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  1. Mccarthy beat him h2h in a superbowl where he was am underdog.....shrug. i said same level. Not sure whats laughable
  2. This is what everyone in detroit says about jim caldwell
  3. Quinn Pete carroll Rivera Jon gruden Coaches at his level Mccarthy Payton Reid
  4. Listed at 6 foot 4 225lbs. Averaged a td like every 4 receptions and fsu was horrible at qb play. Ive seen dj moore wr from maryland mocked in front of james Washington as well. Maybe this wr class isnt so bad and there is some depth to be had.. seems some people think jamed washington isnt a first round lock. Cant wait for the combine !!!!
  5. That mock doesnt have james washington going in first two rounds....or chubb.....has the ff community over rated them?
  6. Jacksonvilles secondary is light years better than pitt....ramsey...boyue had allowed one pass td all sesson. ...pitt secondary is weak spot of the defense
  7. one injury plagued season doesn't doom a career. lets hope he can get on the field this year.
  8. There is no loyalty in sports....
  9. Thats right. Harris should of left bama for sure
  10. So deadline to declare was yesterday right? Love is the only big name i can thinl of who stayed in school
  11. Sorry somehow colbert got autocorrected to gilbert....shrug
  12. Didnt cowher nearly clothesline someone running past on a kick return too????
  13. truthfully Jax isn't that bad, they have excellent young dynamic players all over that defense and add in Marcel Dareus and Calias Campbell, plus Fournette, they look like the seahawks did before they won, they just need to not be fooled by Blake Bortles However this is twice that Tomlin got mouth punched by them and didn't have his team ready either time, and they adjusted poorly, maybe just Haley needs to go? But I cant help but think this team has underachieved
  14. first to take roids.....went along way back then