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  1. The uncle of someone with knowledge. Haahahahah
  2. Why mckinnon has 7 catches on the season.
  3. At miami is no gimmie either. To quote herm. You play to win the game. Hello.
  4. If he is active. Im playing him
  5. For gillislee or for someone else
  6. Yeah hes practing who cares what some bald chic from espn says
  7. Freaking roller coaster
  8. Im concerned. Im very concerned
  9. He did nothing against the bearsosuy defense and jax trailed most of that game. Its bortles he has regressed and julius gets banged up alot...move away from him i say
  10. He might not even be the starter rest of the way.
  11. Please link us to you calling this on another board. Thanks in advance!!
  12. Yes yes i would
  13. switching teams is one thing, switching teams in season is another. Ty isn't special but hes getting an opportunity to score FF points, not everyone can be special.
  14. are you pimpin knile davis? I have always been intrigued by him, seemed to do well enough in KC, but switching teams the odds are against him.
  15. Ur buddy had inside info on some gb practice squad player??