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  1. cant stand candlebox.....but I think STP is criminally under rated. what a great time of music to be in college/recent grad....good times..... RIP will be missed
  2. ok well during the rock event I got my Tyranitar, my Togetic and I am two canides away from a Hitmontop. Outside of regional rare I only need Unown, which is pretty much an ultra rare anyway. Caught only 1 Aerodactyl and 0 Larviatars during the event....however I have 350 Rhyhorn candies and a really nasty Steelix out of the event
  3. Even the right wing nuts in the ffa cant defend his actions with regards to nato....come joke laughing stick... Its like the time all the stoners in banded together and elected the class dork to home coming king....funny...but the.jokes on all of us
  4. My wife watches maddow every night....she is good at what she does...but get to the point already
  5. Shadow lands.....essos....sumeros.....wander with the dothraki
  6. Hopefully his mandatory minimum decree comes back to bite him in the ###
  7. GOP in charge and they are melting down everywhere and cant get anything done.......odd times we live in here
  8. I dont get this recent the mystery good or bad???
  9. I think mtv sucks to us older dudes....but.i think that the youngesters still watch that channel
  10. Yeah sorry about the joke.......
  11. Are you an asian design major eg72?