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  1. Trickle down economics does not work... all it does is make the rich richer and rack up the deficit...reagan had to raise taxes soon after his tricks....
  2. Only if he takes Trump and Roy Moore with him
  3. Have you guys seen LeAnn tweeden??? She's hot
  4. WTF stuart,smally
  5. Cooper v agholor??? Who u got??
  6. Copper is just a name at,this point his production is disappointing outside of the KC game....woods n goff are super hot right now. Ride it i say
  7. Started him the past two weeks...shrug
  8. I'm starting Robert woods over him......crazy
  9. Why are you stunned they been trying to they are doing it
  10. Hannity brietbart and bannon should all be ashamed...what a joke...glad they,are hitting hannity where it sure some young intern was harassed by,old sean....cant wait for it to come out
  11. Cars that rum on coal I tell ya!!!
  12. Seems like everyone is coming forward now....good for the victims...hopefully this Roy guy isn't a senator now
  13. Got to love the state of alabama
  14. Oh and........THANKS TRUMP