya know trump had the Kremlin on his side...didnt hurt
  5. Ok guy........
  6. Yeah and what number alias is this waterworld for you????? How many times you been banned?? I'm not left leaning...just anti trump...hth
  7. Unabomber??
  8. Koch brothers Putin Goldman Sachs Sinclair media
  9. Hate cookie monster
  10. I would not as politics don't bother me that much....however someone in my family has gone ballistic and is not talking to trump voters.....odd world we live in....
  11. Winning!!! Making America Great again!!!
  12. Was this the big end of July reveal??? What is he trying to distract us from???
  13. Draft dodger gonna decide who can serve and who cant???
  14. They,didnt work on anything because they didn't think russia would get their boy in office
  15. Baltimore drafts someone or makes a free agent seem,abnormally high on him....if you have an i.r. spot pit him there and wait....I think the chances are real low hes the rb1 in Baltimore next season