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  1. Yeah as a neutral party american. Im pretty sure this mess trump is making will have me not vote gop on anything ever again
  2. Kids a beast. Him...guice and chubb a nice top3 next year
  3. Master of my domain seinfeld. When kramer slaps down cash and says im out......i think i peed. And cheers when fraiser runs with scissors
  4. They gonn a dump that his n hers show or whatever its called?? Terrible
  5. Zwk Great job man. You take alot of time on this stuff
  6. Any episode with russ in it is gold.
  7. Still a committee. I wonder if dion lewis makes the team now? The pats have good depth
  8. Bald jonah getting.ripped on as smeagol was excellent
  9. The season,opener was meh. But #2 was excellent i thought...shrug
  10. Of course he is......thanks to higgs rbm HellToupee and clowns like them
  11. Well ####