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  1. Impressed. Not sure how they did it. Nice win. Up to that coaching staff to make sure they dont crap the bed next week vs chicago. Tough game for green bay vs seattle at home. I think minnesota is toast
  2. I'm starting him, should be a lot of points. no maclin and he has been pretty productive recently
  3. Hes not good at that either
  4. Jabril peppers is the most overrated player almost ever. Anyone taking him top 5 should have their hesx examined. Too small for lb. Not good enough for corner in the nfl. Whoever takes him should convert him to a running back
  5. have to seriously wonder how many more years this guy has left
  6. it would be very lion like to win this game, then lose to chicago
  7. Good post....
  8. Bench Dez tonight? #1 - Minnesota is good vs the pass, real good #2 - Its Thursday, I hate Thursday
  9. time to get my point chasing on!!!!
  10. Will play him against oakland. Thats it.....still expecting 65 rushing yards and two catches
  11. Minnesota can at best go 4-1 I highly doubt they do. Indy with Luck can beat anyone, like they did at Lambeau. And they certainly can lose to GB. odds are in the lions favor to win the division, Minnesota is a broken team, their defense is nice, but they cant run the ball and they their Oline is damaged beyond repair. so go ahead an count your wins but the Lions have 1 thing that GB and Minnesota don't, a QB that is making plays to actually win games....
  12. so they win a poor division maybe even at 8-8 and play the NYG in round1 at home? I don't get your point?? who has GB or Minnesota beaten???
  13. Green Bay game is in Ford Field. win their home games and I think they win the division at 9-7. having the h2h tie breaker over Minnesota is huge.
  14. Rawls kelly and ajayi