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  1. karim hunt
  2. Was at Ford field today...good news lions can hang with anyone in the league.....and of course only the lions could loose like that
  3. Can't say that caldwell hasn't done a good job in detroit he deserves it
  4. Dotard is pure gold
  5. Why not alfredmo....hasnt he been the backup??
  6. Short week for gb...probably sit the bears game looked like he and Rodgers were really on the same page
  7. Nothing like going 0n8 to get a new city fired up....spanos deserves what he gets
  8. AA is also a notorious fumbler...
  9. He is a JAG...nothing special...hes a bit shifty other than that....meh
  10. Getting Stafford deal done was huge so that they can franchise ziggy
  11. So is the freak ok??? Looked gimpy at the end of the game
  12. Marqis Lee Philip Dorset Tommy Lee Lewis
  13. To add more confusion in arizona: Adding more context to an earlier report, Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians told Sirius XM NFL Radio Tuesday, Sept. 12, he is hopeful RB David Johnson (wrist) can return "by Thanksgiving or Christmas." In the meantime, Arians hinted RB Andre Ellington would be the player most likely to carry the load for the Cardinals in Johnson's absence.
  14. Oakland...and baltimore Also look at Tennessee schedule..cake walk