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  1. Look for the KC def, raiders broncos and jets next 3/4 weeks, dolphins week1 of playoffs
  2. and...................nobody cares..............giant nothing burger with mustard
  3. telling everyone no stimulus before the election seems really dumb.....
  4. IMO - VH with Dave was just a fun time party band. their lyrics got way more serious with Sammy. Love both versions. My first ever concert was 1988 monsters of rock tour with VH- 5150 and Metallica- .....also scorpions and dokken....kingdom come.
  5. DO I think they will? Yes if it is Lynn's decision, he seems very bull headed about it. Should they? Hell no
  6. Im pleasantly surprised by Herbert. But yes, same old bolts. another come from ahead defeat. Sigh enough with the injuries already.
  7. bad move to take the gloves off, use to hammer home the point on how awful job the trump admin has done on the virus response, so much so it put himself and his own family at risk. As far as it being fake, I doubt it because trump doesnt want to appear weak, and also him not tweeting has to be driving him nuts. We all know if the shoe was on the other foot fox and trump would not let up on Biden for even a moment. So go after him.
  8. So does this finally change the GOP narrative about the virus? 200k plus dead and now trump in the hospital and countless others in his circle positive tests. Doubt it.
  9. Lyin Obama, Sleepy Joe....etc.....we need money. I wouldn't stop any ads, blood in the water pounce.
  10. IMO, for a tough guy act, it makes him seem weak, hurts him. I mean he went after Hillary for having pneumonia.
  11. He didnt trash him, he sent him well wishes while wearing a mask
  12. wonder what would of happened if Biden was in the hospital instead of Mr. Trump? You think he would send well wishes? At the debate he basically mocked Biden for wearing masks......
  13. yes as a commish i told everyome start pitt/tenn players this week at your own risk....
  14. Well, the whole league knows Tyrod isnt an NFL starter, perfect backup. Let the kid play I say, he impressed me vs. KC. Way better for the Charger fantasy players too. The INT was terrible, he could of easily ran for it, but those mistakes will happen
  15. doubt he has more value in redraft than Chris Thompson ( if CT stays healthy) Like him as a bench stash in dyno.