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  1. qb - jamies winston , kirk cousins rb - alvin kamara. leomard fournette, tevin coleman wr - tyler boyd, ty hilton, Darius slayton te - mark andrews
  2. just started ozark last night....pretty good...i like bateman....although him as a criminal took some getting used to i talked to a buddy of mine about narcos.....subtitles?
  3. watched some of the degenerates .....about 20 minute comedy sets of various people in was good....
  4. the go to black ending was terrible...if tony was whacked we deserved to see it
  5. mean he might slide in dyno rookie drafts too....lets just let him....
  6. Former Gamecocks star Bryan Edwards breaks foot, will miss NFL combine
  7. if only the fat man had finished the books, I mean its been what? since 2011 for the dance of dragons?
  8. need to get over it, most shows endings suck.....GOT is a good as it gets.
  9. Great pick of James Connor, he will be on a lot of my teams if he keeps sliding like that come August. Obviously they could draft a rb, but I doubt it.