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  1. Williams and pead are poop. Come on gase get ur head outta ur ###
  2. landry/carroo/parker/stills looks like cincy couldn't match up on that first drive, shrug.......
  3. heres a hint Miami, go back to the 4 wide attack. and run the ball with ajayi
  4. doing this to avoid further suspension?
  5. We are all day to day
  6. Check out their cover of led zeppelin no quarter.
  7. He knew it was bad and didnt want the test. The guy is emotional. Cant say i blame him. Maybe give him a cool off day rather than make him take a test
  8. Fined for missing team meetings andd not showing up for the mri
  9. It is. Hines ward didnt have an acl in one of his knees. The human body is amazing.
  10. Yeah
  11. Higher than a helicopter
  12. what r u guys blabbering about in here??
  13. He was on the field at the end of the game. Heard it minor.he did miss last wednesday too with an ankle. So he probably needs wednesday off
  14. I thought he was banged up too. But i get ur point
  15. U cant stop cole u can only hope to contain him