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  1. Oh geez another Murdoch press outlet crying about can do better
  2. so I just saw that the Tigers have the #1 pick. who is in the running?? and consensus #1 stud cant miss player?
  3. Peppers and Kizer were terrible picks....and not taking Watson or even mahomes was a terrible move....
  4. I think its more so Fox (fake) news is guiding this narrative. What a complete joke
  5. No way Comey ends up in jail.
  6. best song title ever - 7 headed whore........ LMFAO
  7. I present - Fu Manchu - stoner rock, skateboards, doobies, el Caminos, long hair, tasty fuzzy riffs. Brant Bjork where are you?? (dude from Kyuss next project) Evil Eye - Mongoose - Grendel, Snowman - King of the Road - Hell on Wheels - Drive - Laserbl'ast - my personal favorite album is - the action is go!
  8. these guys can be wankers like dream theatre but I love this album and song by Coheed and Cambria
  9. Puts hair on your feet
  10. yep if we cannot count on the legislative branch to keep the executive branch in check....then the democracy has failed
  11. I just hope these women keep coming forward....and they keep the pressure on him and other politicians....drain the swamp indeed
  12. Dude he went after Luc Robitallies wife??? that is where I draw the line!!!
  13. Did they ask for a recount yet? Perhaps the Ukraine hacked the Alabama senate election?
  14. Fox news is just pure garbage.....they are in on it for sure. no journalistic integrity there