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  1. #### HOA's
  2. Team name: crown their ###
  3. Desperado
  4. Hate the quote function on the phone on this board. Foster is gonna be 30, coming off a blown achilles. Not an easy injury to recover from. Hasnt played a full season since 2012 iirc. I bet miami signs him and it hurys ajayis value. Draft and hold i say. Foster isnt made to last and who knows how effective he will even be
  5. Fat stoned and stupid is no way to go through life son
  6. I can pm u the drafts i was in where lt went #1 for 4 years. Shrug
  7. I think emmitt smith and ladainian were #1 picks in at least 4 straight years iirc.
  8. Well they won a best metal grammy
  9. Had to call these ####s today because my free service call was charged to my bill. Got that reversed. Asked about sunday ticket. Best they could do was 9.99 off a month. F that. Ill call back
  10. Why the f would the supreme court waste their time?? Its over you bunch of cheaters. Take ur suspension.
  11. because the media is clueless
  12. There are only so many rbs even worth a damn. Im usually a empty backfield kind of guy myself. But in ppr freeman catches passes. And i think djohnson looks kinda special. So.........