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  1. Generally I agree with firsts, but in the early 2nd recently you could of had Mahomes,Watson,Baker, Kyler or Lamar.
  2. This guy was a 4th round rookie dynasty special for me that year he came out, his atheltic profit was nuts IIRC....good roll of the dice by Philly here.
  3. Thought I heard last night that Robbie Anderson was a FA after the season, perfect guy for Philly to go after and be the deep threat that they lack....I know he is a turd guy personally but his talent is there, and he has the best hair since FredEx
  4. prrobably have to roll higbee since i cant trust engram or cook with the fresh concussion
  5. benching a guy with 10tds and 1k yards seems like a great move to me
  6. cant bench him, hes too damn good, Blough rebounds at home vs TB, TB might have the worst secondary in football
  7. he hasn't been the same since the ankle sprain. Sweep out this awful coaching staff and lets see what happens next year....
  8. he looks better recently....maybe getting healthier
  9. tldr......he looiks like he is playing slow to my untrained eye.....40 yard dash is pretty meaningless...i own shares of him im a league and he has been on the field a ton...
  10. During Spygate investigation, NFL found that Patriots had excuses ready in case an advance scout got caught filming another team. One of those excuses: Tell them you need the footage for a team show. #Patriots
  11. They cheat, its what they do, giant freaking asterisk to all titles if you ask me
  12. i remeber when you penciled in the colts and pats for top5 picks almost every year