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  1. Well, the whole league knows Tyrod isnt an NFL starter, perfect backup. Let the kid play I say, he impressed me vs. KC. Way better for the Charger fantasy players too. The INT was terrible, he could of easily ran for it, but those mistakes will happen
  2. doubt he has more value in redraft than Chris Thompson ( if CT stays healthy) Like him as a bench stash in dyno.
  3. dont be afraid. while the innernet and message boards love to pile on. It ended how it ends BTW Maise (arya) is in the new mutants movie, and I have to say, shes a cutie
  4. I just drafted from there Friday night. 12 man pr I went CMC- Evans, J.Conner, K.Allen, Z.Ertz, Brady, D.Johnson. In my league the top 2 QBs and top 2 TEs were gone by my 2/3 turn. Happy with Ertz a turn later because I like having elite TE in that league just my .02
  5. had a TO recently so I did two during August if anyone cares, all my re-drafts were this weekend so maybe not: my haul: Chase Claypool 2.11 Gab Davis - 4.01 Donovan People Jones - 4 .07 my Haul: henry Ruggs -2.01 Bandon Aiyuk - 2.03 Laviska Shenault - 2.10 A. Golden-Gandy - 4.07 Kir Merrit - 5.12 - Let me know if the links don't work and Ill post the complete drafts.
  6. Don't see a good discussion point, but IMO, Id want Chris Thompson in PPR leagues with Gruden I think he's getting the 3rd down/COP looks. Ryquell/Ozig meh, while one of them will get early down and perhaps goalline, its going to be a RBBC mess
  7. people literally dying to "own the libs", what a strange time we live in
  8. seems odd, I mean the government just handed a stimulus check, plus bumped un-employment way up for the past 4 months, so who are these staving people exactly? Oh wait, this is just another fishing trip, and piss poor one at that.
  9. exactly, I mean what is he going to do with his "the governor is an idiot" sign?
  10. I guess what you are not getting is we needed to follow he EU path, where they have contained the virus really well compared to us. Its our NATIONAL strategy and our division that has us here.
  11. of course you are not. Whitmer vs DeSantis.....pretty simple