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  1. So today I fought a gym with 6 guys in and they all had low motivations...kicked them all out with two guys and in about 5 minutes....fighting a gym with high motivation seems pointless..... However I want .....I dont think I'm going to berry my dudes up any more....strange dynamic in the game now....I think it's a ploy to get you to spend money on coins....which I have never done...
  2. He is on IR
  3. there is a cap so if your dudes all get kicked within 24 don't help....
  4. new gym thing sucks.....had a five dudes in for a day plus and only 2 of them produce coins...some kind of limit....way too janky. Tried a raid...against a 34000 chance.... my youngest seems to like the new things in the game so he will want to play some....but I find the new mechanics kinda lame....
  5. well that article sounds like a mess....terrible for new players....not good for established..... Who wants to take down a gym and get nothing for it??? stupid.....
  6. wow I haven't battled yet....probably have to wait until they are way down in motivation to pick em off easily...anyway probably the beginning of the end of the game..
  7. ok went around and loaded into 11 done with work today and noon...and I powered up all the other guys in gyms with berries. apparently that gives you stardust when you use berries in gyms.... so far this sucks.....but I did get a raid pass....I'm level 32..
  8. Yep if you click on the gym the mon in them have a heart over their head....tomorrow morning when I have time I'm going to smash as many gyms as.possible but if you don't feed em.berries or someone on ur team don't you won't get more than one coin... Sucks I had a dude in a gym in florida I put there on vacation that lasted months.
  9. New gym mechanics guy got kicked out after 10 hours... got 10 need to feed it berries or its gone after earning 10 coins...lame.....gonna kill team yellow for sure....probably not gonna play as.much..... no stardust bonus for guys in gym either...good luck building guys up now
  10. Man these teachers can violate me anytime...who are these moron 17 year old dudes spilling the beans??
  11. Kenny Holland just,sitting on his deals....wings cupboard must be bare to take that no name guy...