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  1. Trip it up = not a trump supporter...….what is Gary Johnsons approval rating?
  2. if you think the next cba will improve for the players....i wouldn't hold ur breathe
  3. come on.....he will be lucky to make the team.....i love the kid as a lotto ticket....but lets not flip out here
  4. does that iv thing even matter?? i mean they nerfed gyms.....maybe for high level raid parties??
  5. ....more gentle.....roger Goodell
  6. i have 1 100% ....its a huntail......yeah?
  7. Trump’s 3 dimensional chess is remarkable. He tweets in order to divert attention from something, then amplifies it w/ more tweets in order to elevate preferred opponents, then again to turn out his base, only to run away from it when his side recoils. He’s a damn wizard.
  8. racism wont bring him down.....bannon was right pre 2016....if you make it about racism....he will win....make it about things havent really improved for joe six pack.....and for god sakes get a dem candidate that inspires people to many non gop people loathed hillary