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  1. smallwood? sproles/barner ??
  2. Bless you boys. And they did it with the bottom third of the order struggling to stay above the mendoza line
  3. The other white guy
  4. The greatest american hero??
  5. Dthomas first round?? Or 3.08?? Im confused Ameer abdullah as ur rb1 is pretty terrible
  6. Beheaded priest. Too soon?
  7. Oh gee the pothead is the one who messed up the contact info??? Lmfao chump
  8. Nah. Pup list right now is meaningless
  9. Contract year is huge
  10. Kills me to say it. But you guys should win the division
  11. I think hes appealing the suspension
  12. #### HOA's
  13. Team name: crown their ###