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  1. is the devil....time to shut it down
  2. Bust city
  3. Grab em by the pu$$y???
  4. Trump - Kurds? How about the wheys?
  5. Dude they hacked Pokemon go???? Election sure whatev.....but keep your commie hands off picachu!!!!!
  6. #maga
  7. Nope. He isn't in as good of shape. And the o line isn't playing as well
  8. Plenty of rich educated people voted for trump
  9. Yeah sometimes these guys outthink themselves. The kids was legit and it was obvious
  10. Kid is beasting....why didn't cleveland take him I'll never know
  11. He's done...once you think about retirement you might as well do it
  12. They didn't pay a dime for any wants two teams in LA.
  13. I don't get what was wrong with lambo....
  14. He's been pretty terrible